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Thank You Card For Birthday Wishes

Thank You All For The Birthday Wishes

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes
  • Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It was a birthday full of joy and happiness thanks to you look forward to living it again next year!
  • I want to thank all my friends and family for those wonderful birthday messages, some of which almost brought me to tears. Thank you all for showing me with such amount of love and making my birthday an event to remember for years to come. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.
  • Thank you for the sweet wishes on my birthday. I couldnt have asked for better gifts than those beautiful messages and wishes. Thank you all.
  • Those were some astonishingly beautiful birthday wishes you sent me on my special day. Thank you so much, buddy.
  • Its such a blessing having people like you wishing me wonderful things on my birthday. I am nothing but grateful for your love. Thanks!
  • Thank you all for making me feel super special on my birthday. Those were some really awesome messages you sent me.
  • Today I received the most awesome birthday wishes. I feel like the most important person in the world thanks to all of you! You made my day!
  • Allow me to express my profound gratitude for gracing my birthday with your beautiful wishes. They mean so much to my life.
  • All the awesome wishes and messages you sent on my birthday made me feel like the King/Queen of the world. Thank you so much, guys. Love you!
  • This is to say thank you to all of you who took time to send me birthday wishes and messages. They are really dear to my heart.

Tips For Writing Birthday Thank You Cards

Want to write notes of thanks to your family members and friends, but arent sure how to do so in a genuine way? We have the perfect tips for thanking your loved ones for their thoughtfulness and happy birthday wishes. Check out our easy tips below for writing thank you cards with a personal touch:

  • Be specific. Be sure to thank the person by name in your thank you message and mention specifically what youre thankful for. Thank them for the birthday gift they gave and, if they gave a monetary gift, let them know what you might use it for. Also express how grateful you are that they came to the party and were able to celebrate this special occasion with you. Your thank yous will be much appreciated by your recipients.
  • Get the kids involved. If youre sending out birthday thank you cards after your childs birthday party, make sure to involve him or her in the card design process. Depending on your childs age, he or she can come up with the custom message, pick out the card design or help choose fonts, photos and more. Once you receive your personalized cards in the mail, have your child help in whatever way they can to get them ready to mail out. Have your child sign their name on the card for a truly personal touch. They can also help stuff envelopes and add personalized birthday address labels and birthday stickers.

Thank You Quotes For Birthday Wishes

  • Thank you for being an important part of my story.Anonymous
  • I appreciate youespecially your heart.Anonymous
  • One thing Ive learned is when you find a best friend in this life, you better hang on. Jim Nabors
  • The older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young. Mary Schmich
  • Thank you for accepting me as I am, with my virtues and defects. Jenni Rivera
  • Your friendship has touched my life in ways you will never know. I wouldnt trade material wealth for the friend I have in you!Kate Summers
  • The heart that gives thanks is a happy one, for we cannot feel thankful and unhappy at the same time. Douglas Wood

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Thank You For Your Birthday Wishes

You have made my day even more special! Thank you for your wonderful wishes!

Thanks for the amazing birthday wishes and being a friend until the end!

I am herewith sending you my heartfelt and warmest hugs! Your birthday wishes were perfect! Thanks!

My birthday has become so special because of you! It would not have been the same without your wishes!

I had an amazing birthday, and I couldnt imagine one without your wishes! So appreciative of all that you have done for me!

I am happy to be younger than you! I cant wait for your birthday wishes next year too! Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes and for everything you have done for me along the way!

Thanks for your birthday wishes and for being an important part of my world!

I loved your birthday wishes! It was so thoughtful of you to think of me on my birthday!

Thank you for the gift of friendship and your lovely birthday wishes!

I appreciate so much your thoughts and wishes on my birthday! Thanks for always keeping me in your mind!

Learn about the history of birthdays on Wikipedia.

Graduation Wedding Baby And Other Life Events

Thank You Wishes For Birthday. Free Birthday Thank You ...

The challenging thing about these life-event thank-you notes is that you likely have several of them to write. Its fine to develop a general formula for what youll write, but anytime the task starts to become burdensome, put down your pen and come back to it later. You want to sound appreciative and enthusiastic, and youre more likely to come across that way if you write five thank-you cards a day over 10 days, rather than 50 all at once.


  • Wow! We are so touched by your generous wedding gift. The place settings will be used and enjoyed oftenand well think of you every time.
  • Thank you for adding to the joy of our wedding with your warm wishes and thoughtful gift. We love the candlesticks and how they look on our hall table.
  • Thank you for the adorable fire engine sleeper and bib for Ben. You put a smile in our hearts. Cant wait to send you a picture of him wearing it!
  • From the bottom of my heart, thank you for organizing the group gift of the car seat and stroller for my baby shower. You shouldnt have.
  • Thank you for the e-reader! Im already using it and loving it. I really appreciate you thinking of me on my graduation.
  • I so appreciate your thoughtful graduation gift to me. The watch is beautiful, and it almost makes me look like a real grown-up when I wear it Thank you so much. Youre the best!

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Thank You Messages For Birthday Gift

I want to thank you for your wonderful gift. I have received a few mention-worthy gift items, but yours is a special one.

Only someone so wise as you could buy something of such perfection. Your birthday gift was extraordinary. Thank you from the core of my heart!

I have no words to thank you for the birthday gift! I just want to say it was marvelous! and made me so much happy. Thank you, dear.

Gifts that we buy for people express a lot about our tastes and choices. I want you to know that you really are a man of taste. Thank you!

Your birthday gift made me cry in joy. God knows how much I was looking for something like this. Thank you, my dear, for the priceless gift.

Thank you dear for the amazing birthday gift you gave me on my special day. It made my birthday more special. You are smart, generous, and too creative at heart. Thanks again.

You are a master at producing unique gifting ideas. You just combine my need, attraction, and expectation into one thing. How could it possible to fix it all in one? A big hearty thanks to you!

Your gift turned my birthday into a CELEBRATION from an OCCASION. In a word, the birthday gift was just AWESOME. Why not? When it is from the KING of GIFTING. Thanks a lot!

To find a gift for girls is not an easy task. You overcome such difficulties. LoL! However, I am feeling so much glad about your gift. Thank you so much for the birthday gift.

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How Long Should Your Thank You Message Be

Most of the time when receiving birthday wishes, a note in a thank you card can be short and to the point. However, if you have more to say, there is nothing wrong with a long thank you letter. Keep the thank you note simple if the message is going to be a status on Facebook or a text to someone. If you are thanking someone for a thoughtful personalized gift, the message may be a little longer. All in all, each thank you note should be different and meaningful to the recipient. If you are an organized person, you might want to keep a set of personalized stationery on hand so you wont have to run out to the store and purchase one every time you need to thank someone.

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Thank You Boss For The Birthday Wishes

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Boss sends happy birthday messages to wish birthday to his employees. So in return, the employee should also thank the boss for the birthday wishes received. Every employee waits for his boss to wish them a very happy birthday. And if the boss wishes, one must be thankful to your boss. Read the below article for the thank you messages for birthday wishes to boss..

Thank You Everyone For The Birthday Wishes

Birthday Greeting Cards *Birthday Greetings* DIY Birthday Card Thank You Cards Mathie

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Your warm greetings filled my heart with so much joy and love.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. You people are so special to me.

Hey everyone, thank you all for your sweet wishes on my birthday. Its truly a matter of great luck to have people like you.

Thank you all so much for the special attention, love, and warm wishes on my birthday.

I want to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes on Facebook. Having those words from you really made me feel important.

Thank you everyone. I appreciate the birthday wishes you sent me. Pardon me if I fail to reply to you all at a time.

Thank you all for your amazing love, support, and hearty wishes on my birthday. You all are truly amazing!

Special thanks to you all for wishing me and celebrating my birthday. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

There is no word to express my gratitude to you all for your superb wishes on my birthday. Even this post isnt enough. You all are so special to me. Thanks a lot.

My birthday celebration would have never been this enjoyable without those heartfelt wishes from you all. Thanks a lot.

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Thank You Card And Text For Birthday Wishes

If your spouse gave you a gift on your birthday, you normally will have to send thank for the birthday love cards. But if you got wishes, its acceptable to just send a thank you text. Its also fine to send a thank you message for birthday greetings received in a form of card to those who wish you a belated happy birthday.

**_Thank you to all my lovely friends who made my day! Thank you for your wonderful wishes that made it the most memorable birthday for me!

**_Thank you, guys. Those were the best birthday wishes ever!

**_I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who wished me and remembered me on my birthday! Thank you all!

**_I was amazed to receive so much love and affection from my loved ones and family. Thanks to everyone for making my birthday a great day!

**_Your wishes made my birthday even more special! Thanks to everyone.

**_I dont think of getting older by one more year. It is another year of having all of you as friends! I so appreciate all of your birthday wishes.

**_Regardless of the circumstances, a physical thank you for the birthday wish note will also be very much appreciated. If you require more help, you may use some of the samples below as a starting point.

**_Waking up to birthday texts made my heart so full. Thank you so much!

**_Thank you for the birthday text! Knowing you thought of today makes me so happy.

**_Thank you to everyone that texted me happy birthday! You are the best.

Make Their Day With A Thank You E

You can even attach a gift to your Jacquie Lawson online thank you card. Show your appreciation by sending them Gift Membership of, or any of the items in our Gift Shop, simply by selecting the required option when you send your thank you ecard. And maybe youll get another online thank you card in return!

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Funny Thank You Messages

A funny message is w great way to respond to birthday wishes and shows you appreciate theyre message but have a sense of humor about it too.

  • Thanks everyone for reminding me how old Im getting!
  • Big thanks to everyone who remembered my birthday yesterday. Everyone else youre dead to me
  • Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone. Im just surprised so many of you check your Facebook notifications!
  • My birthday wishes were so nice.. not as nice as a proper present, but still nice
  • I had such a great birthday! And thank you for all the amazing birthday wishes. All my friends wishing me a great day, telling me how awesome I am.. joking about how Im getting older.. reminding me Im another year closer to the grave.. yknow, Im not feeling quite as happy about my birthday as I was

Hopefully youve now found the best way to say thank you for birthday wishes and can show your appreciation with a thoughtful message of your own.

For more thank message ideas see:

Funny Thanks For Birthday Wishes

OopsieDaisy Greetings: Birthday Thank You Cards
  • Your warm wishes made my day yesterday. Thank you very much. And on a serious note, I believe some of you can make a brilliant career as politicians considering how beautiful and sweet your lies were.
  • Thank you, guys, for those sweet messages. And to all those who didnt proofread their birthday wishes before sending them in, your marks will be sent to you very soon. One year older, not at all more tolerant, Im afraid
  • My birthday was a headache your wishes were the pill I just needed. Thank you.
  • Age is not just a number it is also a reminder of how close you are to the inevitable. Thank you for joining me to celebrate my drawing closer to death.
  • Lets face it, guys, had it not been for Facebook, not too many of you would have remembered my birthday. It could be worse, though: I might have had to pay you.Thanks for your birthday wishes.
  • Can someone call me the ambulance? I am suffering from an overdose of wishes. Thank you all.
  • Thank you so much for the oceans of birthday wishes and messages you sent me on my Big Day. Now, I need to go back and continue reading them if that is okay with you.
  • While thanking you for those lovely birthday wishes you sent me, I think its only fair that I also use this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Facebook for giving some of you who forgot my birthday the opportunity to remember it.
  • Thank you for the virtual gifts on Facebook, you made my wall quite like a Christmas tree. I would have been happier with real gifts though.

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Thank You For Birthday Text Messages

Some people prefer to send a text message birthday greeting. Reply to them with these quick thank you messages.

  • Thank you to everyone for your warm and kind birthday texts. I really appreciate the lovely words
  • Its such a joy to wake up and see all your friend sending you texts wishing you a happy birthday! You guys are the best friends anyone could have
  • Im really grateful for all the lovely text messages on my birthday. I felt really special and like it mattered to you all. Thats a really nice feeling
  • To know you thought of me today is lovely. Thank you ever so much for your birthday text
  • I cant describe how amazing it is to have all your friends and family texting you such lovely messages in your birthday. I will make sure I thank every single one of you individually over the next few weeks
  • Its been a blast reading all the birthday texts Ive received. Thank you all youre awesome friends!
  • Ive been smiling all day after the birthday wishes I received. It put a spring in my step and made me feel great. Thanks you guys
  • My phone went crazy this morning!! I couldnt believe how many texts I had. All wishing me a happy birthday. Im so greatly for having the such amazing friends

What To Write In A Thank You Card

Sometimes, it can be hard to put your gratitude into words. If you need a little help deciding what to write in your thank you card, we can help. When using one of our online gratitude cards, we set you up with pre-formatted thank you card text and offer a little verbal embellishment and artwork to make your grateful notes extra graceful. All of our sample thank yous are fully customizable, and we recommend making the thank you card text specific to the gift or act of kindness youre thanking the recipient for. If you are sending birthday thank you cards to multiple recipients after an event, it can be helpful to use the same general formatbut make sure each message acknowledges the specific gift you received from the specific guest. A personalized thank you card is always appreciated. In addition to gifts, kindness, gratitude, support, hospitality, friendship, or just because are all good reasons to send a thank-you card and brighten up someones day. We also have the perfect thank you cards for teachers and thank you essential workers.

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