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Places To Have A Small Birthday Party

Indoor Bounce House Place Party

Birthday Decorations at Home | Turn a small place into a party place
  • Indoor bounce house places are usually large buildings that have 3-10 inflatable jump slides, relays, and moonwalks.
  • Pros- Keeps the party inside so weather doesnt really matter. Kids can go crazy and be as loud as they want. They can jump and climb and its not on your furniture.
  • Cons- Smaller places are fine, bigger places may have parents trying to watch their kids like a hawk, especially on really busy days.
  • How to Book a Party: Just Google Indoor Bounce House Places and see what is nearby. One large national chain of bounce house centers is Monkey Joes.

Animal Aquarium And Zoo Birthday Parties In Orange County

Zoomars | San Juan Capistrano – Price starts at $295 plus $12 per guest. Includes: admission, pony rides, feed baskets, train rides and party area.

Santa Ana Zoo: Price starts at $250 or $195 for 25 guests. Includes: admission, train rides and 1-½ hour picnic area. // San Juan Capistrano

Ocean Quest OC: Price starts at $245 or $195 for 30 guests. Includes: admission, party host, 1-½ hour private party zone, guided private tour of touch tanks, story time and ocean craft. // Newport Beach

Ocean Institute: Price starts at $10-20 per guest for 10-20 guests. Includes: admission, party instructor, private party room, story time. Ocean craft available for additional cost. // Dana Point

Jurassic Parties at The Reptile Zoo | Fountain Valley – Price starts at $250 for 30 guests. Includes: admission, party room, presentation with 12-15 animals and photo opps. // Fountain Valley

Arts And Crafts Store

If your kid is a sucker for DIY projects, consider throwing an arts and crafts themed party. As a bonus, the crafts double as party favors, which means less work for you!

Recommended venue: Michaels craft store, which has more than 1,250 locations in 49 states. You can choose a themed party package and choose from 10 fun craft themes. Alternately, you can design your own party package by picking out a craft project from anything in the store. Because there are literally thousands of options, you can tailor the activities to your child’s interests, whether it’s horses, butterflies, or superheroes. You buy the materials, and Michaels has them ready in a private party room on the Big Day.

“The person helping me from Michaels suggested painting wooden frames,” says Marina John, who booked a party for ten to celebrate her daughter’s sixth birthday. “I bought the frames, which were just a few dollars each with coupons, and Michaels provided the paints and glitter to decorate them.”

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Indoor Playground Birthday Party

Indoor playgrounds are this whole world that I had no idea existed, until I stayed home for 6 months after the birth of my third child.

They are awesome for letting the kids burn off energy, without having to brave a super hot summer or frigid winter that would normally keep everyone inside.

Most indoor playgrounds are free to enter but might only be open certain days, or may require a small fee for birthday parties.

Check local churches to see if they have an indoor play area, and inquire about birthday parties. Most church play areas that we have been to are pretty amazing, and some even have coffee shops for mom.

Passport To Fun Surprise Party

Top Birthday Party Places for Kids in New Jersey ...

This is one of my favorite surprise birthday party ideas for adults!

Basically, your goal is to create the feeling of a whirlwind adventure around the world for the recipient.

Trust me, its not as expensive as it sounds, especially if you follow the plan below and enlist some help.

  • First, find a few friends willing to go in on the party with you. The more the better, and not just because theyll help you cut down on the cost!
  • Assign a different country to each person. They need to come up with at least one type of food from that country as well as one unique decoration.
  • When you send out the invites to other friends, politely ask that they bring along something unique to their favorite country. It could be something as simple as a special drink recipe .
  • Buy or make passport books and hand them out to all the guests when they arrive. Challenge guests to travel around the world and sample something from every country!
  • If youre throwing this party solo, you can still save money.

    Just choose a few different countries and make inexpensive recipes from each one. Try to find recipes that have ingredients in common to cut down on your grocery expenses.

    For decorations, print out maps and use them to make your own table covers, banners, and more.

    Use a world map to inspire your table arrangements. For example, North and South America off to the left, Europe and Africa in the middle, and so on.

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    Salvation Army Ray And Joan Kroc Corps Community Center

    Guests can stay cool in the pool at one of the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers parties. Choose from the Classic Birthday Party, Birthday Bash Party or the Krocstar Birthday Party. Youll also get a party room and an event attendant.

    Details: 1375 E. Broadway Road, Phoenix. Pool packages start at $250 add-ons are available. 602-425-5061, .

    Beginners Edge Sports Training

    B.E.S.T. offers 85 minutes of sports activities for ages 18 months to 10 years. Birthday party packages are customizable in terms of length and the number of coaches needed depending on how many guests will be there. Food, water and activity choices also vary by package. B.E.S.T. can also bring their birthday parties directly to an outdoor location.

    Details: 7432 E. Tierra Buena, Suite 102, Scottsdale. Birthday packages start at $289. 623-748-9453,

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    The Great Outdoors: Birthday Party Venues In Kl

    , water skiing, sailing boats, paddleboards theres loads to do on the water or throw a pool party here!

    Skytrex Adventure, A totally thrilling and unique way to enjoy your birthday party up in the trees! Standard birthday packages start at RM$500.

    Sunway Lagoon, the ultimate in water slide excitement! Sunway Lagoon is an awesome place to spend your birthday and they often have some great package deals for party guests.

    Is Home Where Her Heart Is

    4-Year-Old Boy Celebrates Birthday at Costco

    Sweet 16 party venues dont have to be flashy, exciting, or elegant. For many girls, theres no place that theyd rather celebrate than right at home. A house party provides comfort and a casual atmosphere.

    • No rental fees or contracts to sign
    • No time restrictions
    • More relaxed and laid back
    • Perfect for guests of all ages
    • Ideal for a more intimate gathering
    • Cooking and serving are on you
    • Party prep and cleanup are also your responsibility
    • Can be difficult to plan a surprise party at home
    • House size will impact the guest list
    • May not be as exciting or special for some birthday girls

    Ultimately, you know the birthday girl best, and you know how much you have to spend on the celebration. If a home based party seems like something you know shed appreciate, consider hosting right at home, rather than booking a venue. Youll have more flexibility, but also a bit more responsibility, in terms of food prep and cleanup.

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    How To Host A Kids Birthday Party For Less Than $100

    But its simple to throw a childs party on your own without spending a small fortune. A party your child and guests will love can be easily pulled together for under $100 how much under depends on your specific needs.

    If youre looking for cheap birthday party ideas, here are ways to save on key birthday party must-haves.

    Superhero Rental Of Arizona

    With a wide variety of different characters to choose from, this costume designer can make your childs party special. The handmade suits are intricately detailed, with speakers inside the replica costumes.

    Details: Rates vary check website for details. 480-980-8757, .

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    Dinner Experiences In Orange County That Are Perfect For Birthday Parties

    Medieval Times | Buena Park – Price starts at $36.95 per child and $63.95 per adult + $7 per person for birthday extras. Includes: dinner and show, birthday announcement during the show. Upgrades available.

    Pirates Dinner Adventures | Buena Park – Price starts at $36.95 per child and $64.95 per adult . Includes: dinner, show, birthday announcement, fees and gratuity.

    Chuck E. Cheese’s | Locations across Orange County – Price starts at $19.99 per guest. Includes: pizza, tokens, soda, paper goods and more. Upgrades available.

    Goofy’s Kitchen | Anaheim – Prices range from $35 – $59.99 per guest. Includes: meal and character entertainment. Located at the Disneyland Hotel.

    Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast | Anaheim – Price is $125 per guest. Dreams come true at Napa Rose restaurant inside Disneys Grand Californian Hotel. Youll be served a magical three-course breakfast. Disney Princesses are waiting to greet you, take a photo on a beautiful private patio, one-of-a-kind Princess-themed activities, storytime with Belle and learn warrior poses with Mulan. Special keepsake included!

    Please Note:each of these facilities has different rules and regulations regarding food, drinks, decorations, etc. please read descriptions and contract carefully when planning your party.

    & 16 Take Advantage Of Seasonal Events & Festivals

    Top 5 Small Birthday Party Places in Mumbai to Feed the ...
    • Depending on when your child has a birthday, there may be some super unique seasonal festivities that you could take your group to that would be fun, special or outside the box because they are seasonal. Check your local towns calendar of events.
    • Consider calling and asking about group rates or party pricing.
    • Check out Groupon for more ways to save.
    • Here are some examples of seasonal style events:
    • Festivals
    • Corn Maze

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    Gymnastics Birthday Party Venues

    Whether your child has been a student for years or is just starting to jump and tumble, gymnastics birthday party venues can be a great choice for your special event. Use this list to plan a special day for your child and their friends at a local gym. Get a gold medal in party planning and stick the landing’ !

    Memberships To Museums And Attractions

    I love our memberships! Its so nice to be able to take the kids to different places around town without having to pay admission. This is also perfect for families with toddlers or preschoolers who may only last an hour or two before they need to eat or sleep.

    With a membership, I dont feel like I have to stay for hours in order to get my moneys worth. If a family membership isnt in your budget, simply getting a one-day pass for the birthday kid and his family would be fun.

    Grand Rapids Childrens Museum is a magnet for little kids as well as the Childrens Garden at Frederik Meijer Gardens. Kids love the Grand Rapids Public Museum where they can ride the carousel after walking around in the Old World Grand Rapids exhibit.

    No matter their age, there is always something fun to do at John Ball Zoo. Whether its exploring outdoor play areas, watching a favorite animal or tackling their ropes course, its sure to be a hit.

    Let your kids loose with your camera at the Grand Rapids Art Museum! Talk about the things they saw and what it reminded them of and what kind of art THEY would like to make.

    Favorite birthday party places include GR Childrens Museum, where you can rent the entire facility!

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    Year Of Your Birth Party

    Another one of my favorite surprise birthday party ideas for adults, throw a bash that celebrates the year of your recipients birth!

    For example, I was born in 1975 . A quick Bing search of 1975 brings up plenty of results for inspiration! Jaws came out that year, so we could play that on TV during the party.

    A playlist would include songs from Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, The Talking Heads and so on. Bonus points if you make a mixed tape to play the music, since the cassette recorder came out that year.

    Check on YouTube for playlists from your year. I found this one for 1975:

    Décor can be inspired by big fashion from the era. Orange, brown, and green were apparently very fashionable back then. Another idea: blow up baby pictures of the birthday girl or guy!

    Instead of a guest book, make a giant poster board collage with events from the year and leave space throughout for guests to sign.

    Make sure you include prices for different things, its fascinating to see how much theyve changed!

    Affordable Birthday Party Locations

    Girls Birthday Party Places – The number one place to have a Birthday party for your Girl

    Planning your child’s birthday party can be a lot of fun, but it can also mean a lot of stress. One thing that’s especially worrisome is the cost. You want to throw a great party that all the guests will enjoy, but you don’t want to go broke in the process. The venue is often a major expenditure. Renting a skating rink or family entertainment center might be fun, but it’ll take a big chunk out of your budget, too. Instead, consider holding the party at a venue that will be little or no cost to you. That way, you can save your money for a rainy day — or, perhaps, spend it on extra presents.

    Check out the following pages for our tips on affordable birthday party locations.

    If the birthday in question falls during months with warm weather, consider holding the festivities at your local park. There’s plenty of space for games and activities — and zero worries about stained carpeting. You can make use of what’s already in place, such as picnic shelters and playground equipment check with your park district to see if you need any permits or reservations.

    Of course, you’ll want to have a back-up location planned in the event of inclement weather. Keep that location in mind when sending invitations, because you don’t want to invite more kids than can comfortably celebrate in that more limited space.

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    Tea & Gardening Party

    Combine your passion for gardening with a tea party for one of the classiest outdoor party ideas for adults. We have all the tips you need for the tea party part.

    For the gardening part, invite friends who are as passionate about growing things as you are. Ask each guest to bring different seeds .

    Grab some little seed starter pots and some soil, then let everyone put together their own ultimate garden to take home.

    For food, serve tea party fare like cucumber sandwiches and, of course, tea.

    Salads are also perfect for a gardening party, especially if you use local fruits and veggies. Bonus points if they come from your own garden. Try our Tomato & Cucumber summer salad with orange juice dressing!

    Now that you have some fun themes to try, lets talk party venues!

    Birthday Party Venues Faqs

    How much does it cost to hire a bar in London for my Birthday party?

    Most bars will operate on a minimum spend basis, and they will base this on how their typical profit when open to the public, instead of hosting a private event. For private spaces, a good starting budget would be around £50 per person.

    What does it mean when a venue quote me a ‘minimum spend’ for my party?

    The venue is asking you to commit to spending at least this amount of money, with the venue, on food and drink. Any shortfall will usually be charged to you as a venue hire fee, but if you meet or exceed this spend, there will be no additional fees.

    How do I find an affordable bar for my Birthday party?

    Make sure that you find a space with a capacity close to your expected guest numbers. As most venues charge on an overall expected minimum spend, the larger the room is, the larger the minimum spend will be.

    Can I bring my own food to a bar for my Birthday?

    Most bars will be able to provide great catering for your event, but if you want to bring your own, you’ll most likely need to find a bar that does not have an on-site kitchen. Examples of venues like this are Simmons Bar and The Looking Glass cocktail club.

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    Craft Store Birthday Party

    • This is one of my favorite birthday party place because Im a crafty gal.
    • Many local craft stores have classrooms for craft classes but you can also often rent these rooms for parties.
    • In fact, Michaels craft stores offer some really fun party packs at their store locations.
    • How to Book a Party: You can read more here about Birthday Parties at Micheals.

    Lost In A Good Book Costume Party

    Birthday Party Places

    There are so many different directions that you can take with a literary party!

    Choose one favorite book as a central theme, make it a genre party, or make it an any book goes bash!

    Personally, Id keep it open to all books since not everyone likes the same thing.

    Im crazy about Alice in Wonderland, for example, but not all of my adult friends share my passion.

    Here are a few tips for a literary party:

    • When you send out your invites, ask your guests to dress up as their favorite book character.
    • For decorations, print out and blow up covers or pages of your favorite books to use for wall décor, placemats and so on.
    • For activities, play Book Charades or literary trivia.

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