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Birthday Theme Ideas For Girls

Best 5th Birthday Party Ideas For Girl In 2022

Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Teens | Abi& Molly

Best 5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl: 5 years is the first small anniversary of a child. By this age, the baby is already well aware that this is his holiday, is looking forward to a solemn day, is carefully preparing for it. At the age of 5, children are distinguished by their curiosity and restlessness, and they are also well aware of their gender.

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Planning Your Themed Party

Once you have an idea of what type of party to throw, its time to plan!

Make sure your invites go out at least 3 weeks before your party to give guests time to prepare. If you have an elaborate costume theme, you may even want to give them 4-6 weeks of planning time.

Make sure you have enough space at your party venue to suit the number of guests, especially if hosting at home. If your home or backyard area is small, you may need to consider local venue hire options instead.

Then its all your food and entertainment whether you are cooking at home or hiring a caterer. The type of entertainment, such as a bartender, a DJ, a band or setting up your own speaker system at home connected to your phone.

All of this should be in progress even before the invites go out, so you can have a stress free party celebration when the day arrives!

Partying with kids? Check out these tips for celebrating New Years Eve with kids!

Tween Girl Birthday Party Themes

Finding the right party theme for someone in their pre-teens can be tricky. Make sure that when you are planning, you include them in all of your ideas. Go over the guest list with them, and have them choose the theme. Their input is everything, and these following themes are sure to not disappoint.

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Birthday Party Ideas For Girls Age 10 In The Style Of Superheroes

A girl who is interested in superheroes may be interested in a birthday in this style.

The young birthday girls age-10 and her guests need to prepare in advance superhero masks and wraps, preferably bright and varied.

So the girls will be transported into their own universe of superheroes.

Suggest as entertainment the creation of your own story about superheroes, a creative contest for the superheroic ability.

It can be a poem reading, a song, or a dance. Make sure that each participant receives a small pleasant prize.

Music will be appropriate energetic, groovy, suitable for active dancing. As a treat, bright fruit snacks, cakes, multi-colored sweets, and soft drinks are suitable.

Its A Ball To Be Two / Turning 2 Is A Ball

10 Most Recommended First Birthday Party Ideas For Girls 2020

Your guests cant help but have a ball at this unique ball-themed birthday bash. Stick with bright primary colors, and have plenty of bouncy balls for the toddlers to go wild with a ball pit would be especially fitting!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Touch of La, Karas Party Ideas and 2, See Vanessa Craft

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Under The Three / Under The Sea Im Turning Three

Dive in to this Under the Sea party with a 3-year-old twist! Schools of fish, dolphins and mermaids await your guests, and the theme lends itself to plenty of creative party food ideas: starfish sandwiches, oyster cookies and mermaid tail cupcakes to name a few.

Queen of the Beehive, Catch My Party, 2 and 3, Karas Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas For Teen Girls

Celebrating a birthday is an exciting time for anyone, even teens! Though they may have outgrown themes of childhood or may not always want to hang with their parents, teenagers still want to have fun as they did as kids! But birthday party ideas for teen girls can be tricky! If you have a young lady in your life looking to celebrate her birthday, then keep reading! Here are some birthday party ideas for teen girls including some fun Sweet 16 options. Plus if you are looking for gift ideas for your teenage girl, check these out!

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Butterfly Birthday Party Theme

Butterfly theme can be an exceptional choice for your little ones birthday celebration. Choose exciting colors to make the background bright, making sure to choose a similar color combination throughout this theme starting from invitations to return gifts. For party supplies there are plenty of options like butterfly plates, cups, stickers, banners and paper hangings to choose from. You can also plan butterfly tattoo stalls to entertain kids. Check out more interesting ideas and tips on the butterfly birthday theme from karas party ideas and more butterfly inspired Birthday cake ideas here.

Be There But Invisible

First Birthday Themes for girls|Ideas

As much as you may trust your teen, you should always be there to supervise a party. This, however doesnt mean you should be part of the party. Keep to yourself and try to stay invisible, but always keep an eye out for whats going on. If your teen is on the younger side you can be more present at the party, possibly hanging out in the kitchen or an area where you can see everything. But as they grow older, you will need to make yourself scarcer. If you are comfortable with letting your teen run things, then you can go hangout in a different room with the door cracked so you can hear if anything happens. If you do this, you should make occasional appearances in the party to check that nothing bad is happening. But, make sure to do it under the guise of getting something to drink or eat. Your teen will know what youre doing but theyll appreciate the effort of you trying to hide it. Whatever you do, dont leave them by themselves. That is when things happen and get out of control.

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Unique 3rd Birthday Party Themes 27 Creative Ideas To Celebrate Turning 3

Planning your soon-to-be 3-year-olds upcoming celebration? Weve got the best list of 3rd birthday party ideas to help you choose the perfect theme for your big boy or girl.

Well, you did it, you survived the Terrible Twos , and its time to celebrate by planning an epic 3rd birthday bash.

Every great party needs a clever theme, so weve pulled together a list of the most unique 3rd birthday party themes for you and your big boy or girl to choose from.

Many of these ideas we brainstormed ourselves, so you can be the first in line to bring it to life . Plus, weve created photo collages for each theme to provide you with some inspiration for decorations, supplies, party favors and even birthday outfits.

Turning 3 marks your toddler becoming a big kid, so go wild with your celebration the fun theyll have on their big day will be more than worth the time and effort you put into it!

PIN for when youre ready to choose your childs third birthday party theme!

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Creative Unisex/Gender Neutral 3rd Birthday Themes

We have to admit, were a sucker for a good pun and play on words . So we scoured the web and put on our thinking caps to find the best 3rd birthday party themes that include three or third.

The ideas below can be used for either boys or girls scroll through and see which one is the perfect fit for your big kid

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Best 5th Birthday Party Ideas For Girl

Boys already know that they will grow up as real men. And girls feel like little princesses Like to play with dolls. I am preparing sometime in the distant future to become mistresses and mothers.

At the age of 5, boys and girls have different interests. Therefore the organization of the holiday is unusual for them. Let us consider in more detail how to celebrate the birthday of a child 5- years old girl, the first anniversary of a little lady.

Disney Princess Birthday Party Theme

15 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

This one is well-known as many parents love this theme. Dress your baby like a princess with a tiara that suits her. Cutouts of princesses are easily available in party halls which you can make use of. Turn the stage into a castle and celebrate the special day with your loved ones. If you wish to order the party supplies online, check here. Take a look at these Disney princess party themes and Disney princess party theme birthday cake here.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Birthday Party Theme

This popular nursery rhyme can easily become the backdrop for your daughters birthday party. Get star-shaped hangings and balloons to tie all over the place. Order star-shaped cakes and snacks or place star-shaped toppers wherever possible. Books with nursery rhymes can be an ideal return gift under this theme. Check out more party ideas and decorating tips for this Twinkle little star Birthday theme and twinkle little star-inspired birthday cake ideas.

Barbie Birthday Party Theme

Image Source – Pretty My Party and India gift

Barbies pretty attractive face has won the hearts of many children. Setting the birthday party with a Barbie theme is very easy. An ample number of choices are available in the market like banners, invitation cards, plates, cups, spoons, straws, blowouts, and more. You can easily order the supplies needed for the party by picking the best that fits your budget and choice. Here is an awesome Barbie Birthday theme from prettymyparty and Barbie cake ideas here.

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Trendy 1st Birthday Themes For Girls

Celebrate your baby girls first year of life with an epic birthday party. Find the perfect party theme to celebrate your daughters birthday with my selection of 1st birthday themes for girls.

Host a simple boho rainbow birthday party at home with a rainbow balloon arch, macrame cake topper, and rainbow goodies bags for your guests.

Bring your daughters Disney dreams to life with an Alice in Onderland first birthday party. Transform any local party venue with teacup centerpieces and a stunning photo backdrop.

Find inspiration for your daughters birthday celebration with my list of 1st birthday themes for girls.

Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived

Glitzy Girl Birthday Party Ideas

After all these years the tale of Harry Potter still intrigues the crowd. And maybe your teenager is one of them.

With Harry Potter theme your teen can enter the world of magic and wonder on his birthday.

This party can be done on a small budget. Im hoping that the ideas in Magical Harry Potter Party On Small Budget will help you to host the most amazing and memorable party for your teen.

Your teen Harry Potter fan might enjoy camping in the Forest of Dean or all the other fun ideas from Quidditch World Cup to Yule Ball intriguing.

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Flower Birthday Party Theme

Image Source -events365 and coolest-birthday-cakes

Go for flower theme if you wish to make the event a cheerful and impressive one! Use of all kinds flowers for decoration and distribute small bouquets to all children who come to the party. Customize the cake and snacks as per your choice and make them mend well with the background. Check here for more flower theme party supplies. Check out more interesting ideas on flower birthday theme here and more flower inspired Birthday cake ideas here.

Frozen Birthday Party Theme

The blockbuster film Frozen has a huge fan base across the world. The computer-animated fantasy film can be an apt choice for your little ones first birthday party. Dress your baby girl in a blue tutu dress. Frozen party accessories, banners, gifts, and cake can be easily ordered online and youll get a wide variety to choose from. A blue-colored welcome drink is sure to add sparkling magic to this party. Take a look at these Frozen birthday party themes for girls from Catch my party and frozen party theme inspired birthday cakes here.

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Abc Birthday Party Theme

Image Source – otamarketing and amazon

ABC is a charming and captivative theme. Ordering a customized cake with ABC will be an ideal choice. Storybooks or picture comics can be distributed to kids as it suits all age. You can order party supplies like banners, dessert plates, napkins, cups, and wall decorations with ABC Theme and birthday cake here.

Sunshine Birthday Party Theme

Elegant Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Image Source – karas party ideas

Celebrate the party in the brightest way by choosing the Sunshine theme. This theme gives a change from the usual pink and blue. You are my sunshine can go as a backdrop phrase. The bright yellow is sure to drive all to enjoy the party. Check out the you are my sunshine birthday party theme from karas party ideas.

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Beep Beep Coming Throughguess Whos Turning Two

If your child loves the Little Blue Truck books, theyll love to see Blue and his animal friends brought to life at this farmyard birthday celebration. And sending your little guests home with one of the books from the series as a party favor is just about as perfect as it gets.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Southern Sugar Bakery, Jolly Owl Designs, Chasing After Dear, Gastro Senses, The Happening Housewife, Project Nursery

Two Infinity & Beyond

We adore this bright and colorful Toy Story theme inspired by Buzz Lightyears signature phrase, to infinity and beyond!, and so will your 2-year-old. The movies lend themselves perfectly to a fun array of Toy Story themed food, decorations, birthday supplies and sweet treats.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Catch My Party, Karas Party Ideas, Playing with Dough, Amber Brogdon, StudioDIY, Happily Ever Madsens

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Or You Could Throw It Back All The Way To The 60s

Any hippies in the house? This decade is for you. Filled with peace signs and center parted hair, this is one of the most iconic decades in history. If youre in the mood for a colorful and fun party, you will have a blast with this theme. Have everyone show up in costume and pop in a movie. Pro tip: you know what TV show premiered at the end of the 60s? Scooby Doo. Need we say more?

Have Other Adults Present

DIY Tumblr Birthday Party for Teen Girls!!!

If you dont want to watch all these teenagers by yourself, consider inviting some of the parents over to have a small get together with you. This way you have more eyes watching over everyone but the kids dont feel like thats all youre doing. If you do have a small gathering, make sure its in a separate area where you wont interfere with what they are doing and you can give them some space. But keep your wits about you and dont get too distracted with your own party that you dont notice theirs.

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Watch Out For Alcohol And Drugs

The older your teen, the more likely that drugs and alcohol will make their way into the party. Its hard to know at the start if itll happen and by the time you do notice its usually too late. Keep your eye on your own liquor cabinet so they arent dipping in and getting dangerously drunk. Also keep an eye out for alcohol poisoning. Help take care of anyone throwing up and if its black call 911 or take them to an emergency room. Drugs are also hard to spot but certain things like weed have a distinct smell which you can notice easily. If your teen does let these things in make sure not to punish them until the next day when they are sober. Punishing a drunk kid does not usually go over well and chances are they wont even remember it later.

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