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Sample Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

Free 80th Birthday Party Invitations

Surprise Party Invitation Wording

Templates to Download for Free!

There may not be such a thing as a free lunch, but there are free 80th birthday invitation printables! offers over 300 free invitation templates, such as the ones pictured above. You can easily edit the templates in your browser .

You will need to sign up for a free account, but theyre really good about not emailing loads. And as a bonus, you can easily create other printables to use at your party.

Tip: Once youve designed your invitations, you might want to use the graphics to create other printables such as cupcake toppers, welcome signs or other printables for your party! Its a great way to save money.

The designs are usually free. However, some of them feature elements that will cost you $1 .

Once youve finished your design, you can download the template and either print it at home or take it to your local Walmart or office supply store for printing. They also offer an option to print the invites for you .

Dont worry if youre not a graphic designer! Canva is incredibly easy to use watch this quick video if you need any help.

Surprise Birthday Invitation Template

The Name Of The Celebrant

If youre making party invitations such as Bachelorette Party Invitations or Graduation Party Invitations where theres a specific person that you want to dedicate it to, then naturally you want to place that persons name within the invitation. By specifying the name of the person within the invitation, your invitees will know what they should bring to the party so that the celebrant will end up having a party where everyone is able to surprise him/her in the best way possible.

Also, knowing the celebrants name is always a must as nobody would want to throw a surprise party for someone that they barely know or who they havent even heard of at all! Also, remember that you have there are no mistakes when it comes to writing down the celebrants name.

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Kids Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Design: Chica Design

Lets reiterate something you already know: Kids birthdays trump adult birthdays any day of the week. They always have ice cream, they serve cake with real gluten, and the chances of seeing a pony or bounce house are extraordinarily high. Whether youre looking for 5th or 1st birthday invitation wording ideas, hopefully these snappy sentences get you started:

  • Our little bun is turning one! Join us for a first birthday party at Heralds Creek at noon on May 6th.
  • The terrible twos are officially upon us! Join us for a 2nd birthday celebration this Saturday afternoon.
  • Our little girl is turning 6, going on 16. Join us for a 6th birthday where both kids and adults are welcome.
  • Matthew is TWO cool for school and were throwing him a special birthday on Saturday.
  • Its going to be a wild ONE. Join us for Elizabeths first birthday!
  • Were planning lots of joy for our little boy. Henry is turning 3 on July 1st!
  • Our little one is finally turning one year old. To celebrate the best 12 months of our lives, join us for a BBQ and lots of fun in our backyard.
  • Someone is in for one lucky year. Join us for a lucky number 7 birthday celebration for Kyle.
  • Come help us celebrate her regal FIVE-ness: A certain princess is celebrating a 5th birthday this week.

Wording For Birthday Invitations What Text Do I Put

birthday surprise party invitation

Childs day is approaching, and do you want to celebrate it with a big party? Then you can not forget to invite your friends or your little ones friends since the best moments of our lives are better spent in the company of our loved ones to make the event a memorable day, and for that, you need to send invitations.

Now, if you dont know what text to place on the invitations during the process of organizing a birthday party, dont worry! In this post, we have put together a series of wording for birthday invitations to invite your friends differently and especially.wording for birthday invitations for your birthday party.

Before writing the texts for the birthday invitations, the age of the celebrated person must be taken into account, as well as their personality, hobbies, tastes, even the theme of the party. Therefore, we share wording for birthday invitations for childrens and adult birthday party celebrations. Take note!

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Create Custom Adult Birthday Party Invitations

Celebrate your birthday with beautiful custom birthday invitations that match any age and any theme. If youre throwing a surprise birthday party for someone, your friends and family will love receiving a unique surprise birthday invitation in the mail. With Shutterfly, its easy to personalize birthday invites with fun designs and personal photos of the birthday guy or girl. Your adult birthday invitations will feel elegant, fun, cute, funny, and everything in between!

Senior Birthday Invitation Wording

Youre invited to a fiesta!

Youll definitely need a siesta after this birthday party.

Its s birthday!

RSVP to , ,

2. Dinner and Drinks

is one year older

But she wont have any time to frown

When all of her best friends take her out on the town!

Please join us for dinner, dancing, and cocktails as we celebrate

RSVP to , ,

3. Casual Party

Say it isnt so

is turning the big 6-0!

He didnt want a party, he said, No way!

But after talking it over, were having one anyway!

Join us in celebrating s special day.

RSVP to , ,

4. Golf Party

Youre invited to a special PAR-TEE.

Celebrating s birthday!

RSVP to , ,

Dont fore-get to bring your clubs!

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Adult Birthday Invitation Wording

Join us to celebrate s birthday!

RSVP to , ,

2. No-Gift Birthday

Join us for a birthday party

To honor

RSVP to , ,

Join us for food and drinks to celebrate

s birthday.

No gifts, please.

30 has never looked so good.

Please join us in helping

Ring in this fabulous time of their life at the age of 30.

RSVP to , ,

4. 30th Birthday

Lets all get together to celebrate the life of

at her/his birthday!

RSVP to , ,

5. Musical Birthday

Please join us for an evening of Rock n Roll

Celebrating s birthday

RSVP to , ,

Filled with cocktails, dinner, and dancing

How To Fill Out Sample Letter For Invitation To Surprise Party

How To-Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

Among hundreds of free and paid templates that you find online, you can’t be sure about their reliability. For example, who made them or if they are qualified enough to deal with the thing you need them to. Keep calm and use US Legal Forms! Get Sample Letter for Invitation to Surprise Party templates made by skilled attorneys and get away from the expensive and time-consuming process of looking for an lawyer or attorney and then having to pay them to write a document for you that you can easily find on your own.

If you already have a subscription, log in to your account and find the Download button near the form youre looking for. You’ll also be able to access your previously acquired files in the My Forms menu.

If you are using our website for the first time, follow the guidelines below to get your Sample Letter for Invitation to Surprise Party with ease:

  • Make sure that the file you see applies where you live.
  • Review the template by reading the description for using the Preview function.
  • Select a pricing plan and create an account.
  • Pay for the subscription using your credit/debit/debit/credit card or Paypal.
  • Once you have signed up and bought your subscription, you can use your Sample Letter for Invitation to Surprise Party as many times as you need or for as long as it continues to be active in your state. Revise it with your favorite editor, fill it out, sign it, and print it. Do a lot more for less with US Legal Forms!

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    Fill In The Blank 75th Birthday Invitations

    If youre having a smaller party fill-in-the-blank invites are a great way to save money!

    There arent any fill in the blank invites that are specifically designed for a 75th birthday, but you can choose any style invitation you would like, and then just mention 75th birthday when youre writing the invitation.

    The invitations Im highlighting here would work particularly well for a 75th celebration, but Ive chosen these particular ones because these featured invitations all have matching party supplies! So its easy for you to get ready for your party without having to search high and low for matching decorations.

    Y Invitation Wording: How To Write A Party Invitation

    Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: May 27, 2022

    Whatever your reason for throwing a party, youre getting into the mood to celebrate. Now all thats left is finishing the party planning and sending out the invites. Sending party invitations is the best way to communicate to your guest what it is that you are celebrating and what the event is all about. When creating your party invitations, there are a few things to think about with the party invitation wording. Thats why were here. Well help you figure out how to write a party invitation before you pop them into the mail. Whether youre throwing a birthday party or incorporating these invites into this seasons Christmas cards, weve got plenty of ideas below.

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    The Type Of Suprise Party

    If youre sending out something like bbq party invitations, then your invitees will wonder what kind of meat they should bring to go with the theme of your bbq party. So its pretty much similar to the invitees of your surprise party as they want to know what kind of surprise youre going to hold.

    Is there a specific theme that they have to follow? Do they have to bring anything that will match with the kind of surprise youre trying to hold for the celebrant? Be sure to answer those questions in the invite so that readers wont end up getting confused.

    Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Wording

    Free Printable Surprise Party Invitation Templates

    Design: PrettyMeJoy

    If youre spearheading the mission impossible of throwing a surprise birthday party, youll have to keep all invitation wording under lock and key. To prevent your friends from spilling the beans, try sending invitations with these hints:

    • Your lips better be sealed: Were hosting a surprise 40th birthday party for Thomas.
    • Classified information: Join us for a surprise party for Janets 60th!
    • Gather together, co-conspirators: Our mission is to keep Bellas 25ths surprise party under wraps.
    • Psst Its a secret! Now, how do you say Happy birthday! in morse code?
    • Shhh its a cloak and dagger affair: Join us for a surprise party for Allens 35th birthday bash.

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    Birthday Invitation Wording Templates Free

    several elements can be included in the wording for birthday invitations of a birthday invitation to create a memorable, personal, and original card.

    • Dont forget to include the name of the person who turns years old.You can refer to the specific place to which the person goes or likes to visit.You can mention the pets that they celebrated as if he is a fan of them.You can create a story about the person instead of writing directly about the person.
    • You can create a card of the type I remember when . Ask your friends, friends, and family to give you a prayer about the person who turns years old, to start with: I remember when .
    • It is a beautiful invitation. Then include the best sentences as part of the wording for birthday invitations of your birthday invitation.
    • Include verses and poems. Consider conducting a treasure hunt during the party, and include the instructions on the invitations.
    • If you intend to give a themed birthday party, in the wording for birthday invitations of the invitation, guide how the guests should be dressed.

    Birthday Invitations Wording Samples

    In the invitation, you can provide useful information such as the place, time and date, as well as some other details that you might consider important.

    In this section of our website, we offer birthday wording for birthday invitations of different types to include in your invitations. You can find specially dedicated messages to your family. In which your thanks for your constant support in all your projects are highlighted.

    You will also find birthday wording for birthday invitations for the invitations you send to your best friends, with whom you can convey your gratitude for always being by your side, in good times and in bad times.

    There is no shortage of wording for birthday invitations that celebrate the fact of celebrating another year of life. You can share with your loved ones what you have learned in this new year, as well as your goals for next year.

    Finally, you can not miss the humor. So you will also find some wording for birthday invitations with which you can start some smiles and maybe even laughs at your loved ones when they receive their invitation to celebrate your Birthday.

    Invite all your friends to celebrate your Birthday in a very original way. Here is some wording for birthday invitations for a birthday party.

    Use this wording for birthday invitations to invite all your friends. You can send these invitations by email, post them on the facebook walls of your friends, or send them as SMS to your mobile phones.

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    The Date And Time Of When The Party Will Start

    Lets start with the most important one. No matter what kind of party youre going to have, you expect your guests to arrive on the time you assign in the invitation. Because you dont want to send out Spa party Invitations, yet everyone arrives late to your own spa party now right?

    Its the same for a surprise party. Be sure that you specify the exact time so that you and your guests can prepare in surprising whoever is celebrating the event.

    Birthday Invitation Wording Examples For Every Party

    lol surprise birthday invitation – lol surprise inspired birthday invitation (video invite)

    All> Birthday> 15 Birthday Invitation Wording Examples for Every Party

    Birthdays are the best kind of celebration. It has been another year of life for your or your loved one and that is certainly reason to party. Whether you are planning your little ones birthday bash, your buddys surprise party or your own soiree, you will need to send invitations.

    In addition to requesting someones presence, sending invites is a great way to let your guests know information about the date, location and theme. Make the invitation your own with colors, fonts and designs. Be as extravagant or as simple as you want as long as you include those important details that your guests need to know.

    Since finding the words is often the hardest part, we came up with a few birthday invitation wording examples to show how you can include the important details and still be fun! Once the planning is done, sit back, relax and get excited about all the fun birthday gifts youll get.

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    Childrens Birthday Party Invitations Wording

    Although birthday invitations are not so common today, stopping to create a beautiful card, either virtual or on paper, can be a detail that guests consider. If you opt for a virtual invitation, you currently have numerous means to send it: you can send it by email, by text message through your mobile phone, or or attach it in a

    Designing Personalized Birthday Invitations

    Shutterfly is your one-stop-shop for creating birthday invitations youll love. Choose from more than 70 invitation templates for the perfect party invites that will match the honorees personality. Whether you are looking to feature one photo or a collage of images, Shutterfly has you covered. The birthday invite design assistant will help you custom select everything from the font colors and sizes to the paper style. You can easily play around with your messaging, background styles, and other design elements. When designing an invitation for a birthday party, there are always a few key details to make sure you hit. Include the day of the week, the date, the time, and the place of the party on your invite. Include a request to RSVP by a certain date as well as your contact info to help you plan your party with ease. Let your guests know if the party will be kid friendly, and dont forget to warn them of your wrath if they spoil a surprise party!

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    Noteworthy Surprise Birthday Invitations For Your Coming Birthday Festivity

    surprise birthday invitations are a fun way to invite your family to your next birthday festivity. Whether accommodating, surprising, or receiving, a birthday festivity wouldn’t be complete without surprise birthday invitations. We possess bountiful designs to choose from. Have an simple bash, or, an extravagant soirée, let us, add fun to your extraordinary day.

    With an abundant amount of Thank You Cards to match, surprise birthday invitations have not been more simple and practical. Feel free to look at Basic Invites plentiful templates, and keep in mind that they are all absolutely customizable!

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