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Birthday Ideas In South Florida

A Spiritual 30th Birthday Trip In The Mountains Of Colombia

Boat parade held in South Florida to celebrate President Trump’s 74th birthday

Over the years I have got into the habit of travelling for my birthday. What I usually do, around 3 months before, is to start to make a list of places Id like to see. Because I love to travel to Latin America, the places I choose for my birthday trips are usually within the continent. I travel on my birthday to be able to reflect on life and see how far Ive come since the previous year.

For my big 30, I was lucky to have chosen a place in Colombia called Minca. For me, it was the perfect place to spend my 30th birthday, because I love to be surrounded by nature and feel at peace with myself. It is said that Minca is the sustainable capital of Colombia. So what I did was look out for Eco-lodges and yoga retreats to be able to maximise my spirituality during the stay.

Not only do I love Colombian culture but I like to learn more about myself from being in new environments and meeting new people. I felt that the Nuevo Mundo Eco Lodge, where I stayed, was at the perfect place for this type of introspection. Arriving in Minca, a small mountain village, I walked up to the lodge which took about 1 hour. It was all worth it to get the amazing view of the mountains at sunset.

Book A Private Room At Your Favorite Restaurant

Its your fav joint for a reasonthe foods consistently delicious, the service is great and the prices dont break the bank. You go there at least once a week with just your partner or fam, so why not give them the business on your birthday, too? And if they know you as a frequent customer, chances are theyll throw in some things to wet your whistle.

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Th Birthday Ideas: Plan A Party

You can never go wrong with a sweet sixteen birthday party. Since sixteen is such a milestone age, try making your celebration more interesting with a unique 16th birthday party theme. Make your celebration a sweet sixteen BBQ, 16th birthday luau, sweet sixteen pool party, or sweet sixteen costume party and make your own sweet sixteen birthday invitations to go along with your partys motif. Get creative and try tying your interests into your celebration in some way. A birthday guestbook is of big importance if youre holding a formal sweet sixteen party.

Th Birthday Ideas: Try An Extreme Sport

Miami Beach 2016 White Party Events

For the daring birthday honoree, experimenting with an extreme sport may be a great way to celebrate turning 16. At 16, youre finally old enough to skydive, with your parents consent, so if this is something youve been itching to do, you can give it a try on your sixteenth birthday. If thats not for you, consider zip lining, bungee jumping, zorbing, or kite surfing instead.

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A Greek Getaway To Paros For A Couple Turning 50

A couple of years ago my husband and I both turned 50 and really wanted to have a truly memorable trip to celebrate this milestone.

Although we live in Australia he is Greek and we try and travel to Greece most years. The year prior we had visited a few new destinations in Greece to scope out a good spot for a celebration and Paros soon revealed itself as the winning destination.

We sent out an expression of interest email to a bunch of family and friends and were not really surprised when strong interest came back from over 50 people. I mean who needs an excuse to visit the Greek Islands, right!?

Paros ticked all our boxes for a number of reasons. Its quite accessible with a domestic airport and regular ferries and is relatively close to Athens and islands like Santorini that we knew a lot of people would be interested in, especially first-timers.

It doesnt, however have an international airport nor a cruise port so its not as crowded nor as expensive as most islands that do. Its the perfect size and has a wide variety of things to see and do that would suit the diversity in our group, from teenagers and people with young kids to Baby Boomers.

After further research I decided on the town of Naoussa and a hotel which, it turned out, is run by Greek Australians! I also chose a special restaurant for a dinner and they were even able to organise a live band for us.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas For Adults In South Florida

When trying to plan a party for an adult in south Florida, there are many options to consider. What kind of activities would allow this person to have a memorable experience? Where are the best places to celebrate this persons birthday? What is your budget? Unique birthday party ideas seem to be far and between these days.

In fact, a google search for birthday party ideas in Florida will bring up some of the most generic birthday ideas. No, you dont want another boring art or cycle party! You want to celebrate turning 30 in an alternative way.

Try these birthday suggestions to have yourself a REAL extravaganza. By the way, some of these arent even Florida specific but you get the picture.

Mock Olympics Birthday Party

If you want to be ultra creative, having an Olympics with totally off-the-wall events is just the ticket. You could have events such as water balloon shot put, a 100 meter dash holding a spoon and egg in your mouth, or something funny specifically created around the birthday persons interests.

For example if they liked travel you could have a long jump where each country reached equals a certain amount of points. Of course, at the end you will need to tally up all those points and declare a winner! If you want to kick it up one more notch, you could host your mock Olympics wearing mythological or Greek costumes at The Gulfstream Park and Casino where the mythological Pegasus and Dragon exist!

Host a Fundraiser Birthday Party

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

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St Birthday Getaway Partying In Ibiza

By Marta from Backpackers.wro

Ibiza is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from Majorca. Ibiza is known for the best clubs and parties, and during the summer it is full of young people from all over the world.

If you plan to visit Ibiza, dont miss the Old Town and Castle, as well as Hippie Market, when you can buy some handmade souvenirs and clothes. My favourite place on the island is the Cafe del Mar. I love watching this the most beautiful sunset in this part of the world.

I had a fantastic opportunity to spend my 21st birthday in Ibiza. I celebrate my birthday in August, and that time I was in Ibiza, working in one of the chiringuitos during the summer season. As always, I finished work at 10pm, and honestly, I was not planning any birthday party.

Surprisingly, my friends took me to one of the biggest discos on the island Amnesia for their famous Foam Party. We were partying until 6am when foam flew from the disco ceiling. It was a really refreshing experience! Finally, I was at home a few minutes before 8am, and at 9am, I had to be back at work again!

Birthday Party Planning Companies In Fort Lauderdale Florida

Tailgate Fan: Florida vs. Georgia
  • Event By Vento DesignsEvent By Vento Designs is a top-rated event planning and production company in Fort Lauderdale. The team has been serving the city for years, and has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients. They provide an assortment of packages to ensure that their clients get everything they need, while also sticking to their budget.
  • Amanda Williams Event PlannersThis boutique event planner is known for customizing their clients events to fit any style and any budget. As a full-service event planner, they can help with everything from catering and decor, to theme development and party favors, and will stop at nothing to make your event stress-free and unforgettable.
  • A2 EventsWith over a decade of experience, this Fort-Lauderdale-based boutique event production and destination management company boasts a team of professionals that can help plan and produce your event. Their services include planning, sourcing, managing venues, and more, and they have a reputation for managing all the details, from A to Z.

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A Bucket List Key West Road Trip To Celebrate My 30th Birthday

For my 30th birthday I ticked off a road trip that had been on my bucket list for quite a while! I drove from Miami, Florida to Key West through the Florida Keys with my husband. The journey itself is quite a short one, its around 160 miles which takes roughly 3 hours without any stops. The route is via what is known as the Overseas Highway, as it travels through 29 islands which are connected by 42 bridges!

My birthday is in December so travelling to the far south of Florida was very much welcomed treat and a bit of respite from the usual cold winter!

Key West is a great place to spend a birthday. Even though its part of the USA, it has a very Caribbean vibe to it. I got to hand feed nurse sharks at my hotel and they even gave me a free room upgrade to a beach front room as it was my birthday.

Not only did we go on a snorkelling trip and spent some time at the beach and chilling in hammocks, but Duval Street is the main place to go for evening entertainment. It is packed full with bars, restaurants and live music entertainment.

As it was my 30th I took great pleasure in trying the different cocktails, of course I had to celebrate with pina coladas and rum punches! Each evening there is a sunset celebration at Mallory Square which is fun too.

Birthday Trip To A Surfing And Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

For my 29th birthday, I took myself to a surf and yoga retreat in a small town in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. 10 days of surfing in beautiful water in the mornings and afternoon yoga in the jungle. In between, I napped in hammocks, snorkelled in the ocean, and took naps on the quiet and pristine beach.

The day before I left, which also happened to be my birthday, my surf instructor took me out to the big waves. Id surfed many times before and trusted my instructor, so I agreed to go for it. It was a battle to get past the breaking waves and it seemed that just as we did, my instructor set me up to catch the next wave.

I wasnt ready for it. I didnt feel confident. There was someone paddling in front of me I thought I might hit. But I pushed all of these doubts aside and started to paddle. I couldnt commit to the pop-up and fell off the surfboardhard. When I finally came up for air, my instructor was beside me telling me I broke my board in half!

Wait, what? How? Its still attached to my ankle.

While that was true, I glanced at the shore and saw the other half on the beach. OMG.

I wasnt about to let that be the end of my trip and the start of my 29th year. So I tried again with a new board. This time, I felt sure and confident. As I began to paddle, I locked eyes with the surfer in front of me and he nodded. I paddled my heart out, popped up, and rode that wave all the way to the beach.

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A Birthday Helicopter Ride In New York

On my 26th birthday, I woke up to an epic view on the 38th floor of a skyscraper in New York City. It was a lovely spring morning in mid-May, and I must have behaved myself that year because the weather was outstanding. The sky was blue and crystal-clear, and today that fact was a bit extra important. It wasnt just because I wanted good weather on my birthday, but because today, we were going up in an open-door helicopter to see the city from the air.

Before the clock hit noon, we were airborne. The flight was every bit as awesome as I had hoped for, and this ultimate bucket-list experience stayed with us for the rest of the day. It was as if a smile had been drawn on our faces.

For lunch, we had a few of those outstanding pizza slices NYC is famous for, before starting the proper celebrations with our first drink of the day. Because we couldnt get enough of heights, we opted for a roof-top bar in the Lower East Side, and some more of those impressive skyline views you wont find anywhere else in the world. We stayed there all afternoon before heading out for an exquisite Italian dinner in the Village.

Its safe to say that New York had some of the best food weve ever had on our travels. As you probably know, eating good food can make you really tired But luckily we laughed that right off in one of SoHos many comedy clubs, before heading out for an unforgettable night in the city that never sleeps!

Animal Encounters In Kenya For A 50th Birthday

30 Best Birthday Party Spots in South Florida for Kids ...

By Bret Love & Mary Gabbett of Blue Ridge Mountains Travel Guide

Last summer, to celebrate my 50th birthday, I took my wife/business partner and my teenage daughter on an incredible 3-week tour of Kenyas finest national parks and wildlife conservancies. As someone whod dreamed of exploring the East African country since I first saw films like Born Free as a boy, it was everything Id imagined and then some.

In terms of wildlife, Kenya boasts approximately 390 species of mammals , 1100 species of birds, 280 reptile species, and 115 amphibians. So for diehard animal lovers/wildlife photographers like us, the trip offered unimaginable sightings .

The most popular of Kenyas national parks include Nairobi National Park, one of the few places in the world where you can go on safari in a major metropolitan area. Theres also the less-frequented Meru National Park and Lewa Conservancy, and the world-renowned Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Ill never forget our after-hours encounter with baby Elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphanage , going behind the scenes at Jane Goodalls Sweetwater Chimpanzee Sanctuary, and hanging out with the worlds last two Northern White Rhinos at Ol Pejeta.

The Greater Mara area is home to about 25% of Kenyas wildlife, including an exceptional population of Big Cats as well as their prey.

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Celebrating A 25th Birthday In Manali India

My birthday falls in the month of June and its a pretty hot time in India. So while planning a trip in the hottest month of the year, you choose a cool place and thats how I ended up celebrating my 25th birthday in Manali.

Manali is the queen of the hill stations in North India. It is located in Himachal Pradesh. Bhuntar is the nearest airport. For me, though it was a long-awaited road trip from Delhi. We were four gals and it took us around 17 hours to reach. The roads were narrow and bit difficult to drive through but it was an adventure for us.

We had booked a nice villa away from the crowd of tourists, overlooking the valley filled with beautiful flowers and far away were the snow-peaked mountains.

We had a nice warm bath in the tubs and then we set to explore Manali on foot. We had warm momos and hot thupka. We took a lot of pictures almost everywhere. Then we set out to Solang Valley which is the adventure-lovers paradise. We did skiing, paragliding, zip-lining and snow biking.

In the evening it was my time to be the queen of the day, so I decided to go to The Lazy Dog Cafe. There was a band playing and the ambience and the food was mouth-watering. We had food, wine and we danced our feet off. The next day we went to Manikaran to see the famous hot water shrines and to camp out in the wilds of Kasol.

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