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Birthday Ideas For Office Staff

Impress Them With A One

Holi Celebration Party Ideas For Office & Corporate Employees | Book Office HOLI Party Event

Were all bored of those classic knick-knacks everyone gifts each other when Secret Santa time rolls around.

So come up with a gift idea that will be memorable and useful at the same time. From tickets to their favorite sporting events to smart backpacks, fitness trackers, and even a pair of shoes theyve been dreaming of, theres no shortage of thoughtful gifts you can blow their minds with.

Take it to the next level and have your team handcraft the gift themselves. Personalized products are so easy to create these days. You can order custom shirts and other wearables or just do a DIY project. Here are some handy gifts you can put together by getting your whole team to contribute:

  • A huge goodie bag with snacks or exclusive gourmet ingredients for foodies
  • A mini collection of potted plants for flower lovers
  • Handmade soap and other natural cosmetics
  • Small furniture pieces

Professional Birthday Wishes For Employees

8. I want to let you know that all the great things youve achieved since your arrival have not gone unnoticed. You are a one-of-a-kind employee, and we are proud to have you in the workspace. Happy Birthday!

9. Best wishes on your birthday! You are an extremely dedicated employee, and we are very grateful for that. Its clear that you think of the company as your own, and your work sure does reflect it.

10 . Over the time youve been working for us, its evident that you are a pillar of this company. Your resourcefulness and creativity are invaluable qualities. Keep it up! Happy Birthday.

11. We want to wish a powerhouse of an employee a very happy birthday! You are dedicated, diligent, and reliable and deserve nothing but the best. Here is to your amazing day and a fantastic year ahead!

12. If we had the best employee award, you would win it hands-down! You are the dictionary definition of what a great employee is. We hope you have a wonderful birthday and a prosperous year ahead.

Epic Office Party Ideas

  • Content Manager and Career Expert

Have you been tasked with throwing your offices next par-tayyy? Whether its a random celebration, a spooktacular Halloween, employee recognition day, or the annual Christmas bash, throwing the perfect office party is a lot of pressure due to the sea of opinions. Not only do you have to provide a party that caters to all needs, you must come up with something different to last years boring do. Staying one step ahead of your colleagues expectations is a major challenge without forgetting the tight-budget too!

Theres no need to panic, take a deep breath and read our top 25 ideas to throw an unforgettable staff party.

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Gift Them Something Special

Are you looking to go wild? Then this idea offers you the perfect opportunity to do so â provided you know what they love. To this end, select gifts that are memorable, personalized, and thoughtful. While this combination sounds expensive, it doesnât have to be so. With some thoughtfulness, you can offer them something that theyâd appreciate for a long time.

The Problem Of Employee Birthdays

DENTIST Candy Bouquet

Research from CEB shared in the Harvard Business Review reveals three dates with significant job hunting spikes: work anniversaries, mid-life birthdays, and high-school reunions. In addition, the research shows that job hunting sees a 12% spike on big birthdays like 40 and 50.

What is it about birthdays that make people review their life choices, especially current employment? There are three main reasons we can identify.

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Play A Game Of Online Trivia

Get the team together for a friendly game of online trivia to celebrate your employees who have a strong competitive spirit. Online trivia is a strong team-building activity that spices up an average virtual happy hour. Plus your employee who loves competing will appreciate a birthday celebration that reflects their idea of a fun time.

How To Send A Happy Birthday Card For An Employee

Birthdays offer the ideal occasion to develop meaningful relationships with employees and to make them feel special and valued in your company. You can send birthday cards consistently by putting Handwryttens services to work for you. Schedule your handwritten birthday cards to send in advance of employees birthdays. Once you have a birthday card management system in place, you wont miss the opportunity to send good cheer and well wishes to your employees on their birthdays.

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Organize A Paint And Sip Class

A virtual paint and sip class is a good remote birthday celebration for those who love exploring their creative side. Send a canvas, some paint and a beverage to your employees homes and let your creative juices flow. You can hire an online instructor who will lead your team through a series of simple steps that will leave everyone with a fun piece of art they can treasure forever.

What Should I Get For My Birthday

Virtual Holi Celebration Activities for Office Employees | Holi Celebration at Workplace By SOSParty

Yes, we need an office birthday list as a reminder to celebrate and give greetings and wishes for our coworkers who have birthdays. However, sometimes, we tend to forget that we deserve a celebration too when it comes to our birthday. Well, the celebration doesn’t need to be extravagant or festive. The value that we can take is being grateful for the life that the Almighty gave to us as the best chance. So, the thing that we need to celebrate on our birthday is to enjoy the feeling. A little self-appreciation to boost our day to enjoy is not a bad idea. There are even some merchants and chains that give their products for free when we are on our birthday. We can get free cold brew coffee at Starbucks and Dunkin Donut. However, you should be a Starbucks Reward member to get this privilege. We can also get free ice cream at Baskin Robin. They give us a single scoop for free. However, again, this promo applies when we hold the member card. Well, there are plenty of food and beverage chains that provide free items for us who have birthdays. However, keep making sure whether the promo applies for the members-only or not.

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Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Employees’ Birthdays Remotely

Just because your team may be celebrating online doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and fun with the birthday party.


Celebrating your team members birthday in 2021 looks a little different than in years past, but it is still an important way to cultivate team culture, boost morale and improve your businesss bottom line. Celebrating employee birthdays shows that you care and can serve as a great motivator for employees to do their best at work.

A 2019 study from talent advisory company Kincentric found that rewards and recognition were the strongest drivers of workplace engagement aside from pay and benefits. Recognition is also tied to lower turnover and higher performance at work. Celebrating your employees birthdays is a simple yet effective way to reward your team members, improve engagement and boost workplace productivity.

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But at this point, many employees are continuing to work remotely or work hybrid schedules. This means the way you used to celebrate birthdays in the office might no longer be possible. Here are 10 ways to celebrate your employees birthdays remotely thatll help them feel recognized and appreciated at work while improving outcomes for your business.

Reaching A Life Milestone

Many people have a rough idea of the roadmap of their lives, like being a certain age when they get married, or be promoted to a leadership role, or buy their first home. Thats what makes birthdays a great time to reflect on the previous year of their life. Did they reach their goals? What was the highest high and lowest low of the previous year? In this way, birthdays are a time to contemplate current circumstances.

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Why Celebrating Employee Birthdays Matters

Just 26% of employees feel valued at work, and itâs a big problem because of the tight relationship between employee recognition and employee turnover.

What can you do to make staff feel valued in your organization? Celebrate employee birthdays!

This celebration tells the employee that you care about them, and it can boost their workplace motivation.

A 2019 study revealed that a reward and recognition system is one of the most potent forces that drive workplace engagement.

In addition, having a recognition and rewards system in place, like celebrating employee birthdays, contributes to reduced turnover and higher productivity.

Due to the pandemic, though, many workers work from home or have a hybrid schedule. If this is the case in your organization, it can be a hassle celebrating employeesâ birthdays.

This is why we have compiled 26 brilliant ideas on how you can make your employees feel valued by celebrating their birthdays.

Birthday Wishes For Senior Colleague

Meme For Employee Farewell : themed farewell party

Happy Birthday, Senior! You inspire our team to thrive for perfection, and we are grateful for that!

Dear senior colleague, wishing you a joyous Birthday! There is no end to learning from you!

We wish you a fantastic birthday! Your wisdom and insight for the team is really commendable!

A diligent person like you deserves nothing but positive outcomes in life. Happy Birthday, Senior!

Wishing you a bundle of joys on your birthday! You are a fantastic person inside and out!

Happy birthday! Thank you for always pushing me towards betterment and cheering me on!

Wishing you a blessed birthday! May every moment of your life leads to greatness!

Happy Birthday Dear Sir! Wishing you prosperous and triumphant days ahead!

Happy Birthday! Your unique outlook and refreshing ideas make this workplace really amicable!

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Take Them Out For A Meal

A birthday might be the perfect opportunity to get to know your employees better.

Suggest that you take them out for lunch or dinner at the restaurant of their choice. Bring along some coworkers, too, so that everyone can join in the fun. Having the entire team helps add on to the fun and make it seem like a real birthday party.

If youre not feeling up for a night on the town, you could host a potluck-style lunch at the office instead. Have each member of the team bring in something special on the employees birthday.

Either way, eating a meal together is a great way to get people talking to one another, forming stronger bonds over time.

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Employee Birthday Gift Ideas

Start by creating a specific budget for employee birthday gifts so you can determine the appropriate amount to be spent per person. Next, think about the members of your team and their potential needs. Is there something that would appeal to everyone? Is there a way to add a personal touch or slight variation? Use the employee birthday gift ideas below to get started.

Purple Vertigo Candle Club

Virtual Diwali Celebration Event Ideas and Activities for Office Employees | Call us +917973432360

Where to put it: The front desk, the kitchen or the bathroom in your office could use something pleasant and calming. What better way to set a comforting and friendly atmosphere than with seasonal scented candles. You dont have to light them, just set them out and watch as people in the room begin to destress with seasonal scents and relaxing aromas.

Why this gift is a winner: Offices are stressful and aromatherapy is a great way to help people relax. The calming but not overpowering scents from this candle subscription give a seasonal and relaxing flair to keep your office calm and happy. Not to mention each month an employee can take the candles home as a present when the new ones arrive.

Customizable? No

Where to buy it: Purple Vertigo Candle Club

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Create Birthday Card Messages For Employees

Discover some simple employee birthday card messages you can use as templates for your birthday greetings.

  • Wishing you a happy birthday and a wonderful year to come!
  • Hope your special day is full of happiness, fun, and laughter!
  • Best wishes for a happy birthday and memorable year ahead.
  • Sending good wishes and happy thoughts to you on your birthday!
  • Its your special day. Hope you enjoy everything about your birthday!
  • Hope your birthday brings you one good thing after another!
  • May your birthday be full of joy, laughter, and happiness!
  • Enjoy your birthday experience as you celebrate your special day!
  • You deserve all good things on your birthday. Sending you warm wishes and happy thoughts!
  • Count the happiness, not the years. Happy birthday to you!

The New Age Is A Milestone

Age is one tangible measure of just how far a person has come. Many folks have an idea of what they want their lives to look like. For example, they have an idea of what age theyâd like to get married, have kids, or hold a position at work or in the community.

Therefore, they think about how far theyâve come regarding these goals when a birthday comes around.

On birthdays, employees take stock of their current circumstances and ask themselves questions about whether theyâre making progress towards their age-related goals or not.

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Catching Up With Friends And Family

People love to celebrate others, so birthdays are typically a time for loved ones to gather and celebrate! Playing catch up can prompt a number of questions about job status, relationships, healthyou know how families get!

Employees could consider whether they were venting the same work grievances last year. Did it improve or is it still the same? Since birthdays are such a milestone, these questions seem heavierand their answers more meaningful.

What’s A Birthday Club

Green, White and Gold. Office Party Party Ideas

And then there’s the question of who actually takes the time out of their work day to plan these office birthday parties. That’s what birthday clubs are for. A birthday club is an informal network of people who are committed to spreading birthday cheer. Many offices have birthday clubs or even, more broadly, party planning clubs who are in charge of planning and executing birthday parties. This includes ordering food and drinks, setting up the kitchen or common area , spreading the word and, sometimes, even cleaning up.

If you’re part of a birthday club in your office or thinking about starting a birthday club, you might be wondering about office birthday ideas to start planning. There are tons of ways to celebrate your coworkers’ birthdays albeit with some major dos and don’ts of office parties.

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Birthdays Arent The Only Thing You Can Celebrate In The Office

The birth of an employeeâs child, the launch of a new product, a great sales month, work anniversaries or promotions are all great reasons to have an office celebration. But donât go too overboard â do you have the time, budget and energy to celebrate every staff memberâs special life event?

According to Globoforce, 95% of survey respondents felt more positive if they were noticed and recognized during their work anniversary. It doesnât need to be too complex, but having an office cake and adding a personal touch to the celebration can go a long way to make employees feel appreciated and valued. Something as simple as a card signed by everyone in the office, or even an email from the CEO acknowledging that personâs contribution can make it feel that much more special.

What Do I Want For My Birthday Woman

Surely, we can find one of our coworkers in the office birthday list is a woman. Sometimes, we may find it hard to choose the birthday gifts for women. Furthermore, we also find it hard to match our gifts to their preference and their needs. Sadly, because of that, we tend to delay, or even worse, cancel the giving of the gift for our woman coworker. As we can know, there are many kinds of inspiration to give them gifts.We can give them a set of cute pajamas. Surely, to get freshers during work, they need to get a good sleep the night before. One of the things that make us relax so that it leads to good sleep is a comfortable pajama. We can also send them an aromatic scented candle set. This is helpful and useful for them too. Besides creating a good smell inside a room, this can give the sensation of relaxation. The anxiety can even be eased with the smell of the scent inside the candle. We can also give our woman coworker a simple tote bag. We know, the space of the tote bag is large enough to be filled with various stuff. They can also use this for going to work. The tote bag as a gift won’t make it useless!

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Terrific Office Birthday Celebration Ideas

Employees feel happy when appreciated. And what can be a more effective way than to have a wonderful office birthday celebration on their special day? Appreciation of an employee with an office birthday celebration is always a great idea.

And trust me. The birthday person is going to love you for it.

It not only helps the employee to take some well-deserved time off on their special day, but it also allows their coworkers to express their gratitude.

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