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Pool Birthday Party Ideas For Girl

Pool Party Food Ideas

Birthday Girl, I celebrate. Birthday party, ideas, pool party

Here are some pool party food ideas and serving guidelines that may be helpful to keep in mind. If the party starts at…

  • Noon or before: Plan to serve lunch.
  • 1:00-2:00: Offer snacks and appetizers throughout, and a light meal between 4:00-5:00.
  • 3:00-5:00: Serve a full dinner.

Prepare everything before the party starts, preferably several days in advance to give yourself time for last-minute details. This includes…

  • Cutting garnishes/toppings and refrigerating them in individual serving dishes.
  • Preparing towel-draped baskets to place bagged finger foods
  • Having meats/main dishes ready to heat in serving containers.

Here are some pool party food ideas for poolside dining that are substantial without being heavy, and are convenient to serve…

  • Chicken, tuna, egg salad wraps
  • Quiche

Also find easy-to-eat, utensilless food ideas and recipes in our Picnic Food section here.

Shark Themed Party Pools

This summer, invite sharks to your teen pool party. A shark-themed pool party is a fun twist on an ordinary pool party. Instead of featuring a ferocious shark, this party features a grinning shark throughout the party decorations*. There are plenty of JAWsome details to sink your teeth into, including a dessert table you might just figuratively die over. Gummy sharks, shark fin topped cupcakes, shark decorated cookies, and a myriad of other yummy treats will keep party guests tummies full and hearts happy. Make it fun, adding to your kids pool party ideas.

Be sure to download our teen party checklist to stay organized and make the most out of planning your event as well as other ideas for games/activities.

Sweet Sixteen Pool Party Ideas

Best Pool Party Ideas For Girls from Sweet Sixteen Pool Party

A fantastic means to connect a party style together is by incorporating a party logo design. The rep of using it on the invitation, and also once again on the decors, and also finally on the take home favors definitely aids to achieve a natural feel and look.

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Idea 1: Pool Party Seating

Image source:

How It Works

See how cool it is to seat in the middle of your pool and enjoy the seating with your friends. This furniture is best kept wet that will stay in the shallow end once filled with water.

So, isnt this idea cool enough? No, its even possible to make pool pizza parties. You can enjoy the whole pizza seating in the middle of your pool!

Beachball Pool Birthday Party Invitations

35+ Pool party ideas

Youre sure to capture pool party invitees attention with these genius beach ball pool party invitations. Get guests excited for your pool party bash by including all of the party details, as well as a gift idea printed on a beach ball. Delivering the balls full inflated is a fun idea, or send the beach balls with instructions for guests to blow up the ball to reveal the party plan. A great addition to your birthday pool party ideas.

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Pearl Princess Barbie Pool Party Movie Inspired

Best Pool Party Ideas For Girls from Pearl Princess Barbie Pool Party Movie

Come Up With a Theme Provide your swimming pool party a gown code and after that embellish for the style as necessary. Some ideas include tropical or all-white for a classic, dressier pool party. Or you can get unusual and select a TV show as an embarking on factor or something oxymoronic, like summertime goth as well as let your guests get creative.

Plan Pool Party Games

With plenty of music, food, and friends, your party is already guaranteed to be a blast. In order to take things up a notch, though, make sure you have a few games prepared if your friends ever want a change in pace.

These pool party games are just a few ideas to get you started. If you want to keep things simple, you can always stay classic by pairing up to play chicken or have a water balloon fight.

Just remember to be courteous of guests who prefer staying dry. If theres a lot of splashing, keep an eye on any sunbathers to make sure theyre happy.

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Pool Party Popsicle Refreshment Voucher

From I Heart Parties, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Popsicles are a great pool party refreshment, especially when the sun is shining. Popsicles are a logistical nightmare to keep from melting, however. Plus, it can be hard to keep track which party guests have reached their Popsicle quota when an open cooler stocked with popsicles is on display. We love this refreshment voucher idea! Each guest receives a refreshment voucher redeemable for one Popsicle! This allows the popsicles to remain stored in a freezer until desired, and also allows for some accountability.

Create Cozy Seating Areas

swimming pool party cake design ideas for kids boys girls decorating tutorial at home classes

Use this dreamy outdoor space as your muse to master the art of event furniture arrangement. Pull various chairs, stools and floor pillows from around the house to create 2-4 separate lounge and dining areas for guests to enjoy. This technique creates intimacy in otherwise expansive outdoor spaces and paves the way for socializing throughout the event.

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Idea 2: Drink Station

Image source:

How It Works

Its a be your own bartender idea! Make the cocktails self-serve like the drink bar of the image. Thats good to look at. Moreover, your guests will be happy if they grab their drinks themselves.

So, select a corner for placing the bar and see how your guests are enjoying!

Kara S Party Ideas Retro Pink Flamingo Girl Birthday

Best Pool Party Ideas For Girls from Kara s Party Ideas Retro Pink Flamingo Girl

Allow them sip on their strike in design by making these with whatever expression you want. If youre looking for the best way to connect it in with your swimming pool party, go for points like float or swim to amp points up.

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Kids Pool Party Singapore

Best Pool Party Ideas For Girls from Kids Pool Party Singapore. Source Image: Visit this site for details: .

Generate a Theme Give your pool party a dress code and after that embellish for the theme as necessary. Some ideas consist of exotic or all-white for a classic, dressier pool party. Or you can get weird as well as choose a TELEVISION program as a jumping off factor or something oxymoronic, like summer season goth and allow your visitors get imaginative.

Idea : Floating Cooler

10 DIY Ideas for a Pool Party  Craft Teen

Image source:

How It Works

The guests will stay hydrated without leaving your pool raft. For this, you have to collect a galvanized bucket slipped into an inner tube. Now, fill it with ice and put the bottles of drinks here.

You can fill the bottles with freshwater or infuse the water with lime, watermelon, mint or orange. Everyone will love this!

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Create A Poolside Towel Caddy

What’s a pool party without someone forgetting to bring their towel from home, right? Save your guests from themselves and keep them comfortably dry between dips with a thoughtful towel caddy. Use wire cubbies, a woven basket or a bar cart as your caddy base, then roll your towels into compact, easy-to-grab cylinders for a neat presentation.

Ylicious Events Pr Teen Beach Movie Pool Party

Best Pool Party Ideas For Girls from Partylicious Events PR Teen Beach Movie Pool Party. Source Image: Visit this site for details: .

6. DIY Crazy Straws: What child does not enjoy insane straws? Allow them drink on their type design by making these with whatever phrase you want. If youre searching for the ideal way to link it in with your pool party, go for things like float or swim to amp points up. .

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Fun Pool Party Games For Kids

Want to give the kids a pool party theyll never forget this summer? Today were sharing 15 totally fun pool games for kids that all ages will love.

Summer is full-on here and weve been making lots of trips to the pool to cool off. Over the years weve had a few pool parties for the kids and theyre always a blast. One of the best things about having a pool party is that you dont really have to worry that much about entertaining everyone because the pool IS the entertainment.

Seriously, kids can spend hours in the water and never be ready to come out.

But, if youre having a group over for some pool-side fun, then you may want a break from the usual Marco-Polo. So, in an effort to help you kick things up a notch for your kids pool party, here are some really fun games that everyone will love.

Teen Pool Party Ideas


Your active teenager has a lot to celebrate, whether its his or her birthday, a school achievement, or a sports championship. One of the best ways to celebrate that is by throwing a fun-filled pool party that your child and their guests are sure to enjoy and remember for the years to come.

Here are the top 20 ideas on how to throw the ultimate pool party for teens:


  • Pool Essentials
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    Idea : Mermaid Cupcakes

    Image source:

    How It Works

    Its the sweet part of your party snacks, isnt it absolute perfection? The sparkling mermaid tails are gorgeous and tasty too.

    These kinds of mermaid cupcakes are available in the bakery or you can make it at home. Just start off with basic vanilla cupcakes and crush any plain vanilla cookies for making sand.

    But, making the tails is a bit hard. You have to continue reheating chocolate to have a thick layer. Then, decorate it as you wish.

    So, you got one of the mermaid party ideas!

    Finding A Pool For The Party

    Of course, if you have a pool in your backyard, the venue is already taken care of. But, even if you don’t have a pool, you can still host a pool party.

    Most public and hotel pools are available for party rentals. Contact several in your area to learn about pricing and rules.

    If you have a friend or family member with a backyard pool, they may be willing to let you use it for the afternoon.

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    + Awesome Pool Party Ideas For Every Occasions In This Summer

    Welcome home, summer! Throwing a few pool parties throughout the summertime is synonymous with having lots of fun. Thats why the summer means a lot to us!

    On such a summer day, you never want to miss the pleasure of swimming in the bluish, sparkling water, right? The enjoyment will be 100 times more if you have your kith and kins in your pool.

    So, you are going to throw a party and look for the best ideas. Thats why we are here, well give you 50 Awesome pool party ideas! Isnt it a huge package of ideas?

    Lets just get into it!

    Y Decorations Using Printables

    Pool party ? @daDollhouse

    Looking for some fun in the sun, pool party birthday party inspiration? Check out pool party number three! If you are looking for pool party ideas for a 2nd birthdaythis is the party for you!!

    This cute party was styled using my printable pool party decorations. Check out the fun details!

    Is there anything better for summer than a pool party? OkMAYBE the beach

    However, if the beach is not in your grasp..a POOL party birthday party is perfect for summertime!

    I love getting photos sent to me from happy customers that I can feature on my blog! Some of the best have definitely been from my printable pool party decorations!

    This party Im featuring today is from Amy, who recently styled her sons 2nd birthday!

    Amy had this to say about her party It was Lukes 2nd Birthday Splashwe enjoyed food, drinks, cupcakes/cake & fun in the sun! Had pool toys, a bubble machine & a giant slide in the pool for the kiddies to go down :). It was a wonderful day!!!

    The party favors were fun foam water blasters! These are fun for the kids to play with and great to take home as favors.

    I love the grass skirt table skirt. This is fun for a pool party or would also be fabulous for a luau. The printable banner is great across the table as well.

    I love the cakewhat a great touch!! There are so many fun ideas you can do with a cake to jazz up the dessert table too. The adorable cupcake toppers are so fun. I love the beach balls and the life preservers.

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    How To Throw A Summer Pool Party For Kids

    Best Pool Party Ideas For Girls from How to Throw a Summer Pool Party for

    People, the temperature outside is getting higher as well as higher, which asks for something: a pool party. While we adults love a great afternoon swim , the kids are actually the ones anticipating those swim-filled events. Prior to you go the old-fashioned route with beach rounds and swimming pool noodles, choose these DIY ideas thatll make your kiddos swimming pool party the very best on the block. Get ready for their party to go from a simple get-together to a full-blown bash prior to you can state Marco Polo.

    Kara S Party Ideas Under The Sea Birthday Pool Party

    Best Pool Party Ideas For Girls from Kara s Party Ideas Under the Sea Birthday Pool

    If you like old movies like Coastline Covering Bingo, then youll have a good time with this retro, beachy, swimming pool party motif. If any person in your household is a web surfer, even far better! Make use of a few of their surf equipment as design around the pool. Hit up your neighborhood thrift store for some fun Hawaiian tee shirts or retro bikinis. .

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    Extra Member Of Staff

    All our parties have set numbers of maximum participants assigned to them according to the staffing requirements of that party.

    If you wish to exceed these numbers please enquire when booking so that we can try and accommodate your request wherever possible.

    A set fee of £15 is required if you wish to take up this option.

    Kara S Party Ideas Tropical Flamingo Pool Party

    DIY POOL PARTY! Snacks, Decor, & More!

    Best Pool Party Ideas For Girls from Kara s Party Ideas Tropical Flamingo Pool

    A pool party is always a wonderful idea when it comes to summer season enjoyable. Locate the designs, recipes, party prefers, and also a lot more with our swimming pool party organizer.

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    Y Decor Favors And Games

    One of the best parts about a pool party from the parent’s view is that most of the decor and party favors are already set because the party is in a pool!

    Use pool accessories and beach items to add to the natural decor:

    • Beach towels and funky sunglasses make great party favors.
    • Beach music is a must. Ask your teen what she’d like you to play during the party.
    • Drape seashells and fishnet on tables and the fences or walls surrounding the pool.
    • Use bright colored tablecloths and hanging strings of lights.
    • Buy lots of blow-up beach balls and float them in the pool.
    • Set up beach towels around the pool for conversation or laying-out.
    • Keep the bugs away and set a mood with citronella candles. You could also have bug spray available for your guests to use.

    Throwing A Pool Party For Your Teen’s Birthday

    While your teen might be too old for a birthday party that involves games and party favors, a pool party might be perfect. In fact, your teen might be willing to play games and do silly things as long as there is water involved.

    It can be an inexpensive way to entertain a group of teens for hours. Of course, you’ll need to take safety issues into consideration when swimming is involved, but a pool party might be the best way to celebrate your teen’s next birthday.

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