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Draw Your Own Birthday Card

The Welcome To Adulthood Card

Make your own greetings cards

Design by JessieKingDesign

In recent years, the word adulting has become a popular verb to describe the realities that come with growing up.

Whether its the harsh reality of learning how to do the laundry properly, or the idea of meal preparation for the week, using these concepts as inspiration for a birthday card is a great way to welcome a friend or family member into adulthood.

Customize this Turquoise Hand Drawn 21st Birthday Card template to give those who are having a rough time facing reality a little smirk on their birthday.

Print Master Platinum: Best For Designing Your Own Elements

Reasons to avoid

PrintMaster Platinum from Broderbund has graphic design and photo editing tools, which make it a good choice if youre interested in designing your own images or importing elements from other graphic design programs.

Even though PrintMaster comes with over 150,000 graphics and nearly 5,000 templates, they arent all high quality. For example, we saw pixilation in many of the pieces of clip art. However, the softwares tools are easy enough to use, so you can incorporate your own elements to create unique designs. Not even the best programs we reviewed have full graphics editing suites, but PrintMasters tools are sufficient to create new designs. The software also includes helpful layouts for other projects, including invitations and calendars, so you arent limited to creating greeting cards. PrintMaster is compatible with Avery templates, so it has many printing options.

Top Ways To Make Your Own Birthday Card

1. Create a card online at BlueMountain.Com . There are options available to send via email and to print them at home from your computer. Many options are free but they also offer a Paid service that allows you to put in everyones birthdates and they will send you a reminder so you wont miss a birthday again.

2. allows you to create your cards from home and then they will send them right out for you. You will pay a little extra for this service so be prepared but if you want to send cards without leaving your house this is a great option.

3. American allows you to create cards right on their website and print them out at home. Now you can create great personalized cards in minutes. No one will ever guess you created it right before you walked out the door. There are some free options available but they also offer a membership like Blue Mountain.

4. is the site that makes all the hilarious catchy cards you see on your Facebook wall. Well now you can make your own birthday card and send it to that special someone in your life. You can send these cards via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email.

5. Another great money saving option is to buy pretty note cards that are blank inside. Then for each occasion you can fill the inside with your personal thoughts and feelings for the person who is having a birthday. They will love the personalized content and you will get to share how much that person really means to you.

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Things To Draw On Birthday Cards

  • Cake
  • Simple shapes
  • Money
  • Just thing of the hundreds of things to draw, on birthday cards, just from this simple list!

    Giraffes, elephants, pigs, cows, deer, snails all come to mind right of the bat when I see #7.

    You could draw chocolate cake, vanilla cake, chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, German chocolate cake, cheesecake

    The 21st Birthday Card

    Create Your Own Happy Birthday Cards

    Design by WeArePaperPlane

    While turning 21 can feel like the beginning of adulthood, for a few noteworthy people of the past, 21 coincided with worldwide success. As this card by WeArePaperPlane reminds us, Steve Jobs had founded Apple and Jane Austin wrote the story of Pride & Prejudice by the age of 21.

    Add some noteworthy milestones to this Orange Girl Photo Birthday Card template for your friend on their big day.

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    Create Beautiful Moments With Picsarts Birthday Card Maker

    Our online birthday card maker is the perfect way to send a truly personalized birthday message to friends and family on their special day.

    Make a birthday card theyll remember with Picsart. Start with a photo from your own library or pick one of our high-quality #FreetoEdit images. Customize your birthday card using Picsarts quick & easy photo editing tools. Pick from a variety of dimensions. Add cool effects and filters, fun stickers, bold backgrounds, and so much more. Dont forget to finish with a heartfelt birthday message using our handy Text tool with 200+ unique fonts. Making a one-of-a-kind birthday card with Picsart will only take you minutes to do but will make an impression on your loved ones forever. Once youre done with your special creation, download it to print out or send it out virtually.

    Custom Cards From Zazzle

    Send a personal message to loved ones on those days that really matter with custom cards from Zazzle! The biggest occasions deserve the best greeting cards with a personal touch that they know could only come from you. Personalized greeting cards filled with your sentiment to turn any occasion into a treasured memory forever.

    Upload your photos and add a special message to send out to friends and family around the globe! With total control, you have cards that suit every occasion and theme. Christmas cards with seasonal good cheer or birthday cards to celebrating the turning of time and being one year older. Celebrate in style thanks to custom cards from Zazzle.

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    Customize Birthday Cards With Easy Tools

    Why send them a generic birthday card when you can pick out a personalized card that will speak to their style and heart? With Picsarts birthday card maker, you can make a one-of-a-kind birthday card in mere minutes and without spending a single penny. Upload a photo from your personal library to start or use one of our #FreetoEdit images. Next, use Picsarts quick & easy editing tools to add special elements that reflect your loved ones unique aesthetic. Layer on filter and effects, stickers, backgrounds, icons, and more. Finally, write your personal birthday message using our Text tool with 200+ stylish fonts. Now all thats left to do is send it off. Once they open your customized birthday card, they will thank you for making them a birthday card thats anything but basic.

    A Card For All Your Action Movie Lovers

    How to Make Your Own Free Printable Birthday Cards

    Design by YellowOtterStudios

    Got a friend who loves quoting action movies? Take the opportunity to make a pun out of a classic movie line and your movie-loving friend will go crazy for it! This card from YellowOtterStudios has referenced the classic terminator line Hasta la vista, baby, but any movie quote can work provided you use a bit of wit to come up with a little pun for added laughs.

    Some fun example to get your creative juices flowing:

    • A hairbrush saying Theres no place like comb
    • A bowl of jelly saying You had me at Jell-O
    • A sprig of thyme saying Tale as old as thyme

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    Birthday Cards For Your Favorite People

    Make their birthday card as unique as they are. Whether youre personalizing a cute Tatty Teddy card for mom, a funny card for dad, or a glittery card for your bestie, we have a perfect birthday card designed just for them. Theres also a wide range of birthday party invitations and milestone cards for all those big occasions, such as 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays, 50th birthdays, and even turning 100 birthday cards.

    Hama Beads Birthday Card

    Do you have any hama beads around you home? If you do, you can create a pretty flower with them, iron them out and then glue them to the card. In this way, youll end up with a beautiful and original birthday card to hand out. Plus, kids can join in on the fun, too! Get the instructions from Red Ted Art.

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    Make Your Own Birthday Card

    With a large family and an even larger network of friends, I find myself constantly buying Birthday Cards. The problem is each time I buy a card, I realize how expensive cards are becoming. I know that many card companies now offer $1.00 or $0.99 cards and I find these great for Thank Yous and Thinking of You occasions but the Birthday selection is very lacking. I like giving cards with a heart felt message and have found that I can do this inexpensively when I follow these ways to Make Your Own Birthday Card.

    The Card For Those Who Love Pie

    Send, make your own Birthday Cards 2018 Online

    Birthday card from Cotton On

    Heres one for the friend who is not excited about their birthday this year. This card by Cotton On is a great way to remind them of whats important and give them some clear-cut reasons to appreciate their special day.

    This card is also a great choice for your friend with a sweet tooth because like the chart says, the main reason we all love birthdays is cake.

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    Fotor: A Free Editor With Modern Designs

    Reasons to avoid

    If you’re a little intimidated by both Adobe Spark and Canva, but still want to design your cards online, then Fotor is a good alternative. You can use the free version to create designs that are classy, modern, and well laid-out. Admittedly, some of the templates are a little basic, but there are enough well-designed ones to make up for it.

    The final quality of your cards is good, and it’s easy to use stock imagery or upload your own pictures to the site. There are few editing options, though, which can be a good or bad thing. It does simplify the site for users, but it also limits options especially when compared to the competition. You can download any of your cards to your computer, store them in the cloud, and export them to various things like email or social media. Add stickers to each one to jazz it up, but you won’t be able to animate cards as there are no options for this.

    Another drawback is that although Fotor is free, there are a lot of ads serving into the page while you’re creating your cards, and you are encouraged to upgrade to the premium version at regular intervals. Tutorials are in the settings tab, and they do a job.

    Are You Struggling To Come Up With Things To Draw On Birthday Cards For Your Friends And Family Or Even Your Own Greeting Card Business Look No Further This Post Contains 10 Ideas For Birthday Cards That Will Keep You Busy For Hours

    Long before starting my design business, I loved creating homemade cards for family and friends. I think it adds a more personal touch to any gift when its started with a handmade card. While, Ive made hundreds of cards over the years, with a family as close as mine, it isnt easy to come up with things to draw on birthday cards, holiday cards or even a just because card.

    Mostly, because theyve already seen the design on a card for someone else!

    But, I know you love variety. I certainly do!

    So, I came up with this list of ideas of things to draw on birthday cards to help myself save time when Im drawing.

    Its a lot easier to put together a few quick sketches when you have an idea ahead of time!

    But, in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share this list with those of you that enjoy making your own homemade birthday cards for your family and friends, too.

    I hope this list inspires you to create handmade birthday cards for all of your loved ones

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    The Ill Do Almost Anything For You Card

    Design by FreshCutPrints

    When it comes to a birthday card people often express the idea that they would do anything for their friends or family. But if we stop and think about that sentiment for a minute, we realize everyone has their limits. Thats what this Fresh Cut Prints card reminds us.

    For your more realistic friends, why not show your love with the more honest message: That you would try and do anything for the lucky recipient, but might not succeed.

    No need to move mountains for a birthday card this year. Simply customize this Blue and Green Illustrated Mountains Birthday Cardtemplate for your special someone.

    Pick An Online Birthday Card Maker

    Watercolor – Make Your Own Greeting Cards

    There are many birthday card makers you can find by Google search. But many of them are paid services. If you want a free online birthday card maker, pick FotoJet, which will help you make a birthday card incorporating text, clip art and images for free. Since you have already had the card design idea in mind, lets show you how to make a birthday card online from scratch in FotoJet.

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    Make Your Own Birthday Cards

    Smart Art Institute Online – Drawing and Painting Art Lessons

    Congratulations you have finished this lesson, Drawing a Birthday Cake to “Make Your Own Birthday Cards!”Great Job!

    Online tutorial for Make Your Own Birthday Cards with clip art.

    Smart Art Institute Online Lesson MT118Categories: Cartoons, Graphic Design Schools Prep., Kids Art Classes, Academy of Art University Prep., Graphic Design Colleges Prep.,

    The Card For Your Favorite Introvert

    Design by SpellingBeeCards

    This card is perfect for any friend who might consider themselves an introvert. While some friends want to have a big birthday bonanza, weve all got a friend who prefers board games and pizza.

    Use a card like this one from SpellingBeeCards to show the quiet ones in your friend group that you know them well enough to know exactly the kind of birthday party theyd prefer.

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    The Card For Your Friend Who Doesnt Love Sports

    Design by Hello Pretty

    Not everyone enjoys competing in sports. However, the fact of life is that we all had to win a race to get here. We wont get into the details, but you catch our drift.

    This card by Hello Pretty is a funny and rather subtle reminder of lifes first race and is a great way to show your friend that theyre a winner in your eyes.

    Give someone a laugh on their birthday by customizing this Birthday Cardtemplate.

    Cute Diy Birthday Card Ideas That Are Fun And Easy To Make

    Create your own Card

    Buying your friends and family funny, thoughtful, or sentimental birthday cards is always a nice gesture. If youre an avid DIY enthusiast like us, however, then you know that its sometimes more meaningful for both people if what you give someone for their birthday is something that you made yourself.

    Homemade birthday cards are not that hard to make, but theyll definitely show how much you care.

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    Find A Birthday Card Idea

    Think about whom will be the recipient. Is the birthday card for your dad, mom, girl friend, fiancée, boy friend, or any other relative? Collect their life photos they just cherished to combine them into the birthday card. Then you can come up with an idea of the type of the birthday card. It could be serious and sophisticated or funny and goofy.

    If you dont have any idea about birthday card designs, check these birthday card samples to be inspired. And you will find an idea from these marvelous birthday card designs. Then just make a birthday card following your idea.

    Let Creative Cloud Express Be Your Greeting Card Design Expert

    Hone your creativity with the power of Creative Cloud Express. Explore professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your card from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. Duplicate designs and resize them to create consistency across multiple types of assets. With Creative Cloud Express, its free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

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    The Youre Older Than Me Card

    Birthday card from Cotton On

    If you have a friend that is ever-so-slightly older than the rest of the friend group, this ones for you. Even if theyre only a few months older than you, tap into the laughs by pointing out the age gap with this card from Cotton On.

    Remind your loved one that old is gold with this Vintage Birthday Card template.

    Diy Birthday Cards For Everyone In Your Life

    Make your own Quick and Easy Birthday Card

    From your next-door neighbor to your sister, everyones birthday comes rolling around sooner or later. And that means youll have lots of cards to give out throughout the year. And with these 50 DIY birthday cards, everyone in your life will get something handmade and from the heart!

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    The Youre So Vain Card

    Design by maggieandmog

    Use this card from maggieandmog as a way to poke fun at your friend who knows full well that they are getting spoilt. Make sure to include an earnest message on the inside. Joke-gifts and sarcasm are all well and good, so long as you make it clear you care a great deal about the person you are gifting the card to.

    Give your loved ones the attention they deserve and want on their big day with this Teal Bold Typography Birthday Greeting Card template.

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