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Online Birthday Cards For Dad

Advantages Of Personalized Birthday Cards

Birthday card for my dad!

Sure you can buy your dad a generic hallmark birthday card from the nearest store, but those have been used by countless others. Personalizing a birthday card can help make the message less generic and more suited for your individual relationship with your father. You can say the things youd like to say rather than using a pre-written greeting card.

Our happy birthday dad cards are created by professionals, so they are unique and tastefully created. After choosing the perfect card template we give you access to a free editor that allows you to tailor the card to suit your needs. You dont have to have any previous experience with computer coding or design as its that easy to use! The online editor allows you to change all font characteristics such as color, size, and style. It also allows you to move elements of the design around as you choose and upload a favorite photo of your dad or simply delete something that you don’t like. Its basically your template to do whatever you please with!

After choosing the perfect birthday card and customizing it how you wish you can print it out at home by downloading it to your computer in PDF, PNF, or JPG format. Yet, if youd rather have a professionally printed copy you can order it from us, and well mail it to you.

What Shoppers Are Saying About Our Birthday Cards For Dads

I customized this card for a friend’s Dad’s 100th birthday. He loves jokes so I had one of my Dad’s favorite corny jokes printed on the inside. It looked great and came with plenty of time to send it. They can’t host a big party for him on this significant occasion so they wanted him to receive at least 100 cards and he did!Nancy

I got the perfect 92nd birthday card for my Dad! Everyone loved it, especially my Dad. It arrived on time and the price was great!Sandra

I am so pleased to have found Greeting Card Universe. I have ordered Halloween cards, a pet sympathy card, and look forward to sending my Dad an 80th Happy Birthday Dad card. These have such unusual titles for many occasions. Delivery has been prompt and I even picked one up at Target. Especially looking forward to sending these card for the holidays this year!Victoria

Personalized Milestone Birthday Posters

Are you agonizing over what gift to get for that person who’s about to celebrate a big birthday but who already seems to have everything? Our personalized birthday posters are a fantastic gift to celebrate the person’s *extra* special birthday, and we guarantee that the recipient will be delighted.

With a huge choice of color palettes, and lots of ideas for poster-text, you can personalize these posters as much or as little as you wish. Easy to format and download at home, they’re a great gift for a milestone birthday.

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Birthday Ecards For Father

Celebrate an amazing dad in your life with a dad birthday ecard that suits him perfectly. Birthday ecards for dad are a great way to connect when his birthday is near, especially if you dont see him as often as youd like or he lives across the miles. Whether hes your own father, a stepdad, father-in-law, grandfather or even a pet dad, sending a Happy Birthday Dad ecard is a quick and easy way to honor him and his special day.

With the touch of a button, you can select, personalize and send a birthday card for dad to let him know how much you appreciate all hes done for you. Not sure what to say? A picture can speak a thousand words. Our ecards can be personalized with a favorite photo along with a heartfelt message to your father.

Birthday Ecards For All

Dad Birthday Card By Paper Plane

Birthday cards are some of our most popular online greeting cards. Send your birthday wishes with birthday card templates with the perfect sentiment for every unique recipient. Let your mom know its okay to Eat Cake for Breakfast from kate spade new york, or tell your college roommate you hope they have a flippin awesome one from Hello!Lucky. Your wishes always match their personality, and with hundreds of online birthday cards, you can send birthday cards for many years to come. We have special categories like birthday cards for her, as well as designs thoughtful enough to send as a Covid birthday card. You also can send birthday cards for him. Photo birthday cards create a birthday memento highlighting a special time from the year past. Our online design tool makes it easy to create the perfect birthday ecard with customizable fonts and colors as well as premium options like envelopes and liners, digital backdrops and stamps. Paperless Post also has a selection of free online birthday ecards. Whatever birthday greeting you select, its guaranteed to make their day.

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Free Printable Birthday Cards

Looking for free printable birthday cards? You’ve come to the right place! Take a look at our massive collection of gorgeous cards, all completely free to download in crisp high resolution PDF format, saving you money and time!

Our online cards are super handy when you can’t get to the store, and we have a comprehensive range of designs for both adults and kids. You’ll even find cards to color in, which are a fun activity for kids to color and give to their friends and family.

Our free printable birthday cards are so easy to use, just download, print, and cut out to create a stunning card in an instant. They’re blank inside so you can add your own personal message exactly how you like it. It’s super simple and there’s no need to struggle with fiddly online forms or subscriptions.

Scroll down the page to download your free cards today, and if you like what you see please do share this page with your friends and family too!

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Create Beautiful Moments With Picsarts Birthday Card Maker

Our online birthday card maker is the perfect way to send a truly personalized birthday message to friends and family on their special day.

Make a birthday card theyll remember with Picsart. Start with a photo from your own library or pick one of our high-quality #FreetoEdit images. Customize your birthday card using Picsarts quick & easy photo editing tools. Pick from a variety of dimensions. Add cool effects and filters, fun stickers, bold backgrounds, and so much more. Dont forget to finish with a heartfelt birthday message using our handy Text tool with 200+ unique fonts. Making a one-of-a-kind birthday card with Picsart will only take you minutes to do but will make an impression on your loved ones forever. Once youre done with your special creation, download it to print out or send it out virtually.

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Special Way To Wish Birthday

Personalized Free Birthday ecards to your office colleagues, family and friends are an amazing way to express your caring. Your message doesnt have to be lengthy just sincere, loving and caring. It also depends on the kind of relationship the two of you share. In general, love, appreciation, and cheerful wishes are a good bet. You can consider sending animated birthday cards and animated birthday gif.

Its Not Too Late With Online Birthday Cards

Special Birthday Card Idea for DAD | Handmade Birthday Card for Father | Tutorial

You look at the calendar and realize you missed your childhood bffs birthday yesterday. Life happens, dont panic. If you realize you missed their big day, we can still help. Send a belated birthday ecard as soon as you can. If you send a birthday card email, it will arrive instantly and at the top of their inbox. Everyone always still appreciates the wish for the year to come. Its the thought that counts, after all. Belated greetings help you send wishes in one concise message.

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Free Birthday Cards For Dad

He has always been there for ours… it’s our turn to send some joy his way on his! Birthday ecards for Dad is the perfect collection of musical, cute, funny birthday ecards for Dad. Select the perfect one and send it instantly. Read More…

Now you’re all grown up, isn’t it time to repay the man who raised you with so much love with some fun, laughter, joy and love? Birthday eCards for Dad gives you a full selection of entertaining animated ecards with heartfelt sentiment that hits the spot. We hand picked these cards especially for their potential appeal to men, fathers in particular.

So many men associate so closely with the music of their youth. Knowing this we made the Doo Wop Bday card using the dulcet tones and fine harmonies of our original composer and recording artist who used to tour with the Rolling Stones themselves! We used rock and roll greats for other birthday ecards for Dad as well:

  • The singing chicken in Elvis B-day brings the King to life with a wattle.
  • The singing penguin in Funky Penguin Birthday was modeled directly after Sly of Sly and the Family Stone.
  • James Green, the singing frog, is a trans-colored, trans-species version of Soul, Funk, and R& B great James Brown.
  • Can you guess who the Rolling Scones Biker Dogs are modeled after?

Men are amused by other things as well and we have made a variety of fun for the Birthday Dad:

Whatever his taste are, browse our birthday ecards for Dad and pick just the right one and send it off instantly.

Bonus: Dads Birthday Poems To Add To Your Chosen Card

Birthdays are a time when families get to share their appreciation for each other. Tell your father how much you love him with a special poem. These short verses have been published to help you out when deciding on what to write on his birthday card.


Some Dads have no hairSome Dads are too squareSome Dads grizzle like a bearand some Dads are never there.


My Dad is not a squareMy Dad is like a teddy bearand my Dad is ALWAYS there.


Better than a winning lotto ticket, Im lucky to have you on my sideBetter than a promotion, you fill me with pride Its not just any dad who can father like you So I wanted to say thanks for all that you do!

Acrostic Poem – F is for the fun we share when talking about the newsA is for the awesome values you taught me to useT is for the times you helped me, more than I can count H is for the hope you lend me when my strength runs out E is for the everyday smarts you taught me to haveR is for the right man that Im proud to call my dad!

Poem –

Fatherhood has pains and joys Raising girls or raising boys Help with homework fixing cars Your father rating gets five stars!

Funny Play on Words – Dad-joke-worthy!

Dad, you’re kind of a big dill

You’re pearfect

You’re one in a melon

I’m your biggest flan

Can you guess where I got my sense of humor?

I hope this isn’t cheesy,

But I hope you have the grate-est birthday ever!

Poem for Sports-loving Dads –

So enjoy a night on the town

Enjoy being a little older, dad

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Birthday Cards For Your Favorite People

Make their birthday card as unique as they are. Whether youre personalizing a cute Tatty Teddy card for mom, a funny card for dad, or a glittery card for your bestie, we have a perfect birthday card designed just for them. Theres also a wide range of birthday party invitations and milestone cards for all those big occasions, such as 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays, 50th birthdays, and even turning 100 birthday cards.

Birthday Cards For Dad Mailed For You

The Collections Of Different Happy Birthday Dad Cards ...
  • Which birthday card should I choose for dad?

    When choosing which birthday cards for dad you’re going to mail, you can break down your options into the following categories:

  • Classic and simple
  • Dad centered
  • What to write in birthday cards for dad?

    If you’re stuck on what to write in your birthday card for your dad the best thing to remember is not to overthink this. You’re writing a simple birthday card, not a novel. So first thing to do is to keep the message short. After you’ve written your salutation, go straight to the point and write some version of ‘Happy Birthday’. Perhaps you add on some specific wishes for the next year for example, you could wish your dad extra health and happiness as he embarks on the next year. And finally end with some love and sign your name. And Voila! Easy. Here is a sample: Daddy-o! Wishing you a very happy birthday and sending you the cheeriest vibes I could muster. Seriously, hope you go and have some extra fun on your day. Can’t wait to see you soon! All my love, Your Favorite Child

  • How to send dad a birthday card online?

    The easiest part yet: Sending dad a birthday card online is likely the easiest thing you do all year. No, that’s not an exageration. All you have to do is choose one of these delightful birthday cards for dad, type your birthday message and click send. Postable will take care of the rest. Yes, really. You get a digital experience while dad will recieve a beautiful hold-in-your-hand birthday card.

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    Customize Birthday Cards With Easy Tools

    Why send them a generic birthday card when you can pick out a personalized card that will speak to their style and heart? With Picsarts birthday card maker, you can make a one-of-a-kind birthday card in mere minutes and without spending a single penny. Upload a photo from your personal library to start or use one of our #FreetoEdit images. Next, use Picsarts quick & easy editing tools to add special elements that reflect your loved ones unique aesthetic. Layer on filter and effects, stickers, backgrounds, icons, and more. Finally, write your personal birthday message using our Text tool with 200+ stylish fonts. Now all thats left to do is send it off. Once they open your customized birthday card, they will thank you for making them a birthday card thats anything but basic.

    Birthday Card Message Suggestions For Dads /fathers

    *Dont miss* the birthday poems further down.

    1) It’s not easy being a father. There are lots of roles to fill, But you excel in everyone. Happy birthday to the amazing man I am proud to call MY dad.

    You’re the leader of our family,

    And we all look up to you,

    The teacher of what’s right and wrong,

    An example of what’s true.

    And on this day, your birthday,

    The least that we can do

    Is speak our hearts so clearly:

    Dad, we all love you.

    3) Happy Birthday, Dad. I’m really glad you were born Because if you hadn’t been I wouldn’t be here!

    4) You’re my teacher, my friend, My advisor, and my confidante. You’ve walked with me in baby steps, Through my teens and adulthood, And stood by me as my mentor, My pillar of strength and wisdom. I celebrate you every day, Dad. Have a perfect birthday.

    5) Together, Dad, We have laughed and cried, Played and worked, and learned. So today, on your birthday, Let’s celebrate All the things we’ve done together, And will do together For many birthdays to come.

    6) Hey, Dad! Can I borrow the car? And, um, fifty bucks? And would you mind doing my chores? I gotta run out and get a birthday gift For the best dad in the world!!!

    7) A father is more than a man. He’s a son, too, and a husband, A friend and a colleague, A coach and a confidante, A pal and a defender. I guess I just got lucky To have YOU As my dad. Happy Birthday!

    10) Happy birthday to the role model of a man I aspire to be.

    17) Hey Dad, in case you forgot, it’s your Birthday!

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    Etiquette For Dads Birthday Card

    When wording your dads birthday card you should do what feels comfortable. It doesnt have to be formal but should convey the message you wish to send. So, if your amazing dad has a good sense of humor you may choose to go with a funny message. On the other hand, if you and he are more sentimental feel free to let the emotions flow. The best part about a personalized birthday card is that you can say whatever you wish. So just make sure to add some personalised and thoughtful birthday wishes. Your daddy will appreciate it.

    If you are planning a party for him to celebrate dad day, go ahead and give it to him on the day of the party along with the birthday gifts dad. Alternatively, if your father lives far away from you and youre required to mail the card be sure to give yourself plenty of time. Generally, three to five days before his birthday will ensure that it arrives on time. However, you dont want to send it too early as its always best to receive a card on or at least near your special day.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding birthday cards for dad, contact us today. Were always happy to help.

    Looking for more greeting cards and invitations? Make sure to check out our collections with the cool designs that you can turn into unique stationery and get them digital or printed with fast delivery.

    Never Send A Boring Birthday Card Again

    Birthday Card for Dad

    No matter who youre wishing a happy birthday to, Picsart can help you make a personalized birthday card that stands out from the rest with its easy-to-use birthday card maker. Whether its a childs, teenagers, or adults birthday youre celebrating, we have the perfect features to impress them. Using Picsarts quick & easy editing tools, you can truly customize your experience by layering effects, stickers, backgrounds, icons, text, and more. You dont need any design experience to achieve something extraordinary with Picsart. Say goodbye to basic and expensive birthday cards and start making personal birthday cards that will make your friends, family, and coworkers feel special.

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