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Fun Things To Do For Someone’s Birthday

Unique Things To Do On Your Birthday

10 Things To Do On Your Birthday | Daily Us
  • Give to Charity: Do you have more clothes, shoes, or other possessions than you need, or even want? Your birthday might be the right time to de-clutter your home, and make you feel good about helping others who have much less than you have, and whose lives can be made a bit better and easier with your un-used items. There are a gazillion charities out there that you can give to, be it your time, money, advice, etc. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a good starting point if you are in the U.S, as is Make-a-Wish Foundation. If based in South Africa, there is True North as there is Kids Haven.
  • Volunteer at a charity: Is there a childrens home that you know of? Or any charity or cause close to your heart? Your birthday might be the right time to visit them and give them some of your time.
  • Give Blood: This might even be more unique if it is something you have never done before. The thought that there is a very big probability that your donated blood might at some point in time in the future save someones life, or at least help them recover from an illness, perhaps a life-threatening one. That would be your birthday gift to them.
  • Donate your Received Gifts: Still in the spirit of giving. Why not tell your family and friends who might want to get you gifts that you intend to donate any gifts you receive to kids who have the same, or near the same birthday as you. Therefore, request that your gifts should be age-appropriate.
  • Ignore The Pressures Of Age

    via: Pexels / Nataliya Vaitkevich

    Sadly it’s unavoidable, but as we grow up, questions are thrown at us that are hard to answer. They may come from parents, friends, or even ourselves about our accomplishments so far. There is pressure to meet certain milestones. You need to learn to ignore these and remember that everyone has their own timetable. You don’t need to do anything by a certain age.

    Treat The Foodie In You

    If you love food and your best day that you imagine is surrounded by different delicious cuisines then you can fulfill this dream on your birthday.

    Just go on a solo date by roaming the streets munching on some street food or go to a lounge trying different kinds of wines or mocktails.

    Just jot down a list of places where you can get amazing and innovative food or drinks to try and get ready and get moving.

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    What Are Some Good Zoom Birthday Party Activities

    The best Zoom birthday party activities center around the birthday celebrant and actively involve other guests. There are many ways to interact online including playing virtual games, posting and tagging on social media, messaging, and meeting on video call. Some good ideas to start with include Virtual Team Trivia, remote birthday clubs, and birthday lip dubs.

    Invent Your Own Board Game

    A Place To Share My Stuff

    Discuss what type of game you want to make. Design the board together. Make the rules that will need to be followed. Make the game pieces that you will need. Play the game that you invented. Coming up with the game and the rules you want to make is an awesome time of interaction with one another. The results of your collaboration will be so exciting to view and play.

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    Get A Strike At The Bowling Alley

    Lets face it, bowling is a fun thing to do at almost every age, even when you only get gutter balls! But, its an especially fun thing to do on a your birthdayyou could even get a little competitive by splitting up into teams and having a full blown tournament. Though, at the very least make sure to bowl yourself a STRIKE!

    More Awesome List Of Things To Do

    Check out more of these fun things to do when you’ve got no plans or just need a fun way to spend your time.

  • Stuck at home with your friends and have nothing to do? Browse through these fun things to do with friends at home for a good time.
  • We all could use a great list of things to do when bored and searching for something to do.
  • Need some fun things to do with friends on the weekend? We’ve got the ultimate list of them!
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    A Few Weeks Out Make A List Of What Would Happen On Your Ideal Day And Then Try To Make At Least Three Of Those Things Happen

    It’s a lot harder than it sounds to plan out your perfect day by the minute. There are so many slots for good food, chill hangs, and strolls through your favorite neighborhoods that it can get overwhelming. But if you’re thoughtful about what you put on there, you might just get close to making your ideal day into a reality.

    Ultimate List Of 30 Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

    Fun things to do for your birthday

    via: Pexels / Pavel Danilyuk

    Whether you like to keep things low-key, or this is your favorite day of the year, there are so many fun things to do on your birthday. You just need to find a birthday celebration idea or a birthday party idea that suits you. Birthdays aren’t about age. It’s about celebrating your life so far!

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    Book A Luxurious Stay At A Boutique Hotel

    You could make your birthday a multiple-day occasion by booking a luxurious stay at a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are small hotels, so you wont have to spend your birthday surrounded by crowds of people. Instead, they offer you an indulgent, but affordable, retreat from your everyday life.

    Most boutique hotels have a public restaurant space and many also have spas. You can also venture out to explore a new city if you are staying in a boutique hotel away from home.

    If youre up for have a travel adventure to a boutique hotel then definitely see the 18 best ones in the world list before making your decision!

    Birthdays & Your Culture Of Recognition

    A more traditional approach to workplace culture might question the need for birthday celebrations in the office at all. This is usually the point of view of team members who say things like, Were all adults here, or This isnt Kindergarten when they put up a stink about having to watch someone blow out candles.

    Fair enough. But theres a strong why behind celebrating birthdays, and its all about creating a culture of recognition that rewards employees.

    Multiple studies have shown a strong link between recognition and performance. A report by HR firm Bersin & Associates suggests that companies that integrate strong employee recognition practices are on average 12 times more likely than their peers to generate strong business results. This means higher profitability and better market positions.

    Recognition doesnt just mean acknowledging a job well done , but recognizing and appreciating your employees as people.

    Todays employees expect to be able to be their true selves at work. Because of this, more and more companies are ditching the old work-life balance paradigm for the more accurate work-life integration model, which acknowledges that work and life are inseparable. Celebrating staff birthdays helps tell your employees that you get that they are living life everyday inside of your office we recommend checking out Bonusly which offers automated welcome, anniversary, and birthday bonuses.

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    Coworker Birthday Gift Ideas

    When you think of getting a gift for a coworker, of course, the first thing to pop up in your head is some blend of what would be fun yet professional. Thankfully, weve got you covered.

    Why this is a fun work birthday party idea: Coworker birthday gift ideas can range from white elephant gifts to motivational gifts for employees. The key here is that the idea is thoughtful and reflects who they are as a person or hints at a happy memory youve shared with the giftee.

    Here are SnackNations top picks:

    It Helps Keep You Smart

    Fun 50th Birthday Gift: 50 things for someone who is 50 ...

    Here is some food for thought: avocados are filled with omega-3 fatty acids and natural vitamin E, which are both great for your brain. For instance, they improve the blood supply to your pre-frontal cortex, which is the part of your brain responsible for planning, decision making and critical thinking.

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    Organize A Chilled Day

    If hes not massively into birthdays, but you still want to do something nice together, have a lazy day!

    Its okay to stay home or to have a mellow day we often get caught up in spending lots of money and planning big things and, sometimes, its nice to just spend your birthday with someone you love.

    Stay home, watch TV in bed, have some tasty food and relax. Theres no shame in celebrating by not-celebrating!

    Go Through Old Photos

    Photo by Frelo Design on Unsplash

    Whether you just scroll through photos you’ve posted on Instagram or flip through family photo albums, it’s always fun to reminisce on old times. Plus you’ll get plenty of options for throwback posts in the future.

    Photo by Joshua Hanson on Unsplash

    Many shelters need volunteers to play with the dogs . What better way to spend your day than hanging with some furry friends? Call ahead to see what their needs are, and you can feel good about celebrating your day.

    Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Sometimes we all just need a day to ourselves where we can control the remote. Start a show you’ve been waiting to see or go back to an old favorite there are no rules on your birthday!

    Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

    We all have causes that mean a lot to us. Take a little time to donate what you can to the charity of your choice. You can also encourage your friends and family to donate as well, in lieu of a gift.

    Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

    While we wouldn’t normally recommend eating in bed , we’ll make an exception for your birthday. Enjoy pancakes, pastries, coffee, and maybe even a mimosa to start your day off right.

    Ice cream parties aren’t just for kids. Celebrate your birthday like you used to by gathering up your favorite ice cream flavors and all the fixings.

    Photo by Christine Siracusa on Unsplash

    Photo by Jake Melara on Unsplash

    Photo by on Unsplash

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    Do A Virtual Wine Tasting

    Ideally, you would be chauffeured around Napa Valley while sampling the regions finest offerings, but the current circumstances neednt stop you from sipping the very best . There are plenty of top-notch wine professionals around the country offering virtual wine tastings that can be experienced from the comfort of your couchand that doesnt sound half bad, does it?

    Organize A Present Scavenger Hunt


    Send the birthday girl or boy on an amazing adventure as they hunt for clues to lead them to their present! Place clues around your home and yard, including cryptic ones like word scrambles, crosswords or riddles. Not only is a scavenger hunt fun and entertaining, your kiddo will be excited for their prize at the end!

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    Terrific Birthday Traditions To Make A Simple Birthday Celebration Spectacular

    Here is a list of unique birthday traditions that will delight your kids. A simple birthday celebration becomes special and memorable when you add in just one or two little touches that set the day apart. Birthday traditions dont have to be complicated or expensive to be wonderful. In this list youl find some fun ideas to choose from. This post contains Amazon affiliate links, and I receive compensation from qualified purchases through them.

    1. Birthday Person Compliment Time.

    What a great way to surround a birthday kid with love! Write down or share compliments about the birthday person. If youre having a birthday party you can make a birthday wishes jar and let the recipients enjoy reading compliments whenever they want a boost.

    Kelly: Our favorite birthday tradition is the compliment time we do on the birthday persons birthday dinner. We go around and around saying all the things we love about the person and they just accept it they cant say no or Im not that great, they can just say thank you.

    LHB: Blow up a ton of balloons and write something special about them on each one, then fill the hallway outside their bedroom door with the balloons so when they wake up in the morning and walk out, theyre greeted with a really special start to their day

    2. A Special Way to Wake Up.

    3. Let your Child Pick Dinnerthe CakeBreakfast:

    Other families have a tradition of letting the birthday celebrant choose a special meal they love or a place to eat out for dinner.

    Things To Do On Your Birthday To Let Your Creative Side Work

    via: Pexels / Inga Seliverstova

    Going big might not be your thing, so we’ve got the best and most creative things to do that will make this day a celebration of your artistic and imaginative personality. Commemorate this years big number in a special way and be innovative. Be inspired, be productive, and let your creative side work!

    Here are 8 creative birthday celebration ideas:

    9. Bake your own birthday cake.

    You could say the best thing about the day is that you get to think about all the things you learned over the year and how much you’ve grown. But really, if we’re honest, our favorite thing is the cake. And creating your own adds an extra flair of being exactly what you want. Even if baking isn’t exactly your hobby, there is still a great sense of accomplishment in baking your own celebratory cake, and it’s like a gift to yourself.

    10. Design your own birthday freebies.

    Remember attending a child’s birthday and being given a goodies bag to take home at the end of the day? Well, break out your thinking hat and design your own freebies because it doesn’t have to be a bag of lollies. If you had a themed get-together, you could create something that fits the theme for your guests to take home as memorabilia, or you can get the oven cranking and bake some delicious cookies. Everyone likes getting freebies.

    via: Pexels / Any Lane

    11. Create your own birthday card invitation.

    12. Wear a new out-of-this-world outfit.

    via: Pexels / Greta Hoffman

    14. Celebrate with nature.

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    Tips For Creating Birthday Traditions:

    Many of us have some pretty fun memories of birthdays and we want to create these special memories for our kids too. Heres how you can make birthday traditions your kids really love:

    • Remember that you dont have to get complicated to make something meaningful . As a parent your stress level and ability to be present will make the most difference so go with what feels good to YOU.
    • Traditions can change over time. You dont have to hold onto a family tradition if its no longer feeling right! Here are some more ideas about changing traditions.
    • Different kids may enjoy different things. Thinking about the individual youre celebrating and what makes THEM feel loved will help you think of the best birthday traditions for them.

    Cheers! Happy Birthday!

    How Do Virtual Birthday Parties Work

    Simple and Fun Ways to Make Someone

    Virtual birthday parties typically take place on video conferencing platforms like Zoom, WebEx, or Skype. Participants gather on the video call and chat, play games, eat cake, and engage in other fun activities. Online parties can unite guests from across the country or even the globe and serve as a low-cost, logistically simple way to honor the special day.

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    Bar Or Dessert Hopping

    Its your birthday and you dont know how to celebrate this special day? You can plan a night out of bar hopping or dessert hopping.

    If you are a foodie then you can go for desserts and if alcohol pleases you then nothing like changing bars and lounges.

    You tend to meet different people over this madness and might make some good contacts. Feel the vibe of each place and spread your energy to create an unforgettable memory.

    Laugh Hysterically At A Comedy Club

    Why not get this party started by loosening everyone up with some laughter? There are tons of comedy clubs in NYC perfect for laughing the night away like The Comic Strip Live on the UES or Gotham Comedy Club in Chelsea. On second thought, if your friends tell the comic its your birthday they might embarrass you in front of everyonewell, we all have to laugh at ourselves sometimes!

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    Fun Things To Do With Friends

    via: Unsplash / Marc Rafanell López

    Don’t go at it alone when there are so many things to do with friends! It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it’s always a good time when you’ve got friends around. But, for the times where you can’t seem to figure out what to do, try out one of these fun things to do with friends for a fun time!

    Here are 10 fun things to do with friends:

    53. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

    You’ll leave there feeling great about yourselves knowing that you helped out some less fortunate folks.

    54. Play board games

    The ultimate cure for boardom.

    55. Invent your own board game

    Don’t you hate all those complicated rules every board game has? Time to invent your own without any rules.

    via: Unsplash / Marília Castelli

    Fishing is always fun, even if all you catch is an old, rubber boot.

    57. Play charades

    No need for any equipment. The only game similar to a board game that uses only body parts.

    58. Play card games

    Uno, or any other card game you share with your friends.

    59. Host a BBQ party

    Fun and tasty!

    60. Play hide and seek

    This game isn’t only for kids. And, since your grown, play hide and seek in the dark for more of a challenge. Or in a park at night, if you’re courageous enough.

    via: Unsplash / K. Mitch Hodge

    61. Go bowling

    Bowling is always so much fun with a group of your best buddies.

    62. Learn to juggle

    Learn to duo-juggle by tossing the pins to your friends while juggling.

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