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Send Birthday Greetings Via Email

Auto Send A Greeting Message To The Contact When His Birthday Is Today

How to send free online birthday cards by email
  • At the very outset, launch your Outlook program.
  • Then in the main Outlook window, press Alt + F11 key shortcuts to access Outlook VBA editor.
  • Next you ought to open the ThisOutlookSession project.
  • Subsequently, you need to copy the following VBA codes into this project.
  • After that, you need to sign this code.
  • Later exit the VBA editor.
  • Then you should create a recurring task with a recurring reminder.
    • The task subject should be set to Send Birthday Greeting Mail.
    • Enable a Daily recurrence in the task.
    • Set a reminder for the recurring task
  • After getting such a task, you should proceed to change your Outlook macro settings to ensure digitally signed macros are permitted.
  • From now on, every time the reminder alerts, the macro will run immediately. Outlook will auto send out the greeting mail to the contact whose birthday is today.
  • Birthday Emails For Elders Or An Older Person

    Respected ,

    Hope you are in good health.

    Today, being your special day, I want to extend my gratitude towards you. You have been my mentor, the father and the driving light in my life. I am thankful for all your teachings and preaching and shaping me, my future.

    You have evolved me from zero the heights and I wont have made it big and came this far without you. Thank and wishing you a good health, happiness and best of everything in life. Happy birthday dearest .

    Thank you and lots of love.


    Why Send A Birthday Card

    Birthdays are a big deal, no matter what age we are. As children it is a reminder of the next things we will experience like school, driving a car, or getting our first job. As adults, birthdays are a celebration of our relationships, experiences, and can even mark upcoming milestones like retirement or getting married. Celebrating birthdays with friends and family makes the day even more special. Unfortunately, we cant always be there to celebrate in person. Sending birthday greetings to a friend, even when we are far away, shows that we have not forgotten their special day, and just how important their friendship is to us.

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    Free Charity Birthday Ecard From Hope Spring Cards Uk

    We have finally found a way to allow users of our platform who wish to send an eCard without making a donation to do so. You just need to present the coupon code for the month at the check out and you can send a birthday card free of charge.

    To reduce spamming, we change the free birthday ecard promo code every month, please be sure to obtain the up-to-date free ecard promo code and you can send a charity birthday ecard free of charge. This service starts on August, 2022. The promo code for August is:

    How To Send The Perfect Birthday Email

    Send Electronic Birthday Card Free Send A Birthday Card by Email for ...

    Birthdays are always specialeven if it means were getting older? Okay, debatable. But it sure is special when someone takes the time to wish us a happy one!

    As a business, sending a birthday email to your customers is a fantastic way to increase loyalty and rake in some serious sales.

    Because heres the thing: were much more likely to splash and treat ourselves when its our birthday.

    You can capitalize on this heightened desire to purchase by offering a birthday discount, free delivery, or another incentive.

    This article will walk you through:

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    How To Send An Automated Happy Birthday Email To Your Subscribers

    Sending an automated birthday email each year requires you to collect your contacts birthday information.

    One option is to collect the birthday at the beginning of your relationship, right when they subscribe to your list. Simply add the birthday field to any sign-up forms you use. Remember to keep your form as short as possible so people are more likely to complete the information.

    Offering a birthday coupon or gift can be a great way to entice people to join your list in the first place. Let them know that theyll be added to your regular email list and the value theyll receive from those emails.

    If you have existing contacts, but not their birthday, ask them to update their profile with you. Every email you send includes an update profile link in the footer. Direct your subscribers to click the link and complete the form.

    I recommend creating an email that solely focuses on asking subscribers to update their information with you. That way they wont be distracted by any other information or offers.

    Also, let people know why youre asking them to update their profile. You might say something such as Wed like to send you a special gift on your birthday. Please update your profile with us.

    See the email example below. Notice how simple and focused it is to direct people to click the update profile link.

    Be sure to customize the update profile form with the birthday field. Again, only ask for the information thats absolutely necessary.

    How To Send Birthday Emails That Actually Make Customers Happy

    Everybody knows what birthday emails are. A birthday email is an email you get on your birthday. Simple.

    But what you may not know is that birthday emails perform impressively well in email marketing:

    • Birthday emails get 481% higher transaction rates than other promotional emails.
    • Birthday emails generate 342% more revenue than promotional emails.
    • And birthday emails get 179% higher unique click rates than promotional emails.

    So birthday emails deliver solid email marketing performance. There are two factors that influence birthday email performance:

  • Birthdays offer an organic reason to reach out to customers. People send birthday emails to their friends and family. So customers are accustomed to getting happy birthday emails. Actually, customers expect birthday emails. And, they like it. Who doesnât enjoy happy birthday wishes and gifts?
  • Birth dates are consistent and predictable. This makes birthday emails one of the easiest marketing emails to automate. So you never miss the conversion opportunity.
  • But there are reasons you should send birthday emails, aside from being easy to send without irritating anyone. Hereâs why you should send birthday emails, and how to send birthday emails that convert.

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    You Can Keep Adding Rows To Your Spreadsheet Even After The Birthday Campaign Has Started

    You can add more rows to your spreadsheet anytime you wish, and GMass will automatically pick up the new email addresses and dates. You dont need to edit your GMass campaign. Just add the new data to the spreadsheet and GMass will detect them and send the emails accordingly on the daily schedule youve already set.

    How To Schedule Your Automated Birthday Email

    Send Birthday Greetings via Flow (i.e. Automatically!)

    Once you have crafted your birthday email, its ready to be scheduled. Scheduling an automated birthday email means that it will be sent once a year on each contacts birthday.

    In Constant Contact, you can choose to schedule your email on their birthday or up to 14 days before.

    Consider the offer or information youre sending to choose the right timing. If you have an offer that would make sense for them to redeem before their birthday, you might choose as far out as 14 days.

    Many birthday emails are sent on a contacts birth date. So your message may stand out even more by sending before the actual birthdate.

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    Birthday Email To Your Elder Brother And Sister

    My Lovely Elder Brother/Sister,I am missing you so much on your birthday, today you are miles far away from me. Happy birthday big brother/sister, I wish I can be celebrating your special day along with you. I remember when since our childhood not even a single birthday passed away when we were not together but today it happened, still I am happy because we are separate for very little time for a good cause.I love you so much my brother/sister and today I also want to say thank you for everything you have done for me, you always helped me pull out me from all bad situations, you always taught me like a mentor. Happy birthday, brother/sister keep enjoying and dont forget my piece on your birthday cake.Your Naughtiest Younger Brother/Sister,

    Birthday Email To Your Colleague / Coworker


    Let me be just straight forward to you on your birthday. you are the star of this office. Its not just with your looks but the way you have be consistent with your performance from the day you joined the office.

    To all those years and many more to come, wishing you a very happy birthday dear . For me it has been a great ride so far and it is my pleasure to have you in our team and especially in the project. This is your day so just, have fun and enjoy the day.

    Happy birthday dear .

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    Birthday Email To Your Boss

    Respected ,

    Firstly, on your special day I wish you a very happy birthday boss!

    We must say that being a leader is not everyones cup of tea. You are an absolute role model for managers, leads and executives and younger generation trainees and new joinees. We have witnessed the true fighter with all the traits especially while dealing with the clients or if it is handling the employees in the best and worst situation.

    Not just that, your words and persona are truly an inspiration for all of us and it keeps us motivated, full on energy all the time making us want to achieve more and more of success. Our sincerest and heartily thanks to you.

    Again we would like to end the message by sending our best wishes, lots of love for you boss. Happy birthday!


    What Should A Promotional Birthday Email Include

    Corporate Birthday eCards

    Weve gone over the why and the how of sending automated birthday emails, so now its time to talk about the what of the situation.

    What should a promotional birthday email include?

    True, the promotional birthday email examples will be different depending on the company. But, there are also a lot of things that must be included. Lets take it from the top.

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    Send Birthday Greetings To Accounts With Todays Birthdays Via Email

    Notify or send greetings automatically to your user’s email on their birthday by using the code below:

    Note: You can add the code snippet to your theme’s functions.php file or use the Code Snippets plugin.

    Once you have added the code snippet, you will have to enable and update the email template “Happy birthday” in WP Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Email. Click on the gear icon to customize the birthday greeting, then save the changes.

    Warning: We have created this code example to provide guidance and to make it easier for you to implement this code into your website. However, we are not able to provide any support when it comes to customizing the plugin. If you need help implementing this code, please hire a developer.

    Create The Script To Send The Email

    To create a new script, you have to open the script editor window in the tools menu at the top of Google Sheets. Once thats opened, create a new name for the new script. This can be anything you want.

    Now, copy and paste the script below under the project:

    var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet   SpreadsheetApp.setActiveSheet)   var sheet = spreadsheet.getActiveSheet   var lastRow = sheet.getLastRow   var startRow = 6   var msg = ""   for    } 

    Just a little disclaimer, this is not our script. It was . Massive credit to the author for figuring all this out.

    Now save the script and give it permission to run. Once its saved, permission will be granted to Gmail to send emails to those selected on your list.

    Of course, all of this is overly simplified for the sake of this article. In actuality, there are a lot more steps and organization requirements to make this thing run flawlessly. If youd like to get the exact steps in detail, then check out this guide on how to send automated birthday emails with Gmail.

    Even then, its function is very minimal. I mean, imagine running something like this with hundreds or even thousands of customers. Definitely not ideal for a business looking to get some new conversions. So whats the easy way?

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    Start A Free Trial For Free Birthday Ecards

    Join American Greetings for your free, 7-day trial of unlimited birthday ecards today and never forget to say “Happy Birthday!” again. As a member, not only can you set reminders to celebrate every birthday and special occasion, but you will also have the added ability to schedule digital greetings up to a year in advance. You can even pair your free happy birthday ecard with a virtual gift card from their favorite stores and restaurants or to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or the movies.

    American Greetings offers birthday Creatacards as well!

    How To Design An Awesome Birthday Email Template

    How to send Automatic Birthday / Anniversary Email to Employees using Power Automate (MS Flow)

    You want an email design that jumps out and grabs the readers attention. Here are your options when it comes to designing email templates:

  • If your email provider has a template gallery, find one that you like and customize it to match your brand.
  • Not impressed by your providers template gallery? Swipe another template from one of the many free email template sources.
  • Want to go all out? Hire an email designer to code you an awesome professional template thats unique to your brand.
  • Here are some ideas for customizing your template.

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    Find An Extension Or Write Your Own Formula

    Now, you have to find a Google extension that automates this process. Something like a mail merger. Alternatively, you can create some formulas inside of the Google Spreadsheet to help determine birthdays.

    As you can see in the image just above, each column is named specifically. This is to help the formula differentiate between each value. When the formula runs, it will provide a new value to each user, essentially telling the script that it either is or isnt the users birthday.

    How To Send A Free Ecard

    Sending an ecard can be quick and easy! Make sure you are signed in as a member or sign up as a new member with a 7 day free trial to get free ecards.

    Select an ecard youd like to send then click personalize and send. After that you can add a personalized note to add a special touch for your recipients. For more details on how to send an ecard check out this guide.

    to email animated ecards to loved ones FREE for 7 days.

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    Dont Forget To Include A Gift In Your Happy Birthday Email

    Everybody loves presents on their birthday. If possible, include a special gift. It could be a free item, coupon, or even a complimentary service that could bring them back to your business.

    If you do offer a gift, consider adding an element of mystery. You could have them click to reveal your mystery offer or something to pique their interest.

    The Importance Of Birthday Email Campaigns

    Birthday Card Email / Birthday Cards Sent by Email

    Birthday email campaigns may take a backseat to more essential automations like your welcome series, abandoned carts, and post-purchase campaigns, but theyre still one of the most effective campaigns you can set up.

    Compared to regular promotional campaigns, birthday campaigns result in a 481% higher transaction rate, generate 342% more revenue per email, and have a 179% higher unique click rate.

    But its not just the immediate results these campaigns generate that are important.

    Receiving a happy birthday email, even if its just an automated one from a retailer, is a positive experience that shows youre valued as a customer.

    This strengthens the relationship between your brand and your customers which will help generate additional sales throughout the year.

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    Automated Email Sending Integrated With All Our Email Marketing Tools

    Automate the sending of eCards, email newsletters, email notices, online invitations and surveys to meet your needs and match your schedule.

    • Automated email campaigns pre-schedule your emails to be sent on a specific date
    • Automate birthday and anniversary email campaigns send annual birthday cards and employee work anniversary cards on their special day
    • Custom interval email automation You pick how many days between each send. Perfect for email newsletters, sales flyers, reminders and more!
    • Recurring holiday automation pre-design your messages, assign an email list of contacts, and our system does the rest.

    Create multiple email templates for each automated email campaign, choose to send them in a particular order or at random, set the schedule, and assign an email list of contacts. Well send your emails, track open rates and enable you to easily follow up with your contacts.

    Birthday Email Template To Employees

    Hi ,

    Happy Birthday!

    Being a star performer of our company, , we want you to know how much we love your presence and appreciate the work you do. You always keep work ahead of you and this is the characteristic we highly love about you!

    We hope you day is filled with lots of love and good things and wish the coming year makes you the double star performer and may you achieve greater heights in the life. As a token of appreciation, we have shared here the gift cars of your favourite spot.

    Happy birthday once again. Enjoy your day!


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