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Fun Games For First Birthday Party

Create A Time Capsule

Babies FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! Birthday gifts, games, wubble bubble ball, kids family fun hopes vlogs

Creating a time capsule tops the list of 1st birthday activities. Your baby may be oblivious to this now, but theyll get a kick out of it when theyre older: Create a time capsule full of notes from everyone who helped celebrate their 1st birthday. Then keep it sealed until the child graduates from high school. Set out small pieces of paper and pens and ask guests to jot down what they love most about your baby now, a memory from the party or other time spent together, their hopes and dreams for your child, or advice for later in life. Decorate a small plastic box or storage container for guests to drop their notes into.

When Is The Best Time For A Toddler Birthday Party

I have always found that the best time for toddler parties is the morning.

Everyone is fresh and there is less risk of those dreaded late-afternoon meltdowns. Both my children napped from 1-4pm

Because of our long afternoon naps, the traditional 2-4pm parties never worked for us and any later just gets difficult with early dinners and Bath times.

From polling my mom friends, we have found that a 10am-12pm seems ideal for the 2 and 3 year old age range.

Oh The Places Youll Go

Turning one is just the beginning, and this theme celebrates your childs future adventures, based on Dr. Seusss classic book Oh, the Places Youll Go. Have guests sign a copy of the book as a special keepsake.

Photo sources and inspiration links: Karas Party Ideas 1 & 2, Cherish 365, Oriental Trading, @kerenprecel

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Sock Em Birthday Party Game

You will need six times as many socks as party guests and a selection of kid songs from iTunes. Have the kids sit in a circle and place a large pile of socks in the middle of the circle. Start the music and have the kids begin trying to put on as many socks as possible, one over the other. When the music stops, the guest with the most socks on is the winner. Play repeatedly as long as the kids are having fun.

Simple Party Play For A 1 Year Old

Todays Hint: 7 Affordable Activity Ideas for First Birthday Parties ...

Remember you dont need to play games in order to have a wonderful time playing with bub at their first birthday party. Simple but lovely ways to play include:

  • If you are hosting a Teddy Bears picnic get the guests to bring their favourite teddy to the birthday party. You can then all sit on the floor and play games and sing songs like the Teddy Bears picnic song or share a picnic together.
  • Have a sing along! Hold bub in your lap or next to you on the floor and sing interactive songs like pat a cake, pat a cake.
  • Spend some time on the floor rolling a ball back and forth between you.
  • Fill some plastic containers with rice and use them as shakers. Make sure the lid is firmly secured and you and bub can play along to the music shaking your shakers together.

Its important to remember that while all these ideas are lovely, you dont have to do them. You can maybe pick one party game and trial it. If it goes well that is wonderful, but if bub simply isnt interested, then feel free to let them wander off to do other things. This is an exciting time for them as well as for you. The important thing is to relax and enjoy this special occasion with bub. Because on their first birthday, surrounding them with the people that love them is all that really matters.

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Birthday Party Ideas & Inspirations

Planning a party is one of the greatest things you can do for the special people in your life. Whether you are making an event dedicated just to them or planning a party just for the fun of it, trust your celebration to the company that can supply you with everything you need at a wholesale price Wholesale Party Supplies..

Minute To Win It Course

Based on another television show, Minute to Win It games are exciting for smaller kids, tweens, teens and even adults. Set up a course made up of five to eight Minute to Win It challenges. The players have one minute to complete a specific task at each station. Once theyve completed it, they can move on to the next station. Some examples are Cookie Face , Junk in the Trunk and Stack Attack . These challenges are so popular with kids of all ages that you can find an endless supply of Minute to Win It game ideas all over the internet. Here is a list of 10 popular Minute to Win It challenges and 200 more game options to get you started.

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Your One Stop Shop Party Supply Store

There are many facets involved in planning a party from picking your theme, creating your guest list and sending out invitations. And you can’t forget about getting your decorations, party favors and thank you notes. It sounds like that requires a lot of time and money, doesn’t it? Not true. At Wholesale Party Supplies we sell the most popular themed party supplies at the lowest prices. Get everything you need in one place and get it cheap! With party supply shopping so easy with our online store, you may even find yourself inventing more occasions to celebrate!

Rainbow Dress Up Relay Race

Super Simple First Birthday | Party Games for Kids and Adults

This one is ideal for a rainbow- or fairy-themed party, but you can adjust the clothing choices based on your partys theme. You will need two similar sets of clothing that in total make up the colors of a rainbow. For example, a red shirt, a blue hat, a green sock, a yellow skirt, and so on. Divide players into two teams and have them line up at a starting point. Each team will be given one of the sets of clothing. The first player on each team has to put on all the clothing, run to a turnaround spot, run back to her team, take off the clothes and hand them off to the next player. Each teammate must complete this task. The team that has had all of its players return to the starting point first wins!

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Paddling Pool First Party

If your baby was born in the summer months and youre expecting warm weather, consider asking fellow parents to bring along paddling pools so you can set up a pool party in your back garden. This is especially a great theme if your tot loves his or her mermaids. Just dont forget those swim nappies!

Teddy Bears Picnic First Birthday Party

If youd prefer to keep things smaller or even if you dont have much space at home, consider getting your close friends and family together for a picnic in the park. You can make this as relaxed as you want to, you could arrange everything yourself or get everyone involved and encourage people to bring a different dish each and spread out the work. For a teddy bear affair, get little ones to bring along their best furry friend too.

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Cake Smash First Birthday Party

We know it might seem a little strange to invest in a cake for your baby to destroy but trust us the photos are adorable! Unsurprisingly, the craze started off in the US but now parents all across the UK are getting on board. While it’s something many photographers offer to shoot in a studio, we love the idea of a home-photoshoot . Then simply set up your camera to capture the fun and let your baby dig in. Invite friends and immediate family along to witness the cuteness.

Favorite Indoor Activities For Toddler Birthday Party

ball pit setup

Toddlers first experience birthday party activities with party-goers watching them smash the 1st birthday cake. Smashing the cake is lots of fun for the birthday child but you need fun indoor birthday party games for the younger children attending with short attention spans.

Indoor games and little kids just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these indoor party games are so perfect. Party guests can enjoy a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for the perfect competitive game. Others can draw from a classic party game like Simon Says or tic tac toe. These indoor activities for toddler birthday parties are just plain awesome!

If these easy party game ideas look like fun but you dont think you have a large room in your house to host your party most cities or towns have party places for rent.

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Birthday Party Games For Adults

May 17, 2022, 6:50 pm

Birthday party games for adults are a little challenging to come up with, and as the years go by, good party ideas become few and far between. Fun adult games can be lighthearted like drinking games, or something a little more mellow like playing cards or board games.

It is important that you play games that are appropriate for the occasion, as what you will play after your Christmas dinner, isnt the same as the games you will play at a friends 30th. We hope you enjoy these fun games and let us know what you think!

But, when you add in even more revelry with hilarious and action-packed games, a regular birthday party quickly goes from pretty darn good to really flippin great! Ive rounded up a list of 27+ birthday party games for adults because kids arent the only ones who know how to party!

Creative Indoor Activities For Toddler Birthday Party

Today, we have 22 creative indoor activities for toddler birthday party from all over the internet and beyond. From a classic game like printable birthday bingo to crawling paper caterpillars, we have indoor activities for kids of all ages.

Getting stuck indoors on a rainy day or for a kids birthday party is tough on 1 and 2 year olds, so let us help you turn your living room and household items into indoor activities using a little imagination.

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Surprise Online Birthday Party

Online surprise parties are a great way to celebrate with coworkers. Friends and family members might get suspicious if you push them to join you on Zoom, but colleagues will assume the invite is for a run-of-the-mill meeting. Attendees can join the web call a few minutes early and blackout their screens. When the birthday guest arrives, the other participants switch on the video feeds to reveal party hats, banners, and confetti. Of course, guests can shout SURPRISE! and fill the text box with birthday wishes and emojis.

Here are some ideas for what to do at the party:

You can do a combination of activities too.

Creating A Schedule For Your Babys First Birthday Party

Layla’s First Birthday Party l Games and Magic

Remember that 1-year-olds are still little, so theyâre probably functioning on a designated sleep and nap schedule. Consider when your baby usually naps and either plan the party around this time or provide a place for naptime for any tiny humans while the adults continue to mingle.

When a 1-year-old is the guest of honor, a short party is best. This goes for older children and even some adults, too!

Here are some additional tips to help you create a timeline for the party:

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What Games Can You Play At A 1st Birthday Party

Catching Bubbles: Does anyone really ever outgrow the fun of bubbles? Hand out plastic cups to kids, turn on a bubble-pumping machine and challenge them to catch as many bubbles as they can. The birthday girl may need some help, but even if she doesnt completely grasp the concept, shell be just as happy to simply play with the bubbles.

Dont have a bubble machine? Just have some of the older kids blow bubbles for the younger kids to catch!

Building Blocks: Many babies enjoy playing with building blocks, and while not all one-year-olds can build a large tower, they certainly all love to knock them down. Have bigger kids help the birthday boy construct a building and then let him knock it down. Build several towers at once and watch him squeal with delight as he paves his path of destruction.

Obstacle Course: Create a race track using ropes. Place soft obstacles such as soft toys, balls, and soft blocks, along the path at various places. Make the babies sit at the starting line and let the parents stand at the finish line. At the blow of the whistle, ask the parents to encourage their babies to come to them.

Name Place Animal Thing

In this game, everyone will get to see just how knowledgable and quick witted they really are. The group will be given a letter from the alphabet and each person has to come up with a name, place, animal, and thing that starts with the given letter. Use your Zoom’s chat box to write all of your answers and the first one to turn their words in, wins.

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Giants Wizards And Elves

Imgorthand/Getty Images

This is a unique birthday party game that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else. Players are on teams that meet in the corner of the room, and each group is either a giant, wizard, or elf. There are a few fun rules that everyone needs to follow to make it all work, and let me just warn you, it includes some shouting. This fun game could easily be used as an icebreaker. It would be perfect for a wizard-themed birthday party.

There’s no reason why this birthday game has to be just for kids. Adults can get in on the fun in a totally silly spontaneous way. This is really perfect for any large group.

How Do Virtual Birthday Parties Work

1st Birthday Party Activity / Entertainment: Ball Pit! Great idea ...

Virtual birthday parties typically take place on video conferencing platforms like Zoom, WebEx, or Skype. Participants gather on the video call and chat, play games, eat cake, and engage in other fun activities. Online parties can unite guests from across the country or even the globe and serve as a low-cost, logistically simple way to honor the special day.

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Fun First Birthday Party Games

Home> Fun & Play> 15 Fun First Birthday Party Games

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Your childs first birthday is worthy of a celebrationfor parents and baby alike. Your little one went from a tiny newborn to a curious crawling toddler, full of personality. Mom and Dad managed to survive all of those sleepless nights, too. Make your babys first birthday party especially memorable by planning a few games and activities that will engage kids and adults alike. Check out these fun first birthday party games as you plan your event.


Food Ideas For First Birthday Parties

When brainstorming 1-year-old birthday party ideas, food is an important topic. Youâll need to provide baby- and child-friendly foods, plus those foods that are appetizing to older guests. If you know whoâs coming to the party, this will help you plan, but consider the following:

  • Babies and toddlers

  • Anyone with food sensitivities or allergies

  • Anyone with other dietary preferences or restrictions.

Some parents like the idea of having the food tied to the theme or location of their babyâs first birthday party. For example, if youâre having a camping or sports theme or hosting in your backyard or park, consider grilling hamburgers and veggie burgers for adults and older children. Depending on the age of the kids in attendance, a sâmores bar could be a hit!

Regardless of what you serve adults, itâs a good idea to have some baby- and kid-appropriate snacks for the little ones. Some ideas include bite-sized and small versions of

  • fruits and veggies

  • frozen fruit pops.

And donât forget the cake! Because little ones wonât eat much cake and will probably get messy in the process, itâs become popular to prepare or purchase a âsmash cake.â This mini cake is made specifically for your little one to smash while eating, and this adorable action results in some of the cutest photos at a babyâs first birthday party!

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Y Decorations & Fun Add

We’ve got all the basics covered. Streamers, banners, tablecloths and balloons will help you add that finishing touch to any party theme! These items can be purchased as add ons or can be found in our party kits that are comprised of all the birthday supplies you need. Even though balloons can be a big pain when decorationg for your party, we’ve made it easier by offering disposable helium tanks! These tanks can be shipped right to your door so you can fill our balloons right from your party’s location!

How Do You Host A Virtual Birthday Party

6 Awesome birthday Game for Kids/Family,Party Game For Kids/Keep Kids Busy At Home/6 Awesome Game

To host a virtual birthday party, you will need to gather the email addresses of all your desired guests, and then create a meeting in Zoom, WebEx, or similar. If you plan to send goodies to the birthday celebrant and the other guests, then you should leave plenty of time to mail your packages. Finally, you should plan fun games and activities to entertain your digital guests and honor the celebrant. When the party arrives, join the video call and have fun!

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