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How To Plan A Birthday Party At Home For Adults

Let People Tell Stories

HOW TO: Plan the Best Birthday Party – Tips & Ideas

One thing which always makes Fun At Home Birthday Party for Adults awkward is the meeting of several different social circles. Your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family might be there. A great way to get people to mingle is to have them tell stories involving the birthday boy/girl. Simply send out an email to all the people attending saying Can you please let us know a good time you had with the birthday boy/girl or some story you were both involved in? and you will end up with great results. As different people chime in on why they like being friends with the birthday boy/girl and tell stories everyone will have a good time. Do keep in mind that the birthday boy/girl needs to be the type of person who may have been a part of such stories you dont want the party to be a downer because no one has a fun story to tell.

Make Sure Theres A Cake

Regardless of which kinds of foods you have at an adult birthday party, there needs to be a cake served at some point! You cant have a birthday party without a cake, right?

Go all out and have the birthday boy or girl blow out candles on the cake, too. Surveys have suggested that more than 60% of people enjoy doing thiseven as they start to get up there in age.

What About Sleepover Parties

Right around when the kids start turning 8, the subject of sleepover parties starts to come up. And there are LOTS of things to consider when it comes both to hosting a sleepover party, as well as sending your child to one.

A few things to think about when it comes to hosting a sleepover party:

  • Not everyone will want to sleepover . So have a plan to include kids for the evening activities, who won’t be staying over, and set a pickup time for after your games are done.
  • Kids don’t get a lot of sleep at slumber parties. Which means as a host, you won’t either!
  • You’ll have to decide where the kids will set up their sleeping bags

I cover tips and advice for sleepover parties in greater depth in my ebook How to Throw an Awesome Kids Birthday Party at Home for Less Than $100This is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you.!

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When To Order Invitations Schedule A Venue And Do Other Party Tasks

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Planning a birthday party can feel overwhelming, but its not if you break it down into small tasks.

Follow this timeline for the weeks and days leading up to the party and for the party agenda itself, and the event should run smoothly.

Go All Out When You Get Out

26 Life

Once youre able to really celebrate their birthday like theyd want, go all out. It might be on next years birthday or later that year but make it up to them.

If you dont normally do a party, let them have a small party with friends. If you normally do one present, make it a big one.

What would you add to this list? How are you making birthdays special at home?

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Create Your Own Bar Crawl

Choose your favorite cocktail or craft brew, whether it be mezcal margaritas or tiki drinks. Then, decide on a fun neighborhood and map out a walkable or ride-share route to various breweries or bars that serve the best of your chosen tipple.

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Some boutiques will actually let you throw your birthday soirée on-site . Do you love shoes? Ask to have your fête right in the footwear department.

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Tell your friends to wear their favorite party outfits, and then call an at-home beauty concierge service like Blo, Dry Bar, or Glam Squad to come do hair and makeup. If you decide to go out, greatif not, no worries. Just make sure to snap some photos for posterity… and Instagram.

How To Plan A Birthday Party

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Planning a birthday party can be a very exciting task. You are focused on finding the perfect spot for the party and you are in charge of inviting all of the guests. Not to mention, you are trying to do everything within a budget. To say the least, a lot goes into a birthday party, especially if you are planning it for someone else. Whether you are planning a party for an adult or a child, check off these steps for how to plan a birthday party in order to make your life a little less stressful.

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Ensure Your Property Is Safe

When learning how to plan a birthday party at home, youll also want to consider safety, especially when it comes to children. Premises liability refers to the liability of the homeowner if someone is injured on their property. If an injury occurs, this may mean that the injured party could sue you for negligence if its proven that their injury was caused by something you should have taken care of.

To make your home as safe as possible, consider allocating a specific space where guests can go. For instance, if you have weight sets or exercise equipment in your home that could injure children who mess around with them, make sure to keep guests away from that space.

You should also make sure that your lawn care is up-to-date and that any hazards are taken care of. This can include removing any weeds that might be dangerous, fixing broken pavers that could trip people, and making sure that any dead trees arent at risk of falling on someone. A landscaping company can help you get your lawn into shape quickly, and they can point out any areas that they think may pose a hazard.

How To Plan A Birthday Party For Adults

How to Host a Birthday Dinner | Adult Birthday Menu, Cocktail, & Entertainment Ideas – Homebody Eats

When youre a kid, theres nothing more exciting than your birthday.

Perhaps the best part of yours was unwrapping gifts. Maybe you were showered with love and special birthday traditions. If you were extra-lucky, all of your friends came over for a fun-filled day of jumping castles, party favors, cake, and party games.

But as you get older your birthday may become less of a big deal and you might not put in the effort you once did to mark the occasion. Birthday parties shouldnt stop as you get older, so keep reading to find out how to plan a birthday party for adults.

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Play Some Birthday Games For Kids

From scavenger hunts to relay races, there are so many fun games kids can play at birthday parties. For ideas, check out our list of exercise games and indoor activities to get kids moving, water games for summer parties, and even hilarious bubble wrap games for kids. The possibilities are endless!

Additional reporting by Raven Snook

How To Plan A Birthday Party At Home: Step

Hosting a birthday party at home is a great way to save money and have total control over your event, even in normal times. Ive put together this comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to plan a birthday party at home.

Before getting started, you may find it helpful to print off my free Kids Birthday Party Planning Checklist and Timeline to follow along and read my Ultimate Guide to Setting a Kids Birthday Party Budget.

Lets party!

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Pick Decorations To Set The Tone

Decorations for a kids’ birthday party dont have to be expensive. You can create a magically special day using old baby photos or stuff from your child’s favorite movie. You can even make decorations out of cardboard boxes. If youre going big this year, consider a lawn sign, balloon arches, or cut-outs of your child’s favorite characters.

Dcorfor Birthday Party For Adults

Party Planning with a Kids

It is your way of making your guests feel welcomed.

One of the best ways to set the mood is to create an ambience for it. You can choose simple and elegant, minimal floral decorations, scented candles, and a soft colour palette.

Drop the traditional garland around the table for elegant décor.

Or you can choose to have a theme party, go Han Solo or Princess Leia with Star Trek, play dress-up with a Victorian theme, choose your favourite television show as a backdrop, or plan a throwback to the fashion scene from your most loved decade.

You can get life-size cut-outs of the famous characters from the shows or movies you choose.

Set up a prop table and add theme-related elements to the overall décor.

Have a perfect lineup of music to go with your party.

You can opt for jazz, hip-hop, or pop music, depending on your theme.

Make the most out of the opportunity, laugh your heart out, dance away and have the best time of your life.

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Tip # 14 Make Sure Your Birthday Party Starts And Ends On Time

Creating a party schedule is a great way to keep your party on track.

1.5-2 hours is plenty of time for your guest to mingle and enjoy themselves at your birthday party.

If youre throwing your party at a venue, avoid unnecessary late fees by ending your party on time.

If youre looking for other unique ways to celebrate your birthday, check out the blog post below:

Planning a birthday party on a budget for adults can seem overwhelming.

But what matters is that you and your guest enjoy celebrating with one another.

It shouldnt matter how much money you spend on your birthday.

Your guest will appreciate all the effort you spend to make sure they have an unforgettable experience!

Not to mention youll be saving a few dollars is in the process.

Did you find these birthday party on a budget tips helpful?

If so, leave a comment below.

Happy celebrating!

The Morning Of The Party

  • Confirm pizza delivery or other food arrangements.
  • Finish any other food prep work.
  • For those who choose to, drop off your child at a friend, relative or baby sitters house to give you time to focus on the party details.
  • Drop off the pet at a neighbor or friends house, if that has been prearranged.
  • Pick up balloons, if using, and the cake, if ordering.
  • Complete the decorating of the party area.
  • Set up the games or other activities.
  • Put out the party favors.
  • Place a sign in the yard or tie balloons to the front door to help guests find the house.
  • Pick up the child, if she or he is still at a friend’s house.
  • Set out the food and drinks.
  • Turn on some music.
  • Set out the candles and matches to avoid scrambling to find them when everyones ready to sing Happy Birthday.
  • Place your camera and camcorder in an easily accessible spot.
  • Set out a notepad and pen to write down the gifts that were given, which will be helpful when it comes time to write thank you cards.
  • Take some photos of the party scene and cake in case things get too busy once the guests arrive.
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    But Err On The Side Of Inclusion

    If your child is in grade school, and your guest list includes all but 1-2 of the boys in his class, I suggest you invite them as well.

    If your child has classmates with special needs- please dont exclude them from your guest list because you are worried that you wont know how to handle this child as a guest, or you just assume that a child on the autism spectrum or who is disabled wouldnt want to come to your party.

    Err on the side of inclusion. You can always hop on a call with that childs Mom and have her help you understand whether or not the party you have planned will work for her child.

    Begin By Creating A Guest List

    Birthday Party Ideas for Adults| 30th, 40th, 60th & 50th Birthday Celebration|Bling Backdrop

    When youre planning a birthday party for a child, creating the guest list for it is usually simple enough. It often consists of everyone in a childs class at school and a few other family members and friends.

    Creating the guest list for a birthday party for an adult isnt quite as easy! Once you begin working on it, youll find that the average adult has a long list of family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and more.

    But its worth noting that most people dont expect everyone they know to celebrate their party. Back in 2015, a survey showed that most adults only expect between five and ten people to celebrate with them.

    This means that you should keep the guest list for a persons birthday party on the shorter side. Only invite those people who are closest to the birthday boy or girl to their party.

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    Plan Meals With Little Or No Meat Required

    One last thing with planning food to stick with your DIY party planning on a budget is to plan food that does not use meat as the main attraction of the meal.

    Meat can be the most expensive ingredient to a meal, so trying to stay away from party menus that focus on this costly contribution will help you save a ton of money on your party!

    A drastic example would be that you obviously are not going to be serving each guest a juicy steak on your $50 budget. Or even stay away from focusing on something like grilled chicken. Use meal ideas like the ones I shared earlier that use meat as the side attraction to the meal.

    How To Plan An Adult Birthday Party

    From milestone birthdays to getting together with friends and family to celebrate, adult birthday parties can be so much more than a simple hangout. For the ultimate celebration, you need to know how to plan an adult birthday party, from the themes to food, venues and more. Birthday parties arent just for kids, after all.

    Weve got some adult birthday ideas that will make your get-together even more memorable, whether youre celebrating your birthday or planning a surprise for someone else. Check out the adult birthday party guide below for some inspiration and the steps for planning an adult birthday party.

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    Why Should You Have A Birthday Party

    The real question is, why not? While for many having a birthday party every year as a kid is customary, it only tends to be the milestone birthdays that we go to any great lengths to celebrate as we get older. Having a birthday party is a fantastic way to celebrate your life or that of a loved one and it also gives you the opportunity to bring together all of your nearest and dearest Something thats not always easy to do as you get older and life gets in the way!

    Not Wanting To Have A Party

    Check out our FREE printable for 100+ party themes! # ...

    Here are some ideas for celebrating an adult birthday that doesn’t require actually having a party.

    Bucket List: Have the birthday guy or gal make a “bucket list” of things they would like to do in their life time. Write them all down on sheets of paper, fold up, and then draw one. Then go for it!! You can even make it an annual birthday ritual event. Each year, gather friends and do one thing from the list!

    Card Party: Plan a card party if you can’t have a party due to health or distance. No excuses for not celebrating!

    Cameo Shoutout: Cameo is a website where you can hire a celebrity to record a video message. There are lots of celebrities to choose from, with a big range of prices. Check it out at:

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    Budget Your Money Wisely

    Parties are expensive, especially when you consider that guests may bring gifts or cards that will not be immediately opened at the party. One method to finding out how to plan a birthday party at home is talking to the parents of your childs friends to see what they paid for their childs recent party and how much they plan to spend on your childs birthday celebration.

    You can set a limit in advance to avoid disappointment if funds run short. If you plan on buying presents, make sure you know what each guest already has so you do not repeat someone elses gift. Please keep track of expenses throughout the planning process to stay within your budget throughout the day, then tally it up before sending any thank-you notes.

    What A Great Fun At Home Birthday Party For Adults Should Have

    Before we give you tips, it is important to understand what we are trying to accomplish. In our opinion, a birthday party for adults should be fun, it should foster communication between all the attendees, it should have an emotional core to it, and it needs to allow people to let go and party. Often people just buy a lot of booze and have everybody get drunk but that isnt really what we are aiming for here. We actually want to celebrate a birthday and create memories and thus we will be trying to create activities where people can share their feelings and their stories. Also, the one thing adults like to do more than anything is to act like children again. How do we do this? Well, have we got tips for you!

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