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Places To Go For 16th Birthday

Food Or Drink Tasting

Around Anna Nagar | 16 places in 16 minutes for 16th Birthday| Birthday special video|| Travelogue-2

Are you searching for unique 16th birthday ideas, but cant find anything interesting yet? We have a perfect one in mind for all foodies out there! Go on a food or drink tour and taste all your favorite snacks and beverages. Sounds fun, right? It is super exciting, and you most certainly wont regret it! Pick up your best friend to have someone to share your thrill with, and go on a food or drinking tasting tour. Its going to be an unforgettable 16th birthday!

Best Places To Have 16th Birthday Party

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  • Celebrate the sweet 16 birthday party with our list of 17 awesome sweet 16 party locations. Whether you are looking for ideas on places to go for your 16th birthday with friends, where to throw a sweet 16 party, or places to go for a 16th birthday, you are sure to find something.

According to a survey seen on Wayfair, the 16th birthday appears to be the most popular birthday of interest. This is not at all surprising given how excited 16 year olds are about turning sweet 16. The 16th birthday is fondly called sweet 16 birthday in the U.S and this is perhaps because it is two steps closer to the legal age of being an adult . For a list of States and the legal age of adulthood, check here.

Dont know where to throw a sweet 16 party or places to go for 16th birthday with friends? Not to worry, this article will help you out with very helpful suggestions of where to have a 16th birthday party.

You can also check out our article on Where to take a 16 year old for his birthday for more ideas tailored specifically for the 16 year old dude.

For a list of things you can do when you turn 16 check out our cool article on Things you can do when you turn 16.

Th Birthday Ideas: Trampoline Park

Celebrate your 16th birthday while defying gravity with friends and family at a nearby trampoline park. With a massive room with floors and walls completely covered with trampolines, guests are free to bounce to their hearts content. Sounds like fun right? Learn more about trampoline parks in this USA Today Trampoline parks grow by leaps and bounces post. Trampoline parks are a new concept, but they are becoming more and more popular, so do a quick Google search to see if theres one open near you.

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Daintree Eco Lodge In The Australian Rainforest

If you are looking for green vacation ideas, the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa in Australia is a great place to relax and unwind surrounded by a tropical rainforest and beautiful waterfalls. You can take snorkeling and scuba diving trips to the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas, 40 minutes from the lodge. Or simply stay at the spa and indulge in therapeutic treatments that range from massages and body wraps to naturopathic treatments and consultations.

Birdwatching is another perfect way to spend a day, spotting an array of colorful birds in the Daintree Rainforest with nobody to disturb you. Since the lodge has only 15 secluded villas, you can enjoy as much privacy as you want on your green vacation. The lodge has 15 rainforest villas that blend remarkably with the surroundings. The villas have air conditioning, tea & coffee making facilities, satellite TVs and spacious bathrooms. Ask for a Spa Villa if you want a whirlpool on the balcony. The chefs at Bilngkumu Restaurant incorporate fresh local ingredients, such as exotic Queensland fruits and tropical reef fish, in the daily menu. You can also choose from light spa dishes which will complete the healthy experience at the Daintree Eco Lodge. Fly to Cairns and drive north along the scenic Cook highway to the lodge , or ask the hotel to arrange transportation for you. Villa rates start at 490 Australian Dollars, including breakfast Spa Villa Rates from 540 Australian Dollars per night.

Fun Ideas On How To Celebrate 16th Birthday Without A Party

Fun Places To Go For A 16th Birthday Party

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Its not always easy to decide how to celebrate the 16th birthday. All your friends and family members are talking about parties and crowdy reunions you are not so fond of. Maybe you hate planning the whole thing or dont enjoy spending time with so many people. Thats completely fine, a lot of people of your age feel the same. You dont have to throw a party!

Watch the video version of this article:

Nevertheless, theres no reason for you to avoid making the day special. Its your birthday, you should celebrate, and have fun! For that reason, we prepared 13 ideas for you about how to spend your 16th birthday without throwing a party. Each one of them is super fun, and it will make you feel special on your sweet 16th!

So you want to spend your special day with some friends, but you dont know what to do instead of having a birthday party? Host a simple game night! You dont have to invite a lot of people, only the closest friends you want to see that day. Except for bringing out some food and drinks, you only need games to make the night hard-to-forget. Any of the board, computer, or old-school games will do the trick. Pick whatever games you like, from Monopoly to Cops and Robbers. Its only important that you have your closest friends by your side and youll make the night unforgettable!

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Places To Go On Your Birthday: Australia

If you are looking for unique ideas for couples, Park Hyatt Hotel Sydney is a luxury getaway on the water’s edge of Sydney Harbour with scenic views ofthe famous Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The hotel has a heated rooftop swimming pool pool, dedicated 24-hour butler service and a health spa. Iluka Spa offers an array of treatments, including massage, facial care, Vichy shower, body wraps, aromatherapy, pedicures and manicures. The hotel has 158 guest rooms and suites featuring private balconies with views of Sydney Harbor, a great romantic idea.

The hotel’s restaurant harbour kitchen & bar offers scenic views of the through floor-to-ceiling folding glass doors. Watch the food being prepared by the hotel’s executive chef Danny Drinkwater. The hotel has two bars harbour bar serves martinis, champagnes and boutique beers. The Club Bar has an open fire and offers a selection of cognacs, whiskies and a Cuban cigar humidor. Browse more romantic ideas for couples. Room rates start at 425 Australian dollars.

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Where Should I Travel For My Birthday

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So you want to celebrate your birthday at some new place this year, but wondering where should I travel for my birthday? Dont worry, we have listed some great options in this article.

So your birthday is approaching, and youve decided to travel to celebrate it. Thats perfect and a great decision. Youve got another trip around the sun, so why not see more of this beautiful planet. Thats

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Th Birthday: The Galpagos

Classic Journeys 7-day land-based multisport itinerary brings you closer to the Ecuadorian islands unique wildlife than most liveaboards. After swimming and kayaking alongside sea lions and sea turtles, trek eight miles to the rim of Sierra Negra, one of the worlds most active volcanoes. Then head over to Santa Cruz Island, where you’ll be greeted by 500-pound giant tortoises and manta rays swirling just below the water’s surface.

Craft Store Birthday Party

  • This is one of my favorite birthday party place because Im a crafty gal.
  • Many local craft stores have classrooms for craft classes but you can also often rent these rooms for parties.
  • In fact, Michaels craft stores offer some really fun party packs at their store locations.
  • How to Book a Party: You can read more here about Birthday Parties at Micheals.

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Th Birthday Ideas: Learn To Surf

If you havent had a chance to surf, give it a try. Beyond being a great means exercise, many believe catching a waves a life-changing experience. If you dont live near the ocean, consider taking a trip to a warm destination with waves and surf instructors for hire to celebrate your 16th birthday.

Mom And Daughter 16th Birthday Trip

Hello Trip Advisors!

My step-daughter and I will be taking a trip for her 16th birthday and we are trying to hammer down a location . Originally we were planning to do London, but she’s looking at other ideas also.

She has said she does NOT want to do a resort-like trip . Europe options are on the table, she’s debated Canada… She has nixed Spain and Alaska .

With the above information, we’d love advice!! Preferably a summer trip or November trip- about a week long. Anywhere you’ve been stand out for a 16 year old’s birthday!

Thank you in advance!!

Italy in the summer? There are some wonderful places to visit – you could do a city plus beach/venice.

France? South of France, Paris, Carcassone – again a small tour.

Portugal?I visited for the first time – beach for a few days and then Lisbon. There are lots more places worth visiting too.

I would do those in summer though – November could be cold and damp

I would choose a location by the weather conditions at the time of travel, how much travel time would be involved, if flights would be direct and how much money l wanted to spend- almost everyone has some sort of budget to work with

Summer weather and end of November weather will be very different in many destinations around the world

I wouldn’t visit London, UK or Canada end of November as the winter is approaching , daylight hours are short and it will be colder ….

Even the USA will have the same type of weather in many areas

Thank you all for your responses.

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Places To Go On Your Birthday: Venice Italy

Picture a romantic gondola ride, Venetian-syle suite and scenic views that form the perfect backdrop for your birthday trip. The atmosphere is Venice is quite unique and the only way to get around is by boat or on foot. The are many beautiful hotels, cafes with a view and romantic restaurants. If you are interested in art, Venice is home to several great museums. Or visit a glass blowing factory, go shopping and feed the pigeons in St. Mark’s Square.

Hotel Concordia is located in the corner of St. Mark’s Square in Venice. If you are going for romance at the Concordia, you have to get a room with a view of Piazza San Marco. When you wake up, you will have a great view of the square. Doubles start at 190 Euros. Find more places to celebrate birthday.

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Birthday Getaway Ideas For 30

10 Perfect 16Th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys 2020

Congratulations! You are in your 30s now, and the things that once thrilled your twenty-year-old self have likely given way to being a full-blown adult.

But just because youre older now and plagued by a wealth of responsibility, that doesnt mean you cant take an epic birthday vacation. The only question is: where should you go?

All of the best birthday vacations start with a few good friends. Round them up, gather their input, and see what everyone has in mind.

Here are our top-five birthday getaway ideas for 30-somethings:

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New York City New York

It wouldnt be wrong to say that New York City is built for people in their 20s.

Only someone at the prime of their youth can absorb the electric energy of the Big Apple. This makes for a great place to visit given that it has something for everyone.

The great thing is that the city has so much to offer that no matter what your personal preference is, youll find plenty of stuff to enjoy.

Aside from famous attractions like Times Square, Broadway, and Central Park, there are tons of hidden gems too.

You can take natural dyeing classes in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. You can find the best pizza in the city hidden away behind a steel door.

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Set Up Or Rent A Photo Booth

Teens wont be able to resist a selfie station. For a cheap, do-it-yourself option, set up some PVC pipes and fabric for a cool backdrop. Or, rent a photo booth and let the memory-making begin! For some added fun, purchase foil number balloons so guests can hold a 16 in their photos. You can also throw in props like hats, signs, and silly glasses.

You can also opt to book a Peerspace venue that is perfect for hosting a party and that happens to be wildly photogenic. A savvy idea can be to book a multi-set production venue, like this Dallas space, that offers your teen and their friends multiple backdrops to pose in front of.

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Birthday Trip Ideas For Travelers Who Are 70+

By your 70s, youve earned the right to travel wherever the heck you want, and we think you should do just that. If you still have an adventurous itch, why not consider doing something that scares you, like skydiving. Note: we said consider!

Alternatively, were sure that there are at least a few destinations left on your travel bucket list, so pick one of those and go have the time of your life!

Remember, folks, age aint nothin but a number. Global pandemics might stop us for a bit, but getting older isnt a reason to stop traveling. After all, life is short, and for all we know, you only get one crack at it. All you need to do is grab a few friends, book a cheap plane ticket via Skyscanner, and ride off into the sunset.

Travel safe, everyone, and please take care of each other along the way during this difficult time and every other time, too.

Traditional Sweet 16 Party Themes

Not so Sweet 16th Birthday Party!

A traditional party either at home or at a rented hall or restaurant is probably still the most popular Sweet 16 idea for a party overall.

To plan a successful party you should start by discussing what type of theme your daughter would like. Then start doing some research as to how to achieve your end goal. Theres always the party planner route if you have a larger budget, but with a little effort and imagination, you can mimic a professionally planned party at home yourself.

Have a look at some popular themes to get the creative juices flowing.

Paris Theme

Décor By Radelkis

Winter Wonderland Theme

For those celebrating their 16th birthday in winter, the Winter Wonderland theme is the perfect way to celebrate.

Décor By Radelkis


I love the idea of the butterfly representing your teen coming of age. Decorate with pastel pinks, purples, and creams. You cant get more dreamy than this.

Decor by KarasPartyIdeas

Sweet Candyland Theme

What better way to celebrate a Sweet 16th birthday than with a super sweet Candyland theme. I dont think anyone ever grows out of being amazed by seeing candy everywhere.

Decor by KarasPartyIdeas

Boho Theme

You can create a beautiful Boho-themed party with dream catchers, flowers, rustic styling, and a gorgeous floaty dress.

Decor: CatchMyParty

Disco Party / Glow Neon Party

Your teen might love to step up the traditional party theme a bit and create a fun disco party with a neon glow theme.

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Th Birthday Ideas: Go To A Concert

Do you love music? Have a favorite band? See if theyre on tour so you can see them live on your 16th birthday. Concerts or music festivals are great places to celebrate your 16th birthday. Beyond offering live entertainment, they also feature a lively, upbeat crowd of people who are usually in the mood celebrate.

Brigits Bakery Covent Garden

A gorgeous place for a birthday in London, Brigit’s Bakery is the Covent Garden cutie promising some of the prettiest afternoon teas in town. If you’re looking for something more raucous though? They also offer fun bottomless options including prosecco and gin cocktails.

Add a dash of healthy competition to your birthday antics with this unique activity in Canary Wharf and London Bridge. Electric Shuffle is a technological spin on shuffleboard, with additional flowing drinks and delicious eats to forge an unforgettable celebratory experience.

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& 17 Take Advantage Of Seasonal Events & Festivals

  • Depending on when your child has a birthday, there may be some super unique seasonal festivities that you could take your group to that would be fun, special or outside the box because they are seasonal. Check your local towns calendar of events.
  • Consider calling and asking about group rates or party pricing.
  • Here are some examples of seasonal style events:
  • Festivals

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