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Build A Bear Birthday Free Bear

Become A Build A Bear Bonus Club Member

Build A Bear Workshop Birthday Bear

To reap the most benefits of hosting a party, you must become a Build A Bear Bonus Club Member. This is a free program that allows you to get some major discounts throughout the year as well as during your Build A Bear birthday party event.

All you have to do is go online and sign up for a free membership. You could also become a member while in the store. The choice is yours.

There are several benefits to this membership and its all included for FREE. So, there is really no reason to NOT participate especially if you have little children.

Here are some of the reasons that I think the free program will be worth your while:

  • Earn Points Toward Valuable Rewards!
  • Get Early Access and Special Offers!
  • Enjoy Unique Events and Experiences!
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend.
  • Get $10 in rewards for every 100 points!

Per Cent Off When You Redeem A Gift Card

The retailer is currently running a 10 per cent off deal when you redeem a gift card in store.

It means that a £10 gift card will actually be worth £11 when you use it to buy in branch.

The deal is only running until February 1 and youll need to show this voucher at the checkout to get the bargain.

Its ideal for anyone one was given one or Christmas but you should be wary of purchasing a gift card just for the discount.

Although there is no sign the the retailer is struggling, gift cards are not likely to be honoured if a company goes bust and you could end up losing all of the money on it.

They also come with an expiry date so make sure you use it before it comes to an end.

How Can I Apply The Build

Select the style of the bear that you would like to build, and choose the outfit and shoes you want your bear to be wearing. Decide whether or not you would like to add any scent or sound to your bear. Pick out any accessories that you would like to add to your creation. Select the ‘Finish Building and Add To My Bag’ option. Then, name your creation and add a birth certificate. Now, you are ready to apply your promo code to your order.

  • A screen will pop up, asking you to make a wish and click on the heart on the screen this is optional and more for fun than function.

  • Apply any Build-A-Bear coupon codes into the discount box near the bottom of the page close to the ‘checkout’ option.

  • Input payment information and proceed to checkout.

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    Is There Any Way To Save Some Money

    Join the Stuff for Stuff Club. For every dollar you spend at the club, you will earn one point, which can equate to a gift card. According to the point redemption systemevery 100 points earns you a $10 gift card and along your way there are freebies too! At 150 points, for example, receive an outfit but at 250 get yourself a new stuffed animal. And on top of all this excitement? Youll even be rewarded with special coupons on your birthday as well.

    Also, be on the lookout for coupons before going to the store. They are known for having $5 off a $25 purchase.

    Get a Build-a-Bear app to receive special promotions, cool happenings at the local store, and/or coupons. If you are looking for something specific or just want an easier way of finding what is available in your area, try browsing eBay or Craigslist or even try to shop for outfits from Amazon.

    Bear accessories and clothing can really add up in price. Keep this in mind when youre budgeting for your build-a-bear animal because the animal itself is not whats going to cost an arm or leg it will be all of the outfits that you want them to wear, like designer brands.

    Count Your Candles Birthday Program

    Birthday Bear

    Build-A-Bear Bonus Club members can take advantage of the year-long Count Your Candles birthday program, where kids 14 and under can pay their age for the new Birthday Treat Bear during their birthday month.

    The birthday celeBEARation includes the full Build-A-Bear experience and special birthday extras at no additional charge, including

    -Birthday Heart for Their Furry Friend

    -Special Birthday Heart Ceremony

    -Party Hat

    -Ringing the Birthday Bell and Announce Their Birthday to the Entire Workshop

    The Count Your Candles Birthday Bear is regularly $14, so its a great birthday treat!

    While they wont be able to choose just any bear, theyll be able to enjoy the experience during their most special month for less. The Birthday Treat Bear is different each year, so if youve gone before it should be different the next year.

    Add-ons and clothing are extra, but if you keep an eye on the clearance section throughout the year, you can grab some clothing and outfits for the bears while they are discounted.

    How to save money at Build-a-Bear

    Browse the sale and clearance sections on the Build-A-Bear website. Many of the animals can be purchased un-stuffed and taken into the store to stuff for no extra charge .

    Animals that can be purchased unstuffed will offer the option on the product page before you add it to your shopping bag. If the option for unstuffed isnt listed, that animal will arrive pre-stuffed.

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    Build A Bear Birthday Pay Your Age

    Ok, we are adding this in because it revolves around the birthday celebration, but truth be told you dont NEED to book a party in order to take advantage of the Pay Your Age promotion that the company has to offer.

    Heres the deal as long as your child is under 14 if you bring them in on the day of their actual birthday AND you are a CLUB MEMBER THEN you can literally PAY THEIR AGE for a Build A Bear. HOW COOL IS THAT?

    Here is an example Little Timmy is 4 years old. Guess what? Little Timmys bear will run you FOUR BUCKS. WHAT????????? How can you not do this? Put a note in your calendar!!! Do not miss this.

    Kids Under 14 Can Now Pay Their Age For A Birthday Build

    After the complete shitshow that was last weeks Pay Your Age day at Build-A-Bear workshops nationwide, the store has come up with the perfect solution. Their new promo will benefit every single child and no one has to wait in a 5-hour, thousands-of-people deep line.

    If you bring your child to the store anytime during their birthday month, they can pay their age for the Birthday Treat Bear, which normally costs $14. Its all part of their Count Your Candles program and just like with the initial Pay Your Age promo, customers must create a free Build-A-Bear Bonus Club member account online.

    Heres the Birthday Treat Bear in all its Birthday Treat Glory:

    So your kids dont get to build the stuffed animal character of their dreams but they get the whole Build-A-Bear experience and a cute bear for their birthday. Children who wish to participate must be younger than 14, according to the site.

    For any kiddo celebrating a birthday at Build-A-Bear, they get to partake in a special birthday heart ceremony, a birthday cake photo op, they get a special birthday sticker, party hat, and get to ring the Birthday Bell. Oh, and youll also be sung to. Cmon, you didnt think youd get out of that, did ya? ITS FOR THE CHILDREN, DAMN IT.

    Well, now they do. Bless this Build-A-Bear mess.

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    How Do I Use A Build

  • Shop online at Build-A-Bear and add your desired products to your shopping bag
  • Scroll down the page and look for a box on the right that says Apply Reward Certificate or Code
  • Enter your Build-A-Bear coupon code in this box now, and click Apply to add it to your order
  • If your discount is valid, it will be applied immediately order total will be adjusted to reflect your savings. Click Checkout to continue placing your order
  • How To Sign Up For The Bonus Club

    It’s Build-A-Bear’s 20th Birthday!

    The Build-A-Bear Bonus Club is absolutely free to join, but you must be an adult to sign up. So when you create an account, enter your information .

    To sign up online, youll need to fill out a quick form with your name, birthday, gender and email address . After that, youll just need to create and confirm a password.

    Make sure you check the box at the bottom of the signup page to be added to their email list. That way, you wont miss out on any Bonus Club-exclusive deals.

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    Build A Bear Backdating ‘pay Your Age’ Bargain Teddies For Kids Who Had A Lockdown Birthday

    Little ones who had a lockdown birthday can claim their discount teddy from the store.

    A Mum has shared her delight after finding out that Build a Bear workshop stores are backdating their birthday bear deals.

    The popular kid’s store has a Birthday deal that treats little ones to a fluffy bear and parents can get up to a £13 discount making it a low-cost special experience.

    But over lockdown, some children missed out on the present because stores were closed but they have said that any child who had a lockdown birthday can still claim their toy.

    The deal says that parents only have to pay the age of the child and the Mum who shared the news was delighted because her daughter just turned one so the bear cost £1.

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    The news was shared in a and said: “£1 build a bear!!

    “Any little ones that had a birthday during the covid lockdowns can still go in and claim their Happy birthday bear that they missed Daisy-Mai was 1 in January so we only paid £1 and she absolutely loves him.

    “No code, voucher or extra purchase necessary”

    In the comments, the author said: “we went in today and was just talking about it the lady heard us say her birthday was in Jan and said she could still have the one she missed cause of covid xx”

    One of the parents said: “Do this every year for my daughter, she loves them! Such a good idea x”

    “We got the same! Was £8 with the little outfit and a song inside that sings happy birthday!!”, said another shopper.

    What Is The Build

    Members who register will receive a FREE birthday discount in the form of a special pricing. Bring the birthday boy or girl in any day during their birthday month to count their candles, and the age they are turning determines how much it costs to make their own Birthday Treat Bear!

    The cost depends on how many “bears” you want to make and your birthday date. For example, if you turn 10 years old on September 24th, you can choose between two different prices: $10 for each bear or $20 for both bears. There is no limit to how many treats you can order so if you get hungry at some point during your visit, just go back later in the month.

    Each birthday treat bear comes with a hug card that reads “Happy Birthday!” along with an exclusive design that can only be found at Build-A-Bear. The bears also come with a small plastic bag filled with candy pieces and a mini-candy cane attached to his/her foot. To finish off the experience, members receive a photo opportunity in front of their favorite store location with their new friend.

    This offer is good for birthdays from June 1st through July 31st. You have to register by May 25th to be eligible for this deal.

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    Can I Pay My Age At Build

    Members of the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club may participate in the year-long Count Your Candles birthday program, in which children 14 and younger can “pay their age” for the new Birthday Treat Bear throughout their birthday month.

    This website provided a fantastic method to connect with friends, explore, and participate in fun activities. Bearville, on the other hand, was closed down on March 31, 2015.

    Build A Bear Birthday Treat Bear

    Birthday Treat Bear

    Build A Bear has their very own special birthday treat bear that is available for any birthday girl or boy to enjoy. The Build A Bear birthday treat bear is available in store during your Build A Bear birthday party.

    Besides the adorable treat bear, you will get to reap other awards as well!

    • Make and take home a furry friend best party favor ever!
    • Fun themes to choose from
    • Packages fit any budget
    • A Party Leader guides the adventure
    • Earn Bonus Club points as a Build-A-Bear Bonus Club Member
    • Party-planning made simple with zero clean-up!

    So, the birthday child gets the special bear, but their guests gets something pretty neat as well. Everyone walks away a winner!

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    Do Kids Get A Free Build

    Signing up or ordering is free for individuals over the age of 18. During the month of their birthday, birthday children can come into the store with a Bonus Club member or an adult over the age of 18 who joins up to become a Bonus Club member to pay their age for the Birthday Treat Bear. The last thing we want is anyone under the age of 18 buying a treat bear.

    The birthday child or adult can then go online to find out what time the store opens so they can start hunting for treasure. The first 1,000 kids that sign up will also receive a free Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card worth up to $50.

    The bonus club was introduced in 2004 by founder Matt Stone. He wanted to create an incentive for parents to sign up their children for the Build A Bear workshop service. The more active participants children are in the program, the better treats they can expect to find inside their stuffed animal companions.

    Children can choose from among hundreds of different designs when building their own virtual friend at the Build A Bear workshop. Each one is unique and lasts forever! You can pick your favorite design or let them help you pick one out. At the end of the session, your child’s new friend will be ready to take home.

    All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when visiting the Build A Bear workshop.

    Companys Response And A Discount Voucher

    On Thursday, Build-a-Bear offered an apology to its customers and a voucher to help soothe the hurt.

    At some stores, customers handed out $15 off discount vouchers to customers turned away when lines were cut off during Pay Your Age Day, or to parents who were not willing to continue waiting in the long lines. Vouchers were also made available to Bonus Club members in the U.S. and Canada who logged into their accounts before midnight on Sunday, July 15.

    Vouchers related to the event will be honored through Aug. 31, Build-a-Bear said.

    The company released a news release later Thursday acknowledging that its Pay Your Age Day promotion generated an overwhelming response, resulting in long lines, extensive waits and disappointed guests.

    We feel it is important to share that, based on the information available to us before the day began, we could not have predicted this reaction to our Pay Your Age Day event. We understand that many guests were turned away as, due to safety concerns created by the crowds, authorities in certain locations closed Build-A-Bear stores and, in other locations, we were forced to limit the line. Unfortunately, given these circumstances, we were unable to serve all of our guests for the Pay Your Age Day event.

    Build-a-Bear also used the apology/explanation as an opportunity to tout the $15 off vouchers as well as its Count Your Candles promotion.

    Other content of interest:

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    Where Can I Get A Birth Certificate For Build A Bear

    In a Participating Build-A-Bear Workshop store: During the stuffing process, a special bar code is added to your furry friend by the Bear Builder associate. Be sure to scan your furry friends tag at the Name Me station when youre making a birth certificate.

    Being a part of our Find-A-Bear ID program is simple! When you sign up for Build-A-Bear Bonus Club, youll be eligible to enter the Find-A-Bear ID program. While in a Build-A-Bear Workshop store, during the stuffing process, a special bar code is added to your furry friend by the Bear Builder associate.

    While in a Build-A-Bear Workshop store, during the stuffing process, a special bar code is added to your furry friend by the Bear Builder associate. Be sure to scan your furry friends tag at the Name Me station when youre making a birth certificate.

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    On Reddit She Explained That The Mom Hosting The Party Had Refused To Allow Kids To Take Their Build

    BUILD-A-BEAR Birthday Trip! Getting my Birthday Bear! #BuildABear

    The mom explained that there had been eight kids total, and the invitation to the party claimed that each kid would be making their own bear.

    The invitation said each kid would get to make a Bear, and I just assumed they would get to take them home, since that is what happened at another party I went to. Me and my husband even pitched in about 30 dollars as we know these things can get expensive, the mom wrote.

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    Build-A-Bear offers a few different party packages, giving the host many different options of allowing the attendees to pick out a bear, clothing for the stuffed animal, party games and other fun activities.

    According to the mom, the party was being held at Build-A-Bear, but it wasnt run by the employees.

    Everyone had cake and pizza in the food court before heading to the store to make their bears where after the party would continue at the girls house.

    We get to the store, and the kids go wild getting their animals and accessories. As far as I know the parents didnt really put a limit, but I made my daughter stick to just a standard dog with a shirt, which about half the parents did as well, the mom explained.

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