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Birthday Gifts For Long Distance Friends

Celebrating Their Big Day

Long distance gift for best friend | Birthday surprise video ideas #bestbro

Okay, so now weve spent some time planning and planning. The day has come, theyve got their card and their gift as planned! Now some ideas on how to spend some time together. Depending on your time zones and your schedules this can be easily scheduled or challenging. Try to find a common time the day or, or closest day that works for everyones schedule. Below are some ideas of how to spend the day virtually:

  • Skype/Facetime/Google Meet
  • Order from restaurants and share a meal virtually
  • Surprise virtual birthday party
  • Virtual Tour of Museum/Attraction
  • Phone Call

There you go 20 awesome birthday ideas for long distance friend! I hope this list gave you some great ideas to help ease your next birthday from your long distance friends. Long distance friendships are quite a bit of work, but they really are quite wonderful when you dedicate the time to nurture you. Having friends who regardless of distance you can reconnect with as if no time has passed at all is really special. Dont take those for granted!

When is the last time you spent some time to reconnect with a long distance friend? When was the last time you took some time out to celebrate their birthday? What other birthday ideas for long distance friend?

Talk Soon!

Whats Your Favorite Gift Youve Given Or Received In Your Long Distance Relationship

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A Subscription Box To Something Exciting

Another great long-distance gift is getting a subscription for something you know your romantic partner is interested in.

It could be anything from a monthly book or wine selection to a gym or cooking class membership. This gift allows your partner to focus on other interests and develop themselves, which is a key component of having a healthy LDR.

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A Part Of A Custom Pendant

This is actually two pendants that when put together, they become complete. Send your partner one of the two pendants to show that only when you are together, you truly feel whole again. For example, one of the pendants has the words I love you, and the other one has to the moon and back on it. They look fine when separated, but when put together it completes the famous quote of I love you to the moon and back. How romantic is that?

A Custom Promise Ring

Best Birthday Gift For A Long Distance Friend!

A promise ring is something that you give your partner to reassure them that you will love them no matter what. This is especially meaningful for long distance couples since they have the added challenge of being physically apart most of the time. Customize a promise ring with your partners birthstone and engrave it with your names, sealing your love for each other forever.

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A Scratch The World Travel Map So Even If They’re Not Traveling Right Now They Can Cross Off All The Adventures They’ve Taken With You

Promising review: “As a person with wanderlust, I wanted a way to track my travels that was not just country specific, but could track my road trips within the US too. This map is perfect for that. Its big and durable…although I would not want to scratch off the gold with anything metal. I use a plastic guitar pick and that is perfect. Underneath the gold is nice details with capital and other topographic features. The seller even gives you suggestions for framing.” Tracy Geist

Get it from Amazon for $23.99.

Or Send It By Snail Mail

Sometimes, old school is the way to go. There is just something infinitely more intimate and romantic about actually putting pen to paper to express your feelings for your long-distance beau.

This also allows you to add little personal touches, whether it is a sticker, a lipstick kiss print, or even a spritz of your perfume.

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Christmas Gifts For Long Distance Best Friend

1. Long Distance Friendship Necklace

A dainty necklace to let her know how much you appreciate your friendship. These shiny stars symbolize a strong friendship. Just like the stars in the sky. You dont always see them, but you know your BFF is always there for you.

4. TONYMOLY Im Green Tea Hydro Burst Morning Mask

Give emergency assistance in those mornings when your girlfriend wakes up to dull, tired skin. This refreshing morning mask is infused with natural green tea extract to replenish your skin. Apply a generous amount, leave it on for 15 minutes, and rinse off with water to discover brighten, hydrated skin.

5. Love and Friendship Jar

A meaningful friendship gift that keeps on giving for a month. This jar is filled with 31 messages that are motivating and uplifting. Express your love, share your feeling, and send good vibes to your best friend who is living far away.

A Pack Of Colorful 038

Gift Ideas for Internet Friends

This stuff is even vegan and cruelty-free.

Promising review: “My lips have been so extremely chapped for the past few months from biting my lips constantly and from the harsh weather conditions. I would constantly moisturize my lips with whatever I had and NOTHING was working, so I knew that it was time to start looking into lip scrubs. I have to say that my lips haven’t felt so soft like this in so long. On the container it says to use a pea-size amount, and that really is all you need. A little really goes a long way. Get this and it will be worth it!! Shaneil

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

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Long Distance Friendship Gifts Your Besties Will Love

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

This post includes 25 awesome long-distance friendship gifts your BFFs will love!

College is one of the most exciting and transformative times of our lives. But for some of us, these four years might also imply moving away from our hometowns and venturing into a whole new environment. And the hardest part of it all is probably leaving our family and friends behind.

Transitioning from seeing someone literally every single day of your life, to only being able to see them virtually through Facetime, is not easy at all. So today, Id like to share with you some super cute long-distance friendship gifts that can make you and your besties feel better about the situation, and help you sustain this wonderful friendship despite the distance!

A Box Of Love And Happiness

A unique gift that is both stylish and has that extra personal touch, NoteCube helps to send personalized notes to your partner, wherever they are in the world. Simply head over to the website and purchase a box. Then, fill it with notes or words of love, special memories, inside jokes or anything that you think your partner will appreciate reading. You can even add photos to make your box more illustrative. After sending in the last note, just mark it as ready and NoteCube will send the one-of-a-kind box you have created to your partner in a beautiful keepsake box.

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Heartwarming Long Distance Friendship Messages

Im lucky I was given a chance to meet someone like you. Whatever happens and wherever we are, Ill always treasure you because I know Ill never have another friend like you.

Sunshine or rain, friends always soothe the pain. Morning or night, best friends make everything alright. Near or far, I know where you are.

We should remember and care about our friends not only while were together, but when theyre far away. Long-distance friendship is the strongest one.

Throughout my life, everyone could see the tears in my eyes but only you could feel the pain in my heart. Thanks for being my friend, wherever we are in the world.

We may not have each others company every day like before. But deep in our hearts, we two are so strongly connected that nothing can tear us apart.

No distance can weaken our friendship. We will always be on each others thoughts as long as there is a word called friendship in the dictionary!

Our friendship will always grow stronger regardless of the distance that separates us or the time that passes. We are friends for life and always will be!

We may not share the same space anymore but we have shared some of the most colorful memories in our lives together. Our friendship will grow stronger every time we think of them.

Since you are away from me, my days are spent thinking of you and remembering the moments we have shared together! I hope you are thinking of me too.

Bath Goodies Gift Box

Long Distance Birthday gift best friend gift birthday gift ...

There was a self-care box above but this one is all about taking an amazing hot bath!

With different kinds of bath bombs, bubbles, salts, and scrubs included every month, shell have the best possible bath experience and will love you even more for it!

This may actually be one of the best long-distance birthday gifts for your best friend, as it will likely be in use.

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A Love Letter Written On A Special Stationery Paper

There are downloadable and printable stationery papers designed just for long distance couples. Make your love letter even more special by writing it on one of those beautiful papers and put it in a special envelope too. Your partner will definitely appreciate the extra effort you put into writing the love letter.

Birthday Ideas For Long Distance Friend

Long Distance Gifts Gifts that help to remind your friend you thinking of them. These gifts might be interactive or passive to remind them of your love and friendship!

Memory Based Gifts Gifts that help your friend to remember the memories you shared together. Grab your favourite photo of you and your friend and pop it in a cute frame! A creative way to share a special memory with them! The digital photo frame it one of my favourites as you can swap photos so easily!

Funny Gifts Gifts that will pop a big smile on your friends face! Looking for a great way to erase the worry and stress in long-distance friendships. This is a great way to do this! These will for sure make your friend laugh and likely lead to even more laughs down the line whenever they interact with the gift!

Cute Gifts Looking for something cute for your friend to look at and be reminded how much you care? Check out these gifts! These are for sure to help bring back some awesome memories. As well continue to do it each time they use the item. This is for those who want that aww moment with their distance friend.

Classic Birthday Gift Packs Looking for a gift set or pack that includes literally everything in one package? Dont worry I got you! Check out these awesome packs to send your distanced friends. Theres certainly something for everyone in these packs.

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Fun Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas To Make Anyone Smile For 2021

Thanks to globalization, it is not uncommon to have someone you care about live far away from you. It is understandable that you want to celebrate your partners birthday though it might be difficult to get them the perfect gift given the distance between you.

If you are still searching for that perfect gift, then look no further! I have compiled a comprehensive list of gift ideas which you can use to put a smile on your long distance significant others face. I promise that youll find this list very helpful whether you want to be romantic, fun, or even a little bit naughty to surprise your partner.

So lets dive into my list of 99 long distance relationship gift ideas for 2020 and find that perfect gift for your significant other right now!

A Wooden Photo Collection

Long Distance Birthday Surprise For Best Friend / Message For Best Friend

Instead of sending just a photo that your partner can slip into a frame, have you ever thought of getting a collage of photos printed on a piece of beautiful and durable wood? Not only does it look fancy and make for a fantastic decorative item for your partner, but it will also remind them of you whenever they see the wooden photo collage.

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A Monthly Book Subscription

This will be the perfect gift if both you and your partner are avid readers. You can sign your partner up for the Book of the Month club and they will send a book to your sweetheart every month. The books they send are specially curated by real readers so you can be assured of the quality. If both of you have a subscription, you can create a private book club just for the both of you and have regular Skype sessions to talk about the book you read that month.

Hey Friend I Wrote A Book About You

I dont know about you, but my absolute favorite gifts are handwritten and hand-made ones. Because its unique, one-of-a-kind, and you wont be able to find the same copy anywhere else in the world. Thats truly so special.

This adorable book allows you send a personalized gift to your bestie without having to literally make a book from scratch. And Im sure theyll love it.

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A Set Of Two Friendship Lamps To Let Your Bestie Know How Much They ~light Up Your Life~ With A Simple Tap These Techy Gadgets Let Your Friend Know That You’re Thinking Of Them The Connected Counterpart Will Instantly Illuminate No Matter How Far Away You Are

Promising review: “Bought these for my best friend, states away, and I for Christmas. I am absolutely thrilled with them. She adores her light, and it truly makes me feel closer to her when we are so far apart. Everyone should purchase these if they have a loved one who lives a distance away. Such a brilliant design, and amazing idea!!” Kimberly A Cahill

Get it from Amazon for $170.

A Special Video Chat Session

Long distance birthday gift for best friends â Inkt and Co

If you are wondering how to make someones birthday special online, then you have come to the right place.

Most LDRs inevitably play out online you catch up, hang out, fight & make up online. So, if you want to surprise the birthday boy or girl, then put on a show for them on their birthday.

Again, here your imagination is your only limit when it comes to virtual dates. You could throw them a surprise birthday party with their friends back home. Or agree to a marathon of his or her favorite series. Or you could make things sexy and put on a tease show.

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What I Love About You Book

A book that perfectly depicts your awesome bond with your bestie. Pen down everything that you love about your best friend in this book and present it to them on their birthday. The gift will send a perfect message that how much you care about your friendship and you notice all the different things about your bestie.

Vanilla Cupcake Infused Candle

Youre my best bitch, that I love bitching about other bitches with. Haha, aint that true!

If your best friend is obsessed with candles like I am, I think she will really appreciate this gift. Every time she lights this candle up, shell think about you and all the fun times youve spent together.

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Throw Them A Virtual Birthday Party

Continue your familyâs birthday party tradition in a non-traditional way: throw a virtual party so that loved ones near and far can partake in a fun and festive celebration! To get guests and the honoree excited about the event, pick a party theme. Some virtual party themes include a Favorite Decade party where guests dress up from the selected time period and choose a Zoom background to match, or a Beach party where guests can set their background to their favorite shoreline, dress for the occasion, and bring a beach-inspired cocktail to the party.

Once you pick a theme, be sure to send gorgeous online birthday invitations with a link to the video conference platform and other important event details. During the event, have everyone introduce themselves and share well wishes for the honoree. Next, consider playing a game like a virtual scavenger hunt which involves searching for everyday items that are in your home in a specified amount of time. Finally, send the honoree cupcakes and a candle ahead of the party and ask guests to buy or make themselves a treat so that everyone can sing âHappy Birthdayâ and enjoy something sweet together!

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