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Funny Digital Birthday Cards Free

Here You Will Findhilarious Birthday Animated Greeting Cards

Sockrates’ Happy Birthday Cards Funny Birthday eCards

In our birthday section you will find all of our most popular characters. We know that you send, above all the other cards, birthday cards. So when we start with a new character 99% of the time we start with a birthday card. In that way you have the widest selection possible.

Thanks for sending a very funny Rubber Chicken birthday Card. You make the world better.

Creating Electronic Greeting Cards Was Never Easier

Let people know youre thinking of them, whether its their birthday, a holiday, or even if they just lost somebody. And you shouldnt have to wait for the postal service to get your message through.Thats where the value of electronic greeting card comes in. Its the best way to send a personal greeting, quickly and easily. Show someone you care with a beautiful eCard that you can customize and share right now.

Follow the simple steps below and create your custom eCard:

Resize Your Birthday Card

Its your card, make it the size you want. Make a big splash with printable cards in an extended size or crunch a big birthday card down for social media sharing – or both! Resizing your completed card is easy, just click the resize button and use a preset size or choose your own custom size.

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Other Ways To Share Funny Greetings

Searching for a funny way to say Happy Birthday, but not sure how to make your message as funny as your ecard? Learn what to write in a funny birthday card. If youre looking for a way to share a hilarious sentiment offline, browse our funny printable cards that are as easy to print as our ecards are to send!

Free Ecard Without Having To Sign Up

Custom Clothes: Electronic Birthday Cards

Some of the above websites require you to create an account to send a free eCard which is fine. A few let you save your work and add favorite cards to a list. However, some may send you emails to join their paid service or other types of marketing which can be annoying. Below is a list of sites with free eCards without having to sign up.

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Free Adult Birthday Cards

Looking for something a little titillating to send to a close friend on their birthday? Our adult birthday eCards and dirty birthday eCards have the perfect amount of good-natured sauciness to make the recipient turn red and laugh out loud. Read More…

Whether seriously sexy or seriously silly, our adult birthday eCards are the perfect naughty surprise to send to a close friend on their birthday… just be sure to warn them that some of these funny adult birthday eCards may not be safe for work computers! Hee hee hee!

Send our Sexy Margarita Recipe eCard to spice up the special birthday person’s day. Each celebratory drink ingredient is coupled with a sultry picture meant to add a festive kick to each part of the recipe.

Another best seller in our adult birthday eCards category is our Very Hot Birthday eCard. This interactive dirty birthday eCard allows you to unwrap some very hot, well-toned gifts. Risque birthday eCards offer a fun, flirty, participatory experience that pleases the recipient.

Ladies, entice and titillate your man by sending him our Flirty Birthday eCard for Him. This is the perfect naughty birthday eCards to email him at work and let him know you have a fun evening waiting at home for him. There’s no better way to let your loved one know how special he is than with a sexy surprise on his birthday.

Funny Birthday Card Wishes & Greetings

Greeting Card Wording For Humorous Birthday Cards

A collection of amusing greetings and free funny printable birthday cards perfect for your best friend, boyfriend, husband or a dear family member. We hope the humor helps people feel better about growing older!

1) When it came to getting you a present, we said, “Nothing but the best!” “Spare no expense!” “Money is no object!” Then when the laughter died down we looked for a free card on the internet and printed this one!

2) Sure, Ive made more trouble for you than everyone else combined. What can I say Im an over achiever.

3) I planned to give you a ticket to some exotic location for your birthday. But I knew youd miss me too much. Thats the wonderful kind of person you are. I would never make you suffer like that.

4) Birthdays are fantastic for your health. The more you have, the longer you live.

5) Think of getting a year older as getting another year to shop!

6) Why do you hate your birthday so much! Is because you receive cheap gifts and strange cards with crazy messages in them. Or is it because you’re getting older. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

7) Feel free to blow out the candles now! I’ve already called the fire department.

8) I couldn’t think of what to get you for your birthday. So I figured, next birthday I’ll get you something doubly special.

9) You’re now one year older and one year wiser. So do some thinking and figure out there’s no present!

13) Look at you, so young and so free. Must be nice.

Happy Birthday!

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Tips And Tricks For Making Free Birthday Ecards

After deciding on the perfect birthday ecard, let our digital tools do the rest of the work. Add your recipients name and email address with the help of an online address book. When you send a card through Paperless Post, all of your recipients are automatically saved into your Address Book and are organized into “Past Mailing Lists” with names that correspond with the event they were sent with. Once you are ready to send using our iOS app, our smart technology will suggest recipients that match one of your Apple contacts or Paperless Post address book contacts.

Because you have chosen a free design, there is no need to make a purchase before sending. If you are being prompted to buy Coins, make sure that you have not included any premium options such as: envelopes, liners, specialty stamps, premium inserts and response cards, custom backdrops and logos. You can visit our FAQs for more information around pricing.

Need help or have questions? Dont hesitate to contact our Support team. We are always here to help.

Choosing The Perfect Free Birthday Ecards

Birthday Suit – Happy Birthday Cards Funny Birthday eCards

Wish your favorite people happy birthday with festive and free birthday ecards. Choose from dozens of birthday card designs that are sure to match your recipients personal style. From colorful illustrations to bold typography, browse a variety of different birthday cards that dont compromise on style . Youll even find designs from our exclusive partners, including fashion retailer and home brand, Anthropologie.

Our pre-formatted templates set you up for success, but all of our sample text is fully customizable. Include your recipients nickname, a fond memory, or their favorite saying to personalize the card. Upload your own photo or let the design shine on its own.

While we aim to have a wide selection of customizable templates available, there is nothing we love more than an original or out of the box theme. If you want to edit one of our static greetings, change the color of a card, or start a design from scratch, reach out to our Personal Design Services team for complimentary support.

If all of the balloon, cake, and confetti illustrations have you feeling inspired to throw a party, browse our birthday invitations.

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Free Digital Cards For Birthdays Anniversaries Holidays And More

  • Emporia State University

Sending free ecards is a great way to let friends and family know you’re thinking about them, whether they live next door or across the country.

Below are some excellent websites with good selections of high-quality, completely free ecards.

  • Edit the inside and the back.

  • Recipients can easily send a thank you card back.

  • Must send the card immediately .

  • User account required to send.

Greetings Island has a great collection of ecards in just about every category imaginable, ranging from holidays and occasions to everyday messages.

Many of the free ecards here can become photo cards and all can be customized with personal messages, stickers, and the layout of your choice. Start from scratch by uploading your own design.

When you’re finished designing your custom ecard, print it, send it over email or via its link, or download it as a PDF.

  • Several categories of free ecards.

  • Edit all areas of the inside.

  • Add photos.

  • Can’t send ecards without first making an account.

  • There’s only one place for text .

  • Only automated ‘thank you’ method is to post a reply on Facebook.

Open Me has some great-looking free ecards with adorable illustrations and bright colors. Browse the ecards by occasion, holiday, or categories, such as Animals, Food, Funny Nature, and Photo Cards.

Open Me also has free group ecards that allow you to pass around a card virtually with family, friends, or coworkers so everyone can add a message before it goes to the recipient.

Funny Happy Birthday Ecards

  • True
    Card Message
    In three vignettes, we see examples of “regular” and “epic,” ending with the wish: Hope your birthday is “EPIC!”
  • True
    Card Message
    Nothing fishy here, just a simple birthday cod. I hope your big day goes swimmingly, with one nice thing after another!
  • True
    Card Message
    The expansive and wondrous Great Plains contain some of the world’s most unexpected surprises. It is here that we find the North American Black-Tailed Prairie Dog preparing for what appears to be some kind of ritual. Ah, yes! The alpha dog appears – signaling that this is indeed a most special and rare treat a celebratory display that only happens once a year, on this momentous day in . And now he gives the signal to begin! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear . Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday, !
  • True
    Card Message
    You’re the bee’s knees You’re the pick of the litter You’re the salt of the earth You’re a warm apple fritter! You’re fresh cookie dough, You’re PB & J That’s why you deserve A HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yee Haw!
  • True
    Card Message
    Dolly Parton sings a personalized birthday parody of her hit song “9 to 5,” and puts your recipient’s name onstage in lights!
  • True
    Card Message
    You’ve never heard the classic rock song, “Shout,” until you’ve heard it sung by barnyard animals who call out your friends and family by name!
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    Put Face On The Video

    When you saved a face, just drag-n-drop it onto the video character. If you chose a template that requires several characters, make sure you uploaded all needed faces. Click Done.

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    Then youll be directed to the preview of your clip. Here youll be able to add a title and brief description for it. On this stage you can easily record the video.

    Sites That Let You Send Free Ecards

    Happy Birthday Cards, Funny Printable Birthday Cards ...

    If youre anything like me, remembering to get a greeting card and mailing it out to a loved one for a special occasion is a chore that can easily get overlooked. Thank goodness for free ecards.

  • Daily Goodie Box – Grab a GIANT box of free samples from some of the world’s most popular brands.
  • Try Products – What’s better than one giant box of free stuff? TWO giant boxes of free stuff. Join Try Products to get even more free samples shipped right to you.
  • Opinion Outpost – Work with companies like Nike, Sony, and Apple and get paid to test out their latest products!
  • Greeting cards are one of the great ways to let your friends and family know that youre thinking about them and wish them well, whether they live in the next town, the next state, or in another country.

    So I rounded up this list of free eCards that will allow you to send virtual greeting cards right on time without having to use up precious trees for the paper and best of all, for free!

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    Information About Your Kisseo Account

    Creating an account with Kisseo saves time and helps you keep track of everything!

    There is no commitment and you receive numerous advantages: – Your account is FREE – Save your friends’ addresses and birthdays so they’re handy for next time – View your card history – which cards you sent to whom and when

    Funny Greeting Cards Hilarious Birthday Cards Even Blank Humor Cardsall You Need To Express Your Inner Bitch Bitches

    Welcome to NobleWorks Cards, the greeting card company that’s all about being funny and as irreverent, crass and as inappropriate as we can be! Our goal is to resuscitate a card industry that for years has been putting us to sleep with their dull, sweet sentiments. Whether you’re shopping retail for that one perfectly hilarious card that’ll make your ornery great uncle actually crack a smile, or to stock your store with wholesale cards suitable for any season, you are sure to find the greatest, most memorable greeting cards that’ll live up to anyone’s taste, or lack thereof.

    Since 1980 B.C. we’ve been making cards right here in the U.S. that have been making people laugh. That’s four decades of laughter and counting. We’re a family-owned business, too, so that means we disagree and fight a lot and only occasionally like each other . Although we stock our share of traditional greeting cards suitable for any occasion and even the most puritanical people on your list, NobleWorks really stands out for humor cards that flaunt the limits of good taste and civility. We specialize in cards that dare to be noticed and remembered from stinky fart jokes guaranteed to light up the 6-year-old brain that lurks in the heart of every red-blooded American men and women, Trump supporters and Democracy lovers alike, to the occasional f-bomb and zany humor.

    Make America Greet Again

    Funny Cards Are Us!

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    Personalize Funny Ecards With Photos

    Never forget to check in on a loved one on any holiday or other occasion. Ecards are a fast and easy way to make sure funny or sarcastic messages make it to your recipients in time. The best part is that you can personalize your ecards to make them even funnier! Add your own message or a funny photo with ease after you sign up for a free trial.

    Why Our Free Ecards

    Happy Birthday Cards Funny Birthday eCards from

    With our free eCards, make every event memorable for your near and dear ones! Be it heartfelt birthday wishes or Spectacular Christmas vibes, discover a new way to share your favorite digital greeting card for FREE! Our free eCards help you stay connected over long distances. Not only that, you can now send funny cards, sweet or cute animated pictures, gifs and even add background music to your eCards and instantly bring a smile to your special one’s face. And if you’re facing trouble remembering anniversaries, then we are just the right pick for you. You can schedule all your free eCards in advance and make sure you never miss a day! So, go ahead and choose from hundreds of free eCards from our library and wish all your family and friends in style! Also checkout our premium version of ecards for business users.


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    Send Funny Birthday Ecards

    Celebrate birthdays with lots of laughs! Funny birthday ecards are a quick, easy way to send humor that makes people happy. Whether its a personal shout-out from a celebrity, funny animal videos, song parodies or quirky talking characters, our funny birthday cards are filled with smiles for friends, co-workers, family and all your favorite people! These funny birthday cards online even have interactive games, postcards, add-a-photo options, holiday birthday humor and plenty of fun surprises for any person celebrating any age. Funny Happy Birthday ecards are perfect for anyone who could use some comic relief, especially on those milestone and over-the-hill years. Want to add an extra punch line or two of your own? See tips on how to write funny birthday messages. Whether you wax philosophical, poke some fun, pat yourself on the back or include an inside joke, there are no limits to making them laugh. Find hilarious birthday cards, funny singing birthday ecards and everything to make your birthday wishes more fun right here!

    Sign up for a free trial today to see how easy it is to send funny birthday cards online!

    Amazingbirthday Wishes And Messages For 40 Year Olds

    A 40th birthday card collection and funny greetings you can write in the card, perfect for your best friend, beloved husband or wife, father, mother or a dear family member.

    1) Wow, you made it to 40! So tell me, what’s it like?

    2) Life is like a book, lets make this a great chapter. Happy 40th Birthday. 3) Cheers to another year of joy, peace, and laughter. I wish you nothing but the best in your next chapter. Happy 40th Birthday. 4) Congratulations you have made it to another year. While you may feel that you are getting older, turning the big 40 is nothing to fear. Although life is changing, you can rest assured you will have tons of new memories to share. Happy 40th Birthday. 5) Life is what you make it, so lets make this year a great one. Happy 40th Birthday. 6) Roses are red, violets are blue. Today is your 40th Birthday, happy birthday to you. 7) While your 20’s may have been legendary, and you were working hard in your 30’s, you can surely bet there will be a time to remember in your 40’s. Happy Birthday. 8) Thank you for all the wisdom you share, the memories you helped make, and the compassion you have shown. Happy 40th Birthday. 9) Its your 40th Birthday and I would ask you to dance. But its your 40th Birthday, and I dont know if you can.

    10) Although you are another year older, you are also another year wiser. Happy 40th Birthday to you.

    13) Here’s hoping your 40th birthday Turns out to be a hum-dinger! And you turn out to be 39 on the recount!

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