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What To Do For A 21st Birthday For A Guy

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

BIRTHDAY SURPRISE FOR BOYFRIEND IDEAS | 21 gifts for his 21st birthday

Is your son a bit of a gamer or tech-fanatic? In that case, you might want to give him a taste of the future with Oculus Rifts touch virtual reality system.

Virtual reality is trending everywhere these days in the technology space. Having tried it out myself, I can safely say that its a fun, immersive & one-of-a-kind experience everyone should have. Oculus Rift creates the cutting edge Virtual Reality technology , and theyre the ones leading us to the future of virtual reality.

You can give your son a front seat to the future with Oculus latest virtual reality headset.

When The Time Comes Tell Them You Love Them

Love is the foundation for the strongest relationships that we will ever have. You can love your friends just as much as you love your family, perhaps even more so. If you feel this way about your friends, do not be afraid to let them know!

This can be very difficult, as it can be hard to admit your true feelings for them, but if you know that you can trust them, take the risk. If they love you as well, they will reciprocate your affections and appreciate your openness and honesty.

Be Willing To Open Up When You Are Ready

With a bit of time and a lot of trust, you can strengthen your bond with your friends. When you feel like you have a genuine companion in your life, do not be afraid to confide in them.

If you are like me, it can be difficult to voice your thoughts and feelings. However, if a friend wants to get closer to you and you feel comfortable enough to share your secrets and confessions with them, do not hesitate to put your trust in their hands.

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Drink Beer From The Coolest Stein Ever

One of the best, most exciting 21st birthday ideas for them will be drinking some of their favorite alcoholic beverages from unique, cool glassware. This traditional German beer stein will be their favorite glass theyve ever owned! Theyll be so pumped to drink some delicious beer from this super handsome stein.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Movement

21st birthday idea for guys

13. Buy a birthday present that encourages movement that can also be used with social distancing in mind:

Bike great exercise and an option for commuting to work or school without using public transportation.

Workout clothing Lululemon is one of the most popular brands for men and women.

Running Shoes our favorite shoes, Allbirds, now has running shoes for men and women.

Croquet set just for fun.

14. Sharing dinner together with friends is still possible order a pizza to be delivered to your young adults best friends at the same time and ask them all to be available to join online to share a happy birthday slice.

15. While we have all been cooking at home a lot this day calls for a special meal, the one that your newly-turned 21 year old loves the most.

16. Consider a craft beer kit and this one gets the highest ratings.

17. Gift cards to their favorite local or college restaurants helps support those businesses and can be used for take out now, or dine in, someday later.

18. If theyre not yet a member of their college alumni association, pay for a year or even lifetime membership the fee is often discounted while college students are still in school. The perks include savings, networking and career development, things that may be more valuable now than ever before.

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Be Understanding Of Their Flaws

Friends arent perfect. They can be impulsive, stubborn, flakey, easily irritated, and so on. That does not make them bad people it just means they have flaws like you and me. For example, I have a very indecisive friend.

It can be frustrating making plans with them because they have difficulty making decisions. What you have to do is adapt to best suit their most frustrating quality.

When I am meeting with my indecisive friend, I take charge so that they dont have to make any tough decisions, and this works out for both of us.

Fun Ways To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday Without Alcohol

Most people assume that in your 20’s, all you need to celebrate your birthday is loud music and tons of alcohol. However, this is a myth that is not true. There are numerous things you can do to have fun on your 21st birthday without getting wasted. Here is a list of the most fun activities you can engage in.

  • Let your inner child loose. Go for the old fashion kid activities like jumping on the trampoline, sleepovers, and watching scary movies and junk food.
  • Write your hopes and dreams. Get some lanterns and write your dreams and hopes. Everything you want to achieve by the time you get to 29. Light these up and let them float away.
  • Paintball is a great activity that will allow you to be competitive with friends and strangers.
  • Go to a different hotel each day for a week. If there are free deserts, try to see how many you can eat in a night. Be sure to go with friends.
  • Spike some adrenaline. Try some adrenaline-spiking activities like sky diving, bungee jumping, zip-lining, rock climbing, and hot ballooning. Do not worry about the cost. You can always try some of these activities indoors.
  • Splurge. It is important for you to treat yourself to a new hairstyle, new makeup, and maybe a dress and shoes. Also, make sure that you take a lot of pictures so you can remember this day.
  • Host a theme party. Here is your reason to dress up as you wish. It is an excellent way to increase the participation of your friends.
  • Done

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    Start Planning The Occasion In Advance At Least A Month In Advance

    If you want to make major plans then you will need to plan months ahead by making flight and accommodation reservations whether in a hotel or an Airbnb. Flights are usually cheaper when the ticket is bought some months in advance of the intending trip, and the same is true of hotels and Airbnb. And if you do decide to do the restaurant crawl you will need cash and also decide on the restaurants and the likes. If you want to embark your retreat in an Airbnb youll need to save up for the reservation. In short you will need to plan everything in advance.

    Arrange For Cricket Passes


    If your friend is a die heart fan of cricket sports and he has not been to see any cricket match in the stadium, then gifting him cricket passes on his 21st birthday would be the most exciting gift for him.

    I know this can be a little expensive but the smile gained on your friends face will be extravagant.

    It will cost you a bit expensive though but the output would absolutely be amazing and the birthday boy will never forget this memorable gift throughout his life.

    He would never have thought about such a gift in any of his dreams and seeing his happiness will remind you of his successful 21st birthday forever.

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    Prioritize Them When Tension/disaster Arises

    Life is full of sticky situations. It is difficult to make it through life without friends having your back.

    If a conflict arises where you have to choose between your friend and another concern, make your friend the number one priority.

    If they are in desperate need of your help, you cannot delay. You need to support your friend when they need it most.

    A Wide Range Of 21st Birthday Gifts For Men

    For the young man celebrating his 21st birthday make it one to really remember with an impressive personalised gift. Check out our wide range of 21st birthday gifts from alcohol gifts to fun novelty presents, to commemorative birthday gifts that will make the day really stand out and be special.

    Can’t find what you are looking for ? Have you tried our search ?

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    Present Him A Photo Structure

    This is one of the all time struck concepts even in 21st birthday existing concepts, to provide him a photo framework with photos of his childhood till present age. This is a bit stressful job but the output you would certainly obtain would be magnificent.

    For this, you will need to collect some great amount of pictures either from his residence or from his relatives which can be of his birth period, youth, adolescence duration and lastly of his present age. After that you can select the very best pictures from it and also make a collection and can get it framed.

    You with a firm of couple of pals can gift him this photo frame consisting of his youth memories till his existing, therefore in return, you will certainly obtain a priceless smile on the birthday boys face.

    Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

    21st birthday gift for guys

    Anyone whos a big fan of gadgets and electronics will love this raspberry pi starter kit. Including over 220 individual components to use with the raspberry pi, this starter kit also includes 430 pages of detailed tutorials to help them complete 57 different projects. No matter if theyre training to become an electrician, computer programmer, or technician, this gift ticks all the boxes.

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    Consider Setting Aside The Monies For Your Celebration In A Separate Account Or Buying A Piggy Bank To Be Storing Up The Money

    And this is a very good idea if your 21st birthday is perhaps a year or 6 months away. If you can put aside at least $100 every month , by the end of 6 months you have $600 which is a decent amount to celebrate your 21st with. With $600 you could definitely afford a mini vacation to a nearby city or a road trip with friends or ziplining or skydiving. And whats more you are enjoying it all on your own terms with your own money.

    Custom Wine And/or Drink Labels

    Change up the bottles of all the alcohol you will be consuming on your birthday with this fun 21st birthday idea. You can create your own customized labels that you can put on all the alcohol bottles at your birthday party.

    It can be your face, a collage of pictures, a phrase, or whatever else you want. Why have boring labels, when you can create your own? The labels and bottles also make great favors for your guests.

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    Send Out Fun Invites Or Announcements

    This is your day and if you want to create some fun invitations or announcements to send out, go for it. Create a photo collage, a fun design, a mix of the two, or any other idea you would like.

    Put all the information your guests will need to know about your birthday, or announce the fact that you are turning 21. Make it fun, and make people aware of your special day!

    Do it yourself:

    Throw it back to the pre-smartphone era with disposable film cameras. Have them available for guests to use throughout the night.

    Give them no direction, and have them take photos of whatever they want.

    You can develop the film after your birthday and go through the photos to see what your guests have captured. You will have tons of photos capturing candid moments of your special day.

    Do it yourself:

    This 21st birthday idea can be done in a couple of different ways. You can set up a wine tasting, or to go to a brewery to try different beers. You can also have people bring different alcohols for you to try.

    Have everyone bring their favorite, weird, least favorite, or any other type of alcohol and line them up for you to try. You can describe it, rate it and rank all of them. Bring the tasting to you.

    Do it yourself:

    Nowadays, there are many different card games for any scenario. Find a game that you think the group will enjoy and if it does not have a drinking element, add one to it.

    This is a great 21st birthday idea for people who love a good game night.

    Do it yourself:

    Personalised 21st Birthday Gifts For Him


    21st Birthdays in particular are very special birthdays that require a significant amount of celebrating. Whether its a big night out on the town with all their mates or a smaller, more civilised celebration, 21st birthdays are a great occasion that everyone always looks forward to.

    Organising the celebrations however, are the easy bit. What many friends and family members find most difficult is choosing an amazing birthday gift for him. Finding the perfect 21st birthday gift that isnt too pricey yet is something that hell really love is often a tricky task and many people find themselves trudging around the high street looking around aimlessly and coming home empty handed.

    Well with GettingPersonals fabulous range of 21st birthday gifts for him, you can find something fabulous in just a few clicks from the comfort of your home. So what to choose him? A big favourite for boys of all ages is the Personalised Football Book. Choose his favourite team and a beautiful handmade book will be created containing all top newspaper stories from the last 100 years.

    If you really wanted to splash out on his 21st birthday gift, why not opt for one of our amazing Experience Days? A Ferrari Driving Day or a Flying Lesson makes a fantastic gift experience and something that is really memorable for his special birthday.

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    Go To A Sporting Event

    For a sports fanatic, attending a sporting event probably seems like the dream birthday celebration. But even if youre not a superfan, attending a game can still make a great 21st birthday party idea. Sporting events are entertaining without requiring that everyone give their full attention, allowing your friends to chat and mingle while the game is going on. Most sporting events also have a laid back atmosphere that lends itself well to parties that may get a little rowdy.

    via Pexels

    What Should I Get A Man For His 21st Birthday

    Men can be hard to buy for, but often easy to please, especially when you turn to the fantastic selection of 21st birthday gift ideas for him at Gifts Australia.

    The OOZOO Sporty Dark Grey Leather Watch makes for a luxurious timepiece gift with panache and keepsake appeal.

    For the dashing 21st birthday gent, the Navy Bow Tie is another stylish accessory that hes sure to appreciate at all his formal and fun-filled gatherings.

    The VISK! Admiral Shaker with Rosewood Cap is a style-setting addition to his cocktail cabinet thats also designed to be an inveterate crowd pleaser.

    You could choose from the premium range of gourmet food and fine wine gift hampers. The Foodies Hamper, brimful of the cream of local and international gourmet nibbles for sweet and savoury palates, is a classic hamper selection to nourish his inner foodie. Wine lovers would savour the premium flavours of the Australian Shiraz Gift Pack, which features a winning trio of highly recommended reds.

    Or place the gift of choice within reach when you choose a Gifts Australia gift voucher for your 21st birthday guy to redeem his premium gift or experience offered online. Gift vouchers can be made out to any denomination between $50 and $500. They are valid for three years can be instantly emailed, if youre in a hurry, or pre-ordered to arrive expertly gift-wrapped, with the inclusion of a complimentary gift card for you to personalise your 21st birthday message for him.

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    St Birthday Party Ideas

    When it comes to the big 2-1, there are many roads you can take when it comes to party night. Literally, a sign that points to Drunkville and one to calmer waters. Some opt for the classic house party, others may choose to spend their whole night at one specific bar, while the brave go for the all out bar crawl. Whatever path you decide to stumble down, there are steps to take to make your birthday legendary. So check out these birthday gifts for men and women who can finally enjoy their first drink!

    St Birthday Car And Gadget Gifts

    10 Lovable Cool 21St Birthday Gift Ideas 2020

    Toys and gadgets make the perfect 21st birthday gift for boys. Gamers will enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with these Red5 Nova Headphones with built-in mic. For a retro 21st birthday gift this classic Personalised Shamrock Pocket Watch can be engraved with a name and a short message. This Neon Wheel Rim Wall Clock will look great on any wall, perfectly suiting petrolheads and car fanatics. For some real high octane thrills, this Ferrari Driving Experience is bound to give him a memorable adrenaline rush.

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    Have A Karaoke Machine

    Who doesnt love a bit of karaoke? This is a great activity idea for everyone at your 21st to do together and laugh.

    You can sing your favorite songs together, or take turns singing solo or in groups and vote on the best. A classic and simple activity, karaoke is sure to create lots of memories.

    Do it yourself:

    What Is A Traditional Gift For A 21st Birthday

    A traditional gift for a 21st birthday is alcohol as the minimum legal drinking age in the US is 21. For many, its the first time they get to drink alcohol with their friends & family. Ensure they have a fun time with this tipsy tower drinking game and cure their hangover with this essential hangover recovery drink.

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