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Alice In Wonderland First Birthday Party

Onederland First Birthday Party

Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Party | DIY Favor Ideas
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Ive always loved Alice in Wonderland. Its whimsical, fancy and just plain fun. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant with a girl, I already had a first birthday theme in mind. Its the party planner in me, terrible right? I loved the idea of doing an Evie in Onederland First Birthday themed tea party.

Onederland First Birthday Party Ideas

The moment I saw it I knew it was exactly what I was looking for!

I grew up watching one of the later versions of Alice in Wonderland and even shared it with my oldest daughter. There are a lot of different directions you could go with this birthday theme which is what I loved most about it.

I dreamed of a beautiful garden tea party surrounded by flowers and vintage tableware. Find out how I brought this vision to life below!

On the other hand, if your little one has a winter birthday you can turn the Onederland theme into a Winter Onederland.

Here is how to create an Alice in Onederland First Birthday Party.

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Alice In Wonderland First Birthday

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Addies Alice In Wonderland Themed Party 1st Birthday

Dont be late! You are cordially invited to Addies ONEderland birthday bash. No need to jump down the rabbits hole just to experience the whimsical vibe of being in Wonderland. Styled by the wonderful Dianne Khu Designs, the whole setting was nothing but absolute perfection. What a very merry unbirthday! Would you like to go on an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?

For an Alice in Wonderland theme, it is a must to create a big first impression. The colorful entrance set-up complete with Alice and White Rabbits life-sized cut-outs was definitely able to promise a fun-filled adventure. Surely enough to capture your imagination and make the guests excited to what awaits them inside. So what are we waiting for?

Exaggeration is never an issue for this theme. Filled with adorable Alice in Wonderland details such as Mad Hatters hat and Queen of Hearts honeycomb lanterns, the ceiling were just so pretty to look at! The more eccentric and random, the better. Very Instagram-worthy, indeed!

The stage setup for Addies shindig was simply loooovely! Designed with the storys favorite characters, do check out the miniature door that is also one of the storys highlight.

To complement the partys theme, table centrepieces were styled with a selection of mismatched teapots, flower planter, and a miniature cut out of the very clever white rabbit and its clock. The Mad hatter would have been proud.

Addie looks absolutely adorable on her day!

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party

  • WOW! What a wondrful job you did! The glasses, giant wickets and bean bag toss…all amazing! I love the garland of cards with her birthdate. Unfortunately, my daughter was born in 200, so it won’t work for me :(Great job!

  • Thanks! That means a lot coming from you, Donna!I’m hard on myself, keep thinking about all the details I *didn’t* do!

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    Alice In Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Party Favors

    After the party is over, its always great to bring something home with you that will remind you of the party and all the memories associated with it. Especially for kids, its great to give them something that is memorable enough for them to grow into or something that they can use and enjoy at home. Here is our list of some great Alice in Wonderland party favors that will be loved by all of your guests, older and younger!

    Paint The Red Roses Red

    After purchasing fake white roses*, you will need to buy red paint or markers. You can either have guests in teams or as individuals who will do their best to paint their roses red the fastest. You can include time penalties if someone paints their rose sloppily or if the paint is spilled to make it more fun.

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    The Story Of Alice In Wonderland

    Alice, a little girl who falls asleep in a meadow and dreams of following the White Rabbit down a rabbit hole, is the protagonist of the narrative.

    She has many wonderful, often crazy encounters with completely irrational and unusual animals, and her size frequently changes suddenly .

    She meets the hookah-smoking Caterpillar, the Duchess , and the Cheshire Cat, as well as the Mad Hatter and the March Hare during a peculiar everlasting tea party.

    While the Queen orders the killing of practically everyone there, she plays croquet with an uncontrollable flamingo for a croquet mallet and refractory hedgehogs for croquet balls.

    The Gryphon later leads Alice to see the crying Mock Turtle, who recounts his schooling in areas like Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision at the Queens request.

    The Knave of Hearts is accused of stealing the Queens tarts, and Alice is called as a witness in his trial. When the Queen requests that Alice be beheaded, Alice recognizes that the characters are nothing more than a deck of cards, and she wakes up.

    Alice In Wonderland Party Ideas

    1st Birthday Party Prep Baby Girl | Alice in Wonderland

    First, decide which style you want to apply to these Alice in Wonderland party ideas.

    You could take inspiration from the original Lewis Carroll book, which has some wonderful illustrations by John Tenniel, the classic Walt Disney cartoon, which uses lots of bright colors, or the recent Tim Burton film, which has a more fantastical and surreal style with slightly more muted pastel tones.

    Whichever you choose, there are lots of Alice in Wonderland party ideas and decorations below to compliment your theme.

    Personally, I think a combination of the Tim Burton film and the original book illustrations work really well. Kids will love the magical Tim Burton styling, but a few references to the original book will stop your tea party looking too commercial. And you really want to encourage kids to read the book anyway.

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    Alice In Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Menu

    Food makes up a big part of events, especially during parties that are for kids. An Alice in Wonderland themed party is a great way to incorporate sweet treats for all of your guests so that they are sure to have tons of energy the whole day. Here is our list of tasty treats and snacks that everyone can enjoy with their tea during your Wonderland party!

    Alice In Wonderland Party Favors

    Party favors are especially exciting for an Alice in Wonderland theme, as you can use all the images of the book mentioned previously to really give your guests something theyll keep forever. Gift your favors in actual tea cups with ribbons or boxes with the Cheshire cats infamous smile. Gift boxes in the image of a small house with Alices legs and arms sticking out will put a smile on everyones face and the gift box itself becomes a keepsake.

    Actual tea sets are a super cute favor for your birthday guests or the actual Alice in Wonderland book. Other especially sweet favors that tie in with the theme seamlessly are miniature bottles with a Drink Me label paired with treats that say Eat Me. Looking glasses, kaleidoscopes, and bottle cap necklaces with Alice in Wonderland images are also all quirky and memorable party favors that your guests will absolutely love.

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    Alice In Onederland Party Food

    ONEderland mushrooms! Marshmallows with sliced apples on top and a toothpick to hold them together..boom! Mushrooms.

    This yummy cake and the cupcakes were make by a wonderful local lady who makes cakes out of her home. It was perfect! $25 for all of it!!!! Make use of your local & home based businesses, ladies!

    It was a tea party so of course we had to make finger foods! We just made ham and cheese sandwiches, cut the crust off, and cut them into little triangles.

    Add some chips and drinks and the food was taken care of!

    I made these drink labels in the same way that I made the this way, that way signsMicrosoft Word and a printer

    Alice In Onederland Party Ideas

    Modern Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Party

    For Rileys 1st Birthday, mom Katie created a magical tea party for all of her little friends! The partys theme, Riley in ONEderland was inspired by the childhood classic, Alice in Wonderland. Hosted at the adorable bakery, The Sweet Praxis, located in downtown Syracuse, NY, guests enjoyed an afternoon of delightful treats! Lets take a look at the decor and sweets to inspire your own Alice in Wonderland tea party!

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    Alice In Wonderland Themed Cakes

    Lets start with two of the most wonderful Alice in Wonderland themed cakes! While these may be a little ambitious for a childs birthday party, they are simply too amazing not to share.

    First up is a beautiful 3-layer cake with stripes, flowers and wonderful Alice details on the topper. Perched on the top, a gold and white striped mad hatters top hat shares the spotlight with soft pink roses and a few feathers. In addition, the gold stop watch, dangling from the top, stands out against the pastel white and pink watercolors while the middle tier showcases beautiful watercolor flowers. The bottom has bold black and white stripes that balances the design. You can find this and hundreds more beautiful cakes at Starbird Bakehouse.

    Our next Alice in Wonderland Birthday cake is from Suzanne Thorp at the Frostery. The details are amazing. The top tier is actually a pastel green top hat with the 10/6 size . The middle tier has a piped blue and white checkerboard pattern, while the bottom is a soft white with lovely flowers cascading all around. You cant help but smile when you see the mouse curled up in the tea-cup. No wonder Suzanne teachers master classes. This is a cake masterpiece!

    Alice In Wonderland Playing Cards

    Although its not something that all kids will find the use of immediately, it will be cool to have as they grow older and learn to play some fun card games with their family and friends. There are a few Alice in Wonderland-themed playing cards that you can buy depending on whether you want them to match your party theme or not.

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    Alice In Wonderland Party Invitations

    Below are some suggestions for invitations to go with these Alice in Wonderland party ideas:

    I think its important to create a big first impression, so I always try to incorporate some sort of object with the invitationsrather than just relying on a traditional printed card . This is a little trick thats often used by professional party planners to make invitations stand out. People just love to receive unusual invitations. It really captures their imagination and gets them excited about the party.

    For an Alice in Wonderland party, which is already a surreal theme, I think it’s entirely appropriate to be less traditional with the invitations. So you might want to reference the key that Alice finds when she falls down the rabbit hole that lets her into Wonderland.

    Below is a key invitation which I used for a Secret Garden theme party. You can easily create something similar for these Alice in Wonderland party ideas and send them out in these cute box mailers .

    To make these, pick up some ornate keys and attach a small tag with all the party details on .

    Hand write the details onto a decorative shipping tag, or you could have these personalized Alice in Wonderland tag-style invitations printed from supplier 4 then tie them onto the keys yourself.

    Alternatively, you can use these ready made keys and tags from supplier 3 although the tags are quite small so you’d have to keep the text concise. Or tie your own keys onto these cute tea party themed tags .

    Alice In Onederland First Birthday Party Theme

    Alice in Wonderland 1st Birthday Party – Theme Ideas

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    About the Theme

    Fall down the rabbit hole into this fantastic Alice in One-derland 1st birthday party. For Riley’s 1st birthday, her mom Katie, did not forget a single detail, says photographer, Danielle Moran. The party theme, Riley in ONEderland was inspired by the childhood classic, Alice in Wonderland. Guests arrived to a selection of top hats, and a sit-down tea party with their own personalized tea-cup!

    Perfect for kids and nostalgic for adults, both the Lewis Carroll story book and the animated Disney classic provides endless inspiration for a one-year-olds party. At one point in the story, the Mad Hatter celebrates his un-birthday with Alice in Wonderland. While this occasion is quite the opposite, take cues from the eclectic tea party scene: were talking mismatched teacups and saucers, a magician, tiny foods and more.

    Vibe: Whimsical

    Venue Settings

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    Queen Of Hearts Royal Croquet Court

    Jenny had an area with A Royal Croquet Court that paid homage to the Queen of Hearts herself! She used the skirt I made for Halloween as a table skirt. She also painted large wooden playing card guards to watch over the game.

    This was such a GORGEOUS party full of inspiration!

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    Alice In Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Activities

    At kids parties, its important to keep everyone occupied and doing something to make sure that they are content and entertained. For an Alice in Wonderland-themed party, not only is it great to have activities, but if they adhere to the book and/or the movies, then it will be much more fun for everyone to get a taste of that fictional world!

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    Alice In Wonderland Party Games

    Below are some games and activities for all ages to go with these Alice in Wonderland party ideas.

    Buy a set of these ‘design your own tea cup planters’ from supplier 5 and let the party guests decorate their own. You could also send them home with these as party favors.

    Alternatively, pick up some cheap top hats from supplier 5 or colored accordian hats from supplier 3 and provide lots of ribbon, beads, feathers and other embellishments so they can decorate their own Mad Hatters top hat.

    Print this free image of the Cheshire Cat onto cardstock and hide lots of them around the garden and see who can find the most.

    Play a variation of ‘Simon Says…’ called ‘The Queen of Hearts Says…”. You can make this more distinctive by having the person playing the queen wear the wig from the film , or a Queen of Hearts tiara and royal scepter from supplier 5.

    Play musical chairs, but replace the chairs with a selection of cheap mad hats from supplier 5. Every time the music stops they have to race to put on a hat. The one without a hat is out.

    This cheap rabbit ring toss game from supplier 3 is a nice fit for these Alice in Wonderland party ideas.

    These Alice in Wonderland party ideas wouldn’t be complete without a surreal game of croquet. Drill through cheap plastic flamingo lawn ornaments from supplier 5 to accomodate a traditional mallet . Then pick up some hedgehog dog toy balls from supplier 3 to use as balls.

    Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

    Alice in wonderland first birthday decor

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    Alice In Wonderland Party Food

    Of course, no Alice in Wonderland party would be complete without a Mad Hatter’s Tea Partyso check out some tea party inspired recipes below.

    As a professional party planner, Im lucky enough to be able to collaborate with some amazing chefs to create menus for my events. As Im no chef myself and cannot create dishesfrom scratch, Ive searched the web for recipes that I think would work well for this party theme. All credit goes to the talented people that have created these recipes – so please click through to their site for full details, methods, and in some cases step-by-step tutorials.

    For food to go with these Alice in Wonderland party ideas, think ‘English Afternoon Tea‘girls in particular will love this as everything is so delicate and lady-like.

    Traditionally, afternoon tea is brewed in tea pots and served in teacups on saucerswith the option of milk and sugar in from a separate jug and bowls. It’s served with dainty sandwiches cut into small bite-sized triangles with the crusts cut off. Customary fillings are cucumber , egg and cress , ham, or smoked salmon.

    These are accompanied by a selection of tiny cakes or little scones with Devonshire cream and jam, then everything is presented on a tiered cake stand.

    Alternatively, there are a number of Alice in Wonderland cookie cutters or playing card suit cookie cutters to shape sandwiches, pizzas, cheese, or fruit slices. See supplier 3 for all cookie cutter designs.

    Alternatively, try these Edible Topiary’s .

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