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Best Birthday Ideas For Kids

Clarkston Birthday Party Places For Kids

Best Peppa Pig Learning Video for Kids – George’s Birthday Party Adventure!

Wint Nature Center Birthday Parties9501 Sashabaw Road, Clarkston, MI, 248-625-6473, websiteEnjoy nature-themed birthday parties for kids ages 4-12 at Wint Nature Center inside Independence Oaks County Park. Each Oakland County Parks birthday party package includes a nature theme, game, nature craft, or hike.

Set The Party Date And Time

The biggest challenge when it comes to picking a date for your party- is working around the sports and activities that kids enjoy in your town. You obviously don’t want to plan a 2 pm party if most of the kids are at soccer or dance class at that time.

That being said- you’ll never find a date and time that works for everyone!

I suggest you consult with the Moms of 1 or 2 of your child’s best friends to make sure that you are selecting a timeframe that works for them, and then set your plans.

Spend The Night In A Hotel

Grab some clothes and head to a hotel for the night. Make the celebration one they’ll always remember while keeping it on budget. Try the name your own price options that let you decide what you want to pay for the room. The downside is, you don’t get to choose the hotel where you want to stay. But you can select the quality, location, and price, which could work out perfectly for one night away.

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Host A Drive By Birthday Party Parade

Ask friends and family to drive by your home waving, honking, blowing bubbles. They can even toss birthday gifts onto the lawn. Coordinate a time with friends and family locally to parade by and celebrate from a safe distance. Make certain the birthday child is outside to see everyone and wave back.

Cute Birthday Wishes For Kids

Beautiful boho slumber party, sleepover ideas for girls, best teen ...

All kids are super-cute and their cuteness multiplies on their big days. Pick up a cute birthday wish for kids to double their birthday euphoria.

  • On your birthday, wish you a lifelong supply of candies and twinkling smiles. Happy birthday!
  • Small in size, Big in wonders. Happy birthday to the genius kid. May you accomplish greater heights in life.
  • Not all superheros wear capes. Some are gentle and kind like you. This year, I hope you spread your kindness wherever you go. Happy birthday!
  • As you blow out every candle on your birthday cake, I wish all your wishes come true. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the cutest kid in town. Have a joyous birthday filled with cheer and laughter.
  • Sing and dance in joy because its your birthday. Happy birthday, cutie!
  • Waffles and pancakes, loads of memories to make. Have a fabulous party on your birthday. Happy birthday, kid!
  • Another 365 days of fun memories have passed. Cheers for the next 365 days. Special birthday wishes for an extraordinary kid.
  • Warm birthday wishes to a kid who can bring smiles to everyone. Happy birthday!
  • Play in mud and get soaked in the sun. Childhood days are the best days of your entire life. Make crazy memories every single day. Happy birthday!
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  • Hugs and sweet kisses. A bucket filled with warm wishes. Happy birthday! Have a super fun birthday party.
  • Your smiles are like a combination of sunshine and rainbows. May your birthday multiply your smiles and laughter. Happy birthday!
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    Where To Take Kids For Their Birthday

    There are lots of special birthday ideasfor kids that involve an outing. You can find many options for fun little day trips or even a weekend outingto celebrate a birthday.

    This is a great alternative to a traditional party! You can combine an outing with some of the other ideas and have a fun filled birthday weekend!

    Find Everything Birthday From Birthday Express

    Grab your party hats and noisemakers! Birthday Express has nearly25 years in the birthday business, and we know how to throw the party to endall parties. Our birthday party experts know their stuff, and theyre here to help you plan thebiggest bash yet, from choosing a theme to passing out party favors as yourchilds guests head home.Start to finish, we have you covered.

    At, we carry hundreds of party themes thatkids love. Little girls love our unicorn and mermaid party supplies, and boysgo crazy for dinosaurs and Despicable Me. But we dont stop there. In addition to officiallylicensed party supplies like Moana, Minecraft, PJ Masks and Pokemon, BirthdayExpress carries exclusive birthday party supplies that you wont find anywhere else. Our talented teamunderstands what kids love, and has created one-of-a-kind themes like ParisParty, Spa Party and Superhero Party .

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    Messy Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

    For outdoor activities in sunny weather, prep ahead of time by stocking up on old towels and asking parents to dress their kids in old clothes or bathing suits for the party. Afterward , set up the sprinkler and let them run through it a few times to get clean.

    1. Go wild, Jackson Pollock-style! Put out old sheets or butcher paper on the lawn or driveway or in the garage, buckets of washable paint, and let children have at it Jackson Pollock-style. Bonus points: Dump warm spaghetti in the paint bucketsit splatters beautifully when thrown.

    2. Just add water. Two more versions of the wild paint party are to fill water balloons with diluted non-toxic paint and throw them at a sheet, or freeze non-toxic watercolors in ice cube trays and let them paint with the melting cubes. Write a happy birthday message for the honoree with fabric pens.

    3. Make a giant mud pie. Fill the kiddie pool with potting soil and water for a good old-fashioned mud pit. Provide some old pie and muffin tins for making that kid-classic: the mud pie. Let the birthday kid blow out the candles on that cake, too!

    Messy Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

    4. Take a spin!

    5. Plane-apalooza! Make paper airplanes out of various papers and materials like printer paper, aluminum foil, and origami paper, and then stage flying contests. You can also build bigger versions of planes out of cardboard or shoe boxes, and decorate them with stickers.

    Downsize the Guest List

    Best Age And Gender Neutral Kids Birthday Party Ideas

    top 3 easy games for kids birthday party

    While many of the ideas above could be modified to fit any childs special day, there are some themes that are just universal no matter what. Here youll find the best gender-neutral and age-neutral party ideas for your birthday child!

    Ideas for Kids Parties: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party Decor

    If youre a Disney family like we are, you know you can never go wrong with a Mickey or Minnie party, no matter what kid it is! When it comes to toddler birthday party themes nothing can top the classic Mickey or Minnie!

    Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party Decor Here!

    Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas: Finding Nemo and Dory Birthday Party Decor

    Another favorite amongst boys and girls of all ages is Finding Nemo! If youre looking to throw a great Finding Nemo-themed birthday party, Ive got some great ideas for you

    Check Out Finding Nemo and Dorys Birthday Party Decor Here!

    Childrens Birthday Party Ideas: Donald Duck Birthday Party Decor

    Donald Duck is another Disney favorite that makes a great party theme no matter who it is! We had a great time with this one and it was the perfect option for our little Donald Duck fan.

    Check Out Donald Duck Birthday Party Decor Here!

    Ideas for Kids Birthday Party: Sunshine Birthday Party Decorations

    Who doesnt love sunshine? This is a great theme no matter the kid or the time of year! Summer party? Yes! Winter party? Makes the room feel warmer!

    Check Out Sunshine Birthday Party Decorations Here!

    Kids Theme Party: Monkey Party Decor

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    Coolest Kid Birthday Party Ideas

    In this kid birthday party themes section, weve included all of our party themes suitable for the 8-12 age group. At these ages kids are on their way to pre-teen-hood. It is usually very important for them to be with good friends. Its best to get them involved with the planning of the party and having them decide all kinds of important things regarding the party .

    Parties can be held inside the home or outside the home . At these ages, kids usually want more challenges and you might need to put more thought and creativity in the decorations, invitations, and activities for the party. Parties can have a bunch of kids or just a few good friends .

    At these ages kids have more patience and can stay for much longer, you can have birthday party themes that are longer than the regular 2-hours .

    You can have riddles, memory and mystery games, or any other activities that result in using the mind. This age group can usually cope with the idea of winners and losers, so games can become a bit more competitive if you choose .

    If you do choose to have competitive activities, its also nice to have a few everyone wins activities so that everyone still feels like a winner. For example you can have a scavenger hunt that is geared to older kids .

    Organizing kid birthday parties can be challenging with this age group. They have usually outgrown the playground but might not be ready for teenage activities yet. It really depends on your child and what will make them the happiest.

    What Type Of Birthday Party Is Best

    With so many options out there, its important to start with some research before planning your childs special day.

    First of all, its important to determine how long the birthday party should last. For younger children, two to three hours is plenty of time for everyone to enjoy the festivities.

    Secondly, you need to crunch the numbers and think about your budget. How much should you spend on a birthday party?

    Kids dont think about the cost and as much as you want to make your children happy, it shouldnt break your bank. There are amazingoptions out there for an incredible childrens birthday party at a reasonable price!

    Now, its time to pick your activity and get this party started. And because we love you, we added a little bonus at the end.

    Follow us to learn about 3 of the best kids birthday party ideas!

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    Budget Birthday Party Ideas To Wow Your Toddlers Mind

    It comes once a year, so of course you want it to be super-duper special, but pulling off a toddler birthday party without spending a lot can be a puzzler. Luckily for you, little kids are pretty easy to please.

    These budget birthday party ideas for toddlers are cost-consciousbut also super easy and fun!

    Make a Mess!

    Theres no need to spend a bunch of cash when the simple pleasure of getting super messy is every toddlers dream. While this idea works best for warm-weather birthdays, weve got a few indoor-friendly ideas for rainy days, too.

    + Great Places For Kids Birthday Parties In Cincinnati


    Do you have a special childs birthday party to plan? Whether its a first birthday, Sweet 16, or anything in between you have lots of choices when it comes to great birthday party places in the Cincinnati area!

    Throw a memorable bash with our list of places to host your childs birthday party. We broke the list up into indoor birthday party places and outdoor birthday party places, making it easy for you can find the perfect venue for your special celebration.

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    Tweens And Teens Ages 11 To 17

  • Gamer – Give the gamer in your life a party he or she will never forget. Host a home tournament with multiple stations or collect your quarters and visit an arcade for an afternoon of fun.
  • Teatime – This birthday party is totally insta-worthy. Dress up in your fanciest teatime attire and channel your inner royalty. Serve warm beverages along with finger sandwiches and bite-sized desserts. Pick up vintage cups and saucers from a local antique shop and let guests take them home as favors.
  • Pool Party – Find a neighborhood pool or YMCA where the birthday boy or girl can spend the day splashing and having a blast with their peeps. Serve poolside snacks, pizza and an ice cream cake for the win.
  • Cook Off – Up for some tasty competition? Host a cook off party. Split into groups of two or three and give each team a mystery food basket. Pick a theme like appetizers, pasta or baked goods and see what treats they whip up.
  • Movie Night – Cue the popcorn, snacks, comfy clothes and takeout its movie night. Start early in the day to allow for plenty of time for all their favorite films.
  • Make Pizza – Purchase dough, sauce, cheese and lots of topping choices and let the group get creative.
  • Escape Room – Can your birthday crew decipher the clues and get out in time? Visit a local escape room or order an online kit and host your own.
  • Camp Out – Take the party to the great outdoors with a camping party. Start the day with tent races and finish with hot dogs, smores and songs around the fire.
  • Sports Birthday Party Theme

    This could be a general sports theme or specific to your childs favorite sport. You will find tons of plates, napkins, and party accessories for this theme which make it easy.

    You could also add in your childs favorite professional sports team and use their teams colors.

    Sports Birthday Party Ideas

    Games to Play

    I would pick 2-3 sports to play during the party. Kickball or soccer would be a great group game.

    Football Challenge

    Use a large piece of cardboard or tarp and cut holes in it to use as a football throwing challenge.

    Dribbling Challenge

    Put out cones on your driveway for the kids to dribble around and see who can make it through the course the fastest.

    Baseball Targets

    Set up targets made of pool noodles or aluminum cans to knock down by throwing baseballs.

    Water Balloon Baseball

    In the summer, play water balloon baseball. Fill up water balloons and then pitch them to the kids to hit with a baseball bat. If kids hit the balloon they advance to first base if they dont after 3 pitches theyre out.

    For the table decorations find small foam sports balls to use as a centerpiece or spread around the table. Then at the end of the party let the kids each pick one to take home.

    A unique gift idea for a sport-loving kid is a cool Sports Subscription Box. A monthly box filled with items for their favorite sport. Pick your childs age then pick between baseball, soccer, football, hockey, basketball or mixed sports.

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    Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme

    This fun cartoon is a favorite of many little kids. Each character in the show has a different job to do and you can use this to make fun games for the party. Your childs favorite character can help you decide on colors for the theme to match the character.

    Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

    Rubble Game

    Use your sandbox or sand table and fill it with little construction trucks for the kids to play. They can move boulders with the construction trucks just like Rubble.

    Give the kids firemen plastic hats and spray water guns at balloon targets like Marshall.

    Chase Game

    Play Cops and Robbers game to be like Chase. Pick two kids to be cops and have the rest be robbers. The Police officers stand in the middle and the robbers line up on two sides. When you say go, the Robbers try to get to the other side without being tagged by the police officer. Last kid left wins.

    Snack Ideas

    Make it a dog theme by buying new unused dog bowls and putting the kids snacks in them.

    Dress Up

    Get the kids into the theme by having them wear a construction hat, fireman hat, or police badge.

    Goody Bag Ideas

    Kids will love these customized Paw Patrol Goody bag items with the birthday boys name.

    This cute customizable Paw Patrol Backpack would make a great gift to go along with the theme too!

    Planes Trains And Automobiles Party

    8 Fun and Easy Birthday Party Game Ideas!

    If your child is fascinated by things that go, this transportation-themed party is definitely a step in the right direction. With easy-to-make cupcake toppers and decorations you probably already have on hand, this party is a breeze.

    See More Photos: DIY Favors and Decorations for Kids’ Birthday Parties

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    The Bottom Line On The Best Toys For Kids

    Looking for the perfect toys for kids can be a challenge, but it need not be an insurmountable one. You should be able to find some birthday gift ideas among this list of kids toys, from Legos to science gifts, just take your pick. Just think safety first, and remember: When it comes to birthday gifs for kids, fun plus educational is an unbeatable combination.

    PopSci wants to help you find the most useful and expert shopping recommendations for the best gift ideas. Searching for more unique gifts? Check out more gift guides here: Relaxing Gifts, Educational Gifts, and more Great Gift Ideas.

    Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

    John McCormick / Shutterstock

    Michigans biggest state park, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is a testament to everything that is great about this state.

    More than 60,000 acres of unspoiled beauty can be seen here.

    When you come to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, you can focus on the wonders of the world and how youre able to appreciate them.

    There are some 90 miles of land available for hiking at the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.

    There are also places to go skiing and play disc golf.

    You should also make sure to get a glimpse of Lake of the Clouds.

    Nicknamed The Porkies, the Porcupine Mountains deserve respect from everyone who visits them.

    Upon your arrival, you should be touched by how glorious it is and be thrilled by all there is to do.

    With Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, theres no question that this is one of the most gorgeous states in the country.

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