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Thank You Gifts For Birthday Guests Adults

For A Just Because Party:


Recently, a friend of ours had a favorites party and we love the idea. Ask each party guest attending to bring their favorite simple luxury for everyone joining the party. This could be their favorite ingredient, spice, cookies, beauty tool, notebook, wherever it is that fits their fancy. Be sure to cap the $ as they are bringing one of their favorites for each person and this isnt about breaking the bank, rather having their favorites have a moment in the spotlight!

Lucky To Have You Clover Kit

This DIY plant kit brings life to any space! The kit includes a clover plant seed packet, peat pellet, and wooden cube planter. A peat pellet is a condensed mix of soil and fertilizer that stimulates growth and expands to normal soil consistency once submerged in water. This creates a well-balanced environment for the clover plant to thrive right on a desk! The wooden planter cube features exclusive Someone Like You Is Hard To Find & Lucky To Have!

Remember Who Gave What

Here are some ways to keep track of who gave each gift:

  • Place the attached card inside the box or bag with the gift immediately after you open it.
  • Jot down the name and item as you open the gifts so you won’t forget who gave you what.
  • If you are opening your gifts in front of a large group at a party, have someone else write the names and items.

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Cheers To You 60th Birthday Personalized Playing Card Case

As you get older, we tend to reconnect or rediscover a lost love for card games.

Whether its bridge, poker or even blackjack having a set of cards within arms reach is always a good idea.

And since youre playing cards anyway, why not do with your very own personalized set?

That way, every time one of your party guests invites you over for a poker/bridge night theyll have your playing card case all ready for action.

Im no doctor. But I am qualified to prescribe you these pills.

Cmon, have some sense of humor!

These hilarious bottled favors are all dressed up with an authentic pharmaceutical label personalized with the name of the birthday celebrant.

Hows that for a holy sh*t, thats hilarious response?

Your Childs Birthday Party

Top 10 Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults 2020

#17 We were so excited that your family was able to come to s birthday party. We know the drive was long for you and appreciate that you made the trip up for the party. The party was so much fun, even if didnt quite understand why so many people were watching him eat cake. Also, thank you for the you brought for .

#18 Thanks for attending the birthday party for and for bringing him a gift. We always enjoy having you around as you are super fun. is still talking about the jokes you told him and trying hard to retell them to his friends. Its adorable.

#19 Celebrating s at the bowling alley was fun! Thank you for bringing your kids and for the gifts. We appreciate that your family took time out of your weekend to spend the afternoon with us.

#20 Thank you for coming to my daughters birthday party. was excited to meet you. Turning 5 was a big deal for her. She loved the outfit that you gave to her.

#21 We were delighted that you came to our sons birthday party. We also appreciate the clothes and the new game for him. The gifts were thoughtful and will be put to use soon!

#22 Thank you for coming to celebrate birthday. The party was so much fun, and I enjoyed visiting with you while the kids played. Also, thanks for bringing the cake!

#23 The birthday party was a huge success! had a great time playing with your children. We were all happy that you were able to make it! Thanks for the gifts too!

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Thoughtful Thank You Messages For Birthday Gifts

Nowadays, it seems like most of the people are forgetting the tradition of saying thank you in response to all the birthday presents and wishes that are received. While many people choose to skip it, the truth is that this gesture is actually expected from a person under all circumstances. By ignoring it, one can come out to be as offensive and rude. After all, why should not thank those who contributed their time and energy, to making your birthday special?So this year, do not hesitate to say thank you to anyone who has sent you a gift or a wish. This way, you will be able to make them feel like their efforts are highly appreciated and that you do care about their gestures. In order to help you out, we have compiled a list of thank you wishes for birthday gifts. These wishes and quotes happen to be totally timeless so they can be used during any season and year.These quotes will simply allow you to go beyond the same old thank you, and add a little bit of flavor to your words. So try to take the most out of it, and do not lose such an opportunity to strengthen bonds further.

Things To Consider: Avoid Food

When kids get older you can put in some candy, but at 1 years old keeping food out is a way to avoid allergies, choking hazards and sugar if parents arent offering that yet.

If you do want to give out something yummy, a clementine with a little Smiley face drawn on it is adorable and a nice simple snack. Or an organic fruit pouch is a safe bet .

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Th Birthday Can Coolers

I know, I know The movie script said whiskey, not beer. But personally, I find whiskey glasses pretty expensive to give away as souvenirs, and Im trying to help you keep the cost down.

Note: If you can afford them, then youre more than welcome to get these personalized whiskey glasses.

Beer can coolers are just as cool, and they stay that way!

Personalized 60th Birthday Wine Gift Box


Its one thing to get a nice little label for your wine bottles. Its a whole other thing to wrap it on this gorgeous 60th birthday black & gold wine gift box.

Just like Apples $1,000 iPhone isnt packaged in a cheap flimsy box, neither should your favors be.

Note: Several studies in the past decade showed that packaging has a huge effect on our perception of products.

And the good news is these wine favors wont cost you nearly as much as $1,000

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Birthday Thank You Gifts For Guest

Th Birthday Party Mints

With all the sacking and drinking in your party, your guests could use little party mints to take the edge off.

Each package comes with 50 party mints, all individually wrapped for a small party one package should be more than enough for your guests.

For a bigger party youll need several bags So go nuts .

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Vinebox Single Varietals Tasting Box

Most adults enjoy a glass of wine, but gifting a bottle can be difficult if you don’t know that person’s preferences. Why not give them a wine tasting experience from the comfort of their home?

VineBox’s Single Varietals Tasting includes nine hand-selected wines by the glass and comes with tasting notes for each 10 centiliter pour. The company likes to focus on wines that have a rich history and are not mass-produced. So you can rest easy knowing that the wines you are gifting are as unique as the person receiving them.

Thank You Care Package

Top 10 Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults 2020

This thoughtful gift is sure to send your sincerest thanks most memorably and deliciously. Express your gratitude with this dual-handled gift basket in soft leather, brimming with gourmet goodies and perfectly savory pairings. Each gourmet basket is carefully assembled and accentuated with a hand-tied satin ribbon with an option to make it a personalized gift.

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Diy Mason Jar Cocktail Party Favors

Mason jars are all the rage right now. Which is probably amusing to the birthday celebrant, since mason jars have been around since well before he or was born!

These adorable mason jar party favors would be perfect for just about any party theme other. You could change the colors of the ribbons or the straws, use personalized mason jars so many different options.

Be sure to read the article on Something Turquoise as the blogger has loads of advice on choosing the right kind of soda as well as other helpful tips.

Vintage Candy Gift Box

When words alone wont do it, nothing gifts is better than a great big oversize box of candy! The Vintage Candy Gift Boxes bring back sweet forgotten childhood memories , drawing out truly nostalgic memories! This exceptional gift helps you say thank you in a light and fun way. Loaded with nearly three pounds of vintage candy memories, which are appropriate for all candy eatin ages.

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Personalized Holy Cow 60th Birthday Cakepop Favors

Holy cow, Michelle is 60 again?!

Same cute design, different chocolate favor.

This time it isnt Oreos, its delicious cake pops.

Just like the Oreos, you can completely revamp the design, including getting rid of the cow .

Note: You can choose from three cake flavors, three flavors of icing, and your favorite drizzle colors.

What are you waiting for? Put your creative hat on and create your very own personal cake pops.

Theres no chance your guests will say no to these

Diy Doily Wrapped Candy Bars

Opening Birthday Gifts From YOU! (Unboxing Part 3)

Simply elegant, but deceptively simple to make! These adorable candy bar favors are perfect for a tea party or other 75th birthday party for a woman.

Just wrap a candy bar in a doily , tie it with a matching ribbon, and add an elegant thank you card.

I love the way shes created the tiered cake stand look by simply stacking tea cups and saucers on top of each other.

I found the picture on Ruffled Blog unfortunately no details, but you might want to look there for further inspiration.

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Thank You Note Examples

Even if the gift isn’t a tangible item, you should still thank the person. One of the best birthday gifts someone can offer if you’re a new mom is a few hours of babysitting or an afternoon at a spa. A great gift from a neighbor would be to have your lawn mowed or shrubs trimmed.

Here are some birthday thank you note examples for tangible gifts:Dear Bridget,Thank you for the beautiful hand-painted scarf. As soon as I opened the box, I thought of how perfect it would look with my navy suit and yellow silk blouse. Maybe Ill wear it when I see you at the class reunion next summer.Love,

_________________Dear Joan,Thank you for such a delightful spa package. You couldnt have given me a better birthday gift. I plan to use it to relax after I finish reconciling the financials in all my quarterly reports. It will be so relaxing and a great way to get my mind off of business! I cant wait to see you again.Friends always,


Dear Jack,Thank you for the golf glove, balls, and tees. If the weather holds up, let’s plan to meet at the course soon. Maybe with all my new golf accessories I’ll be able to shoot closer to par.Your buddy,


Dear Myra,Thank you for the basket of goodies you gave me for my birthday. I’ll enjoy the mug every single morning as I drink my coffee, and the chocolate truffles will give me that quick afternoon lift I need. Let’s get together soon so we can catch up on all the latest.Always pals,


Personalized Cocktail Mix Party Favors

Your guests will toast your good taste when you present them with these festive personalized cocktail mix party favors!

Choose a margarita or cosmo mixeach mix is available in many birthday designs.

A wonderful stand alone gift , or pair them with a mini bottle of liquor. Read the comments on the product page for more pairing options.

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Bones Coffee World Tour Gift Box

The person who always has a cup of coffee in their hands will love getting a gift box of coffee beans. This small-batch brand from Florida is well-known for its flavored roasts, but the World Tour collection includes five 4-ounce Single-Origin coffees so they can add finesse through creamers and syrups. You also have the option between ground and whole bean, so be sure to do some digging to see if they have a coffee grinder before making your purchase.

Delectable Lavender Lemon Cakes

Top 10 Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults 2020

Hosting a sweet, summer-style celebration? Give your guests a party favor they’ll savor to the last bite.

Directions: To make these personal lemon cakes, cut one lemon in half. Hollow out both sides of the lemon and fill with a lavender lemon cake recipe of your choosing. Tie the lemon closed with a piece of twine. Place the tied, batter-filled lemon in tin foil and bake in the oven. Once the cakes are done, place a few sprigs of lavender inside the twine as a pretty garnish, add a creative label and watch your guests enjoy their scrumptious desserts. Design by Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry. Photography by Carly Taylor

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Etsy Grateful & Thankful Candle Gift

Candles are always an appreciated thank you gift. This pick from ETSY seller, TheGiftGalaShop, will burn one of 42 unique scents in either an eight or 16-ounce glass jar. These candles use soy wax and are free from toxins such as phthalates, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re breathing in. We recommend choosing the option that allows you to customize the gift box. You can write a message to show just how much their act of kindness meant to you.

Everyone knows a person that loves to entertain, or even whip up a small charcuterie board for a solo night in. This package from Harry & David includes three types of cheese and salami, taking the guesswork out of that night’s spread. You can also give them a bottle of wine if you know their favorite variety to provide a complete experience.

Pair The Candles With: Ensemble Du Chocolat

Our most lavish gift offers to assuage every chocolate desire. The Ensemble du Chocolat is an elegant way to quench cravings and experience our very best. Our round keepsake gift box houses a lovely array of haut-chocolat to sample, nibble, snitch and share . Lift the purple lid to reveal exotic truffles, fluffy marshmallows, rich peanut butter bonbons and a Bombalina. This gift was dreamed up with your soirees, friends and corporate gifts in mind – a picturesque presentation, perfectly suited for special clients or as the centerpiece of your dessert table. Serves about 10-15 people.

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Movie Themed Birthday Party

If someone is more into film than books, go with a movie theme! Go all-in on decor and trivia for a classic film or a modern series .

Consider an entire genre, like animation, classics, horror, or something obtuse like French New Wave. Get a projector and have movies playing silently in the background and decorate with movie posters.

Fabulous & Fifty Wine Glass Charm

a gift for mom’s birthday

I HATE losing my drink whenever Im at a party.

I put it on the table, go dancing for a minute and when I come back, I cant tell my glass apart from everyone elses! And if Im very unlucky, I end up using some poor old guys glass.

How awful?

I dont know why, but these cute fifty wine glass charms made me daydream about just how often it has happened to me.

Anyhow, how cool are these cute little wine glass charms?

Theyre awfully charming, handy and reusable! So in case you accidentally use someone elses glass, at least itll have a cute 50 & Fabulous wine charm on it to leave you a better taste in your mouth .

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Adult Birthday Party For A Specific Age

#12 Thank you for attending my 70th birthday party. I am starting to feel over the hill. I had a great day with my friends and family celebrating together.

#13 You have always been special to me, and I am thankful that you were able to attend my 50th birthday party. Weve had a lot of fun over the years and last nights party is another time I will not soon forget.

#14 The party last night was fun and a big surprise as I turned 60. The cake you made was excellent too. Thank you for being part of my special day. I am amazed that was able to keep the party a secret.

#15 I feel so blessed to have such great friends at the age of 75. The party felt very special as its been many years since I had a birthday party. Thank you for coming and enjoying the cake. Its always nice to visit with you as well.

#16 Thank you for coming to my 30th birthday party! I feel like an adult now that Im out of my twenties. The dinner at house was perfect.

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