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How To Make A Birthday Flyer In Photoshop

How To Create An Awesome Birthday Flyer With Free B

How to design your own HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flyers | Photoshop Flyer Tutorial For Beginners

Are you hosting a huge birthday party or corporate anniversary party or a company birthday celebration event? You definitely need to hand out flyer invitations to all guests in advance. Whether you are on-budget and dont have time and resource to hire a professional designer for creating a beautiful birthday flyer design, then the best way is to use pre-designed free birthday flyer templates.

Free b-day flyer templates are the easiest and cost-effective way to create a personalized invitation flyer design. You dont have to be a professional designer in order to customize a flyer template. Basic editing skills in Photoshop is what you need. Bellow, you can find some really professional and effective free birthday flyer templates for all types of birthday events, be it a girls birthday party, kids birthday party, corporate birthday party or any other birthday celebration. All the templates are created with one purpose, to simplify all the customization tweaks. Thanks to PSD format and smart objects, you can quickly change colors, add birthday party event date and details, insert in one click a photo or graphics, etc. All the templates designs are made of bright colors, thematic birthday elements like cakes, candles, balloons, etc.

Need more free birthday party flyer templates ideas? Feel free to find a perfect b-day invitation design using one of these 70+ Free PSD Birthday Invite Templates in PSD.

Use The Promotional Flyers To Print And Change The Size In One Click

You can download the created design in JPG, PNG or PDF format so that you can send them to print to your favorite printing place.

You can also change the size in a single click by selecting the format you need, either for paper or in digital format to share on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. With the “Change Size” button you will see how the design adapts automatically, so you don’t have to redesign your composition again.

How To Create A Greeting Card Template In Photoshop

In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a card template in Photoshop for a birthday card that you can customize using different styles, colors, and typography. This is a wonderful way to go the extra mile for your loved ones on their birthday.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

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It Can Be Kept As Part Of The Souvenir

The beauty of these invitations is that, once you receive it, you may likely put it somewhere noticeable in order for you to be reminded. May it be on the fridge door, bulletin board, pin board, memory board, letter holder etc. Even after the event, you still want this as a part of your for keeps, with that, you may likely put it inside your treasure box or memory box.

How To Choose A Color Scheme And Font For Your Printable Card

Birthday Party Out Free PSD Flyer Template

We will use a handmade doodle style for this tutorial.

For the color scheme, we are going to choose from a trending scheme on Coolors. Here we are using:

  • Teal: #45C2C9
  • Orange: #F6895F
  • Pink:#EA5370

Now that you have your style and color scheme in place, it’s time to finalize a font for your birthday card.

In this tutorial, we have used the Chamberline and Doodle font since it goes well with our handmade style. You can explore more fonts on Envato Elements under the Fonts tab.

Once youve completed these steps, you will have all your tools ready. Now comes the fun part! Its time to design our birthday card.

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What Are The Best Sites To Find Free Flyers

While the World Web offers a big number of resources with free and paid flyer templates, not all of them might live up to your expectations. You can always check on our list of 10 great sites with graphic materials but today wed like to talk about our top choice resource Run by a close-knit team of trained designers this reliable site offers a massive choice of event flyers.

On Elegantflyer you can either purchase top class templates for an affordable price, or download free samples that look just as stylish and professional. Simply open a category Free Flyers Templates, and choose a file that meets your goals and preferences. Smart outlay of the site will make the searching process quick and enjoyable.

How Do You Download A Free Template From Elegantflyercom

The process of downloading free files from Elegantflyer is quick, easy and completely safe. Follow this short guideline to save any file within minutes:

Visit and open the category All Freebie

In the dropdown menu bar choose the category Flyers and the site will redirect you to, the section of Free Flyers Templates

Scroll through the pages and pick a sample which matches your event

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Follow Along With This Tutorial: Download The Freebie Files

The freebie for this tutorial is just a small sample of the quality you can expect to find in The Inspiring Creators Artistic Bundle for just $29 . With this new design bundle you will have everything you need to start creating stunning designs and saving precious time in your projects!

An Online Post Or A Printed Flyer Its Up To You

How to design your own HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flyers | Photoshop Flyer Tutorial For Beginners

The means of promoting an event always depend upon a target audience. In the modern world where we cant imagine ourselves outside of the online communities, PS files suitable for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter posts can attract thousands of followers. On the other hand, printed flyers remain an efficient advertising tool. Whichever option you choose, theres no need for you to tailor files from scratch. It is enough to download ready-made templates from a professional site, and customize them hassle free in Adobe Photoshop.

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What Free App Can I Use To Make A Flyer

A design assignment is one of the most tedious parts of the work-family when you have Canva installed as an app, freeing your mind and the business. Our drag-and-drop flyer maker can be adjusted to fit any design. Using Canvas flyer creator is free. The flyer will not cost you to design, download, or share.

How To Create A Fun Birthday Card Design In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create a fun and playful birthday card design in Photoshop. To do this we will be using elements from Creative Veilas Fabric Kingdom. This pack is a part of The Inspiring Creators Artistic Bundle and is a very fun and versatile toolkit with actions, brushes, graphic styles, and a wide variety of vector elements to design with. In this lesson we will be making use of a small handful of these elements along with a few free typefaces to create our card design. If you are all ready to begin then lets head over to Photoshop and get started!

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Save Time In Making Flyers With Edraw Max

Adobe Photoshop is a sophisticated tool with multiple advanced features. It can be quite time-consuming and frustrating to use Adobe Photoshop, especially for creating content from scratch. It is why we recommend using Edraw Max, which is the best drawing tool on the internet. So, if you don’t want to waste time and energy learning how to create a flyer in Photoshop, then you should use Edraw Max online.

Not only is Edraw Max a quick and simple alternative to Photoshop but it also offers a lot of cool advantages like:

1.Time Saver

You can create different kinds of visual content like flyers, brochures for posters with stool in just a few minutes by using multiple premade templates!

2.Many Cool Features

Edraw Max offers many cool features for its uses which make it a fun tool to experiment with and make creative content.

3.Low Subscription

This diagrammatic software is much cheaper as compared to its competitors, such as Adobe Photoshop, which costs $359.88/year, whereas Edraw only requires $119.4/year. So, you’re saving a lot of extra money!

4.Abundant Symbols

Edraw Max Online has a vast library of abundant symbols for all kinds of charts and diagrams.

5.Easy to Use

With a user-friendly interface and simple drawing tools, it is a very easy software to use.

6.Cross-Platform Accessibility

Edraw Max is available for different operating systems, which include Linux, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. It makes accessible across different devices.

How Do I Make A Poster In Photoshop 2020

15 Free Birthday Party Flyer Templates
  • In his first step towards blending textures, Arajo presented a poster-sized image with a background that looked ape grain, a file that simulates the appearance of paper.
  • Create a mixing board using some media.
  • Simply type it in.
  • Liquify your letters so they are as close to the ground as possible.
  • Stand up for it
  • Your message must be shaped
  • Put it up in a word processor and tch it up and send it out.
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    Can You Create A Flyer In Photoshop

    Youll learn how to create flyer using Adobe Photoshop for an event in this tutorial. Here is a template and the techniques you need to use if you want to design flyers for a variety of events fundraisers, parties, etc. To open a template file in Photoshop, select it, then click Open. Choose File, Open, and navigate to the template file youve provided.

    Why Are Birthday Flyers Important

    Invitations comes in a form of physical or the digital , either way, it is very important to consider having an invitation as a part of your planning for your event as well as planning your birthday menu. This invitations play a very essential role in guiding your guests as to the specifics of your event. Here are four reasons as to why it is important to send invitations to your visitors as you organize your birthday party:

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    What Should An Invitation Include

    There are many things that almost all invitation flyers, brochures or posters must include. Youll want to let your guests know the purpose, the time , the place, special instructions , and dress code .

    It feels really great to be invited with such occasions especially if the celebrant is our very close friends or loved ones. We get very excited with what gifts we should give, what birthday card messages we should write and what birthday speeches we should speak. When you are one of the organizers for planning the event, availing the read-made online birthday invitations, flyers, brochures and posters could be a great help for you.

    How To Add The Sound Wave

    Party flyer Design in Photoshop | Birthday Flyer Design in Photoshop 2020

    In this section, we’re going to add the sound wave. Open the sound wave AI file in Adobe Illustrator, select the top sound wave shape, and press Control-C to copy it. Return to the Photoshop flyer file, select the top layer in the Layers panel, and press Control-V to paste it as a shape layer. Then, press Control-T to open up the transform options and set the Width and Height of the layer to 45.78%. After that, Double-click on this layer thumbnail, choose the color #ffffff, and name this layer Sound Wave.

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    It Sets The Tone Of Your Party

    One of my most favorite thing about invitation flyers is that it conveys the totality and overall mood of the party. For example, if you are throwing a huge and fancy party, it complements as well with the invitations that your are making. If youre hosting a simple, intimate and elegant party, it displays on your flyers as well. Creating invitations will give you the opportunity to leash out your creativity. Youll not only enjoy the process of making it but also provides a healthy way of letting your guests know what to expect and even what to wear for your party.

    How To Make A Flyer In Photoshop

    Step 1 Open Photoshop

    Open Adobe Photoshop on your desktop. Wait for it to load as Photoshop can take a few seconds to launch.

    Step 2 Select New Canvas

    For this tutorial, we will use the standard flyer size, i.e., 9×12 inches. Enter these specifications and set the resolution to 300 PPI and color mode to CMYK. Finally, click on create to launch the canvas.

    Image Source:

    Step 3 Create Flyer

    Now you can start designing your flyer by first for selecting the background color. Go to the color tool on the left side. Select a color according to your taste and liking and click ok. Now you can add text from the text tool. Remember that in Photoshop, there are different layers for each tool that you use, so if you want to make adjustments, for example, in the text, then you have to select the text layer from the panel on the right side of the window.

    You can make advanced adjustments in background text and images by using different tools under the change in the formatting pane on the right side of the screen.

    Steps 4 Customize

    Once you have designed the flyer, you can further customize it by adding other details as you likefor example, your company logo, name of your brand, official website, etc.

    Step 5: Save

    When the flyer is complete, go to the File tab and click on save. Enter the credentials for your file to select the desired location. Finally, click on save.

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    How To Export Your Flyer Design

    Another great advantage of using Edraw Max is that it offers different saving options to store your file. The excellent save and export feature of Edraw max allows you to store your file in local storage as well as cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also export your file in different commonly used file formats for software like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, or Adobe.

    To conclude, Edraw Max is the best alternative to not only Photoshop but all other drawing tools available out there.

    + Free Photoshop Birthday Party Flyer Templates

    Check out Elegant Birthday Flyer

    Planning for a surprise birthday party? And need a creative fun invitation for your friends or family then we have a great and bright collection of Free Birthday Party Flyer Templates. Our birthday party invitation collection features many beautiful designs suitable for all kind of and all ages birthday parties. This collection of printable birthday party invitation is very easy to use, just download and customize them with the required tool and get them printed. Birthday parties are always eventful and exciting for kids and adults of all ages, and a birthday invitation is an essential step in the party preparation process that lets your guest know about the events and amusement which would be going to hold.

    Every birthday party is different, so finding a perfect and suitable birthday party invitation for your event can take a lot of time and effort. We at Template Updates make this easy for you by bringing a large collection of free birthday party flyer templates. If you are planning to organize any birthday party for someone you love like kids, partner, or parents then you must use our sweet party flyer templates. In the collection, you would also find some beer party flyer templates that can be used for any adult-themed birthday party. These birthday party invitations are designed in a way where you can keep all the details of everything you have planned so you can be sure that nothing is overlooked and missed out at the event. Kids Birthday Invitation Flyer Templates

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    Y Flyer Ideas To Customize Online

    If you are looking for posters to advertise your party in a big way, you can also find free editable party poster templates at On the online editor you can fully customize the templates to your design:

    • Modify texts and play with fonts: insert different fonts and change the size of the texts.
    • Select the colors of your choice, combining your corporate colors with the party’s characteristic colors
    • Use photos from the editor or upload your own to show what the event will be like or what the attendees can expect
    • Upload your logo or watermark to further personalize the flyer
    • And much more! You can use the thousands of free resources of the editor

    Free Birthday Flyer Templates

    What can be better than a birthday party? Only a good birthday party. Such parties are special, because we always want everything to be perfect. Of course, a birthday party is impossible without guests. Impressive invitations are right what you need. A good option is to use a professionally designed flyer. Sometimes, people keep invitation flyers after the party, because those flyers are well-designed. A flyer should attract people and provide them with certain information. There are dozens of factors you should consider. Luckily, you can get free birthday flyers template without any problems today. offers high quality, easy to customize flyers. We have free birthday flyers templates as well. Our team can customize a flyer according to your requirements and you will get a unique design. The templates we provide are PSD files. Therefore, you can easily modify them. Photoshop files support multi-layer structure, so elements are on separate layers. It makes the customizing process a lot easier and faster. The template you can download for free is fully-printable. You can download and print it immediately as it has all necessary crop areas. The file you get is 100% ready to use. Download our printable free birthday flyers templates. offers high quality templates only.

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