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Birthday Gift For Administrative Assistant

Thank You Wish Bracelet

Hershey Bar Candy Bouquet Mason Jar Gift- Administrative Professionals Day

$4.45This simple wish bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for a secretary, assistant, or anyone else for whom youd like to show your appreciation. As the included card explains, the gift recipient will make a wish as they tie their bracelet around their wrist. When the bracelets string ultimately breaks, their wish is meant to come true!

Administrative Assistant Gift Idea T

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Gifts For Administrative Professionals Day

What originally started as Secretaries Day in 1952, falls on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. The holiday was a way to show appreciation for all the unseen and unrecognized work the Administrative Professional position does and is part of a larger celebration of Secretaries Week.

This year, it is

So why give a gift?

There have been numerous studies completed that show the direct link between workplace satisfaction and overall job performance.

One study found that when employees were happy and satisfied, there was a 31% increase in productivity. A great way to bolster workplace satisfaction? Ensure employees are adequately recognized for their contributions.

Weve put together a gift guide of the 25 best gifts for Administrative Professionals Day for all the office personality types to help you find a great way to show your appreciation.

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Thank You Cookie Gift Box

$12.00Edible gifts of appreciation are classic, but theyre rarely this pretty! This gorgeous Thank You Cookie Gift Box from Sweet Sarahs Boutique contains five sugar cookies which have been lovingly rolled, cut, baked, and decorated by hand. Should you wish, you may even personalize the largest cookie in the batch with a message of your choice.

The Best Most Inexpensive Gift Idea For Your Executive Assistant

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Sweet Thoughts goody bag Happy ...

Take it from us: Buy an assortment of nice thank-you cards or personalized stationery, and stash it in your desk drawer. The least you can do will be the most valued. Next-level ideas for acknowledging your executive assistants hard work and impact include honoring them with an employee award and/or a special event. You might also nominate them for an industry-wide recognition such as the American Society of Administrative Professionals Eureka! award.

Partner Programs

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Great Creative Gifts For Secretaries And Assistants

Choosing just the right gift for a secretary or assistant can be a daunting task. Not only will the perfect present be simple enough to remain appropriate and useful, but it will also adequately communicate just how appreciated one is. If youre looking for just such a gift, then keep scrolling! From personalized office supplies to spa gift boxes, weve found 30 great creative gifts for secretaries and assistants.

Merlot Wine Making Kit

Wineries are cool and all, but having a winery in your kitchen is even cooler. As it turns out, wine making is as simple as it is natural and its made easier with the Merlot Wine Making Kit. Add yeast to grape juice and let it ferment in the right conditions and voila.

Where to find it: Merlot Wine Making Kit

This kit comes with every piece of equipment and the ingredients you need to make a gallon of full-bodied Merlot Wine.

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Books Scratch Off Poster $20

This chart showcases 100 classic books that everyone should have on their reading bucket list. From Macbeth to Freakonomics, there are plenty of titles to get you scratching away to reveal the unique illustration for each.

Buy it:

A version of this article first ran in 2017. It has been updated to reflect current availability.

Thoughtful Administrative Assistant Day Gift Ideas

System Administrator’s Day song

Your office would likely cease to operate without its administrative professionals holding everything together, so consider showing your appreciation with fabulous Administrative Assistant Day gift ideas. Administrative Assistant Day helps commemorate and appreciate all of the admin staff who keep your office running smoothly and efficiently. It typically falls on the last Wednesday of April, which happens to be April 21, 2021. That means you can still pick up a thoughtful gift for the administrative professional who makes your work life so much easier. Heres how.

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What Are Good Virtual Gifts

When you arent able to give something in person, gifts can become harder to think of. However there are so many great virtual gift options out there as well that you could consider for your assistant.

Some of the most common options involve subscription services you can buy for a gift such as magazines or reading subscriptions, online grocery subscriptions, and much more.

You can also order different arrangements of food or flowers online to be delivered to their door. If they have any hobbies or like to learn, you could consider gifting them something from MasterClass or Skillshare as well. All in all, there are so many virtual options for gifts that you could consider for an administrative assistants Christmas present.

Personalized Goodnight Little Me Book

Out of all of the gifts on this list, the Personalized Goodnight Little Me Book is perhaps our favorite for administrative assistants with families. With stunning illustrations by Jennifer Dewing, their little one is sure to fall in love with this custom childrens book.

Where to find it: Personalized Goodnight Little Me Book

If the beautiful illustrations werent enough already, you can add their childs name to the cover, throughout the story, and the illustrations. This lyrical story is designed to help them have the sweetest of dreams.

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Best Gifts For Administrative Assistants

While sending an administrative assistant a gift card is a great way to show your appreciation, if youre looking for a more unique way to show how you feel, consider choosing something from this list of ten administrative assistant gifts.

  • Handmade Candy Dispenser: The perfect desk accessory, this candy dispenser holds mason jars that can be filled with the administrative professionals favorite snack or candy, which they can enjoy at their desk any time during the day.
  • Personalized Pens: This set of ballpoint pens can be customized with a message, quote, or name. These classy pens feature ultra-smooth writing and have a chic metal construction.
  • Coffee Warmer: Its not uncommon for an administrative assistant to be called into a meeting or asked to run an errand while enjoying their morning coffee. A coffee warmer ensures theyll come back to a nice, hot cup of coffee.
  • Spoonful of Comfort Corporate Gift Basket: Nothing shows your appreciation more than a customizable gift basket from Spoonful of Comfort stuffed with homemade rolls, soups, and cookies.
  • Humorous Coffee Mug: What better way to lift a busy administrative assistants spirits in the morning than with a humorous coffee mug? We love this one because it shows just how much responsibility an administrative assistant has.
  • Because Youre the Absolute Best Book: Where would you be without your administrative assistant? This clever book lists all the crazy measures youd take to show them that they are the absolute best.
  • You Are A Gem Gift Box

    17 best Administrative professionals day images on ...

    $35.00Gift boxes make great appreciation gifts for secretaries and assistants. This box, put together by Herbs and Twine, includes:

    • a Thank You soy candle that smells like rich hazelnut coffee
    • a You are a Gem! soy candle scented with fresh lavender
    • a vial of lemongrass and chamomile bath salt
    • lemon soap

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    Best Gifts For Secretaries To Show Your Appreciation

    Gift Guides*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. Read our disclaimer for more info.

    Secretaries often get overlooked in the sea of colleagues and other employees. This is a day for them to shine! Here are 25 gifts for secretaries that are thoughtful and special.

    Whether youre looking to give a Christmas, birthday, or professional gift on Administrative Professionals Day to a special secretary in your life, we have compiled a list of gifts that your secretary or your executive assistant will love.

    From personalized gifts to office supplies, there is something here for everyone. We hope you enjoy this gift guide and make this year different from all the others by showing your appreciation with one of these thoughtful presents!

    Nobody knows the work that a secretary does better than their boss. They are the ones who see all of the hard work and dedication from afar. Giving them a fantastic gift is a great way to show your appreciation for your administrative staff.

    If you have been searching high and low for a gift idea for that special secretary in your life, then this article is perfect! Here are some great choices that any boss would love to give out, even if it is just as a random surprise on an ordinary day at work!

    What Should I Get My Administrative Assistant For Christmas

    There are a wide variety of ideas and options for Christmas gifts you can give your administrative assistant. Whatever gift you decide on should be a good way to show gratitude and to give your assistant something that they will enjoy.

    You can gift something thats not an object such as giving them the chance for experiencing something new or giving them a day off if possible, or you could choose another route. Some other ideas can be an edible arrangement or treat, any office supplies or other needs they have, gift cards or vouchers, flowers or a plant, and much more.

    Think about what your assistant enjoys or spends time doing the most and try to make their gift involve that.

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    Q: What Kind Of Gift Should I Get For Administrative Professionals Day

    • A: The primary factor when it comes to purchasing a gift for Administrative Professionals Day is the individuals personality and passions. While you could always give gift cards, basic coffee mugs, totes, sticky notes, mouse pads, or other desk accessories, you want to make sure that whatever you give them feels personalized.

    What Is An Administrative Professional

    Erica Campbell Shows Her Love And Appreciation For Her Executive Assistant

    The International Association of Administrative Professionals recognizes 520 unique job titles that fall under the category of Administrative Professional. Its no wonder it can be challenging to determine who does and doesnt fall into this category.

    Typically, Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants and positions that cover receptionist and secretarial duties are all considered Administrative Professionals.

    Heres where it can get tricky, Executive Assistants are often considered part of the Management Team and not part of the Administrative Division, primarily if they are overseeing staff.

    I myself worked as an Administrative Professional, and I can tell you from first-hand experience there is serious confusion about who holds this title. It would always become clear on Administrative Professionals Day who didnt get it. There was one manager who always had the idea that the other managers should take all the ladies in the office to lunch that day. I was included in a few celebrations after a promotion that took me out of that department while other staff filling those roles were not included. This went over like a fart in church.

    It is essential to properly classify your Administrative Professionals because these positions are keeping your workplace together. Their knowledge base and skillset are typically incredibly vast as they must know everyones positions to function in theirs.

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    Thank You Notes For Administrative Assistants

    Sometimes the best administrative assistant gifts are just simple notes that thank them for all their hard work. When youre writing a thank you note to an administrative assistant, there are a few styles you can follow. You can keep things simple with a message like:

    Other sincere Administrative Professionals Day messages mention specific instances or attributes that make your administrative assistant great. An example could be:

    John, you do a great deal to keep the office running and do it all without complaining. Thank you so much for the positivity and optimism you bring to our team.

    If youre more of a humorous person, you could include some light humor in your message, such as:

    Missy, youre like the human version of Siriyou have all the answers and are always helping everyone out. Thanks for all you do!

    Whatever style you go for, a thank you note to an administrative assistant is sure to brighten their day and let them know how much theyre appreciated.

    Best Secretary Ever Jewelry Gift Set

    $33.99This jewelry gift set from Vim and June offers the perfect opportunity to show a secretary or assistant just how much she is appreciated. The set includes a rose gold plated moonstone necklace on an adjustable chain and two matching moonstone earrings. Buyers may even personalize the card with their own message.

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    The Real Honey Is Here Box

    The Real Honey is Here Box features 3 seasonal bottles of seasonally rotating raw and unfiltered honey. In fact, honey of this quality is usually only found at local farmers markets, however, you can have it sent to your executive assistants front door through a monthly subscription!

    Where to find it: Personalized Marble iPhone Case

    The pink and blue marble also gives it a chic aesthetic!

    Gifts You Should Never Give Your Admin Professional

    Administrative Assistant Funny Birthday Gift Idea ...

    There are some gifts, no matter what industry you work in, that are generally off-limits as gifts for other people you work with or are a terrible idea for Administrative Professionals Day:

    • Jewelry
    • Overtly expensive or luxurious items
    • A lunch out they have to plan themselves
    • Flowers when they are allergic

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    No Shame In Playing It Safe

    While a gift tailored to your Administrative Assistants personality is a great way to show you are paying attention and that you care, it may not be feasible or appropriate for every circumstance.

    A gift card to a store you know they love or a local spa can be a lovely and safe way to let them know you appreciate them. A bouquet of flowers can also be a lovely gesture.

    A guaranteed winner, and one of the safest options? Additional paid days off. One or two extra vacation days for all of their efforts is a great way to say, I see all you do for this office, and we appreciate you.

    When Is Administrative Day

    Administrative Professionals Day is recognized in the United States on the Wednesday of the last full week in April . Some companies celebrate Administrative Professionals Week, where they celebrate their administrative staff during the entire last week of April. Considering the amount of work these individuals do, its no wonder.

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    Administrative Professionals Day Gift Baskets

    FREE Delivery on Administrative Day for baskets over $100!

    A gift basket for Administrative Professionals Day? Its the perfect idea, and MyBaskets has a selection of gift baskets to choose from. With their beautiful aesthetic appeal and a treasure trove of gourmet delicacies, including chocolates, candies and sweets, savoury treats and others to choose from, you are sure to find the right gift set to please any taste. A gift basket is a delightful surprise for one person, and a larger, generous gift basket is the ideal way to spread the sense of true appreciation among a work group or department. Administrative Professionals are the lifeblood of any company, doing the unglamourous work that keeps operations flowing, customers, regulators, and sales people happy. Showing your appreciation with a well chosen gift basket on Administrative Professionals Day is one way of giving back and making sure hardworking employees feel appreciated. Let those who keep the wheels of the organization turning know how much you value their service with an Administrative Professionals Day gift basket from MyBaskets.

    What To Give Your Administrative Assistant For Year

    Top 10 – Administrative Professional’s Day Ideas

    For year-end holidays, give cash by itself.

    As we said above, we agree with the AtL thread last year, and have heard that you should give your secretary $100 for each year youve served your company or firm on the theory that this is additional compensation to them for the year, and no one appreciates getting their paycheck in the form of a really amazing pair of shoes or a gift card to a fancy restaurant.

    Readers, as always, please comment what will you be giving this year as holiday presents for administrative assistants and secretaries? Do you agree with our theory of secretarial compensation? What would you recommend doing if you had your secretary for less than a year?

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