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Virtual Reality Birthday Party Ideas

Include Family & Friends

How to throw a virtual birthday party that feels like the real deal | Your Morning

Housemates and family sometimes crash a Zoom call. Because your virtual office lacks in-person parties and picnics, your coworkers may never meet these family members.

Instead, get intentional about building relationships and invite these folks to your next virtual event.

A few ideas:

  • Schedule a playdate with kid-friendly activities like video conference games or sing-a-longs.
  • Turn icebreaker questions into a version of the Newlywed Game by asking significant others to answer for the employee.
  • Encourage parents to share endearing stories about the employee as a child.

With this friendly overlap of work and personal life, employees will not feel as pressured to split time between home and the virtual office, and may opt to attend more optional social events.

What Is Game Ovr

Game OVR is Edmonton’s newest VR entertainment center. Featuring the latest in VR technology, exciting VR escape rooms, and new free roam experiences we bring you all the best that VR has to offer which is why we are the highest rated birthday party venue in the Edmonton Area!

Level 1 Vr Birthday Package5 Players $120 +$2400/extra Playereach Player Gets One Hour Of Vr Gaming In Their Own Standard Room

This flexible budget-friendly option lets you book exactly what you need. Each player gets a full hour of gameplay in their own headset. The guest of honour will receive a coupon for an hour of free play in a standard VR station on their next visit as our gift to them! One hour in a party room after gameplay can be added for an extra $50. Make your party extra special by adding a VR escape room experience for only $25/player. Our VR escape rooms are exciting multiplayer adventures that you have 1 hour to complete. Up to 6 players can be in the same escape experience together, so for larger groups, we will split them up into teams.

  • pre-game tutorial
  • 5 standard VR stations
  • 1 free hour for the guest of honour
  • Add 1 hour in the party room after gameplay for $50 extra
  • Add 1 hour VR escape room experience for $25/player

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Hours 15 Minutes Of Virtual Reality Birthday Fun For Adults Teenagers & Kids Parties

You’ll be a hit if you book this party venue!

So, you’re looking for a party venue? Let’s be honest, your friends or family don’t want the same old birthday, do they? For that matter, either do you!

Shake things up and try something different. Trust us, you will be the talk of the town after this party experience.

Entermission offers amazing virtual reality escape room adventures. It’s the ultimate in unique party ideas and social VR designed to appeal to a wide audience, be it young kids, right up to dad’s 60th birthday bash.

We’re Sydney’s ONLY VR with hand tracking and real-life special effects, where you work as a group to solve the puzzle within your 60 minute time frame. It’s full of laughter and ‘wow, this is cool’ moments.


Ranked Top 10 Most Popular Kids Activity by Active Activities

What Is Virtual Reality In Bangkok

vr headset cake easy

When you try virtual reality, you enter a virtual world and are completely immersed inside. Virtual reality is commonly used by school to teach pupils about science, astronomy, history, geography, anatomy and so much more! Interact with a whole new environment and discover a brand-new world, depending on the virtual reality applications chosen for your kids birthday party. You will find for sure the VR application matching your expectations, whether you are looking for immersive travelling experiences, adventure VR games, puzzle games, story telling games or VR escape rooms, for your virtual reality birthday.

We also offer virtual reality movies, or VR movies, which are totally different from the 3D movies you might have experienced in the past. 3D movies are modelized to provide 3 dimensions highlight effect on a normal movie projected on a screen or from your TV or computer. VR movies are a totally different technology in which you are 100% immersed in a 360 environment, with some of them offering interaction with the movie environment, for your virtual reality birthday.

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Shout Out Achievements On Social Media

You probably already acknowledge friend and family achievements on social media. With your teammates blessing, you can celebrate your virtual crews accomplishments the same way. By creating a social media group, campaign, or account dedicated to your teams wins, you can recognize remote team accomplishments on an organizational or global level.

Example posts:

  • Congrats to Joyce on her pet adoption! We are happy to welcome Mr. Peanut Butter to the TeamBuilding family!
  • Not to brag, but our sales team just hit their monthly quota TWO WEEKS early! Double or nothing?
  • We have a latte talented staff, but Rakesh was just named World Barista Champion!
  • Check out this glowing review from a satisfied customer: Warren went above and beyond to walk me through the software installation process. He was so patient and kind, even when my computer kept freezing! You rock, Warren!

Social media shout-outs are one of the easiest free virtual celebration ideas. Your staffs good deeds will receive much-deserved recognition and attention. These posts can garner good will with employees, clients, and brand fans alike. Plus, these shoutouts are excellent for virtual employee engagement.

Play Together Inside The Games

Our cutting-edge VR headsets make players feel like they are really there inside the games together. Shoot each-other, find hiding spots or work as a team to defeat the enemies. Our Bronze party package comes with a pre-set selection of games available to play. Upgrade for full access to our entire games library containing over 50+ incredible games, or book an unlimited package for the ultimate in VR gaming fun. No experience or skill is needed.

VR is an activity anyone can enjoy and you don’t need to have played games before to have lots of fun. The players will be connected inside the headsets allowing them to hear and speak to each other through microphones and headphones.

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Welcome To The Future Of Virtual Reality Parties

Virtual Reality Rentals is the incorporation of both technology and face-to-face elements to create a virtual experience for guests. We will immerse the user in a 360-degree view of entirely new worlds where guest can interact with and often manipulate the environment. Virtual Reality Rentals For Rent will immerse you into games, experiences, time travel, space travel, and VR stories.


We would like to know about your next event. Contact us and lets make it happen!

Press “Video Icon Twice” and Watch Video Trailers Below


Virtual Reality Rentals is the incorporation of both technology and face-to-face elements to create a virtual experience for guests. We will immerse the user in a 360-degree view of entirely new worlds where guest can interact with and often manipulate the environment. Virtual Reality Rentals For Rent will immerse you into games, experiences, time travel, space travel, and VR stories.


Hit me up if you want to talk about your next project or if you just want to chat.

Virtual Holiday Happy Hour

Virtual Reality Birthday Parties = YES PLEASE!

Get the cocktails flowing at your virtual Christmas party with one of these delicious holiday cocktail recipes. You could even hire a bartender to host a mini workshop, so your guests can learn a little mixology during your festive Zoom gathering. Don’t forget to pair your drinks with a festive snack, and enjoy each other’s company while you sip and snack together, apart!

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What Can Your Vr Booth Look Like

Every VR booth is different, and we have some great examples to inspire your next virtual reality event. We can fit our VR technology to fit any event theme, help you achieve any event goals, and impress all of your attendees. We’re always excited to learn new ways to fit our tech to different event needs, and we’re excited to see what you have in mind!

Our team was looking for something unique to attract attendance to our RSA trade show party. The virtual reality theme tied in perfectly with our cyber zombie party. The team at made my job easy! From explaining their pricing, how they work with clients, to the onsite set-up and the game. they were a pleasure to work with and well worth the value of the experience. Fun party!Hope to do it again!

Tracy Schriver

Put On A Christmas Concert

Invite each of your guests to share a special talent at your very own Christmas concert. For children on the call, this could be a ballet recital or a highlight from their school Christmas concert. For the adults in attendance, it can be a musical performance, dance routine, poetry reading or whatever they’d like to share with the group.

Bonus: Find more Holiday celebration ideas on The Bash. Plus, we’ve got more than 6,000 vendors nationwide providing online services for virtual events.

About Brittany Barber

Brittany Barber, lover of books, dogs, and romance, graduated from Bishops University with a Communications and Theatre degree. After spending some time working abroad in the theatre world, she is now a freelance writer covering a range of lifestyle topics including event planning for The Bash, WeddingWire, 2life and Fluttr, and shopping for BuzzFeed and Narcity.

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Wondering How To Get Into The Holiday Spirit This December Check Out Our Tips On How To Throw A Festive Christmas Zoom Party

Brittany Barber

With Omicron circulating in December 2021, you may be on the hunt for virtual Christmas party ideas to celebrate online with loved ones this year. Well if you’re wondering where to start, you’ve landed on the right page.

Whether you’re planning a get-together with loved ones near and far or a virtual office Christmas party, we’ve put together 25 virtual Christmas party ideas to make sure that you enjoy a festive celebrationvirtually!

From hiring a virtual Santa to choosing a festive Zoom background, you’ve got a few things to consider! Without the usual mingling of an IRL party, make sure to include virtual Christmas party games or an activity you can do together online! Planning virtual entertainment for your online Christmas party is a great way to make the most out of your digital experience.


What Makes Us Different

Virtual Reality Cake

We all know that there is significant buzz surrounding virtual reality, and that VR can result in really fun guest experiences. However, not many can tell you exactly how specific VR experiences can fit different aspects of your next party or how to plan your VR event to really drive guest engagement. Thats where we come in! Our comprehensive planning process allows us to make sure you dont just have VR at your event, but that the virtual reality experience is perfectly matched to your next party.

We also differentiate ourselves by offering the absolute best possible service before, during, and after your event. You can leave everything to us including: developing the perfect VR party plan, ensuring you have the best VR technology, professionally interacting with your guests, and completing full setup and breakdown. We want to be your go-to VR partner, and you can expect us to be:

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Our Private Party Room

Looking to bring in outside food, cake or presents to your party? We have a private party room for you to do so! Book the party room before, after, or during your booking to bring in outside food, or have us handle the catering and hard work for you! We will supply tables, tablecloths and clean up after your group. Please note that with outside food your group is responsible for supplying cutlery and plates.

There are two ways to set up the party room great for all different types of party style.

Seated Setup

A more intimate setting perfect for meetings, workshops and celebratory speeches while taking a break from Virtual Reality! Great for groups of 10 kids or less.

Buffet Setup

A buffet style food setup, with a lounge perfect for breaks or for parents to relax in while the kids are at play. Kids can take drinks and snacks back to the stations with them in order to keep watching all the Virtual Reality fun! Recommended for groups of 10 kids or more.

Both options are just $50 per hour and can be booked before, after, or during your session pending availability. While we dont provide decorations at the moment, your groups are more than welcome to decorate the party room as you see fit!

Just A Darn Fun Event

Just a Darn Fun Event is a 60 minute event that you can do with remote teams. The games include a mashup of trivia, rapid fire Bingo and other micro challenges that are perfect for celebrating team wins and accomplishments.

Our experienced event hosts will maximize engagement and participation for your group. The most common feedback we hear is that was the most fun I ever had on a Zoom call!

Learn more about Just a Darn Fun Event.

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Best Virtual Reality Kid Birthday In Bangkok

You are interested in a virtual reality birthday party for your kids but unsure where to start? First of all, select the right VR equipment to make sure you can experience the chosen applications on them. Then make sure that you do not go for obsolete VR technologies with bulky cables and computer required to play. Our VR system are the latest technology available on the market, with the highest resolution of the market, without any bulky computer or cables required.

We will send you the VR games list for your virtual reality birthday and we can also download new VR games and experiences based on your needs. We possess numerous VR headsets, so this is ideal for a kid virtual reality birthday party with many kids, and we also offer co-op VR experiences fork ids to play together as teammates or against each others.

We offer different packages for virtual reality birthday, such as virtual reality rentals only in case you are already familiar with our system, our technical assistance if you are really new to VR and our fun VR animation services to arrange a VR contest or games on demand during your virtual reality birthday party.

Our VR systems take 1 minute to get setup and you can play directly when you open it. Moreover, we can cast the players vision on a screen for other participants to watch and enjoy.

Virtual Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Ideas for virtual birthday party

Never hosted a virtual scavenger hunt? No problem, its simple. First, decide on a leader. The leader will create a list of household items the other players have to find. Give the players 60 seconds to find each item. The first to bring their item to the screen wins 3 points. Anyone else who brings the item within the 60 seconds gets 1 point. Create a festive scorecard to keep track of points, and play until youve exhausted your list!

Pro Tip: Choose a mix of easy and obscure items this will help bump up the competition and keep players interested. Make sure to use Christmas-themed items too!

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Book The Event Everyone Will Be Talking About For Years

Virtual Reality Rentals is the incorporation of both technology and face-to-face elements to create a virtual experience for guests. We will immerse the user in a 360-degree view of entirely new worlds where guest can interact with and often manipulate the environment. Virtual Reality Rentals For Rent will immerse you into games, experiences, time travel, space travel, and VR stories.


Unique interactive experiences for entertainment planning and event services.

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Fun & Unique VR Events

Virtual Reality Rentals Parties are made to have every guest try Virtual Reality Rentals. Some people have never tried it and it blows their mind. We come out to your event and setup a Virtual Reality Rentals immersive experience with tons of games and experiences to choose from.

We Work With Any Budget!

Choose A Festive Christmas Zoom Background

A must-have for this virtual holiday season is a Christmas Zoom background! We have , along with instructions on how to change your Zoom background. Each Zoom image is hi-res and free to download, so don’t hesitate to pick more than one!

Bonus: Celebrating a different holiday this December? Check out our 60 free virtual Holiday Zoom backgrounds for a broader selection of images.

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Digital Tools And Apps For Music And Games

Admittedly, I love showing YouTube videos to my friends and seeing the reaction. But the video platform is also great for background music 360VR and co aside.Fortunately, there are tools like Sync Tube. Here you can watch the same video at the same time, together. Or democratically insert your own wishes into a playlist. At parties, youre sure to find the right video or song to get you in the rhythm.

Another tool that we tried out and that caused a lot of laughs is Gartic Phone. The principle is simple: You paint a picture like in MS Paint or write a funny sentence. Now it goes in turn. The next person paints a picture to the text or writes something funny to the picture.In this way, stories are created parallelly that become longer and longer. In the end, the platform presents the works of art with a text-to-voice engine. So when it comes to storytelling, its very high level or not. With the right party mood and alcohol level, fun is guaranteed.

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