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Two Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Two Years Old Birthday Party Food

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKET | 2 Year Old Birthday Party

Here are the best food options for two-year-old birthday parties. It’s a good idea to check for allergies with the parents of other children attending your child’s birthday party. This way, everyone can enjoy the yummy food on offer.

If you are planning on having a themed party, you can make your dishes to match. For example, for a fairytale party, you can make tiara shaped cookies, or little pumpkins out of peeled oranges. For a superhero party theme, you can make cupcakes with Batman’s symbol or a fruit platter in the shape of Captain America’s shield. If your party is jungle-themed, you can have carrot and dip in the shape of a lion .

Finger Food

Finger food is a good idea for little two-year-olds that love to snack. It also saves you the hassle of preparing mass amounts of food as you can easily buy a lot of these from the store. Nuggets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches , and fruit slices are yummy treats that little ones will enjoy. You can also make separate food for the adults to nibble on, like little quiches, bruschetta and carrot and celery sticks with hummus.


Party Favors

Parties aren’t complete without party favors for kids to take home. You can put fun activities like stickers, crayons, and coloring books inside these bags. Lots of sugar will be had at the party so you don’t need to put sweets in the party favor bags, which also helps avoid any sugar crashes.

Host A Skiing And Snowboarding Party

If youre fortunate enough to live near a ski hill then a skiing party could be a fun option.

Whats more wintry than a skiing party?

But it could be cost prohibitive.

You could ask the other parents to pay for their childs ski lift ticketbut youll obviously have to gauge this based on your finances and on the childs parents.

And youd have to set up and let the kids know your expectations. Where will you meet for the cake and presents? Do you want all the kids to stick together?

If you are wondering how to decorate a cake or cupcakes for a skiing-themed birthday party, check out this set below. I came across it while researching this article. Looks pretty cool.

Our local ski hill has a snow tube run.

Its basically like a half-pipe that you slide down on giant inflatable tubes. It is lots of fun and requires no skills.

This no skills activity helps level the playing field and doesnt exclude friends that dont ski or snowboard : a fun winter birthday party idea.

Keep The Birthday Party Short

Toddlers have no need for destination birthday romps that go on for hours and hours. They literally do not have the capacity to hang in for that long. So keep your party short and sweet. Get them in, get them cake, do an activity and get them out. Your kid will appreciate it. Your kids friends parents will appreciate it, and your sanity will appreciate it.

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From A Rainbow Party To A Fairy

The best birthday party ideas for 2-year-olds tend to be the simplest ones. Turning 2 is a major milestone for toddlers , but that doesnt mean your 2-year-old is going to want an extravagant birthday celebration. Toddlers just want cake to eat and shiny things to wave about, and they want to run free and laugh at nonsense. Which is why paying top dollar to rent a space for them just doesnt make sense.

Bring the party to your home, and come up with a theme that requires little more than a creative look into your gear closet or a quick trip to the supermarket. Keep your hosting duties in the one-to-two-hour window and be sure to cater to the adults who come. After all, theyre the only ones who will remember it. Here are some easy and fun 2nd birthday ideas, whether youre keeping the party indoors or taking it outside.

Kids represent the largest unvaccinated group in the U.S., which means that indoor gatherings still pose a risk and should be avoided. In April, however, the revised their guidelines for outdoor gatherings, which are now deemed lower-risk for small groups, so long as masks are worn by unvaccinated kids and adults, and social distancing is maintained.

Tips For A Great Second Birthday Party

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As with any party, planning ahead and getting organised with a list of everything youll need to do in advance of the big day will make things whole lot easier. These top tips should help things run even more smoothly:

  • Child-to-adult ratio: If you’ve got quite a few two-year-olds or young toddlers in attendance, then make sure you have enough adults on hand to deal with accidents, as well as any tears or tantrums.
  • Write down the gifts your child receives and who they’re from as soon as your child opens them. You’ll thank yourself later when it comes to writing thank-you notes!
  • Plan the party for the morning or lunchtime. Many two-year-olds will take an afternoon nap, and you don’t want your party to clash. Plus, they’ll likely be tired after just a couple of hours.
  • Be prepared for accidents. Some of your two-year-old guests might have started potty training, so be ready for some potential accidents during your party, and keep cloths and baby wipes handy.
  • Dont drop your usual rules. Okay, a party is a time for kids to have fun – but that doesnt mean you should drop your usual rules when it comes to tantrums and misbehaviour. However you usually deal with a tantrum, the best thing to do at a party is to take your child away from the audience, so going to a free room is a good idea.

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Milk And Cookies 2nd Birthday Party

When youre looking for ideas for your 2nd birthday party, you have to ask yourself what your toddler loves the most? For many toddlers that means milk and cookies and Jen Carver of Banner Events has just amazed us. Is this sophisticated chic or what but its so kid friendly!? Exactly, the two are not mutually exclusive and we love the way the colour palette and the materials here all work together to create an adorable 2nd birthday party! Rustic chic meets kid heaven!

At What Time Should You Celebrate Your Toddlers Second Birthday

Every child has a different sleep pattern and as a parent, you know your child best. Therefore, it is for you to decide what time is best to throw a birthday party for your child. It is usual for every toddler of this age to have a nap in the afternoon. Therefore having the party during the early evening hours is best. Your little one after having a good nap of 2-3 hours will feel fresh and energetic and will have very fewer chances of being cranky and irritable during the party hours. However, it is advisable to get over with the birthday celebrations within an hour or two since your two-year-old may not be able to sustain his energy for more than two hours.

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Two Year Old Birthday Ideas & Party Themes

Looking for two year old birthday ideas or 2nd birthday party themes for your soon to be two year old? Turning 2 is a major milestone for both your toddler and you their parents!

Your childs first and second birthday can be hard to know what to do to make them special. Theyre too little to really understand what is happening so a huge birthday celebration isnt always the best idea but you still want your two year olds birthday to be fun! With our first child I had to get creative with 2nd birthday ideas.

My oldest son always gets a bigger birthday party with my whole family since my dad and moms birthday are right after his birthday.

Because of that, the day of his birthday is just our immediate family And since Rishi has to go to work, its kinda like a normal day for us!

And lets be real, is there anything worse than a birthday that doesnt feel like a birthday?! Especially when youre TWO?

Roy is still talking about my birthday which was months ago because we didnt have birthday hats, sing Happy Birthday, or open presents! It traumatized him. I had to make sure we did at least a few fun things so he had a good time on his big day!

If you have a childs birthday coming up and in need of some 2nd birthday ideas here are some fun, easy and inexpensive ways to celebrate your little one and make the day a little bit more fun!

But first up, a few tips from a mom of 3!

Check out what’s in this post!

  • 11. Two Cool
  • Cowboy Boy Baby Shower

    Birthday Boy | 2 years old | Toddler Birthday Gifts

    From Sheryl Bjorn Photography via Spaceships and Laser Beams

    Giddy on over here and check out these cowboy baby shower party ideas. Through the use of western prints and rustic textures, this blogger designed a perfectly decorated hoe down to welcome the newest little cowboy to town. A down home meal of favorite comfort food, paired with delicious cupcakes and beverages from the local watering hole, made this cowboy baby shower something that is not to be missed.

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    Old West Tombstone Birthday Party

    From Party Envy by Charlene via Pretty My Party

    This old west cowboy party is based on the movie Tombstone, a favorite of all western movie buffs. The dessert table perfectly encapsulates the movie with gold nugget candies, wagon wheel cookies, root beer and huckleberry juice. The dessert table is also decorated to the nines with printed movie posters, essential cowboy hats, and an antique clock that fits right in.

    Drakes Old West Birthday Party

    From Million Dollar Smile Celebrations via Spaceships and Laser Beams

    Its not much of a surprise that little boys love all things trains and cowboys, making this Train Robbery Party one of the top parties from around the web. For the dessert table, this amazing mom recreated a Wild West town and ranch with intricately decorated cookie buildings, then added Boot Hill brownie bites, a tee-pee village, and Drakes water tower cake. Its finished off with a lasso rope sign writing the birthday boys name and a bandana bunting!

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    Remember Your Kids Schedule

    Its always a good idea to keep your childs schedule in mind when planning the party. If their nap time is from 10-12, dont plan on cake and presents at 11!

    One great idea is to have guests arrive while our kids are napping. Then you can eat and chat and once the birthday kid is up theyll be well rested for the festivities!

    Water Balloons And Other Fun Games

    Party Hat: Construction Party for 2 year old birthday boy

    If birthdays fall during warmer weather months, look at birthday parties that involve water balloons or water slides.

    There are lots of fun minute-to-win-it type birthday party games you can do in your yard. Im a huge fan of Bunch o Balloons. Fill them over a plastic tub with some water in the bottom so they dont fall and pop on the grass.

    This post from the Happy Mom Hacks blog has some great minute to win it games for tweens and teens and suggestions on how to set up and play the games.

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    Goodbye And Thank You Favors

    You may think that 2 years is a too young an age to know and appreciate receiving favors, but the kids these days are pretty smart and do expect to get return giftsat the end of the party.

    However, when preparing this goodie bag for these young kids, you need not spend much money. The important thing to remember while making this bag is to include stuff which a 2 year old would enjoy, like a set of crayons, small toy figurines, stickers, etc.

    While throwing a party for 2 year old kids can be exhausting, yet the smile that you see on the face of your kid, while he or she enjoys this party is priceless. Therefore, pick from the list of 2 year old birthday party ideas and start planning a rocking and amazing birthday party for your 2 year old.

    Birthday Toy Story Party

    Following with more proposals for the 2 -years birthday of a child we bring to you one of the most emblematic characters of the cinema. 2-birthday toy story party where not only bos layer and woody become the favorite characters to decorate his birthday, but the rest of the toys, so be inspired.

    Give that touch of creativity to every detail in the 2- years birthday of your child where toys tory is the main character. Take all the ideas that we give you in the images and decorate from the dessert table to the packaging of the sweets for the Surprise little guests.

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    Gold Rush Old West Barbecue

    From Frog Prince Paperie via Amy Atlas

    This western barbecue party made me kick up my heels and say yee-haw! An extraordinary dessert location was the perfect backdrop for this western themed party filled with bandana prints, red gingham linens, and antique jars filled with wildflowers. The menu was on-theme too, with classic Americana food including homemade apple pie, hot dogs roasted over the fire, gold nugget rock candy, and savory cole slaw.v

    Deans Western Cowboy Party

    2 year old birthday party 2021 || toddler boy birthday party theme (race car)

    From 505 Design + Paperie via Catch My Party

    This fabulous Western Cowboy dessert table is filled with classic recipe, vintage serving dishes, and super fun decorations that add a pop of color. Smore marshmallow pops, mini homemade apple pies, haystack cookies, and tiny buckets of candies are spread across the rustic looking table cloth. The whole table is decorated with red paisley print bows, cowboy hats, a red and blue birthday bunting, and the cutest balloons.

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    Adorable & Clever Party Themes For 2nd Birthday

    • Pin

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    Emmys 2nd birthday is right around the corner and I realllllly need to choose a second birthday party theme. I asked you on Instagram about what your favorite 2nd birthday themes were and you delivered!

    Here are 16 of the cutest party themes for 2nd birthdaysincluding the theme we chose for Emmys birthday

    Small Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

    1. Make a splash! Get out the blow-up pool, blow up the beach balls, and make your own beach party! Water table activities and sandbox fun will round out your little luau. Dont forget the ice cream cones!

    2. Create a backyard carnival. Set up stations for face-painting, plastic bottle ring-toss or corn hole, temporary tattoos, and lawn games like croquet or DIY mini golf . Added bonus: Find a brave adult who is willing to take a few whipped-cream pies to the face!

    Small Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

    3. Turning three? Have tea. Never underestimate the power of a dress-up tea party: Have each child bring a favorite doll or stuffed critter as a date. Head to the dollar store and grab some dress-up jewelry , make herbal tea cooled with frozen fruit, and offer plenty of finger sandwiches and cakes.

    4. Party with some popcorn and a movie. Throw a movie party with silly costumes so kids can act out their own stories after the showing. While blockbusters are a perennial party-theme favorite, why not try and break the mold with a lesser known film?

    5. Bring the love…the puppy love. If youve got a toddler who holds a fondness for furry friends, make your own pet adoption shelter and play veterinarian! Head to the thrift store for gently loved stuffies, have a pet adoption area and check-up area , and even offer each guest a certificate of adoption for each new pet they get to bring home.

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    Cowboy And Cowgirl Birthday Party

    From Dimply Sweet via Karas Party Ideas

    Have a little cowboy and a little cowgirl on your hands? This joint birthday party is sure to give you some inspiration when it comes to party planning! Adorable western prints like the gingham table cloth, cow print party hats, and cow print cupcake wrappers add a fun and funky feel to the space and I love the cute yee haw burlap pennant banners. This super mom also brought in a petting zoo equipped with ponies, turtles, rabbits, and more.

    Wild Wild West Twin Boy Baby Shower

    Elmo themed 2 year old birthday party!

    From Cattle and Cupcakes via Spaceships and Laser Beams

    When it was time for this blogger to throw her friends baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of twin boys, she knew just what to do. Celebrate the wild, wild times that were about to begin with a cowboy themed baby shower! The unique table scape is the ultimate balance of country and cowboy, decorated in browns, reds, and blacks with a personalized banner and burlap table linens. I think the vibrant printed blanket is a great touch.

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