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30th Birthday Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Zoom Parties By Detective Ness

My 30th Birthday Party | Murder Mystery | Elanna Pecherle 2021

Detective Ness has been in the murder mystery business for 15 years and has everything planned out for you. They have professional actors that host your evening of mystery virtually, which makes the planning process stress-free. So tell you and your team to grab their detective hat and get ready for a night full of unforgettable adventures.

Check out Murder Murder Mystery Zoom Parties by Detective Ness here.

Introduce People Who Should Know Each Other

Another task that is important for the host to do is to introduce a character to others. In some murder mystery party games, there are married couples in the game.

Sometimes your guests will arrive at the party and not know who played with the other party member. It is a great idea to try and bring them together early. Sometimes this information is in the invite you sent prior, but avoid any confusion, make introductions early.

Th Birthday Ideas: 30 Awesome Ways To Celebrate

You only turn 30 once in your life, so why not make the day as fun and exciting as possible? You can focus more on your birthday and having a great time than getting a year older or falling over the hill. No matter what you like doing with your loved ones, youll find some amazing 30th birthday party ideas here.

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Give Murder Mystery Party Game Awards

Many party hosts like to award prizes and awards at the end of the game. It is not essential, but many agree it is a great way to conclude the mystery party. A great tip is to give your guests the contest categories before they arrive. This promotes a little competition and flare, especially in the costume and acting department. Here are some other suggestions for awards:

  • Best detective
  • Best Liar
  • Most Likely to Commit a Crime
  • Best Costume
  • Best Performer

A brilliant hosting a murder mystery party tip is to place a ballot box on a table and let your guests vote for the awards. This saves you from picking the winner and makes it more fun!

Some good prizes include:

  • Themed Knick knacks or joke products
  • Detective equipment hat, spyglass, magnifying glass, pen, and notepads

Another top tip might be to award the “Best Detective” or “Best Murderer” of the night a gift card towards purchasing their own murder mystery game. You share the hosting duties, and your group can experience a whole new murder mystery game and theme! Double win!

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Impress Your Friends With A Murder Mystery Birthday Party

19 best 30th birthday Murder Mystery Theme images on ...

You have a birthday this year. You have one every year. Your friends each have one every year too. Thats a lot of birthdays. Want to have a birthday that stands out? A birthday thats as awesome as you are! A birthday that everyone will remember for ages!

Or maybe you need a birthday party for your teenager? We know, theyre too old for jumping castles, but youre not ready for discos. We can help!

Perhaps you want to organise a surprise party for the love of your life. Create a memory that will last a lifetime. We supply all the costumes so you dont even have to worry about guests who dont make an effort. We make your life easy.

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How Freeform Games Murder Mysteries Work

Way out West is unlike many murder mystery games. Although the game starts with a murder, most of the characters have more important things to do than to investigate it. And the killing may not be over it is unlikely that everyone will survive the remainder of the evening!

Way out West is played just like a murder mystery game. You may be trying to solve the murder, but primarily you are concentrating on your own goals and objectives. Unlike most boxed murder mystery games, Way out West lets you decide how to achieve your goals and thwart your enemies.

“We received your game, Way Out West, and had our party last weekend. It was a huge success. Everyone went all out on their costumes and the game flowed smoothly. Thanks for your great customer service!”Lisa and Anthony Perez, Oregon, United States

Zoom Murder Mystery Party By Guilty Games

Zoom Murder Mystery Party is the ultimate party kit for your next event, and they have plenty of different themes to choose from. They have given you everything you need in the kit, from character descriptions, a list of key details from crime scenes, new clues, and even an autopsy report of the victim. But for a creative outlet, they have allowed each player to develop the characters personality, so it is completely unscripted.

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Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries

The Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries has designed each of their mysteries for a specific amount of players to ensure each guest has a significant part in solving the crime. They also provide a Ghost Ship representative to help host and provide clues for your online party.

Their Western themed mystery is perfect for a group of 10 and will bring you straight to the wild wild west.

Check out Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries here.

Zombie Cannibal Asylum By Playing With Murder

Murder Mystery Birthday Party Video Invitation

The Zombie Cannibal Asylum is set to be on zombie apocalypse doomsday.

Zombie Cannibal Asylum takes place during a zombie apocalypse. The setting for the game is a psychiatric assignment where a deranged doctor uses inmates as test subjects. The witnesses are both undead and unhinged, meaning the game is full of spooky and wacky fun. The standard game suits up to 32 players. You can also play an expanded version with up to 100 people, including supplementary materials like audio files and decorating tips.

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Murder Mystery Party Faqs

Turn your ordinary event into an unforgettable Murder Mystery Cocktail Party! Birthday parties, corporate team building, Bachelorette & even bespoke wedding parties! Whether you host a private experience, join a bespoke public event, attend with friends or co-workers, our number one goal is to ensure the best possible experience. Curious how this works? See more information in our FAQs below.


A murder will take place in front of your eyes. There will always be a victim and a detective to lead the investigation, main and supportive characters, and occasionally spectators. While solving the murder mystery is essential for the party, this is not the only goal. The main goal is to have fun! It’s a party! At the end of the party, we will vote for and reward “The Best Dressed,” “Best Actor & Actress,” and will determine the “$ Maker” of the night.

It is up to you and your guests to use your professional skills or information you were given/earned, whether you play dirty, participate in contests, create drama, solve an additional mystery, or simply enjoy drinks and food.


We have established hosting partnerships with dozens of venues all over the Chicagoland area. Venues are carefully selected to complement each theme, concept, as well as your requirements location, budget, party size, and catering preferences. Most of our popup speakeasy parties are hosted in Lincoln Park.


Top 14 Online Murder Mystery Party Games In Ranking Order


We got you covered with the TOP online murder mystery games for your next team event.

Are you in love with murder mysteries and the thrill of solving new cases? Online murder mystery parties are perfect for your next virtual team event. The virtual murder mystery games start with sharing a murder plot and the different characters at the scene.

These events are perfect for encouraging team collaboration and creativity while playing a game that will ensure a great time between co-workers, colleagues, friends, or even family members over dinner parties or even a virtual Zoom catch-up.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Minutes Before Guests Arrive

  • Sear the duck breasts to rare. Youll cook these up to medium rare to warm them just before you serve the duck.

  • Start Sancerre Rouge Jus for the Seared Duck Breast with Sancerre Rouge Jus.

  • Take out the cheese for the Extra Moldy Cheese Plate, from the refrigerator to enable it to come to room temperature.

  • Ice Champagne and white wine.

  • Set up your kitchen plating station. This is the spot where youll assemble everything. Check that you have a large clean surface area and:

  • The bowls and ingredients for the Sage Brown Butter sauce

  • The plates and ingredients for the salad

  • The platter, serving utensils and garnish for the duck

  • The dessert, spoons and garnishes

Here’s The Breakdown Of How To Host A Large Game With 70+ Players :

Pin on Murder Mystery Dinner
  • 18 unique players from the main game.
  • 10 unique players from expansion pack #1
  • 6 unique players from expansion pack #2
  • 6 unique players from expansion pack #3.
  • Up to 15 duplicate valley girl/boy team members led by Muffy Bangles, see main game character list
  • Up to 15 duplicate ’80s prep team members led by Buff Biffman, see main game character list
  • If you wish to host this game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser –Note: we are not issuing waivers between September 2020 and January 2021.

  • 10 players, 6 players, 6 players
    Expandable teams: Over 70 players with teams
    Gender of players:
  • This game is fun, easy to host, and gets all of the guests involved.Michelle onNov 15th 2021

  • 80s party

    We had a great time playing this game. This is our second murder mystery party from this company and we were just as pleased with this set. Jean onOct 24th 2021

  • Totally tubular!!

    Threw this one for my office party and it was an instant hit!! We had participants of all age ranges 17 to 55 and everyone fit in perfectly. The night flowed smoothly and everyone left super stoked for another one! Would highly recommend!sade onSep 20th 2021

    • Showing reviews 1-4 of 31

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    Start With A Small Group Of Friends

    Smaller murder mystery games are easier to manage for first-time hosts. Most virtual boxed sets require a group of 4-8 people, and we think these are perfect for the nervous first-time murder mystery party host.

    Once you have one mystery party up your belt, you can move on to hosting larger murder mystery parties and groups.

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    Blood Gold & A Night Of Jazz

    The last think you want is a team building, night with friends, or family get-togethers thats boring or predictable.

    If youre looking for a murder mystery challenge that will add excitement and intrigue to your next event, Blood, Gold, and a Night of Jazz is the game youre looking for.

    The game follows the storyline of a murder committed in a tech moguls home and a group of unique characters on a mission to find out whodunnit.

    The reason why weve placed this game first is because of how well designed it is. The players each have great backstories that are sure to give everyone a great time reenacting them.

    The game play and guides help ensure that everyone knows how to play the game right even if its their first time.

    The game is good for 4-14 players and comes with a set of visual guides and event paraphernalia to make sure your next murder mystery night will be a lot of fun!

    Blood, Gold, and a Night of Jazz can work for both online and face-to-face settings.

    10/10 star rating for us.

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    What Is Online Murder Mystery

    Virtual murder mystery games are role-playing detective games that you can play on your preferred video-calling platforms such as Zoom and Skype. There is a plethora of themes, games, and activities you can choose from. They included fully hosted games to free downloadable ones that you can use for your next virtual murder mystery dinner, party, or event.

    Online murder mystery also has great benefits when it comes to team bonding. It builds a sense of community through creative role-playing, and they are awesome games to play in person or at a virtual party. Virtual murder mystery games also act as mental exercises while being fun. Your team has the opportunity to collaborate and build community.

    Repeat The Rules Before The Game Starts Officially

    Home for the Holidays, a Murder Mystery party for Kris’s birthday

    Typical for most of our games, the killer finds out who they are at the beginning. It is best practice to re-read the players the rules reminding everyone that the Murderer is the only person allowed to lie everyone else is instructed to bluster, change the subject, and so on, but always tell the truth.

    The rest of the gameplay is this:

    • The killer is made aware, and the game starts
    • The host will read aloud or play the detective’s speech
    • All the guests then have 30 minutes to chat
    • This repeats for two more rounds throughout the evening
    • The game ends with the detectives closing speech
    • Players then decide on the suspects and vote
    • The results are revealed, and awards are handed out.

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    My Event Concierge Uk

    My Event Concierge is your personable UK-wide event planning service based in Bristol for celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, hen & stag parties. They specialise in sourcing affordable local suppliers to your holiday destination, no matter where in England you are! They have been working with the same suppliers for years and therefore come with amazing reviews. They currently offer private chef hire, mixologists, pampering, and much more! If youre an adrenaline junkie, there are several adventurous activities available as well! They also offer entertainment for parties including magicians, musicians and more! Plus its completely free for you as we have an agreed commission with our suppliers.

    Th Birthday Murder Mystery

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    A Birthday Party Ideaall Guests Will Love

    We mean business when it comes to making this a killer party for all! After years of honing, weve perfected our mysteries so that both outgoing and shy people will have a fun time. If you have some wallflowers on your guest list, they will enjoy hunting down clues and finding the killer. They dont need to be in the spotlight or feel singled out. Or maybe your group is a camera crew away from starring in their own reality show. The extroverted guests can be featured as suspects with a more prominent role. Its always hilarious to watch them improvise with our actors!

    Most people have never been to a murder mystery before and have it on their bucket list. Your event type alone will create hype for the big event.

    Your birthday is the one time a year you have an excuse to catch up with people you havent in a while! Life gets busy. Reach out!

    Your birthday mystery can be combined with dinner, present opening, and more. Well work with your actors to make this a seamless process.

    A themed party is always a fun excuse for your friends to cut loose. Who wouldnt like the chance to play a different character for a night?

    Purchasing Way Out West

    Pin on My Cakes

    Way out West costs US $29.99. You can buy it from anywhere in the world. The price will be converted back into your own currency for you, at today’s exchange rate.

    IMPORTANT: please be aware that you are buying a game to download from our website, not a boxed game that we will send you in the mail.

    Buy Way out West for £25.00:
    Buy Way out West for £30.00:
    Buy Way out West Expansion Pack and want the extra ten characters) for £12.50:

    Payments on these payment buttons are handled by WorldPay, and you can use any normal credit or debit card. The prices are quoted in pounds, but it’ll be converted into your own currency by your card issuer. Or to go back to the PayPal payment buttons, if you prefer.

    Buy Way out West for $29.99
    Buy Way out West for $39.99
    Buy Way out West Expansion Pack and want the extra ten characters) for $14.99

    Our payments are usually handled by PayPal, but you don’t have to have a PayPal account tobuy this game. If you prefer, you can just buy it with your credit or debit card in the normal way.You’ll see that option when you click the button above.

    Or if you’d prefer not use PayPal at all, that’s fine too of course to get alternative payment buttons where you can pay directly with your card. These prices are in UK£.

    “Thank you for a great site, fantastic games, good service and very quick reply. Keep up the good work.”Ole Martin Brodwall, Norway

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