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Places To Go For Your 21st Birthday

Watch A Game At Lagasses Stadium

21 Birthday Ideas for my 21st Birthday! #ScorpioGang

This stadium gives you an exceptional sports experience. If you are a sports fan, consider visiting this stadium for your 21st birthday.

Lagasses Stadium is the perfect place to enjoy the big game. With great food, drinks, and over 100 HD TVs, there is something for everyone at Lagasses Stadium. The spacious setting and comfortable couches make it the perfect place to relax and watch the game with friends. And, of course, no sports bar would be complete without a great selection of beer on tap. Whether you are a die-hard fan or just looking for a fun place to watch the game, Lagasses Stadium is the place to be.

Address: 3325 S Las Vegas Blvd Unit 101, Las Vegas, NV 89109Phone: +1 702-607-2665

Hyde Hacienda Function Rooms

61 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000

Inspired by the grand plantation architecture of Cuba, and mixed with the lux yet playful modern vintage hotels of the 1950s Miami, Hyde Hacienda Sydney is a botanical oasis overlooking Sydneys iconic Harbour in Circular Quay.

Discover Hyde Hacienda Sydneys seductive signature cocktail and premium beverage menu, while tantalising your taste buds with a variety of mouth-watering South American inspired eats designed to share.

On offer is a focus on superior table service, premium beverage options, weekend DJs and an even more extensive cocktail list, continuing the legacy of Hacienda, to bring locals and visitors alike a new level of excitement and entertainment to Sydneys nightlife scene.

For events, whether for private occasions or business functions, Hyde Hacienda Sydney is bound to delight your guests. With facilities to cater for up to 200 guests, soft furnishings, stunning views and glistening water, Hyde Hacienda Sydney is a breathtaking setting for a product launch, fundraiser, cocktail party, corporate event the list is endless.

Set A Drink And Casino Budget Before Your 21st Birthday Trip

Also, as aforementioned, drinks are expensive in Vegas. And, it is really easy to blow hundreds of dollars in the casinos.

If youre traveling on a budget, set both a drink and casino budget before you even arrive in Las Vegas. Take out the allotted budget in cash before your trip so that you arent tempted to take more cash out during your trip.

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History And Beaches On A 30th Birthday Trip To Egypt

Milestone birthdays like your 30th, are the perfect occasion for a once in a lifetime trip, and what better place than the cradle of civilization Egypt! In recent times, the country has had its stability returning, and so are the tourists, which is why now is the ideal time to travel and a birthday is a perfect excuse to do so! Imagine experiencing Ancient Egyptian temples and even the Pyramids, all to yourself.

There really are SO many incredible places to visit in Egypt and unique experiences to have . Ive been fortunate to travel to Egypt many times, including for my 30th birthday just this year!

When you first arrive in Egypt, in many ways it can feel like youve been transported to another world. Cairo is a great jumping-off point to any visit to Egypt. Youll get to sharpen your bargaining skills at the local markets and get a feel for the local culture by visiting some of the many beautiful mosques.

Then travel through upper Egypt as the Ancient Egyptians used to by sailing the Nile. Take a cruise down to visit Aswan and Luxor and all the incredible sites in between, many of which youll only have seen in movies or in your dreams!

Egypt also may not always be the first country that comes to mind when you think of a beach vacation, but they truly have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Visiting Ljubljana For A 60th Birthday

Best Places To Go In Vegas For Your 21st Birthday

If you are looking for a European getaway for a milestone birthday trip, consider Ljubljana! We celebrated my husbands 60th in this charming European capital, and it was an amazing day for him .

Ljubljana is a very picturesque and compact city. While there are lots of things to do in Ljubljana, it is also the perfect place if you want a do-nothing-but-wander-or-relax kind of day. And the food is amazing!

We started our day by taking the funicular up to Ljubljana Castle, which sits on a hill overlooking the city. After enjoying the panoramic views from the viewing tower, we explored the complex. The chapel is lovely, and the old prison fascinating.

Back down in the city, we browsed the open markets, and bought some fresh fruit to snack on as we explored. The Ljubljanica River runs through the historic centre, and we walked along the river, pausing to admire and walk across the many historic bridges over the river. After lunch, we cruised the river as well!

Then it was time for a walking tour, to learn more about Ljubljanas history and the architecture of Joe Plenik, whose work you can see everywhere in the city. We also stopped to take photos of Ljubljanas famous pink church.

We finished off the day with a fabulous dinner at Julija, one of Ljubljanas well-known restaurants, followed by gelato at Cacao, one of Ljubljanas top gelaterias. It was the perfect sweet ending to a wonderful day!

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Club Hop Till Midnight

When you are in an Australian city, be it Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane, it is quite egregious not to think of the nightlife, each of the city is known for. Australian cities are known to have some of the best clubs and bars that offer an exhilarating ambience coupled with amazing food and drinks to make your 21st birthday party celebrations a memorable experience. So, for all die-hard party fans, go on a club or bar hopping spree as you turn 21.

Alcohol And Video Games

There is no better combination. Actually wait, being intoxicated might interfere with your gaming abilities. But still. Celebrate your 21st birthday party this way if youre a gamer. Have tons of friends over, buy tons of bottles, and set up tons of tournaments. Nothing builds excitement like a room full of aggressive and competitive gamers. This will be a remarkable bash.

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Ying And Sightseeing In Hong Kong For A 21st Birthday

By Inna from the Executive Thrillseeker

I chose to celebrate my 21st birthday in one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities in the world, Hong Kong. This city has a variety of entertainment for every taste. What attracted me most and made me choose it as my birthday destination is its vibrant nightlife and a great number of high-end clubs.

Along with that, at the time of my visit, Hong Kong was considered to be extremely safe. The city never sleeps and all the streets are illuminated at night, which made me feel quite comfortable and safe.

I spent a total of one week in Hong Kong, and for my special day, my friends and I went to an area called Lan Kwai Fong that is full of bars, karaoke, and clubs. We checked out a couple of places but the most memorable one was the club Dragon-i. This place truly is a playground for the rich and beautiful but the great thing is that its not overly exclusive, meaning that even normal people like us managed to get in with no problem.

So, my actual birthday was spent partying, yet I also managed to explore some other highlights of Hong Kong. I climbed the Victoria Peak to admire gorgeous views of the city and spent a day on the beach. I also treated myself to an almost luxury shopping experience which I normally dont do but since it was my birthday I made an exception.

Hong Kong is full of activities and I feel like I havent explored even half of them, so Im looking forward to going back!

Find A 21st Birthday Venue

TRAVEL VLOG: 21ST BIRTHDAY TRIP TO VEGAS | things to do in Vegas

This is your night and your venue should reflect your personality. Figure this out at the start of your birthday planning and the rest will fall into place.

Is your vibe going to be intimate with just a few close friends/ family, or, are you wanting a big bash with as many guests as possible? Having a party at home can be a great option when you have just a few people , but it can get a bit overwhelming if you have a bigger guestlist – which is when hiring a venue could be the best option for you.

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City Break In Barcelona For My 30th Birthday

My first real birthday trip was a city break in Barcelona for my 30th birthday. I knew I wanted to celebrate my birthday somewhere special and Id seen loads of amazing pictures of the beautiful Gaudi buildings.

I travelled to Barcelona with my partner a couple of days before my birthday and we visited all the big Barcelona sights the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, the Olympic Stadium and Las Ramblas.

I spent my actual 30th birthday in the stunning surroundings of Park Güell. I got my camera stolen from my bag while we were there, but it didnt matter, I was just happy to be in such an amazing place to celebrate my 30th.

Barcelona is a brilliant place to travel to on your birthday because you can have whatever kind of birthday you want there. Want to celebrate over food and wine with friends? Spend your birthday on the beach? Take in some culture? Go to a funfair? See world-class football? For all of these and more, Barcelona has you covered.

Alcatraz Island San Francisco California

If you love some a different take on beach vacation somewhere around the US, this vacation spot is for you. Located in San Francisco Bay, this small island also exudes a historical air. It is, in fact, a military prison in the year 1868. What you can expect to see here are preserved remnants from the prison and many other things that will pique your interest. Its like visiting a museum but in a cool setting, and with lots and lots of things to see. You can pretty much do a tour here with your family and friends and find yourselves enjoying the incredible things that it offers. Before going to this island, be sure to book a ticket in advance because apparently, this is a pretty much popular destination among the tourists. You dont want to be left out, right?

Vacation packages also include island tour visit tickets for a return visit and this tour package is run by the National Park Service concessionaire Alcatraz Cruises. Now, the interesting thing about going for this tour is that it is available in different languages aside from English, therefore, if you dont speak English, you will still comprehend everything that the tour says. The tour, by the way, lasts for about an hour.

While youre in California, check these places too!

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Animal Encounters In Kenya For A 50th Birthday

By Bret Love & Mary Gabbett of Blue Ridge Mountains Travel Guide

Last summer, to celebrate my 50th birthday, I took my wife/business partner and my teenage daughter on an incredible 3-week tour of Kenyas finest national parks and wildlife conservancies. As someone whod dreamed of exploring the East African country since I first saw films like Born Free as a boy, it was everything Id imagined and then some.

In terms of wildlife, Kenya boasts approximately 390 species of mammals , 1100 species of birds, 280 reptile species, and 115 amphibians. So for diehard animal lovers/wildlife photographers like us, the trip offered unimaginable sightings .

The most popular of Kenyas national parks include Nairobi National Park, one of the few places in the world where you can go on safari in a major metropolitan area. Theres also the less-frequented Meru National Park and Lewa Conservancy, and the world-renowned Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Ill never forget our after-hours encounter with baby Elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphanage , going behind the scenes at Jane Goodalls Sweetwater Chimpanzee Sanctuary, and hanging out with the worlds last two Northern White Rhinos at Ol Pejeta.

The Greater Mara area is home to about 25% of Kenyas wildlife, including an exceptional population of Big Cats as well as their prey.

Celebrating A Birthday Floating In The Dead Sea Jordan

Top 21 Places To Go For Your 21st Birthday (Or Any Birthday Really ...

When travelling long-term like we are, finding a special place to spend your birthday can be difficult, simply because you are visiting so many amazing places fairly regularly! Just last month I spend my 28th birthday floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan, and it was incredible! Visiting the Dead Sea was always something Id wanted to do, but it was actually so much better than I imagined.

We spent two wonderful and relaxing days at a resort on the Dead Sea, amazed at the simplicity of floating in the uber-salty water, slathering ourselves in the magical Dead Sea mud , tanning beside the 4 different resort pools, and pampering myself to a massage and facial at the spa.

Being Ramadan at the time, it was the perfect choice to stay at a resort with multiple restaurants and bars, as food and alcohol can be difficult to come by during the day and I definitely wanted a glass of wine on my birthday! .

If youre looking for a fun, relaxing and unique place to spend a birthday, you cant look past pampering yourself at a resort on the Dead Sea .

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St Birthday Party Venues In Adelaide

For a lot of people, their 21st Birthday Party is the first big party they will plan as a young adult. So it is an exciting event! Event Scene is pleased to bring you this is a list of 21st Birthday Party Venues in Adelaide. Not just party venues in Adelaide CBD, but also around South Australia too. To make it easy, you can use the filter options to find the best 21st birthday party venue that suits your personal plans. We also have a list of special birthday party venues in Adelaide for 30th birthdays, 40th birthdays, 50th birthdays, 60th birthdays and so on.

What questions to ask the party venue when booking your 21st birthday party?
  • Do you have a maximum or minimum capacity?
  • Is there a minimum spend? Is the minimum spend on food and beverage or just food?
  • If my guests buy drinks over the bar, does this count towards the minimum spend?
  • Do you allow subsidised tabs?
  • Can I bring my own DJ/Jukebox/play-list etc?
  • Will you allow speeches?
  • Can I bring a cake and is there a charge?
  • Do you provide security and is there an extra charge?
  • Is there a particular time my underaged brother/sister/cousin will have to leave the venue?

Happy birthday party planning!

Take A Gondola Ride At The Venetian

Perhaps, you love the idea of a little adventure but also want to incorporate the luxurious, fantasy side of Las Vegas. If this is you, definitely take a gondola ride at The Venetian.

The Venetian gondola rides are both indoor and outdoor, weather pending. At an extremely reasonable price , youll be engulfed in Italian architecture and serenaded by the talented gondoliers vibrato.

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Visit The Iconic Seven Magic Mountains

Another extremely photogenic area of Las Vegas is the Seven Magic Mountains art installation. If you follow any travelers on Instagram, youve more than likely seen photos of this colorful desert oasis.

The Uber ride will only take about 25 minutes from the Strip, but be sure youll have enough service in the desert to order another Uber. Or, just ask your first driver to wait for you.

The Happy Ending Los Angeles Old School Fun

My Boyfriends 21st Birthday Surprise | Hotel Decorating / 21 Gifts Opening

The only place youre going to find a frat partyoutside of a real frat party is at Happy Ending. Dancing, drinks, food, karaoke, beer pong, sports, and a wheel of fun.

Have your pals meet up, or book a private party in their upstairs room. Either way, youre going to have a blast drinking the night away right on Sunset Blvd.

  • 7038 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028, 469-7038

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West Leederville / Subiaco

Having your 21st birthday in this area is definitely worth considering. The best thing about these suburbs is that they have so many great bars and restaurants to choose from covering all sorts of different themes and prices. Plus, there are some great cafes and pubs in the area that you’ll definitely want to visit during the day.

Have A Themed/costume Party

Have everyone dress up for a themed party. These parties are always fun, and costumes are ideal conversation starters. Get a birthday cake that matches your theme. Ask your guests to embrace the theme and pick an outfit that fits the theme. Serve 21 of your all-time favorite snacks or other foods to eat. Here are some theme ideas:

  • White lie
  • Dress like the birthday persons favorite things
  • Disney
  • Neon
  • Scavenger hunt with lots of fun clues
  • Casino night

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Road Trip Along The Wild Atlantic

If you’re a summer baby, round up your mates, designate a driver and get the tunes playing as you explore the Best of the Wesht! An epic experience, travel bible Lonely Planet ranked the Wild Atlantic Way as one of the world’s ultimate road trips in 2017.

You’d need a lot of time to cover the entire 2,500km distance from Kinsale to Derry but work out your itinerary depending on how much time you have to spare. The scenery is stop you dead in your tracks gorgeous.

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