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Best Chocolate For Birthday Gift

Perfect Presents For Chocolate Lovers

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When you just dont know what to get someone, chocolate is often a safe bet for any occasion. And when picking out a present for someone who you know has a sweet tooth,you really cant go wrong with high-quality chocolates. Plus, the options are nearly endless, with tempting choices available from around the globe, and theres no need to limit yourself to the classic “box of chocolates” either.

So for that hard-to-buy-for person or the chocoholic in your life, here are our picks for the years best chocolate gifts.

Includes: Dark chocolate-covered cherries, milk chocolate-covered cherries, milk chocolate-covered blueberries, milk chocolate-covered apricots

Oregon-based Harry & David has been offering fresh fruit gifts since 1934, later adding its signature blend of gourmet chocolate. This gift box offers the best of both and a way to enjoy summer fruits year-round.

The colorful assortment features dried cherries covered in both milk and dark chocolate as well as milk-chocolate coated dried blueberries and apricots. The box holds about a 1/4-pound of each.

Other Good Boxed Chocolates

If you like a variety of flavors, but with a more subtle approach: The L.A. Burdick Signature Chocolate Assortment, which came in a wooden box, was well received. The square chocolates house a mix of French-inspired ganachesincluding plenty of boozy options, like Macallan whisky and green Chartreuse. But theyre flavored with a lighter hand than some of our picks. These are safe, middle-of-the-road gift chocolates that are probably suitable as professional gifts. L.A. Burdick is based in New Hampshire, with stores in New York City, Boston, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and it is best known for its chocolate mice, which are undeniably cute.

If youre drawn to pretty packaging and colorful bonbons: The Knipschildt Chocolatier Large Signature Collection didnt win top honors, but it was popular with some of our tasters. This chocolatier is based in Norwalk, Connecticut, and has quite a following in the surrounding region. Its textured, handmade paper packaging is some of the prettiest.

How We Picked And Tested

Chocolate is very personal, and thats something to keep in mind when youre giving an edible gift. One person may prefer a fruitier chocolate, while another may prefer something with nutty or floral notes. The options out there can be staggering, and the key is to look for a chocolatier that uses the best ingredients available.

High-quality chocolate, made from the best cacao beans, is the first thing to check for. Next is the filling. When a confectioner makes the conscious decision to produce high-quality chocolates, it will forgo preservatives and artificial flavors and instead use natural fruit, nuts, butters, spices, and herbs. The end result is something that isnt as shelf-stable as Russell Stover or other drugstore chocolates. Preservatives in those drugstore offerings affect the flavor of the candies. When you pit long-life brands against more-perishable, high-end chocolates in a blind taste test, the differences are glaringly clear.

High-end chocolates run an average of $2 per piece, but shipping can really drive up the price. If youre able to find some of the favorably rated chocolates in our lineup at a local gourmet market or specialty store, youll save on shipping, which can be upwards of $15 per order. Look at a chocolatiers website to find a list of local retailers.

Because boxed chocolates are meant to be given as gifts, we thought the presentation should be a factor in judging, so we always presented the chocolates in their boxes.

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Elegant Premium Chocolates: La Maison Du Chocolat Coffret Maison Dark And Milk

Also great

May be out of stock

*At the time of publishing, the price was $65.

Who these are for:The chocolate purist, or anyone looking for a sophisticated gift.

Why theyre great: We think La Maison du Chocolats Coffret Maison Dark and Milk box is a solid premium choice for anyone looking to present someone with an upscale but tame chocolate selection. The flavors are subtle enough to let the chocolate shine. The packaging, reminiscent of brown pebbled leather, is understated and innocuous enough for a professional gift. Although these chocolates are impressively smooth and not too sweet, the overall flavor profile doesnt provide the same sensory adventure as you get with the Recchiuti or Richart chocolates.

La Maison du Chocolat does offer a lovely vegan option, the Fruit Naturally Gift Box, which contains 16 pieces of dark chocolate filled with an assortment of five vegan dark chocolate fruit ganaches. You can read more about this box in our Other good boxed chocolates section, below.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: For chocolate lovers who prefer lots of different fillings in each box, this selection could come across as homogenous. And in the 2022 tasting, some of the pieces arrived with the chocolate coating flaked off.

Pieces per box: 24

Weight: 5.82 ounces

Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection

Birthday gift 00054

Includes: 16 dark chocolate truffles ranging from 45% to 75% cacao

Chicago-based Vosges Haut-Chocolat is known for unusual flavor combinations and this exotic truffle collection is their signature offering. It would make a great gift for someone who loves traveling, international cuisines, and bold flavor pairings.

Inspired by founder Katrina Markoffs travels around the world, this whimsical collection of truffles incorporates unexpected international ingredients such as Hungarian paprika, Chinese star anise, wasabi, Tuscan olive oil, and Mexican chilies into artisan white, milk, and dark chocolates ranging from 45 to 75 percent cacao.

“They were really chic, each with a vibrant peppering of flavor on top: matcha, paprika, coconut ash, and more. If I had to pick just one way to describe them, it would be that they look expensive.” Taylor Rock, Associate Commerce Editor

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Godiva Milk And Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries One Dozen

A dozen roses or a floral arrangement is a nice gift, but an even tastier gift is a dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. The strawberries arrive fresh and ripe and covered in milk and dark chocolate. It’s such a decadent treat wrapped in the brand’s signature gold box.

For a fun gift for your favorite chocolate lover, See’s offers a custom mix set with a choice of two boxes. Just select a regular, classic box or go for a red heart shape. Then the good part comes in and you can choose a range of chocolates from milk peanut crunch to white chocolate cashew brittle to deep dark chocolate truffle.

Astor Chocolate Valentine’s Heart Box

Includes: 24 assorted milk, dark, and white chocolate hearts

Some classics just cant be beat. If you prefer the traditional route when it comes to Valentines Day gifts, this delicious gift box from Astor Chocolate is the way to go. It features 24 scrumptious Belgian chocolates all wrapped up with a satin ribbon. Recipients can expect a hand-decorated milk chocolate heart as well as truffles in five different flavors: white strawberry rose, dark raspberry crème, dark chocolate sea salt caramel, milk chocolate ganache, and white chocolate with passion fruit.

The Mouth Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness Box contains a variety of chocolate-themed treats that anyone with a sweet tooth will love. For a more romantic gift, consider giving your sweetheart the Old Time Candy Chocolate Roses Bouquet .

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Why Trust The Spruce Eats

This article was written by Danette St. Onge, a food writer and former features editor at Cooks Illustrated magazine. Shes also contributed to Saveur magazine, the Food Network, and FoodBeast. Shes sampled chocolates around the world and spent many hours making chocolate truffles to give as gifts, enough to realize in the end that sometimes its better to let someone else do all that work.

Allison Wignall, who updated this roundup, is a writer who focuses on food and travel. During her globetrotting, she has tasted some of the sweetest confections, from macarons in Paris to fresh gourmet chocolates in Ecuador. Her work has been featured in publications such as Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, and Southern Living.

Amazing Range Of Gifts For Every Gifting Need

Chocolate Explosion Box || Best Birthday Gift || Two Layer Chocolate Overload Box

While chocolates for birthday are one of the coveted gifts you can choose many other things as well from, and pair it with chocolates. There are birthday cakes, flowers gifts for birthday, best personalized birthday gifts like wall clocks, T’s, watches, pillows & mugs, and much else. You can also shop for birthday chocolates for school from, in case you have a school going kid, and his/her birthday is approaching. It’s not that is there to serve the occasion of birthday only through its gifts, instead, the online gift portal serves almost every festival and occasion, with dedicated gift options offered to suit them. So, you can think of making a choice of top wedding gifts, beautiful anniversary gifts, and beautiful rakhi gifts and satisfy every desire for impressive gifts through For sending gifts to urban or remote regions of India, or even to foreign countries like USA, UK, Australia etc., you can choose as your online gifting partner as we provide efficient delivery services.

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Williams Sonoma Norman Love Signature Chocolate Box

Includes: 15 signature Norman Love flavors

These gorgeous, hand-painted chocolates from Florida-based chocolatier Norman Love are almost too pretty to eat. Packaged in a stylish, lime-green box tied with a bronze ribbon, the 15 glossy, jewel-like confections are a sampling of Norman Loves signature flavors, ranging from the exotic to the all-American .

Includes: Three or eight different chocolate bars ranging from 58% to 82% cacao

These stylish, contemporary gift boxes hold either three or eight bars of small-batch Raaka chocolate bars, made with organic, unroasted cocoa beans for a complex and fruity taste. The unique flavors include Cask-Aged Bourbon , Pink Sea Salt , Maple & Nibs , and Bananas Foster .

All of the bean-to-bar chocolates made by Brooklyn-based craft chocolate maker Raaka are dairy-, soy- and gluten-free.

If youre looking for something more lasting than a one-time gift, Raaka also offers three-month, six-month, or year-long chocolate subscriptions with monthly deliveries.

Includes: Six to 12 Belgian milk chocolate roses with your choice of eight foil colors

A Chocolate Fondue Pot

Chocolate fountains are great, but they tend to make a mess, are hard to clean, and can’t be used with cheese for traditional fondue. So give the melted chocolate aficionado a trusty classic fondue pot and you’re giving the gift of chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and more.

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Chocolate Is Ideal For All Ages

The chocolate gift has the power to amuse recipients of all stages of life. It brings sweet surprises for kids and also revives childlike happiness in adults. Its an ideal gift you can always carry without minding the age of the recipient, unlike other gifts that require you have a background knowhow of the recipient to avoid buying something that will be unfit. The cookie is also luxurious and indulgent by nature, sending a message of happiness to someone you love and care for.

Anatomy Of A Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate Gift Box For Him/ Her Birthday/ Anniversary ...

Chocolate truffles are generally bite-size and almost always round. There are some varieties with flat bottoms, as well as some with roughly round shapes. In terms of weight, truffles usually weigh around half an ounce each.

Chocolate truffles consist of a ganache center encased in chocolate and dusted with a layer of cocoa powder or nuts.

Ganache: The innermost layer of chocolate truffles is ganache, a balanced mixture of chocolate and cream. Additional ingredients may be added for flavor. The result is a ball with a buttery smooth texture thats ready for the next step in truffle creation.

Chocolate: The ganache center is encased in a layer of chocolate, actually a hard shell made from tempered chocolate thats poured into molds and cooled. The truffle can be consumed at this stage or covered with an outer layer.

Outer layer: The outer layer of chocolate truffles often consists of cocoa powder, nut powder, or crushed nuts. This layer can also include a variety of other ingredients, including drizzled caramel, coconut flakes, or crushed pretzel pieces. Because its the part of the truffle you see first, confectioners are keen to show off their skills with innovative designs or unique ingredients.

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Birthday Gifts From Chococraft

Beautiful Designs

There are many reasons behind how and why gift giving has evolved into a more complex social and cultural notion. To this realisation, it is important to note that gifts arent just about an article of presentation to be passed on. The purpose of giving birthday gifts continues from its traditional norms due to many reasons. First and foremost, it is the most traditional way of showing someone you care about them and remember the day of special significance to them. This also prompts us how necessary it is to invest in good birthday gifts for boyfriend and birthday gifts for girlfriend.

Gifts are more than just the act of giving. It is to show our love and appreciation. They strengthen the personal bond between the giver and receiver. On the other hand, birthdays are to mark milestones of the celebrants life journey, which alone are significant enough to be celebrated. Gifts are given on this occasions as mementos to remind the birthday pal of this particular years significance and feats he/she had achieved. More so, not only it shows that the celebrant is cared for and adored, but more than that it also reminds the receiver of his admirer who gifted him such a thing on this special occasion. Unlike other gifts, birthday presents are kept as keepsakes and cherished and embraced all life, be it even as memories.

The Best Chocolate For Someone Who Want Something Just A Little Bit Different: John & Kira’s

Dried Spanish figs stuffed with a whiskey-infused dark chocolate ganache and dipped in 62% dark chocolate. That’s what you get when you opt for these adorable yet sophisticated treats. Both Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey have claimed them as one of their favorite things and you can add me to the list. The chewy texture and sweet flavor of the dried fruit pairs remarkably with the creamy, bittersweet ganache, and the caramel-like accent of whiskey finishes the bite with an intoxicating aroma. It’s a play on flavors that’s unlike anything else on the market.

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Phillip Ashley Taste Of Memphis

Courtesy of Phillip Ashley

For the chocolate connoisseur who has tried it all, Philip Ashley offers a truly distinctive flavor experience. These beautifully designed, handpainted chocolates are an example of food meeting art. Theyll certainly tantalize your tastebuds with flavors that honor the city of Memphis, like “The King” and “Hot Buttered Soul” .

From NYC’s oldest chocolate house, this collection is over ½ pound of the famous chocolatiers most popular confections. This elegant mix of milk and dark chocolate squares are made in small batches to preserve their quality and taste, and fillings include French cream, mocha, and marzipan. All chocolates are gluten-free, certified Kosher, and hand-made in Brooklyn, NY.

Our Pick: Baked In Color

How to make baby birthday gift basket /chocolate gift hamper / Best birthday gift for babyâsâ¦

Claim To Fame:The original rainbow chocolate chip cookie and the Happiest Cookies on Earth

About Baked In Color Cookie Cakes:As their name suggests, COLOR is the name of the game at this fun bakery.

Made with super colorful dough, these huge rainbow cookie cakes are rolled and twisted to create a unique sweet treat. No two cookie cakes are the same!

In addition to the classic Rainbow Chocolate Chip, other flavors include Brownie Oreo, Funfetti Cookie and Cookies N Cream. There is even an option to choose your own colors.

Also Available from Baked In Color:Choose Your Own Color Cookie Gift Tins, College Colors Cookie Gifts, Giant Rainbow Oreo Brownies and Seasonal Treats

Claim To Fame:Cakes so good that they got a deal on Shark Tank!

The company is based in South Caroline. Their hand-crafted cakes are rich with southern family tradition and use recipes handed down through the generations.

About Daisy CakesHeads up to the chocolate lovers! Daisys classic chocolate cake has four layers of rich chocolate cake. Each layer has a semi-sweet chocolate ganache that is delicately spread by hand. The entire cake is finished with a thick coating of fudge icing.

Also AvailableA wide array of classic cake flavors plus minikins which are cakes in a jar. Birthday cake delivery is offered via Goldbelly.

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The Best Chocolates For Art Lovers: Kate Weiser And Compartes

Simply put, Kate Weiser makes some of the most beautiful chocolates being manufactured today. Each bonbon goes through a six-day process of hand-painting, filling, and polishing so that every box looks like an edible Pollock. But they’re not just beautiful. With classic flavors alongside contemporary pairings like dark chocolate and yuzu, milk chocolate ganache with sweet potato and cognac, and peanut butter gianduja with brittle crunch, the chocolates taste amazing too. The deluxe box comes with 15 assorted bonbons, two candy bars , and a sleeve of caramel bonbons.

Chocolate Has Health Benefits

There are medically proven ways that show how chocolate is good for your health. So, giving it as a birthday gift is a sign of goodwill that you want the receipt to benefit medically in the following ways:

  • Chocolate minimizes stroke risk the cookie contains flavonoids, whose properties are antioxidants that help to fight stroke.

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