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Make Your Own Happy Birthday Banner

Happy Birthday Banner Diy Project

DIY Birthday Banner

Materials Needed:

  • Scrapbook Paper or Cardstock
  • DIY Birthday Banner Template
  • Adhesive Mounts of some sort
  • X-Acto Knife or Hole Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors

I know I took pictures of this process, but it appears, I have deleted those photos! I am so sorry, but I promise, this is so easy you really dont need photos.


Step 1:Print out the banner template noted in the supply list from Miss Lovie Creations. She did a great job of making her DIY birthday banner and I did mine similar to hers.

Cut out the template. I used regular scissors for this.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Cut out the traced pieces. I used scissors for this as well, but you could use the X-Acto knife.

Step 5:

Place the circle template over scrapbook paper or card stock. Trace as many circles as letters you need. Again, youll need 13 to spell out Happy Birthday. I chose to use just blue and pink solid card stock for this so that my letters didnt disappear on patterned paper.

Step 6:

Free Printable Happy Birthday Banner

Add some happy cuteness to your party decor with this FREE printable Happy Birthday banner!

I actually made this a few years ago, but just re-found it when I was cleaning up my files. Its still cute, SO, I printed it out again and made a cute birthday banner for my twins becausemy twins are turning SEVEN! OH my! Lucky #7, never thought wed get here.we are so lucky they are SEVEN and not 2or 3 anymore!

It is so simple and quick to make this banner!

First, simply click on the link and print each page. I used a white card stock to print mine on.

Cut out the circles + punch holes in the sides of each circle. Then thread twine, ribbon, yarn or whatever you want to use!


I included some stars if you want to separate the words

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Sparkles And Streamers Banner

Perhaps you already bought a cute birthday banner with sparkly lettering because youve never been great at neatly drawing or stenciling words, but you cant help but feel like its just missing a touch of flare for your tastes? In that case, we thin youre the perfect person to be giving this cute streamers idea a try. Check out how From Bare to Bold embellished their sparkly banner in an awesomely crafty, very celebratory looking way thats surprisingly easy.

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Create A Team And Collaborate

Lacking inspiration or need a second opinion for your banner? Easy! With Canvas banner maker you can create a team and collaborate together on your banner design. Create together from anywhere in the world, on any device in real-time. Adjust colors, leave comments, resolve suggestions, and create a stunning banner together with your Canva team.

Instantly Upload Your Brand Assets

Make your own Birthday Pennant Banner

Youve worked hard to build your business, and Canvas online banner maker is here to help you communicate your brand story to the world. Upload your own images and logos then easily drag-and-drop them into any banner template. You can customize your banner further by finding your brand colors in the editor and using them in any of your designs.

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Digital Marketing Made Easy And Affordable

Online banners are the first thing your audience sees when clicking onto your profile, so its important to make a lasting first impression. With thousands of sleek templates in preset dimensions, 2 million royalty-free images, and easy drag-and-drop functions, designing a custom online banner is easy and time-efficient with our banner creator. Once youve created a banner youre happy with, easily repurpose your design for other online platforms within a few clicks.

What Are Happy Birthday Signs & Banners

Happy birthday signs are used to celebrate a loved ones birthday. Whether they are young, old, male, or female, everyone enjoys being appreciated and what better way of doing so than with a customized happy birthday sign or banner.

Hang up a banner, place a yard sign in your yard, or think of other creative ways to display your birthday sign. Make your loved one’s birthday a day to remember with a custom happy birthday sign.

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High Quality Birthday Poster Templates For All Your Needs

Fotors birthday poster maker offers a large library of ready-to-use birthday poster templates for you to choose from. Whether youre creating a birthday poster to spread the word about your birthday party or to send a heartfelt message to wish your best friend a happy birthday, you can definitely find a template on Fotor that fits your needs. Browse our template library and pick one perfect happy birthday poster template to get started.

Design Your Own Birthday Banner

How to make a Spiderman Superhero Happy Birthday banner with Free printable at home

Our team has spent years perfecting our ability to offer you customized birthday banners. This means that no matter how grand your creative vision is, we are able to accommodate it and make it work for your special day. For instance, if you are looking for banners with photos perhaps of some of your best memories with that special person everyone is gathered to celebrate then we have got you covered. Our printing process allows you to add whatever photos you would like to your banner. Of course, birthday banners are not just for children. We offer banners for all ages. If you need banners for adults, we are able to provide that as well. Perhaps you are throwing a twenty-first birthday party for someone or celebrating some major milestones like a fourteenth or a fiftieth birthday party. Whatever the occasion, our custom vinyl banners are just what you need to make sure your party looks great and goes off without a hitch.

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Name And Photo Train Banner

Perhaps youre the kind of nostalgic parent who loves nothing more than going through photos of your kids, relishing every captured moment and sharing them with family and friends whenever you can? Then were pretty sure weve found just the birthday banner idea for you! Simply Real Moms suggests printing a photo from each month of the later year and making those into a banner that celebrates the way your child has grown. We think their train idea is totally adorable, but you could use this basic photo idea and display then in whatever design you please!

Lace Doily Letter Background Banner

Weve talked a lot about colour, pattern, and sparkly, but what if your favourite thing to make décor pieces with, no matter how permanent or temporary they are, is actually texture? Well, whether its physical texture that you can feel or visual texture that just keeps the eye interested, were totally with you on that concept. Thats why we loved this paper lace doily banner idea from Lets Make It Lovely so much! Check out how they placed a paper doily behind each letter to make sure it really pops out in a readable way, rather than getting lost in the pattern of the bunting flags.

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Happy Birthday Banner Diy

These banners are super simple to make. Grab some string or curling ribbon, sticky tape and scissors and youre ready for your Happy Birthday banner DIY.

You can print them at home or at a local printing store. You can print them on card stock or just normal printer paper is fine too.

Make sure you set your page orientation to landscape before printing. You can print on letter or ledger size paper . Either will work just fine.

Once youve printed them, simply cut them out and stick them to the string/ribbon with sticky tape. I stick the string at the back so that you dont see it, so you will need to arrange the letters back to front.

So instead of HAPPY arrange the letters to spell YPPAH and when you turn the banner over its ready to hang. And do the same with BIRTHDAY!

I always hang my decorations with washi tape. That way it will leave your paint on the wall after the party when you remove the decoration.

I like to add a balloon arrangement to the corner of the banners for that extra fun party look. This can be as simple as 3 balloons in your color scheme tied together with string and arranged either side.

Custom Printed Brthd Banners

make your own birthday banner

Creative Banner Design

HAPPY BIRTHDAY should be sung, not spoken, and our personalized birthday banners will shout your well wishes from the rooftops while the price will be music to your ears! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. I hope you all are doing well. Here, we bring fun to ideas and products, making all your events and celebrations unique. Our company is a well-known but perform like a family business , and has been in business for 18+ years. We live our vision each day at vinyl banners company. Besides making the world more fun, we also make the world a better place to live, work and play. Our very dedicated team will help you to select the right birthday banner templates from our website. We will help you design the birthday banners that will be remembered for many birthdays to come. From a birthday boy or girl, adults, we have the right banner for your celebrationand if we dont, we will CUSTOMIZE ONE with your desired photos! JUST EMAIL us directly and our team will help you to design the birthday banners of your dreams, not just one birthday sample, they will continue making revisions on your birthday banner proof until we receive your final approval.

Also, you can be creative on your own and utilize our online birthday banner tool.

  • Choose your design
  • Choose publishing options

Thats it! Just a few clicks to complete all operations!

Try it please. Lets make memories!

Customer support

Make Your Loved Ones Birthday Extra Special


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Picking The Right Happy Birthday Sign

Chances are, if youre reading this, youre looking to get a birthday sign for your loved one. But how do you know which one to get? Below is a list of the most common birthday signs and a little info about them:

Banners – Banners are typically the largest signs. The average is 72 x 36, but can be adjusted, depending on your needs. Our banners come with grommets which allow for easy installation/hanging. You can use string, zip-ties, hooks, or a number of other things to hang your banner. There is also an option for pole inserts if you prefer that. Being made out of 13 oz. vinyl, these banners can be displayed inside or outside.

Yard Signs – Yard signs are great for showing people where the party is. Place them in your front yard or throughout the neighborhood to direct traffic to your house. They are affordable and water resistant so even if it rains or the sprinklers turn on, they wont get ruined.

Postersr – Posters are less expensive than banners, but usually not as big. Similar to banners, but different in the fact that they can stand against a wall without any additional materials/accessories. Our posters are made of 12 point cardstock, which makes them great for indoor use.

Affordable Personalized Birthday Banner

If you want a birthday banner that wont break the bank, weve got you covered. Our products are extremely affordable. Because of our efficient online setup, were able to offer you the best prices on all sorts of products, so if you are looking for a cheap birthday banner, then look no further. After all, a birthday banner is something that you can really only use once, so there is no reason to break the bank on it. There is no reason to wait. After all, we are not getting any younger. Our custom web interface allows you to design your own banner and make it personalized on our website so that it reflects you and the person being celebrated. We can print a banner to fit any occasion, no matter how large or small the venue is. If you have questions, you can consult with one of our custom printing experts today through a live chat or give us a call. We are here to help make your celebrations a success!

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Pretty Ribbon Banner Backdrop

Along with your birthday banner, were you actually hoping to cover the place with all kinds of cute banners, buntings, and hanging décor just to really spiff it up? Then heres a great idea for not only making your walls look a little more cheerful, but also for giving guests a cute place to take whimsical party pictures against an adorable backdrop! Check out how Dear Lizzy used a simple length of string and some long strips of ribbon. You could also use cut strips of spare fabric in your favourite colours!

Celebrate And Decorate With A Banner For Happy Birthday

How to make Paw Patrol Happy birthday banner | Free Printables includes

Throwing a birthday party and looking for the perfect decoration? A happy birthday banner is a fantastic way to set the tone for the event. Whether youre celebrating a sweet 16, 21st birthday or your babys first birthday, you can find a design that works for you. Plus, we can help you create your own banner.

Discover our templates with themes and patterns that suit all agesfrom unicorns and balloons to garlands and birthday cakes. And if youre looking for a simple design, you can choose a birthday banner with a photo and add message or a quote to spice it up. Looking for more party decor? Check out our party signs.

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Attach The Shapes To A Thread

Put all the shapes upside down and in reverse order on the table. Leave a couple of inches of thread on the outside of the first shape and make a knot through the first hole. Then go to the second hole of the shape with the same thread, pull the thread through the hole twice and make another knot. Go further with the next shape.

Diy Happy Birthday Banners

A new year means another birthday is on the horizon! I know a lot of people who get to a point in their life when they dont want to draw any attention to their birthdays. Those people and I dont get along very well. There is always reason to celebrate your birthday! Plus, who would pass up an opportunity to throw a party or eat cake? Not to mention the balloons! So whether youre planning your own birthday is fast approaching or your planning a party for a friend, we have the perfect party decor for you! These DIY Happy Birthday Banners are bright and bold and say it all! Print off these quintessential birthday phrases in whatever colors you want, and youve got a party!

You’ll Need:

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Free Printable Birthday Banner Ideas

Lots of free printable birthday banner ideas. Of course, you could use these banners for other occasions such as baby showers or bridal showers but we decided to do a round-up of all of our best printable birthday banners free for you to use. Some of these birthday banner ideas also come with matching printable bottle wrappers, invitations and other goodies that would be with easy birthday decorations for cheap!

Minnie Mouse Banner With Bows

Design Your Own Happy Birthday Party Banner by pinwhirlparties

Are your kids the kind of creative minds that love to let their imaginations run wild, particularly when it comes to characters and movies from Disney? Then we just know youre going to love this simple cut and paste silhouette bunting design featured on ! They show you how to trace the shape of classic Disney mouse ears and add adorable little bows to turn the silhouettes into Minnie Mouse. Draw or paste a letter on each set of ears and voila a happy, Disney inspired birthday bunting!

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Diy Birthday Banner Jungle Themed Party

Remember, what was your greatest fantasy as a kid? To visit the jungle or at least see all the jungle related movies. We bet your kids have the same kind of fantasies. So, whip up this jungle-themed birthday party for your kid! By using colored paper pasted on poster board with photos and string! simplyrealmoms

Let Adobe Express Be Your Happy Birthday Banner Design Expert

Like any creative design, there are some best practice tips to get the look and feel you want for your birthday banner. Use high quality photography or graphics, especially if you plan to print out your birthday banner on a large format. Choose fonts, colors, and images that resonate with the theme of the birthday. Make your banner design easy to read by using large text, a balanced design, and contrasting colors. Remove the background from images in your banner to highlight the subject. There are endless tools at your fingertips to make something extra special.

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