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Food To Have At A Birthday Party

Who Are The Guests

Kids Try Birthday Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Having a guest list ready would make it easier to figure out the quantity and type of food to have at your babys first birthday party.

  • Will it be a small party with only family or friends?
  • Will you invite your close relatives and neighbors?
  • How many babies and toddlers would be attending the party?
  • How many teenagers or parents or adults would attend?

When you have the answers to these questions, you can plan the food ideas and serving size.

What Are Some Graduation Party Food Ideas

The fun thing about graduation parties is that you can truly make them your own. For a tea party theme, look to mini sponge cakes, scones, or cookies. For a larger crowd, cook up some lasagna, sloppy joes, and Philly steak pizza. That way your guests get a variety of dishes to choose from and wont leave hungry!

What Should I Serve At A Kids’ Birthday Party

There are a loads of things you can choose for easy kids party food that are cheap and tasty, while also appealing to children’s sense of fun.

  • Kids love finger foods they can pick at. This could mean a variety of sweet and savoury snacks, with some healthy options thrown in too, as well as drinks to wash it all down with.
  • You could stick to traditional, much-loved kids party food like cocktail sausages, jelly and ice cream and fondant fancies, or mix it up by trying out some new recipes like broccoli tots or cauliflower pizza.
  • Don’t forget plenty of crisps and crackers too. They’re easy to grab and satsifying to crunch.
  • Classic sandwiches: When it comes to sandwiches, we’ve tried alternatives but the basics seem to always be crowd-pleasers, such as cheese and ham or chicken mayo sandwiches cut into triangles. Who doesn’t love those?

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Tortilla Chips And Dips

RODNAE ProductionsPexels

Tortilla chips and dips is an incredibly easy party food combination that kids love. Simply buy a few bags of tortilla chips, or make your own healthier version by toasting cut-up tortilla wraps in the oven. Toss the chips into a fun bowl, and set out a few smaller bowls of delicious dips. Guacamole, mild salsa and bean dip are all classic choices. You can also buy pre-made dips at the supermarket, or get inventive and make your own by using sour cream or creme fraiche as a base and adding herbs, spices and seasoning to taste.

What Kind Of First Birthday Party Are You Planning

65 First Birthday Party Food Ideas And Planning Tips

Image: Shutterstock

You can come up with the food menu only when you have the basic idea of the birthday party.

  • If you are planning for a simplistic evening party, then you can make a handful of items at home. Your family members or close friends could help you prepare some delectable recipes.
  • If it is going to be a big party, you may have to hire a caterer and plan a mixed menu. Make sure you find a well-known catering agency that specializes in making the best quality kid-friendly food items.

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Appetizer And Snack Ideas

Bacon wrapped jalapeños Add a spicy kick to your appetizer table with these delicious treats.

Crispy air-fried chickpeas Theyre yummy and addictive. No one has to know theyre also good for you. Theyre the perfect finger food.

Easy homemade salsa Surround a bowl of this salsa with some crispy chips, and youll have a huge hit.

Easy deviled eggs Add these deviled eggs to the snack table, and your party will rise to a whole new level.

Spinach dip Serve this dip with a variety of breads and crackers, and youll have a real crowd pleaser.

These are delicious additions to other dishes, but theyre also good all by themselves.

Chocolate peanut butter moose munch This is another example of a variety of flavors coming together in a delightful way. Youd better make twice as much of this party snack as you think youll need because it will disappear quickly.

Serving Platters Plates And Dishes

The dishes you use to display your food can really make a statement at a gathering. The good news? There are TONS of ways to get inexpensive platters and dishes! Thrift stores, dollar store, Target, Walmart, clearance, and even getting creative and making some yourself. I’ve even made a stand out of dollar store items and glue! You can get TONS of DIY project ideas from .

We got a tiered stand as a wedding gift and have used it probably a million and one times. Buy a functional piece for a good deal, and you will use it over and over! This rectangular serving stand looks like it would be perfect for so many types of parties! Great investment!

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Melon Mozzarella + Prosciutto Skewers

Salty, sweet and oh-so-refreshing, these melon and prosciutto skewers cover all the bases for the perfect party snack. To make them, use a melon roller to carve out watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe balls. Thread alternating melon balls on skewer sticks between fresh basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella and salty prosciutto slices. Serve as is or spice it up with a sprinkle of fresh-cracked pepper.


Salty, sweet and oh-so-refreshing, these melon and prosciutto skewers cover all the bases for the perfect party snack. To make them, use a melon roller to carve out watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe balls. Thread alternating melon balls on skewer sticks between fresh basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella and salty prosciutto slices. Serve as is or spice it up with a sprinkle of fresh-cracked pepper.

Y Food Ideas For Adults

My Dog’s EPIC Birthday Party!!!!

This buffalo chicken dip will definitely be one of the most popular dishes at your party. Its an easy appetizer for any of your gatherings and parties.

Its low-carb but tastes just like buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing. Yum!

Heres a bright and colorful way to serve drinks at your next get-together. Combining fruit juice, real fruit, rum and vodka jungle juice will definitely be a hit with all of your guests!

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Potato Cakes With Sweet Chilli Dip

Makes:16-20 |Skill level:Easy |Time to make:35 mins

These are simple to make and look so tempting on a serving platter. Spiced up with a hit of sweet chilli in the dip, they are always popular with grown-ups. This recipe makes up to 20 cakes but they are really mini, so youll probably find people want more than one each.

Serve hot or cold. If youre going cold, you can make them up to 2 days in advance and store them in a sealed container in the fridge. Its also another good vegetarian option.

Healthy Snack For Kids: Mini Personal Bagel Pizzas

Skip the frozen bagel pizza bites and let your children customize their own mini pizzas using healthier ingredients. Set up a pizza bar with mini whole wheat bagel halves, marinara sauce and toppings like chopped vegetables, ground beef, diced ham, pepperoni, shredded mozzarella cheese and feta cheese crumbles. Once your child creates his own personal pizza snack, bake for around 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted.

Jacob Blount Styling By: Callie Blount

Indulge in frozen bagel pizza with this healthy, adult-friendly twist. Use whole-wheat bagel halves as your mini bagel pizza base. Spread marinara sauce on the bagel, then add tasty toppings like mozzarella, prosciutto, spicy Italian sausage, arugula and roasted peppers. Pop your prepped pizza bagels into the oven and bake for 10 minutes or until the cheese melts to your liking.

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Cheese And Pickle Straws

Makes:25 |Skill level:Easy |Time to make:35 mins

You can buy cheese straws in the shops, but these cheese and pickle straws take things up a notch. Quick to make – only a little over half an hour, theyre always popular at parties. Theyre easy to serve up – just stick them in beakers so they stand upright and people can help themselves.

This recipe makes 25 straws each about 20cm long. You can cut them in half before baking and make double the amount of shorter straws. The onion and herb dip is optional, but it makes a great addition if you have time.

Get the recipe:Cheese and pickle straws

Fantastic Food Ideas For Kids Birthday Parties At Home

22 easy kids birthday party foods

Is your childs birthday around the corner? Are you planning to throw a birthday party but have no idea how to go about it? Well, to make your childs birthday party a memorable one, you need to come up with a fun menu. Everyone throws a party with cakes, desserts and ice creams. How about serving your guests with sumptuous delicacies that theyll ask their parents to have the dishes on their birthday menu as well?

Here we are suggesting some fun party foods that kids would love:

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Struggling To Come Up With A Menu For Your Child’s Celebration We’ve Got Birthday Party Food Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Happy And Keep Your Budget Under Control

Personal Finance Writer Mia Taylor is an award-winning journalist who’s passionate about making personal finance coverage accessible and engaging. News organizations she has worked for as a staff member or contributor include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the San Diego Union-Tribune, The Boston Globe, TheStreet, Bankrate, MSN, and Cheapism. In 2011, she was a member of a team of KPBS reporters who received a Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Good company, fun, entertaining games, and plenty of presents are the key elements at children’s birthday parties, right? But there’s another component that’s essential to a successful gathering, no matter what the age of the guest: the party food.

Since feeding a crowd on a budget can be tough, we’ve rounded up fuss-free and affordable party food ideasdelicious meals, snacks, and desserts that are sure to please children and parents alike, without upsetting your wallet.

Kids’ Birthday Party Foods

While birthday food should be tailored to the guest of honor, there are some birthday food favorites that all kids will enjoy.

Birthday party food is something that should be tailored to the likes of the guest of honor. Many times, that falls in line with what most kids like for party food. But for those who are not sure what to serve for a birthday party, there are some foods that will please any kid’s palate. And the best part is that kids’ birthday party foods are generally easy to make, making the day special for kids while being less stressful for parents.

When it comes to food, most kids enjoy simpler flavors. As such, when choosing a menu for the party day, keeping spice and more over-the-top flavors to a minimum will make for a happy group of kids. And the more that kids enjoy the food, the fewer leftovers there are. Something that is a win-win for parents when it comes time to clean up at the end of the day.

Here are some kids’birthday party foods.

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Buffet Food Ideas: 40 Street Party Food Ideas And Recipes

Throw the best party yet with these easy buffet food ideas and inspirational party foods…

From tear and share bread to sausage rolls, and from scones to mini butterfly cakes, here are the best buffet food recipes and ideas to serve at a party.

Making party food from scratch is doable with our selection of delicious, easy buffet food ideas. These party food ideas include both sweet and savoury recipes. Our collection of buffet food ideas and recipes cater between six to 75 portions so it doesn’t matter if it’s just you and a couple of friends, or the whole street – you’re sure to find a selection of recipes to suit. Each recipe is easy to multiply up or reduce down to make as many servings as you need for your guests.

If you’re after a salad that you can make in bulk, try our coleslaw and potato salads. Served up in big bowls, people can help themselves – all you need to provide is plates and cutlery. There are also easy canapés like vol-au-vents and cheese puffs, with quick cheats so you can knock them up in no time. We’ve also included a collection of afternoon tea ideas , for themed parties and some kids’ party food ideas too. “When it comes to hosting a buffet it’s best to include a number of dishes that can be prepared in advance any replenished throughout the day,” says Senior Food Writer, Jessica Ransom .

Cheese Bacon And Coronation Chicken Vol

Party Snack Ideas – 6 BEST Finger Food Recipes for Party – Starters/Appetizers

Makes:24 |Skill level:Easy |Time to make:35 mins

A delicious retro option. This recipe includes two different kinds of filling for the vol-au-vents – a classic coronation chicken and melted cheesy bacon. You can experiment with other options though – try smoked salmon mouse and cucumber, or pimento cheese for vegetarian guests.To make them even speedier, buy readymade vol-au-vont cases.

Get the recipe:Cheese, bacon and coronation chicken vol-au-vents

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WHEW, well there you have it! All of my best tips, tricks and cheap party food ideas. What’s your go-to party food when you have people over? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for more great ideas?

How To Select Surprise Party Food Ideas

When planning the surprise party food menu, select items that you can prepare ahead of time. This way youll be able to visit with guests and wont be in the kitchen all day. Decide how much party space youll have to set out food. Consider making lots of finger foods so that guests can walk and talk easier. This also applies to handheld desserts, so forgo a huge birthday cake.

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Stylish Table Cloth Or Runner

This is not only an easy way to dress up your gathering, but will also protect your furniture. I have had luck buying them at Home Goods for $5. I like the vinyl ones that are easy to wipe down, but I also have cloth ones that I can throw in the washing machine. Once again, it’s an investment that you can use over and over.

Keep in mind that you can also use a roll of wrapping paper down the center of a table as a disposable runner! I also like the cheap table cloths from the dollar store, because you can toss them guilt-free if they’re too dirty to keep and reuse later.

Grilled Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Super Hero Birthday Party Recap

To prepare for grilling your dessert, cut the tops off of the strawberries and use a cookie cutter to cut stars out of slices of pound cake. Place pieces of pound and berries alternately on the skewers until they are full. Grill over medium heat until your pound cake is lightly toasted and the berries are just beginning to soften. Cream together 4 ounces of softened butter and 4 ounces of softened cream cheese with 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon of milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Serve with fresh off the grill cake and berries.

Even guests with the pickiest palates are bound to enjoy this classic dessert. Our grilled strawberry shortcake tastes as divine as traditional shortcake recipes but comes skewered for effortless, hand-held enjoyment. To make, cut the tops off strawberries and use a cookie cutter to cut stars out of slices of pound cake. Place pieces of cake and berries alternately on the skewers until they are full. Grill over medium heat until the pound cake is lightly toasted and the berries are just beginning to soften. Top with whipped cream for the perfect finishing touch.

These crispy little chips are packed with tomato flavor.

Sam Henderson

If you grow a summer garden, chances are you have tons of tomatoes just waiting to be eaten. Take advantage of your summer bounty with these tangy tomato chips perfect for a crowd.

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Birthday Party Food Budget

When planning out the menu for your birthday party, make sure that you set a budget so your spending doesnt get out of hand! Contrary to popular belief, parties dont have to cost over $500, especially if you are willing to make all of the food yourself. If you make your food and are smart with your choices, it should only be under $100 depending on how many people you invite. If you are serving alcohol at your parties, it can cost between $100 and $200 dollars if you include alcohol expenses.

Besides having food at your parties, make sure that you are including some fun activities. Have fun with the planning and get creative. Creating food that is delicious but also cost-effective is a good goal to have, and your wallet will be sure to thank you later.

How To Set Up A Self

A mix of condiment containers, vessels filled with toppings and an assembly line arrangement of hot dogs, this station is certain to keep guests fed and interactive for hours on end.

Flynnside Out Productions

When in doubt, a self-serve hot dog station will never and we mean never disappoint. Use this mouthwatering display by Brian Patrick Flynn as your muse and provide guests with a wide variety of toppings and fan-favorite sides like baked beans and slaw.

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