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Personalized Sesame Street Birthday Book

Canyou Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street

Sesame Street Personalized Coloring/Activity Book

Sunnydays, chasing the clouds away, can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Themagical place where people, birds and monsters all live together in harmony,Sesame Street is the perfect theme for your happy little ones birthday. Withall of the party supplies you need right at your fingertips, its time to getplanning for a party that will wow kids and parents alike. Do you need acomplete party package of just a few invitations and decorations? Whatever yourneeds, youll find it all in one place for an outstanding Sesame Streetcelebration.

Quick pre-planning tip:

Makeyour party even more special by having each guest dress up as their favoriteSesame Street character. After all, there are plenty to choose from! Big Bird,Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert, Ernie and Oscar the Grouch all need to berepresented at your shindig.

The Messy Alphabet Book Makes A Wonderful Gift

Clay loves just looking at the pictures, they are all vivid and eye catching, so it keeps him interested as I read the book. Oscar, thinks all other a-b-c books are too plain and predictable so he created this messy alphabet book. It makes learning the alphabet more fun because there is a lot of mess going on!

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Todays featured party is a Sesame Street theme party that was brought to you by the letter L and the number 2! Oh and by one very creative and crafty customer of mine, Lauren! Lauren was featured last year for her son Liams golf theme first birthday, and she and Liam are back again this year with another great party. Some fun details to watch for: pretzel crayons, Elmos goldfish, and the birthday guestbook .

Liams adorable backdrop was surprisingly homemade! Lauren says, My future brother-in-law designed the sign and we printed it on my fathers blueprint printer!

Instead of serving a birthday cake, Lauren made a colorful trifle. She says, I made 4 cakes in the theme colors and layered them with Cool Whip mixed with cream cheese, plus layers of white chocolate chips. It was super yummy! Actually, I could go for some now!

Liams cookies were all homemade, including the L and 2 cookies, and the chocolate chip Monster Cookies in the jar.

Green-frosted chocolate push-up pops were labeled as Oscars Trash.

Even the cheese was cut out in letters and numbers!

The crayons were a big hit at the party! Lauren made them by dipping Rold Gold honey wheat pretzels in tinted chocolate, then adding paper wrappers.

The fondant cupcake toppers were made by Sweeten Your Day. Lauren says, They were awesome!

Lauren hung a homemade balloon birthday wreath and spelled out Liams name using painted wooden letters and frames from Ikea.

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Shop Custom Gifts For Any Occasion

Whether youre a born shopper or someone who just goes through the motions, youve found the place that will make your life easier for any gift-giving occasion. Think about all the times you need to find special gifts for loved ones, friends, and colleaguesand realize your struggles are over, because we have gifts ready to personalize for any occasion, including:

What Are Personalized Childrens Books

Elmo Personalized Book Sesame Street Characters Child, PNG, 500x500px ...

Personalized books for kids let you turn your child into the main character of a one-of-a-kind book.

There are lots of different styles of these books to choose from. Most let you add the childs name and personalize the appearance of the main character to look like them. Some options even let you add actual photos of your kid or family into the story. You may also be able to include a special dedication note inside the book to make it a truly memorable keepsake.

These books are super fun and exciting for kids to read, but theyre also great for the childs development. They help kids build their self-esteem, imagination, and long-lasting love of reading. Kids will want to try new things and overcome obstacles because theyve already seen themselves do it in a book.

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To Personalize Or Not

A personalized book makes a wonderful and unique gift for the special kids in your life. Children will be eager for the reading time when they see themselves as the heroes in their own personal stories. With special details like including family members and a special dedication message, theyre likely to cherish it for many years.

Kids will love these books and so will their developing brains. By reading a story in which they are the hero, theyll become more confident, imaginative, and curious. Your child will get a self-esteem boost every time they read a story about themself trying new things and overcoming obstacles. This will also help them love to read, which is critical for growing them into successful adults.

As you can see from our roundup of the best personalized childrens books, there are tons of options out there. With the ability to personalize and preview your book in real time, its shockingly easy to create one of these super special gifts.

Top 10 Personalized Books For Kids

Dinkleboo has over 100 different customizable story books to choose from. No matter what your kid is interested in, theres a book for them.Themes include superheroes, travel, magic, dinosaurs, ballet, farm animals, and more. They even have options with some favorite characters like Barbie and Thomas the Tank Engine. You’ll also find books for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or Easter.Each book offers a different set of customizations. These may include the childs name, gender, hairstyle, eye color, and skin tone. You may also be able to add a dedication page and other personalized characters for family members and friends.Their books are available in softcover, standard size hardcover, or large hardcover. Youll be able to preview the book with your customizations before you buy to make sure its exactly what you had in mind.

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What Holidays Are Excellent Gift

Bet the first one that came to mind was Christmas, and oh yes, we have quite the selection of personalized Christmas gifts perfect for under the tree or stocking stuffers. But there are so many more holidays, all year round. Dont forget Halloween & fall décor, Easter gifts, and personalized Valentines gifts to make your sweetie swoon. And whats the best way to celebrate the special people who brought you into the world? Of course its with personalized Mothers Day gifts and personalized Fathers Day gifts. You can do all your holiday shopping right here, from the comfort of your couchsince you have a world of possibilities to choose from at Personal Creations.

D Is For Doughnuts All Frosted With Glue

Sesame Street Happy Birthday Sound Book Elmo

Clay loves his dirt, mud, and bugs, so why wouldnt he love and be drawn to a messy alphabet book! I think it is so unique, and the book incorporates Clays name within the book.

This book makes for a wonderful gift for a child because what kid doesnt want to see a picture of themselves and see their name being used throughout a story?

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About Put Me In The Story

Put Me in the Story, which was recently raved about in the Chicago Tribune, connects parents and kids during bedtime reading rituals with one-of-a-kind storybooks personalized with kids’ names and photos. After choosing a best-selling kids’ book as a template, customers submit their child’s name and upload a photograph and special message for their boy or girl. With more than 150 books to choose from including books featuring Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel characters, youre sure to find the perfect gift each time. Within two weeks, parents and grandparents can snuggle with babies and toddlers, flipping through books filled with the child’s own name and picture.

In addition to promoting literacy and family bonding through its selection of kids’ books, Put Me in the Story creates heartwarming gifts with personalized children’s books that celebrate the link between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and grandparents.

Put Me in the Story

Why Do These Books Make Such Great Gifts

Obviously, any kid will get excited to see their face and name incorporated into a storybook. But what else makes these books so great?

The fact that its a completely unique book makes it an extra special gift. Kids tend to rack up tons of gifts on birthdays and other holidays, so its not uncommon for duplicate gifts to happen. With a personalized book, its guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind gift.

Kids also tend to cycle through toys and other gifts as soon as the newest, trendiest item comes out. The novelty of a personalized story isnt likely to wear off as quickly. Its a gift they can enjoy and treasure for many years.

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Elmo And Friends Personalized Kids Music Cd

It’s no wonder this is one of our best selling Personalized Kids Songs music cd’s, featuring your child’s name over 60 times. This Sesame Street music cd has a total of 23 tracks with songs like Sesame Street Theme Song, Happy Tappin with Elmo, Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5, Elmos World and more. This is sure to be the greatest music in your neighborhood and a must have for all Elmo fans!

My Day On Sesame Street

Sesame Street: The Messy Alphabet Book

Words in red are the personalized wordsNote: Story shown here may not be exact.

Kaysee Leigh Evans

Spends a great day on Sesame Street

With love from,

Mawmaw and Pawpaw

It was a busy day on Sesame Street. Everyone was preparing for the big art show.

Kaysee Leigh Evans, age 7, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was coming to judge the show. Kaysee was bringing Erin, Kaylee and Chad to help her. The best artist would get a bright blue ribbon.

Hurry everyone! Big Bird called. Kaysee will be here any minute.

Finally, Kaysee arrived with Erin, Kaylee and Chad. Big Bird was so happy to see Kaysee that he gave her a warm hug and welcomed everyone to Sesame Street.

After pointing out all the wonderful sights on Sesame Street, Big Bird explained that the judging was about to begin. First stop is Oscar’s trash can, he said.

Oscar had made a most unusual sculpture out of some things he’d found in the trash. Kaysee was very impressed. But Oscar thought he had a little more work to do, so he searched through his can for the finishing touch. As trash came flying out of the can, Kaysee spotted the perfect piece – a flattened fluget horn.

Wow, that’s trashy! said Oscar. That should do it! Thanks, Kaysee.

Next, they visited Cookie Monster. He had made a giant picture of a cookie. Kaysee could practically taste the scrumptious-looking treat. That is the best cookie I’ve ever seen, declared Kaysee.

Kaysee giggled. Now it’s perfect,she said.

The End

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Free Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables

May 22, 2013 By Dusty Rogers

Ive received probably hundreds of requests for copies of the Sesame Street birthday party printables I made for Kates Sesame Street Themed 2nd birthday party, and now that Ive switched my blog over to WordPress I can easily share them with you all!

These links will open a pdf document for you to print from your computer:

First up is the Sesame Street Welcome Sign I made for our front door:

You can use the Welcome sign on its own, or recreate the door display I made for Kates party, by printing out the Sesame Street Welcome Sign in color on white cardstock, and cutting around the outer line. The personalized signs below the welcome sign are easily made in Microsoft Word or Publisher using a Comic Sans font. I cut the large K and 2 out of foam and covered them in wrapping paper, and then pieced it all together using ribbon taped in back.

Next, is the Thank You! favor bag topper I made in the shape of the Sesame Street sign:

6/13/13 UPDATE: By popular request, I duplicated the Crayon Border Thank You Message that I used for our favor bags! Print this document out in color on white cardstock, cut and attach and use as-is, or adhere it to a slightly larger piece of colored cardstock using glue, double-stick tape, brads, or eyelets like the yellow ones I used in the picture above.

I hope these Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables help make your little ones party an even bigger hit!

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