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Best Long Distance Birthday Gifts

A Lightbox With A Special Message On It

Long distance birthday video wish for best friend | Virtual gift ideas

If you are in a long distance relationship, it is inevitable that there will be some nights when you feel sad and lonely. Send your partner a lightbox with a love message on it to help them get through those tough times. The soothing glow of the lightbox with the loving message will help reassure them of your love and make it just a bit easier to get through those lonely nights.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts To Melt Away The Miles

Our Long Distance Relationship Gifts Guide

Our Top Choice

Friendship Lamps

Heart Map by Journey Prints

An amazing & unique symbol of the love between long distance couples .

Cool Tech!

Bond Touch Bracelets

In a hurry? our list of long distance relationship gifts.

Lets set the scene A relationship milestone is just the round the corner.

Birthday, anniversary, whatever it is, its creeping up FAST and youre in the same position.

I have no freaking idea what to get them!?

We know first hand how tough it can be to find the perfect gift for that special someone.

To help, weve put together a comprehensive guide to the best long distance gifts that are perfect for every occasion and that youre sure to both fall in love with!

Did You Know: Giving Gifts Makes Us Happier!?

After surveying 600 US citizens, social psychologist Elizabeth Dunn and her colleagues discovered spending money on others gives us a greater level of happiness when compared to spending money on ourselves .

Pretty cool right?!

Ok, lets get cracking before the next milestone passes by. Youve got to stay in their good books!


No Matter Where Key Chain

Even though we are getting closer to the last presents for long distance friends I have in mind, these are no less heartwarming than the first ones on the list.

This is a cute set of keychains for best friends with an engraved message: no matter what, no matter where you are, your friendship will always stay strong.

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Why You Are My Bestie Book

This is more than just an easy buy-and-forget gift. This is a whole book of love dedicated to your friendship. You have to fill it in with feelings and memories before giving it as a present.

Its harder, but there wont be another gift like it. Besides, isnt she worth it?

Maybe not for a random occasion, but its a good one if you are looking for birthday surprise ideas for your long-distance best friend.

Boyfriend Birthday T Long Distance Boyfriend T

Best Birthday Gift For A Long Distance Friend!

Best Long Distance Birthday Gifts from Boyfriend birthday t long distance boyfriend t. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

Birthday Celebration Gifts For Mother Joy your Mother, Step-Mom, Mother-in-Law or Grandmother with birthday presents that sparkle, pamper and also bring her pleasure. From stunning mementos and also glamorous health spa gifts, to helpful shoulder bag, scented candles, personalized precious jewelry and gifts for red wine lovers, bakers as well as cooks you can customize a birthday existing that will certainly advise her what an extraordinary mother she really is.

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A Piece Of Jewelry Engraved With The Coordinates Of A Special Place

Think of a location that holds a special meaning to your relationship, like where you first met, your wedding venue, etc. Then head over to Coordinates and design a piece of jewelry with the coordinates engraved on it to send to your partner. This is a stylish and beautiful gift that helps your partner relive one of the most important memories in your relationship.

Long Distance Relationship T For Him

Best Long Distance Birthday Gifts from Long distance relationship t for him. Source Image: . Visit this site for details:

Stress much less when shopping for your favorite girl. Order one of these one-of-a-kind presents including customized precious jewelry, comfortable shoes, and Good Housekeeping Institute-tested devices as well as youll absolutely nail the present exchange at breakfast.

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A Hands Casting Kit That’ll Be A Fun Diy Date When You’re Together And Also Turn Your Interlocking Fingers Into A Cool Sculpture

Promising review: “The instructions were easy to follow and it was a fun project to do with my partner. We were laughing the whole time while we have our hands in the bucket. Our hands came out so detailed and will go on our mantel so we can see it everyday. A great way to show your love to one another.” veronica johnson

Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

Max 2 & Nora By Lovense

Best Long Distance Gift Idea | Elly’s Reaction to Her Birthday Video Surprise

While nothing beats being physically intimate together, the distance between you has other ideas.

Thats where Max 2 & Nora By Lovense can help you maintain your sex life together no matter how far apart you are.

Max 2, a male stroker, and Nora, a rabbit vibrator, use Bluetooth to connect to each other through the Lovense Remote App. You can choose to use the app to control each device separately but where the real magic happens is the devices being able to control each other!

But how!?

As you move the Max 2 up and down, the head of the Nora will rotate while the vibrating motor in the arm will activate.

As you insert the Nora, the air pump in the Max 2 will mimic vaginal contractions and activate the vibrating motor.

Whats really cool is that as you increase the speed of movements on one device it will cause the other to intensify too!

To note: LGBTQ+ and same sex long distance couples can also use these devices. Lovense has made it possible for two Max 2 or two Nora devices to connect and control each other. Visit the official Lovense website for more details.

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A Usb Drive With A Heart Engraved On It

A USB drive might not be the most romantic gift in the world, but there are ways to turn it into one of the most heartfelt gifts your partner has ever seen. Get a USB drive with a heart engraved on it and upload songs, videos, and photos that remind you of the good times youve had with your partner. You can even record a voice message and upload it to the drive too. Now, isnt that one of the most romantic gift ideas you have ever heard of?

A Custom Promise Ring

A promise ring is something that you give your partner to reassure them that you will love them no matter what. This is especially meaningful for long distance couples since they have the added challenge of being physically apart most of the time. Customize a promise ring with your partners birthstone and engrave it with your names, sealing your love for each other forever.

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Lovebook Personalized Couples Story Books

The LoveBook is a personalized gift that allows you to create story of your relationship in book form.

This isnt just some flakey site that inserts your names into the storyline. You get to craft something that is truly unique to you and your partner.

You get to:

  • Design the characters to look like you and your partner.
  • Select the front cover of the book, and
  • Personalize each page to fit your story.
  • They also have a section dedicated to long distance relationships, which will help give you ideas to craft your book!

    Homemade Ldr Gifts That Will Make Him Feel At Home

    Best Birthday Gift For A Long Distance Friend!

    If your Significant Other is hard to shop for, why not make him a DIY gift to show him how much you care. These long-distance relationship gifts are cute, cheap and easy to make.

    A long-distance relationship care package

    Theres so much about care packages that make them perfect homemade gifts. You can change the decoration and items to fit almost every occasion. You can also put in handmade items or store-bought snacks to fit his needs.

    To give you some inspirations, here is a list of LDR care packages ideas to begin with.

    Sending out kisses

    If you cant physically kiss him, send out the kisses that remind him of the sweet taste of your lips:) .

    You turn me off

    Write down the reasons why you love your Significant Other on paper. Roll them up and put them in a light bulb. It makes an easy last-minute gift that is still hearty!

    Open-when letters

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    Best Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas Home Family

    Best Long Distance Birthday Gifts from 20 Best Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas Home Family. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    Pleasure your Mom, Step-Mom, Mother-in-Law or Grandma with birthday presents that shimmer, pamper as well as bring her joy. From spectacular keepsakes as well as luxurious day spa presents, to helpful shoulder bag, aromatic candles, customized jewelry and gifts for white wine fans, bakers and also cooks you can customize a birthday celebration existing that will certainly advise her what an incredible mommy she truly is.

    Long Distance Birthday Video Ideas

    Happy Birthday Video Messages

    Video messages are a simple yet effective way to show how much you care. Yes, a birthday text is great, but a video message is going the extra mile.

    A video message can be as simple as wishing your partner happy birthday from your couch or as complex as coordinating greetings from their friends and family to wake up to.

    Either way, your partner will appreciate seeing your face and hearing your voice on their birthday morning.

    Not sure what to say? Check out our post on the most heartwarming long distance relationship messages to get your creative juices flowing!

    JibJab Birthday Ecards & Videos

    JibJab helps you make unique and hilarious birthday video messages by pasting your face on an animated character.

    Simply upload your photo and pick the ecard that is sure to make your partner laugh out loud! Theres lots of choices but we enjoyed:

    • Dancing bears
    • A cactus!

    Send your partner a nostalgic gift from the heart using a flood of your favorite memories in a birthday photo collage. Use photos from the time youve spent together and goofy screenshots of your video chats and messages.

    Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, you can automatically generate these videos, making this a sentimental yet easy birthday message. Heres a couple of ways to create them using iPhone or Android devices.

    Sexy & Intimate Videos

    One of the more intimate long distance birthday ideas is to create a steamy video for your partner to enjoy.

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    Lovecoups Personalized Love Coupons

    The creators of the LoveBook have another great gift in LoveCoups personalized love coupons.

    Creating the coupon booklet is a similar process where you design your characters, select the front cover and choose your coupons.

    The main difference being that the pages will include your hand picked coupons, including options like:

    • Virtual movie dates

    Meaningful Birth Flower Pendant

    Long distance gift for best friend | Birthday surprise video ideas #bestbro

    This pretty pendant is symbolic for more than one reason. For starters, you can choose one that includes your other half’s birth flower . Secondly, it’s in the shape of a heart, and everyone knows hearts are super romantic. Everyday jewelry is a sweet long-distance relationship gift because your S.O. can wear it as a reminder of your love.

    Tulianna and Alejandra Garces birth month flower heart necklace, $48 each,

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    Take Them To A Virtual Shopping Spree

    This is a great long-distance birthday gift idea if youre partner loves shopping.

    You can do it the old-school way and visit their favorite online shops together while chatting on Skype. You can let them pick an item they like, send you a link, and you can then make a purchase. Your treat!

    You can even be more old-school than that and send them a gift card to spend at an actual store .

    Or, you can use a site called that lets you browse the web together.

    Create A Group Video Gift

    This gift works especially well if your family and friends are spread out geographically, like ours.

    Once you’ve decided who will contribute to the birthday group video gift, send them an invite by email, text or social media. Each person creates a brief video message.

    You can choose different themes for the video, such as sharing a story about their favourite moment with the birthday person, a trip they shared together, or a time they made them laugh.

    They all arrive, nicely organized on your clipboard. You can then merge all the video submissions into a single video, add music or text if you like, and share it, either via Zoom or just by sending a link by email.

    This may sound hard to do but with Celebrate, itâs a breeze â easy enough for anyone to do in just 15 minutes! No technical skills needed.

    The beauty of Celebrateâs group video gift is that it’s a birthday present that lasts a lifetime. Your friend or family member will be able to watch the video wherever and whenever they want, and also share it with their friends.

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    Fun Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas To Make Anyone

    Best Long Distance Birthday Gifts from 99 Fun Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas to Make Anyone. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    Birthday Presents for Him: Store Kay Jewelers for enchanting birthday presents for him. Commemorate the birthdays of the fantastic males in your life such as your other half, father, grandfather or bro with guyss watches, gold chains, silver arm bands and even more. A jewelry birthday present is the perfect means to show him how much he indicates to you. With our birthday celebration gift overview, youll locate the optimal present that is equally as stunning as he is. For the innovative and also classic males, explore our collection of watches for guys including Movado, Bulova, Fossil and also extra. A colorful class ring can additionally be a brilliant birthday existing for him.

    Bond Touch Bracelets That’ll Give Your Partner A Subtle Sign Of Love Whenever They’re Missing You They’ll Seriously Melt When They Receive A Touch And Their Wrist Lights Up During The Day Or Night

    Long Distance Birthday gift best friend gift birthday gift

    Here’s how it works: Slip on the bracelets, sync them with the Bond Touch App, and you can send touches if you can’t physically be together.

    Promising review: “Loved being able to give this gift to my boyfriend. We are in a long-distance relationship living over an hour away from one another. With our very busy life schedules it makes it hard to always text to let each other know were thinking about the other person. This product is great! We can let each other know throughout the day were thinking about them with our secret touch codes.Courtney

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $108.

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    Long Distance Relationship Birthday Gift Personalized Maps

    Best Long Distance Birthday Gifts from Long Distance Relationship Birthday Gift Personalized Maps. Source Image: Visit this site for details: Its time to lastly give your mother the birthday gift she is entitled to . So we chose the best birthday celebration presents for any kind of mommy, to make points a little much easier for you. From tailored presents to ideal presents you can find on Amazon , youre on your means to being identified as mommys favored kid. View Gallery 20 Photos

    Send Coordinating Snail Mail

    Coordinate with other friends and family to send some classic snail mail.

    I love this idea from Oh Happy Day where everyone sent a piece of a puzzle to the birthday person. They each wrote a special note on a postcard, and the picture sides fit together like a puzzle.

    The sweetest of long distance birthday gifts ever!

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    Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas To Make Anyone Smile

    Best Long Distance Birthday Gifts from 16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Anyone Smile. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    For all the partners searching for the excellent birthday celebration present for their sweetheart, look no more. Comfy hoodies for him, indicate comfy hoodies to cuddle approximately and also obtain periodically. Made with sweat-wicking, four-way stretch French Terry Cloth fabric, this is as breathable as it is cozy.

    Heartfelt Open When Letters

    Long Distance Birthday Gift | Best Birthday Gift | Birthday Gift for BF/GF

    If you’re really stumped on long-distance relationship gift ideas, consider giving something straight from the heart. These DIY “open when” envelopes come with note cards for you to write sweet messages to your partner.

    Peony & Laces long distance relationship envelopes and note cards, from $15,

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    Long Distance Gift For Grandparents Birthday Gift By

    Best Long Distance Birthday Gifts from Long Distance Gift for Grandparents Birthday Gift by. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    Smart budgets, innovative devices, travel gear. Its simple to locate that unexpected, intriguing birthday celebration gift for your partner, daddy, kid, brother, or grandpa right here at The Grommet. You can feel good recognizing you found something unique with these great birthday gifts for him.

    Matching Long Distance Relationship Shirts By Boldloft

    If you and your partner make a Super Team youll adore these Matching Long Distance Relationship Shirts By BoldLoft.

    The mans shirt has a character resembling a certain Man of Metal flying with a red string connected to one ankle. The womans shirt has a character resembling a certain Fantastic Female holding onto a red string while shes standing on a board.

    These white shirts are available in 3 mens sizes and 4 womens sizes, and you must choose one of each .

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