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Best Birthday Cakes In Baltimore

Baked Dessert Caf Berlin Md

How To Make The Best Birthday Cake

A mother-daughter duo runs this bakery and it is truly unique. The pies are out of this world and the cupcakes are divine. What makes it a destination is that they have a gallery, frequent live music, wine and beer tastings and more. Essentially, you can stop by Baked Dessert Café for your morning cup of coffee and pastry, order a pie for Thanksgiving, or visit for date night or a girls night out. Whats consistent is the quality of baked goods and they never disappoint.

You cannot beat an old-school bakery. You just cant. If it has been awhile since you bought a fresh loaf of bread, had a donut from a local shop, or took home a fresh pie for dessertyou are missing out. Try one of the bakeries on our list and youll never look at baked goods the same.

Where To Get The Best Crab In Baltimore

L.P. Steamers: 1100 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, 576-9294,

Faidley Seafood: 203 North Paca Street, Baltimore, 727-4898,

Kocos Pub: 4301 Harford Road, Baltimore, 426-3519,

Schultzs Crab House: 1732 Old Eastern Ave, Essex, 687-1020,

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For Same Day Delivery

Baltimore Birthday Baskets SendBirthday Gifts, Gift Baskets, Flowers With Balloons, Cake, Cookies, Cake, Candy and More In Baltimore

In Most Cases We Can Hand Deliver Your Gift Today In Baltimore If Ordered Before 3pm In This Time Zone.Order Birthday Gifts Easily Online With Same Day Delivery In Baltimore!

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Best For Maryland Crab Cake Products: Jimmys Seafood

Jimmys Seafood

Jimmys Seafood has been recognized for its Maryland Crab Cakes since 1974.

  • Variable shipping rates under $125

Founded in 1974, Jimmys Seafood makes signature Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes and many more crab cake products available for home delivery. Using recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation, the crab cakes are truly authentic and homemade. Offerings range from a single, 8-ounce Colossal Crab Cake to large gift boxes that include multiple crab cakes, Maryland Style Crab Soup, Cream of Crab soup, creamy crab dip, and other accompaniments for a crab feast. Crab Cake Egg Rolls are also available, along with DIY Crab Cake Mixes that come in 16-, 32-, and 64-ounce sizes. Other crab cake options include gluten-free, junior lump crab, and crab cakes that are a combination of colossal, jumbo lump, and regular lump fresh crabmeat.

All crab cake items are delivered fresh, not frozen. Shipping rates vary based on location and are waived on orders of $125 or more. Check out the how-to videos on unpacking your box and cooking the crab cakes once the shipment arrives. In addition to crab cakes, Jimmys Seafood offers other Maryland items such as steamed crabs, soft shell crabs, and crab imperial rockfish, as well as a variety of combo boxes, surf and turf boxes, and more.

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Award Winning Lump Crab Cakes

Baltimore Orioles

A family owned and operated business since 1886, Faidley Seafood continues to operate in Baltimore providing award winning crab cakes, prepared foods and freshly merchandised seafood in a market place atmosphere to locals and visitors alike.

Hands down, Faidleys is where you should head for a crab cake if you have only one day in Baltimore.

Business Hours

Indoor and Outdoor Tables for Raw Bar and Kitchen or Curbside CarryoutMonday Thursday 10:00-5:00 Friday Saturday 10:00 5:30, Closed Sunday

Crabs & FishMonday-Saturday 10:00-5:00 Fish Market open for Walkin, Phone Order, or Curbside

Forget Viagra. Eat Oysters. .

In Bawlmer, Hon, Crab is King

Jumbo lumps the filet mignon

100 Things Every Foodie Should Do In Baltimore#1Have a jumbo lump crab cake from Faidleys on a Saltine.

the single greatest thing that must be eaten at the market the most delicious dish in all of Baltimore, maybe the most beautiful hunk of seafood anywhere on the East Coast between Maine and Charleston Harbor is a Faidleys crab cake.

Faidleys Crab Cakes are crusty on the outside and tender, moist, and packed with crab on the inside.

Theyre plump, sweet beauties with large pieces of crab meat and subtle seasoning . Every subsequent crab cake will be measured against hers.

You dont sit at Faidleys, you stand, leaning against waist high counters bolted to the old markets floor. And in that position, you enjoy perhaps the best crab cake youll ever have the pleasure of eating.

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Ask People Their Favorite Place To Get A Crab Cake And Youll Likely Hear At Least One Of Three Names Thrown In Somewhere: G& M Kocos And Faidleys We Set Out To Try Seven Popular Crab Cakes In The Baltimore Area To See Which One Was Our Favorite A Few Themes Emerged During Our Travels

The Prime Rib

After decades in business, the classic Baltimore steakhouse gets almost everything right, and their crab cake is a shining example. Delicately broiled and brown on the outside, it retained the perfect amount of inner moisture while still holding up beneath the fork. It tasted great, too. One caveat? The crab is from Florida, not Maryland. If that were made with Maryland crab it would have cost $60, our server informed us. Instead, its $18 as an appetizer. Well, you cant have everything, can you? 1101 N. Calvert St., Midtown-Belvedere. 410-539-1804.

Dudas Tavern

Crab cake texture is spot-on at this family-owned Fells Point tavern: huge hunks of crab meat stick together with just the right amount of filling. But Maryland crab lovers may have their claws out: General manager Scott Curlee says the restaurant sources the meat for their $21.99 crab cake from Indonesia. 1600 Thames St., Fells Point. 410-276-9719.

Pappas Restaurant and Sports Bar

This 8 oz. bad boy from Pappas Restaurant and Sports Bar in Parkville is a favorite of Oprah Winfreys, a fact that youll no doubt be reminded of anytime Pappas comes up in conversation. The crab is sourced from around the world, according to a manager. During a recent visit, our $20.99 crab cake tasted wonderfully fresh, though the subtle meat flavor was nearly overwhelmed by an eggy filler.1725 Taylor Ave., Parkville. 410-661-4357.

Kocos Pub

The Worlds Best Crab Cake Can Be Found Right Here In Baltimore

Its not difficult to find a good crab cake in Maryland, and that includes Baltimore as well. With so many crab cake spots around the city, how do you decide which are worth trying? Well, there are two options.

Option one: try them ALL. This method is good in theory but its highly likely that in your search for the perfect crab cake, youll taste a few not-so-good ones along the way. Option two: go straight to Faidleys Seafood and never look back. We much prefer this choice, and so do locals and visitors alike. Read on to see why.

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We Dont Want To Be A Mall Food Courtwere Market People

An astounding six sets of relatives work at the 3,500-square-foot original. Remel Watson has been there for 36 years. Her 23-year-old daughter, Donya Fleming, for five. Donyas uncle, Lou, has worked there since 1979. He started selling fish, has shucked countless oysters , and now is a manager.

Me and Mr. Bill are close, says Fleming. I only spent 10 years with my dad, and I spent 40 with him. He taught me a lot about business and life. Do the right thing, work for what you want, and believe in your dreams.

Donell Kindell, now 40, started at Faidleys when he was 14. Ten years ago, Nancy chose him to become the only person other than her to make crab cakes. The promotion wasnt quite as auspicious as it might seem.

At the time, I had gotten in trouble, says Kindell, whose father also works at Faidleys. To keep me from getting back into that same kind of trouble, she made me come make crab cakes next to her. I think that she saw that I was a good kid. I wasnt a troublemaker. It was just something that happened that one time. As long as youre honest with her, shell give you a second chance.

Nancy doesnt remember this story, but laughs when its recounted to her.

Bill and I both feel that were better off giving people second chances, she says. Things happen in peoples lives. We know that. I also use it as a teaching opportunity for a lot of these young people who can learn from their mistakes so that they dont make them again.

Best For Plated: Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More


Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More

Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More offers an assortment of crab cake dinners that are perfect for entertaining.

  • Shipping not included

  • Crab meat is a mix of domestic and imported

Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More offers a large selection of Maryland-style crab cakes intended for entertaining or an elegant dinner at home. Founded in 1980 by a Maryland family, the company has continued to grow and is recognized for its signature Perfect Crab Cakes among a variety of other items inspired by classic Southern flavors. Its food offerings include a variety of food categories, including a mix of meat forward and vegetarian, primarily categorized by meal type.

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Woodlea Bakery Baltimore Md

With more than 65 years in business, Woodlea Bakery has served generations and is known for tasty recipes and baked goods like you remember them. Scratch-made daily, this is the classic neighborhood bakery that smells so fabulous, you dont want to leave. Fresh bread, cakes, pies, cookies, pastries and more make this truly special. You go here to find out what bread is supposed to taste like, to buy a birthday cake for your best friend, or to grab a pastry when youre feeling blue. Perfect for every day and all occasions, Woodlea Bakery is among the very best.

When Youre Happy Were Happy

The Cake Studio was amazing and easy to work with for my wedding. The cake turned out better than I could have imagined and not to mention the flavors were delicious.

The Cake Studio did a fabulous job on our grooms cake! Erin was so helpful and responsive to my emails and she created a cake based off a photo I sent her. It was a wonderful surprise for my husband and the details of the cake were amazingit was delicious too!

I can not thank you enough for our amazing wedding cake! You created the exact look that I was dreaming of and the best partit was absolutely delicious!

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Classic Cakes Salisbury Md

Smith Island Cakes are famous world-over and they started on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. If you want a scratch-made Smith Island, you need to visit Classic Cakes where it all beganon the Eastern Shore. The owner, Stephanie, grew up on Smith Island so there is something special about enjoying a local tradition from a true local. This is a small community and they put pride in each cake or yummy pastry they create.

Color Coordination Tips For Your Next Party

29 best Baltimore Orioles Cakes images on Pinterest

Matching your food to the exact color theme of your party is difficult and sometimes downright impossible. Thankfully, you do not have to match the hue and tone of the color perfectly to have a great effect. Keep in mind these quick tips when color-coordinating your party.

  • Try using many hues of the same color .
  • Try pairing blue with green and violet for a calmer look and feel. Pair orange with red and yellow for an exciting and vibrant theme. Keep these the same hue of each color for a good pairing.
  • Use complimentary colors for a bold statement .
  • Use no more than three colors for your theme. Having too many colors creates a rainbow effect .
  • Gray is a great color to tone down some of your brighter colors . Black and white works in the same way.
  • Avoid prints. They are great on clothes and fabrics, but not ideal for most party settings.

Sweet Street Desserts knows that the secret to a great party is great food. Let us be a part of your next party! Cupcake delivery is available for the Baltimore area and in the rest of the continental United States. Give us a call at 929-2900 to get your order started.

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Order Here At Faidleys Crab Cakes

To order online visit our new e-commerce page. Click on the SHIP icon at the top of our home page.

Faidleys team can also personally assist you with placement and shipping of orders, please call 727-4898 Monday through Saturday from 11 AM until 4 PM EST. Please be sure to read the information in the Shipping Facts section of the Faidleys web page. If we are busy please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we are able.

We now offer local Next Day Express rates of 29.95 per box. This covers Central Maryland, D.C., and most of Northern Virginia.

Al Roker Gets To Know Baltimore Through Its Most Iconic Food: Crab Cakes

When folks think about Baltimores food scene, the first thing that comes to mind is probably blue crab. Many locals have been eating tender, sweet crab meat from the Chesapeake Bay since they were old enough to chew. To discover more about one of the citys most iconic dishes, the crab cake, Al Roker took a culinary adventure through the citys eateries and took a deeper dive into the history behind those who have been catching crabs for generations to get to know the families keeping the iconic crab dishs legendary status alive today.

Like many foods, the origin of the crab cake is a hotly debated topic. But one thing many Marylanders do know is that Faidleys Seafood, a family-owned institution thats been serving crab cakes for over 130 years, is one of the best places to try the local catch.

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Stellas Bakery Rockville Md

Fruit tarts, mousse cakes, and macaroons are a staple of this European-style bakery in Rockville. When you visit Stellas Bakery, be sure to order your next birthday cake or a cake for any special occasion. They look beautiful but the real value is in the taste. Moist and delicious, youll never want to go somewhere else again.

The 15 Best Bakeries In Baltimore

TOP 1000 Perfect Cake Decorating Ideas For Everyone Compilation | Most Satisfying Chocolate Recipes

K Douglas: Has been in business for ever & quality of goods has never waivered. Wedding cakes superb, bread baked fresh daily. Great bakery

Norvator Robinson: Black bottom cake is the bomb!

Shaun Sutton: Everything

Suzanne Vegan McQuaid: Willpower-dead. Amazing brownies, cheery staff. Loved it!

Thomas Gonzales: Rosemary cookie if you like a more savory treat

Rachel L: Everything was gluten free and vegan. The donuts were ok but the cookies were amazing

Rachel L: Delicious sandwiches and pastries. Get the cruffin

Matt Folger: Great spot. Really good homemade bread. If you’re there for lunch get the “Red” sandwich.

Kitty Harding: Best cannoli’s in town. But don’t overlook the pignoli cookies!

Ching: Cannoli. Gelato. Just do it! The cannolis are filled as you order them. Don’t skip this place when visiting Little Italy in Baltimore.

Baltimore: Voted Best Desserts by City Paper Readers for Best of Baltimore 2011

Kori Snair: Delicious brownies and salted caramel ice cream. Both are made fresh daily !

Rachel L: Awesome huevos rancheros and coffee. A great spot for a quick breakfast or brunch. Everything is made fresh daily.

Rachel L: Atwater’s Now Makes Delicious Homemade Ice Cream – try the salted caramel or the brownie milkshake Read more.

Fabian : Super cool spot. Open late too.

Ian Duncan: Try the rotiboy, regret it you will not.

Hans Nelson: Try the curry puff, pear & gruyère, and rotiboy. The Vietnamese coffee is great .

Chris Moore: The bread is good.

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The Avenue Kitchen And Bar

Chef Audiel Vera has put has stamp on this relatively new Hampden destination. The space formerly housed Le Garage and The Avenue has continued its reputation of good food, good drink and a good time.

On Wednesdays, you can get their 1/2 pound crab cake for just $15. This broiled beauty is all jumbo lump crab and while you need to order sides separately, you dont really need the sides. All you really need is a glass of wine or a beer and this massive beauty of a crab cake.

This too has all the creamy sweet flavors that you look for when you crave a Maryland crab cake. The Avenue runs specials four other nights of the week but the crab cake is definitely the highlight.

Follow Food Nomad: || Blog || ||

Alright Nomsters, which crab cake looks the yummiest to you guys? Definitely let us know what you think by commenting below. A huge thanks to our foodie friends for spilling the beans on the best crab cakes in Baltimore! Make sure you check them all out and follow for more noms on the regular. To browse more MD foodporn, click here. Until next time, friends!

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