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Taco Catering For Birthday Party

Baby Shower Taco Catering

TACO TUESDAY| Surprise birthday party | Personal chef party

Many baby showers have more attendees than just mom and her family. Many guests also include spouses, kids, or other relatives. There should be plenty to choose from when it comes to food.

You can offer child-friendly foods such as bacon-wrapped hot dogs or quesadillas to children who attend. Children also love tacos!!!

Only the best! Every baby shower is a chance to see our A-Game. We can provide tacos in the Chula Vista area. Our staff is punctual and will always be there to assist you. We only use the finest meats and ingredients in all our recipes.

Theres more to our menu than just tacos including, veggie tacos for your vegan guests. You can also choose side dishes, salsas, and drinks.

For more information about our Baby Shower Taco Catering service, visit our service page.

Taco catering offers a unique atmosphere that other caterers cant.

When You Gather The Relatives Together There Is A Lot To Think About Most Of All You Have To Feed Them Tacos Take Off The Pressure Increase The Pleasure

The great thing about taco parties is their versatility. Tacos appeal to all age groups, special dietary needs are easily accommodated, and with mobile taco catering you can pick venues that lack for a kitchen. Yes a beach, park, backyard, historical home, even a haunted house can be your party place when you have a taco-themed affair.

This includes the big family events that mark the special occasions of life. Some of those events can be planned far in advance, and some might be relatively spontaneous. Be sure to have a taco caterer on call for times you decide that they can make your event much easier to plan.

Consider how taco caterers will allow you, the party host, to spend far more time talking to guests. It sure beats sweating over a hot stove or accommodating a potluck with too-few serving spoons and Aunt Lindas onion-marshmallow casserole. Tacos work for almost any occasion:

New baby Whether a baptism, bris, mundan, Karnavedha, aqiqah or any other new baby celebration, new fathers can make new mothers immensely happy if they order up a taco catering company that offers a full choice of taco ingredients for the family gathering.

Kids birthday parties Thirty high-energy first graders might be bouncing off the walls, but a slow simmered carnitas taco saves you the bother about forks and knifes being in the mix.

Coming of age Whether its a confirmation, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, quinceañera or Sweet 16 party, seasoned and grilled tofu tacos can be a hit. .

What Is Taco Bar Catering

SOHO TACO is the very best provider of delicious taco bar catering in Southern California. We are delighted to bring you the most delicious, freshest flavours of Mexico, made with love to our heirloom and custom recipes and created from the freshest local ingredients.

What is Taco Bar Catering?

A taco bar is a fun and convenient catering option whereby you and your guests can create your own tacos. It is ideal for any occasion, from family gatherings, parties, office lunches, and larger events including fairs, festivals, and the like. Everything you need to make tacos is included from tortillas to meat options, vegetables, beans, Mexican rice, salsa, guacamole, and other toppings and dressings you just decide which package suits your needs best!

A taco bar is a tasty, easy, and affordable way to feed a crowd of people and who doesnt love a taco?

SOHO TACO the best Tacos in Southern California!

If youre planning an office party, corporate event, a birthday party, an engagement or anniversary party, a wedding, a community event, a music festival, a fundraising event, or a family reunion, no matter its size, choose SOHO TACO for outstanding and delicious taco bar catering. We love what we do and are committed to exceeding your expectations! Were very proud to always deliver the freshest, tastiest food that is simple but memorable.

Contact SOHO TACO!

Contact us today for a free quote or to book our taco bar catering for your next event.

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Mexican Taco Party Catering

Updates From This Business


If you have small party or celebration for company minimum of 20 people Alameda County others Counties please visit our website.


Review Highlights

I was so excited to see Gabby and Hector cooking up their delicious food at a friends wedding last night!!in 90 reviews

We ordered the quesadillas, beef and pork tacos along with the melon and strawberry aquas 11 reviews

It was also unique to have fresh tacos rather than the standard chicken strips and overcooked meatballs that are the mainstay of most 3 reviews

Location & Hours

Gabby H.

Business Owner

Mexican Taco Party Event & CateringNow we have Delivery! The food is prepared fresh and hot while you wait, on-site with full services: soft corn tortilla taco, 2 to 3 choices of meat, fresh salsas Verde & spicy Rojo, onion, cilantro, lemons, radish, green onion, jalapeños, plates, napkins & forks. If you want something different and delicious on-site for your celebration or event, we can help you. ~ Birthday Parties ~Wedding ~ Company Events ~ Open House – Funeral – Reunions – Sporting Events ~Sales Festivals ~Parties Large & Small *Serving on-site: Mondays to Thursdays minimum of 40 people. *Friday’s to Saturday’s minimum of 60 people Alameda County, out Alameda county, please ask.Delivery orders: Monday’s to Thursday’s minimum of 20 people East Bay area only.

COVID-19 updates

Posted on May 8, 2020

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Tommys Salsa Catering Mexican Food Taco Bars In Novato

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Tommys Salsa Mexican Restaurant can cater your next party or event with our delicious Mexican food. We can serve any size party, with any combination of items you would like to order. Just call and we will plan the perfect menu for your event. We can deliver any order over $125. Whether you want tacos, fajitas, burritos, appetizers, or rice and beans, we can deliver the food and set it up in warming pans at your party. We charge a small delivery fee which includes chafing dishes, serving utensils, sternos, plates, plastic silverware, and napkins.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to view our current catering menu.

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Housewarming Partytaco Catering Palm Springs

Welcome to your new home! Nothing is more satisfying than owning your first home. A housewarming party is a tradition that you and your family host. Hosting a party such as this is can be stressful. These are some tips to help you choose the right housewarming food for your event.

A housewarming party does not have to be difficult. Instead, you can have fun and show your creativity to introduce your neighbor to your home.

Food is an essential part of your housewarming party. You can have your party catered so you dont have to do all the work. Your housewarming meal should reflect who you are.

When throwing a housewarming celebration, one of your most important areas to consider is the food. You should choose a menu that matches your theme.

When planning your housewarming party menu, it is a good idea to choose something healthy, filling, and satisfying.

Housewarmings should be a chance to meet new friends and spend time together. A taco catering company can provide delicious party food for your housewarming guests.

Our taco party catering can provide everything you need. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help with your housewarming party.

Where To Find Taco Cart Catering In Chula Vista

This is a great place to start when searching for taco catering for your next event. A taco cart provides convenience for your guests and excellent quality. Searching online can take a lot of time. We can help!

Our team can assist you in finding the best taco caterer in Chula Vista. With taco catering, you have many choices, from beef and chicken to pork, as well as vegetarian options. There is something for everyone!

Taco parties are available in San Diego County and the surrounding area. Our tacos are fresh and tasty. We offer on-site catering and delivery services for weddings and corporate events. Were available anywhere there are parties in Southern California.

Taco catering near Chula Vista includes Paradise Hills, Bonita, Palm City in San Diego County. We also offer taco catering in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. For more information about taco catering, contact us.

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Graduation Partytaco Catering Palm Springs

Graduations offer more than just a meaningful moment in someones life. They also provide a reason to have a party. And you dont have to spend hours in the kitchen when there are so many Palm Springs graduation party catering choices. You can make the event more memorable by throwing a graduation taco party.

Tacos are a lot of fun, easy to prepare, casual, and require very little effort. Your taco party caterer can do all the work for you. Because tacos are fun and casual your guests can mix and mingle while they eat, which will make the event more fun than if they were at a restaurant.

Our tacos will bring Mexican flavor to your graduation party. Were experts in punctuality and keeping food warm for guests. Only the finest service and best food preparations are guaranteed by us.

You can be sure that your guests are only going to get the freshest and best ingredients available. You wont be disappointed by any of our food! Our Mexican food will make your guests believe they traveled to Mexico.

This is one of lifes most memorable moments. A Mexican-themed Graduation Party can be a wonderful way to share joy with family and friends.

Holiday Partytaco Catering Palm Springs

Taco Cart Catering For A Birthday In Corona Del Mar

Im not sure about you, but hosting Holiday Parties can be stressful. Not only do you have to think about the decorations and guest list, but also whats on the menu. Although your to-do lists could be as long as Santas Christmas list, its possible to take off the food on your list. Tacos are the best option for holiday catering and are a unique way to make your holiday catering more convenient and successful.

You dont have to spend all day looking for the right ingredients and then standing around in the kitchen making a big meal for everyone. Instead, order holiday party tacos prepared on-site at your location. You wont be able to enjoy your event if you are spending all of your time cooking. You could, instead of spending all your time cooking, spend your spare time styling your outfit or finishing last-minute touches so your guests enjoy a memorable night. You can make the most of your time by catering tacos.

Your guests will love the idea of tacos as holiday catering. Everyone will be raving about your taco holiday party. Holiday Party guests love to move around, and tacos will allow your guests to mingle while eating. Taco Party Catering sets the mood for the evening. Tacos are fun, and everyone loves them!

A holiday party is a perfect time for taco catering because its always good to have fresh and authentic tacos at your event. Tacos are a favorite of everyone, even more so when prepared by a caterer who makes delicious food. Book your event with us now!

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Why Everyone Loves Taco Catering

For those who enjoy the convenience of tacos served to their guests taco catering is an excellent option. Tacos are prepared in many different ways and you have the option of several combinations. Youll have a few meat options to choose from, such as beef, chicken, and pork.

Tacos, one of Mexicos most loved foods, are very popular. Tacos work well for all occasions.

Everyone should be happy at your event. Tacos offer a way to satisfy everyone. Tacos taste great no matter what ingredient combination you use.

Dont wait! We provide first-class Taco Catering near Chula Vista.

You Want To Have A Party Using A Mobile Taco Cart And You Are Searching For A Taco Caterer For Delicious Fresh On

Taco party season is BACK! Our Mobile Taco Carts are ready to roll right up to your party and cook the best tacos youve had in a long time. Hear that sizzling sound of our Asada, Carnitas, Fire Grilled Chicken, Fish or Shrimp at your party and your location on the date you choose. Our authentic Mexican food is so tasty youll be wanting more, and thats okay because we always bring more than you order for your taco wedding party, backyard taco party, birthday party, or corporate event.

Relax and enjoy your own shindig, while we set our famous taco bar and taco cart that will surely impress you and your guests at your party. Celina the owner is always available to answer any questions about how to create a taco party that will surely impress. Our Mexican food catering is unequaled, we know you will agree.

LaLa Tacos is an excellent choice for your party or office event. You will not have to worry about a thing with us cooking up the most awesome Mexican tacos with our Mobile Taco Cart. We arrive and cook our delicious tacos filled with only the best meats to let you know our tacos are the best you ever had

If you are wondering about taco cart catering near me?. You can be sure you can rely on LaLa Tacos in Riverside. We service taco wedding parties, birthday taco parties, taco corporate events, or any taco party. If you are thinking about having a backyard taco party, please call us we wont disappoint you.

Our Mobile Taco Carts Can Be Set Up Anywhere!

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Taco Catering In Chula Vista Ca

Taco Catering Chula Vista can help you find top taco caterers. There are plenty of options available, including beef, chicken, and pork tacos. Theres something for everyone. Taco carts make it easy to provide affordable food for everyone.

Catering a taco party takes serious planning. Mexican food needs to be delicious and served at the right temperature and texture, which requires commitment from the staff. Our staff is trained to make sure your tacos are delicious.

Bring Your Party To Us

Taco Party Build Your Own Nacho Bar Toppings

Having a smaller celebration? Come join us at our Mexican restaurant in Flower Mound and enjoy our full menu, including lunch specials, margaritas, all-day Mexican breakfast, and rich desserts, including homemade flan and fried ice cream. You can also give an URBANO Enchilada Taco Bar gift card to celebrate someone special.

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How Taco Catering Works

Taco carts offer convenience, affordability, and quality. Searching online can take a lot of time. We can help!

There are many filling options for tacos available: Choose from chicken, beef, pork, seafood, rice, and beans. You can make every taco unique with our wide selection of toppings, sauces, and salsas.

We provide all the necessary equipment needed to cater to your party. Our Mexican Food Catering Service is the best. You will be delighted by the authentic Mexican flavors. You and your guests will see our catering services stand out from the rest.

Birthday Taco Catering In West Hollywood

Isnt it a shame that sometimes the planning of a large birthday party becomes so stressful, you cant actually enjoy it? Its tempting to try to handle the meal yourself or to ask everyone to bring a dish, but both of those add their own kind of stress to the festivities. What if the food just isnt good, will people leave early? Dont do that to yourself! Allow yourself to focus on funner aspects of party planning, like making a music playlist.

The Taco Guy Catering can handle the meal instead. We have been providing authentic Mexican food for birthday parties in West Hollywood for many years, so we know what it takes to make your event perfect.

Dont celebrate another year with the same old bland festivities. Its time to spice up your birthday party! What your next party needs is delicious Mexican food, and thats exactly what you can achieve with The Taco Guy Catering. Of course, theres way more than just tacos on the menu, so all of your attendees will find food they can enjoy.

You can also select steak fajitas, carne asada, and much more. We even offer salads and veggie tacos, made with mushrooms, bell peppers, corns, and zucchini, to any vegetarians or vegans in the room. Review our menu items online to get an idea of exactly what main dishes, side items, and extra you can chose between. Well even supply the drinks! Contact us today at 654-6177 to get started planning your birthday party menu or to inquire about our open availability.

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Taco Truck Catering To Your Location

TC Catering if frequently asked if we have taco taco truck catering service? We do not have a food truck that we prepare food in, yet we have something even better. Our truck simply carries our commercial sized grill that allows us to serve hundreds of guests. Then we grill directly in front of your guests. This allows us to be more personal, and often we become part of the evenings entertainment. Guests are entertain by watching us cook their meals, and for some this adds extra reassurance for them to see their food being prepared before its served on their plate.

More Catering Delivery Options

TTT Catering Video

Looking for a taco truck or taquiza? Why not have Tommys Salsa cater your party instead? We can cook our delicious tacos at your party. Our friendly chefs and servers can cook to order at your party for the freshest, most delicious tacos and fajitas. Or have a server at your party to help serve guests, so you can enjoy your party and mingle. Inquire for price.

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