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Food Truck Rental For Birthday Party

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Food Truck For An Event

Waffle House hitting the road with new food truck

You can sometimes hire a food truck for as little as $500, but the cost will increase depending on a number of factors. Your location, the popularity of the truck, the type of cuisine, and the number of guests that need to be served can all increase the price. Seasonality can also affect food truck prices, with bookings during summer events and holidays often costing more.

Understand The Food Truck Rental Process

The process for hiring a food truck for your party includes the following steps:

1. Decide on the type of food that you would like served at your event

2. Make contact with a food truck service provider to help rent one

3. Choose an appropriate date and time to rent the food truck

4. Arrange a meeting with the provider and decide on what supplies will be needed

5. Meet with the provider to deliver the supplies and finalize details

6. Provide payment to the provider and get their contact information

Affordability Without Sacrificing Quality

Weve found that food trucks offering the greatest range of variety within most budgets. Food truck catering generally costs less overall because they cost less to operate and require fewer staff than traditional catering options.

Many things will see a decrease in quality with a price reduction, but thats not the case with food truck catering. Almost all food truck offerings are made to order and prepared right on site of the event, which guarantees your guests with hot and fresh food throughout the night.

This is particularly helpful for new graduates who are either about to embark on an expensive college journey, an expensive life in the real world, and/or are leaving university with an average of $29,800 in student loans.

Who wouldnt want to save a bit of money with those graduation realities, right?

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Food Truck Birthday Party Catering

Birthdays are a time for presents, fun, and laughter, not slaving in a kitchen for hours preparing food that will disappear in mere minutes. When you are the chef in your family, you really dont want to be subjected to the food stylings of the other family members who just dont have the talent for cooking. If a special birthday celebration is looming in your future, why not give us a call and let us cater the meal instead! Keep it casual with a drop-off catered meal, amp up the wow factor with a food truck birthday party in the park, or impress your guests with full-service party catering that will be remembered for years to come this birthday is going to outshine all others, and Aioli Gourmet Burgers is going to help! Were a favorite of those who search for food near me in Phoenix, and we hope to soon be yours! Read on to learn more about our food truck in Phoenix for parties.

Here Are Some Other Popular Food Truck Party Catering Ideas:

Tycoon Party Rental

Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Housewarmings, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, Graduation Party, Engagement Party, Batmitzvah or Barmitzvah, and any other party you could imagine!

Now that you know that, its time to get your creative on!

Dont be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to party catering and hiring a food truck! Better yet, bring in multiple trucks to accommodate larger crowds and a variety of taste preferences. You can satisfy different food preferences with a more diverse selection. If you want to get super creative, why stop at just dinner?

You can have your food truck setup a round of appetizers, and even hire a dessert truck to top things off!

We can assure you

Having a food truck at your party instantly turns it into a cant miss event. Whatever the theme of your party, you can find a food truck that fits your taste buds, your style, and can play along with your ideas. You really cant go wrong.

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Food Trucks For Hire Near Me

Looking to hire a food truck for an upcoming event? At GigSalad, weve connected thousands of people with the best food services in their area. Choose a city below to browse food trucks for hire near you. We also have answers to your most frequently asked questions about booking a local food truck. Let us help make your next event unforgettable!

Where do you need a Food Truck?

Picking Out The Right Food Truck For Your Event

Before you think about renting a food truck, there are some things you should consider. First of all, you must make sure that your event will be large enough to need a food truck in the first place. If you know your event will not have many guests, then it is not worth hiring one. Secondly, you must think about the type of food that you want to serve at your event. Will it be an outdoor picnic? Or will it be an indoor dinner party? This can determine whether or not a food truck would work for your occasion.

For example, if you were hosting a dinner party inside and wanted to serve sandwiches with different toppings, then a food truck would be perfect for the occasion. Another factor that should be considered before choosing a food truck is price how much do they cost and what are their rates? You may also want to consider the quality of service that they provide as well as the accessibility of location in relation to where you are planning on hosting your event.

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Is There An App To Find Food Trucks

To find food trucks near you , use Thumbtack. You can easily pull up a list of food truck rentals and filter the list by entering a few details, including the type of cuisine you want, the date of the event, how long you want the food truck at the event and how much youre willing to pay per person.

Decide How Many Food Trucks Youll Need For Your Event

Food Truck Party VBS Promotional Video

A reasonable starting estimate is one food truck per 200-300 attendees.

You will need several trucks if eating a meal is one of the central draws of the event, such as a lunchtime employee appreciation picnic. And you will need to book several trucks if everyone is going to eat at once, such as during a wedding reception.

You can consider one food truck per 400 attendees or so if there are several other attractions during the event, and no set time when everybody eatsguests will visit the food truck when the lines are lower.

Talk with the food truck owners about your attendee estimates and how many customers they are capable of serving per hour. Provide the truck owners with attendee estimates a week before the event so they can factor that into their ordering and prep.

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Ensure You Meet Food Truck Regulations

Municipal regulations may place constraints on food trucks for your event. For example, in some areas, food trucks cant operate within a certain distance of a brick-and-mortar restaurant. There may also be restrictions about operating in a commercial versus a non-commercial zone, noise ordinances to consider , and special permit requirements to operate food trucks on the street or in a municipal park.

Visit the town or city managers office and ask for guidance. They will inform you of any special requirements related to food trucks. In larger cities, the permit office may be in another building, so factor that into your schedule. This can be a time-consuming process, so be sure to ask how long the permit approval typically takes and start your research early. You dont want to face any issues that result in your food trucks driving away on the day of the event.

Is There A Minimum

The minimum price for hiring a food truck for catering usually starts at $500 plus tax and usually includes:

  • Food price per serving x the number of people
  • Labor / preparation time
  • Travel expenses
  • Prices vary significantly depending on all the above and special ingredients or special dates like Christmas, New Years or other holiday or busy summer dates.

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    Toronto Ice Cream Trucks

    Regardless of age everyone seems to love ice cream. You can think back to your own childhood when you heard the ice cream truck coming down the street and ran into the house asking Mom or Dad for a dollar. Our Ice Cream Trucks are the best in the industry and our soft serve is made with REAL Cream, not subsitutes. If you’re looking for an Ice Cream truck rental for your School Festival, Corporate Event or Picnic, Outdoor Street Festival, Parade or any other event call us at 416-659-2777.

    We provide Ice Cream Truck Rentals for Toronto and surrounding areas

    Who Cut The Cheese Lady

    Office Event Catering

    Many food trucks take classic comfort foods and elevate them to satisfying, borderline gourmet meals. Such is the case with the food truck Who Cut the Cheese Lady. It’s not your average Kraft single in between slices of Wonder Bread. Guests at your party can choose from options including “Parti With Harvati” with harvati cheese, roasted balsamic peppers, portobello mushrooms and a roasted garlic spread “Kikin’ Chicken” with pulled buffalo chicken, Monterey Jack cheese and a creamy blue cheese spread and the “Triple B” with a burger, bacon, BBQ sauce and American cheese. Top it off with some of Who Cut The Cheese Lady’s signature seasoned fries.

    Book it: Inquire for prices at–Fv2MYsIAMptCdGJOWSEvJM4Jl-waVoQ7vuN-o.

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    Station The Food Truck In The Right Place

    After deciding on the type of food truck or trucks you want, a thoughtful layout of your outdoor event space impacts its success. Here are top tips for setting up an inviting and comfortable food truck event:

  • For events with many food trucks, they are usually either stationed around the perimeter of the event or clustered in an area that makes it easy for attendees to see their choices.
  • If theres just one truck, put it close enough to the action that attendees dont have to abandon the funbut dont forget to plan space for the line.
  • Most food trucks cant operate on an incline, so schedule a site visit to make sure the area is flat.
  • Some food trucks come with additional breakout options, such as a cart for maneuvering into smaller spaces.
  • Attendees will want somewhere to enjoy their meals, even if they come in cardboard trays, so consider providing tables. Picnic or folding tables allow people to sit together high-tops encourage quick turnover.
  • Place a station for cutlery and napkins halfway between the tables, so guests dont have to interrupt the food truck cooks to ask for more.
  • The truck operators will provide at least one garbage can, but you should provide moreand ensure they are emptied when almost full. You dont want a lovely outdoor event tarnished by overflowing garbage.
  • For more event inspiration, check out our top 15 event planning videos. Hiring a food truck for your low-cost fundraiser? Discover our tips for planning a fundraiser on a budget.

    Having Amazing Food At Your Party Has Never Been Easier

    Be blown away at how stress-free it is to have fresh gourmet cuisine cooked right on site at your special occasion. You wont even have to think about food preparation, quantities, transporting, setting up, etc. We’ll ride in with our mobile kitchen and be banging out fresh-made Italian meals in no time. Licensed to operate our food trucks in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and every other city in Michigan, we can serve your party wherever it is.

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    Food Trucks For Branded Marketing Promotions

    In recent years, marketing activations with food trucks and other mobile infrastructure are becoming more popular, especially now that outdoor events are becoming the norm.

    Brands use food trucks for one day activations, pop-up shops in high traffic areas, and for national tours to target specific audiences and customers.

    If youre looking to launch a promotion, we recommend contacting RMNG, a full-service Experiential Marketing Agency. They have over a decade of experience sourcing trucks for one day events and setting up longer term marketing tours.

    Their clients include all sorts of companies, including Apple, Budweiser, Beyond Meat, Doritos, and dozens more. Check out more of their recent projects here.

    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    The inside scoop on Joburg’s trendy food trucks

    What are some popular services for caterers?

    Some popular services for caterers include:

    What are people saying about caterers services in San Jose, CA?

    This is a review for a caterers business in San Jose, CA:

    “I had invited Shweta for our son’s first birthday party yesterday and Shweta’s Dosas were a hit both with kids and adults. Especially her palak dosas were crowd pleasing. I booked her just by looking at yelp and I was a bit apprehensive of how it would go, I am very happy with her service. It was a bit of difficult weather at the outdoor party yesterday with heavy winds, but Shweta’s hot dosas made sure everyone was warm and satisfied and Shweta and team handled it very well. I would highly recommend them for your party needs.”

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    Explore Some Cool Party Catering Options

    When you think of party catering, theres a chance your mind jumps right to some boring old, traditional food options.

    Big Island Bowls

    Well lucky for youwere going to introduce you to some awesome new party catering ideas, and tell you why food trucks are the new, must-have catering option at any party.

    Nowadays, theres a whole new explosion of food trucks that serve fresh, thoughtful, delicious dishes catered right to your party. Hence, more and more people are choosing to have food trucks cater their parties, instead of a traditional caterers.

    Dont believe us? Keep reading

    Food trucks are extremely versatile. So if you think you cant have one at your private party think again!

    Get The Best Food Truck Catering For Your Birthday Party

    Whether you want the hamburger truck for parties services to come to you or you order drop off catering, our menu is a delight for each and every guest. For those whose lips would not touch meat, our falafel burger is a protein-rich treat made out of our homemade falafel, pickled onion, mango sauce, cucumber, and sumac aioli. Keto diet followers can skip the toasted brioche bun and choose to have their burger wrapped in lettuce, and for your guests who dont understand the fancy burgers everyone feels the need to make these days, our basic cheeseburger allows them to enjoy their burger the way they always havewith cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

    Be bold and choose a strawberry apple salad for your dining pleasure, or go traditional with a twist our aioli fry flight offers a choice of fries topped with your choices of aioli sauce. The white truffle aioli will instantly become your new obsession, at least until you try our signature loaded fries, a customer favorite. Topped with Kilt Lifter cheese sauce, avocado, pickled red onions, chipotle aioli, and bacon, you might have to do a few extra laps on the treadmill the next day, but the blend of flavors will make you glad you chose food truck birthday party catering from Aioli Burger! Aioli Burger is definitely one of the best catering food trucks for parties!

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    Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

    Would you rather blow your whole budget on the food only to get something mediocre and off-theme or spend way less for better food and buy the most amazing birthday present for your loved one that you can?

    Yeah, option B is looking way better to us, too.

    And a food truck will allow you to do that. You can plan the perfect birthday party menu on a budget without having to sacrifice quality or pick between cake or ice cream.

    Food trucks are almost always significantly less expensive than traditional catering options while also providing you with customizable, fresh, and delicious options.

    Youll have your cake and eat it too, perhaps most literally with a cupcake food truck and a bit more figuratively with the great food for a lower price.

    Rent A Food Truck For A Party Or Event

    Cost to Rent a Food Truck for a Party (2019 Prices)

    If you need food truck catering for your event, we recommend you go to Roaming Hunger.

    With over 18,000 food trucks across the US and Canada youll probably find a food truck to fit your needs.

    Once you give them your event information theyll find you local food trucks, trailers, and carts that are available to come feed your guests, along with a free quote from each caterer.

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    Need Help Renting The Right Food Truck

    Roaming Hunger can help you find a great food truck for your party, no matter what the occasion and size. For more information just go to our Private Party Catering page.

    Once you give us some basic information on when and where your event is, your dedicated catering manager will help you get the best options based on your needs. All youâll need to do is pick the menu packages you like and weâll handle all the logistics. We also protect every single catering with our 100% Roaming Hunger Service Guarantee.

    Cheaper Alternatives To Food Truck Catering

    If youre looking for cheaper catering options, consider booking a food cart vs. a food truck. Not only are they a cost effective alternative, but food carts can also fit into smaller spaces, indoors, and in backyards.

    Here are some average prices to rent a food cart for catering:

    Taco Cart $6-$12 per person with a rental minimum of about $400-$800.Ice Cream Cart $5-$10 per person, with a rental minimum of about $300-$600.

    Lastly, dont forget that drop-off catering can also be a great backup option. While drop-off delivery doesnt come with the sounds and smells of the food being made in front of your guests, it will feed a hungry crowd.

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