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Hole In One First Birthday

Hole In One First Birthday

First Birthday | Hole in One – Golf Party

Berry First Birthday Party Theme

Strawberries will never not make an adorable birthday theme, and for your little ones absolute first, theyre berry sweet. Luckily, this birthday party theme is not super unique, so youll have no problem finding strawberry-themed paper goods. Consider a red velvet cake with strawberry icing to thrill and delight the littles.

I Cant Believe My Baby Is One Im Not Crying Youre Crying

First Birthdays are some of my favorite birthdays to celebrate. After all, its a really big year for everyone, a newborn changes a lot in the first year. Think about it, they go from being little tiny blobs to walking and climbing and saying words. Its a big celebration for the parents too. The first birthday means we survived the first year of sleepless nights and bottle feedings.

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Having had 2 girls, I was REALLY excited to celebrate my sweet little boy on his big day. We decided to do a golf themed birthday A Hole in One First Birthday celebration.

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The 19th Hole Aka The Bar

Now I need to give a major shoutout to my husband, Joe. He works pretty long hours and doesnt necessarily have tons of time for building things, but somehow, he managed to build us a bar! He had access to crates at work, so he brought those home, ran to the hardware store for the rest, and just went to town

He claims that it wasnt very hard to do, and we didnt know wed end up liking it as well as we did, so we made the mistake of not taking good care of it after the party. It was a sad day when we had to throw it away because it had taken a beating in the outdoor weather. If we ever do this again, well be sure to seal it correctly and keep it in a garage during the winter months.

Was awesome while it lasted though!

It was a hot day in August, so the lemonade and iced tea went fast. Not as fast as the Arnold Palmer, though that drink was amazing! There wasnt much time where that drink wasnt in my hand. Arent the little milk bottle glasses cute?? We rented them from a party supply store in Powell, Ohio , and to this day, I still wish I had just bought them. I end up wishing I had them every time we host a party.

Wild One First Birthday Party Theme

A Hole In One Party: Golf Theme 1st Birthday  Pink Roses ...

Its an open-ended idea with tons of possibilities from a jungle aesthetic to inspiration from the book, Where the Wild Things Are. If you choose jungle, make sure to bring bright colors and faux greenery in, and add lots of sweet jungle animal motifs throughout the space and on the cake. A lagoon or blow-up pool for splashing in would also be sweet.

If youre taking it in the literary direction, fashion the woods from the book with brown construction paper and simple line drawings or paint to create a moody tree scene. Dress Baby in Maxs all-white fuzzy outfit with a simple crown from Etsy to complete the look.

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One In The Sun First Birthday Theme

Your only sunshine is turning one! Its time to have some fun in the sun. Sunny yellow, white, and coordinating pastels or brights are a perfect palette. Create a tablescape and balloon arch to match with a yellow sun at the center, get the kids outside to play, and serve lemonade and beach snacks. Yard games and a sprinkler setup would also be on-theme!

Hole In One First Birthday Theme

The tiniest linksman is ready for their first birthday. This theme will score high marks with golf-loving parents and be a blast to plan. Oversized, squishy golf-look balls will be a must for the area where the babies are playing. Golf ball balloons and party favors are a must, and a soft palette of white and blue are the perfect backdrop for any pops of green you bring in.

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Sweet Little One First Birthday Theme

For a lot of babies, the first birthday is also the first time they try cake. Why not expand on that idea to an all-out sweets theme that will charm and impress all of your guests? Poster-board-sized candies or cookies, lots of cheerful color, and puffy white balloon bunches to create the feeling of whipped cream are some easy ideas. This is a theme that lends well to not serving lunch, too. Invite everyone over from 3 to 5 for a desserts party and dont forget to include a candy display table and baggies as the favor.

One In A Melon First Birthday Theme


In addition to providing a delightful pun, melons create an intrinsically bright color scheme to work with. You might consider a full-on watermelon theme with bright pink details to match, as its fresh, fun, and easy to shop for. If your little one in melon needs could use more color variety, a combination of melon tones would burst with fun.

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Golf Party Activity For The Kids

First on the list for Duncans big day was getting Rex to build putting greens for all the kids. Let me tell you, he was less than thrilled to take on this project, but when they turned out SO cute, he said he wanted to keep them for himself after the party. We used plywood to cute the shape we wanted and then stapled a green rug I found at Lowes for cheap to the top. We cut the hole and added wood trim on the sides so the ball wouldnt roll off. Using super glue we added some cute obstacles like a papier-mache dinosaur and Duncans name. Woo Hoo! Cutest Putting Greens Ever!

Babys Rookie Year First Birthday Theme

Your little sluggers rookie year has been a smashing success, so deck out the space with ballgame inspired elements and watch your guests gush over every detail. Encourage friends and family to come in the jerseys of their favorite athletes and the kids to come in their own sports uniforms if they have them. Serve stadium snacks and play fun, lively music. These details alone will knock this first birthday theme out of the park.

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Party Details As Told By Tania

The birthday was for my nephew, Mate, pronounced m.ah.teh, and he was one of the happiest little golfers ever!

Lexy of Pink Frosting, created some of the cutest golf themed cookies ever. I asked for some golf scenes, plaid patterns and mini golf balls and wow, did she deliver! To show them off, I placed them in the tall grass which is great to add to the theme and decor.

All the little guests were asked to visit the pro shop to pick up their birthday favor giveaways! Each child got a set of clubs, a visor, water bottle and some treats! As always the favor tags and thank you cards are included in the party package. Using a coordinating ribbon, I attached the tag to the golf set to make it resemble a price tag for the pro shop giftware.

As I was stringing the name banner to the front of the table, I was trying to think of something to use to hide my safety pins. It was a totally unplanned detail, but I just love how the golf tees looked tied together to create a finishing touch for the banner.

There are so many clever play on words that can be used in this theme, I used cupcakes, irons and woods and club sandwiches.

Golf Party Food Ideas

Hole In One Birthday Golf First Birthday Hole In One Cake ...

One of the most fun I had was setting up the food spread. We used the fake grass squares I had from Tessas Garden Themed Birthday Party and displayed everything youd find at the Country Club.

Club Sandwiches , Chip Shots , Fruit Slices, Peanut Putter Sandwiches , and Arnold Palmers. But the talk of the spread were the adorable Golf Shaped Sugar Cookies and the Personalized Golf Tees we stuck in the Club Sandwiches.

Outside I set up the 19th Hole for the adults. A drink station full of adult beverages for the grown-ups.

Im especially proud of the Golf Ball Smash cake I made. I didnt want to spend a lot of money on a cake that would just get torn to shreds. I cut the cake into a round, ball shape and covered in white icing. Placed the ice cake in the freezer for about 10 minutes so the icing would harden a bit. Then I took the flat end of a bamboo skewer , and gently pressed the flat end all over the cake to make the dimples. I added some green icing to the bottom to look like grass to finish it off.

Super Simple and Easy and So Stinking Cute!

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A Hole In One Birthday

We went to Lowes to get a few bottles of black and white spray paints. I did not know this little project would take at least 3 bottles of white spray paint because the orange color on it was still pretty visible. But after several coats, it looked so much better!

I know it is not perfect. I did not want to waste my time and energy spray painting the inside of the cozy coupe. But it looked like a golf cart and that really made my heart happy! Small DIYs like this just gives me absolute pure joy!

We wanted to have a little pop up photobooth during the party. Originally we were thinking of having balloons as backdrop and just stick them onto the wall but the party venue had some strict guidelines about it, so we thought maybe a cute picture frame will do. And it did the trick!

Next up are the numbers signs. We just borrowed the number boards and just attached some black and white pictures of the kids inside them.

The birthday party turned out to be a successful one and its all I ever wanted for the little boys! I hope you enjoy reading this post and I hope you learned something from our little DIY projects to make this par-tee a beautiful one!

Ciao for now!

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A Master’s Themed Hole In One Par Tee

Master’s Sunday seems like the perfect time to finally get around to blogging Vance’s First Birthday Par-Tee! Y’all, I had as much fun planning this party as I did our wedding! As you may know if you’ve been following the Taylors for any amount of time, golf plays a huge part in our life. Mine and Chris Taylor’s first date was go to play golf in our hometown, our wedding had a golf theme, we built a putting green in our back yard, so it was only fitting that we make Vance’s Birthday “A Tradition Unlike Any Other.”

I started planning this during the Masters of 2017, when Vance was just 3 months old! Chris is a big time golfer, so he was 100% on board. We started coming up with golf food puns, and then it just took on a mind of it’s own!

Vance’s invitations were designed by Anna Hatcher Design. Her template was SO easy to customize, and we even used her party pack for all of his signage, the food cards, and even thank you notes. Even though I have some design experience, this was the best $20 I spent on the whole party because it was a MAJOR time saver, and everything was perfect in 10 minutes, instead of 10 hours. Anyone else hate designing for themselves? Hire a friend!

For drinks, we served, Lemonade, Sweet “Tee,” and Arnold Palmers, and then the Adults had their own Clubhouse Keg with what CT likes to call “Swing Lube.”

All images by Aunt Kasey of Kasey Brooke Designs. Thank you SO much for capturing our day so that I could soak in every moment hands-free.

A Hole In One Party: Golf Theme 1st Birthday


August 30, 2019Parties, Toddler & Kid Parties, FAMILY, FUN

A Hole In ONE Birthday Partya one year olds birthday party.basically sad times and happy times all mixed into one. I mean, you wait some time to bring these little babies into the world, but then you blink and BAM! theyre turning one, walking, talking, and demanding stuff .

As a mama to two beautiful little loves, I feel like it took me a lifetime to decide to have babies. Then, when I did, it took just a second for those babies to become full blown little humans! And I mean, full on little humans. My 3 year old daughter has major convos, dances and sings to songs from her favorite movies, can get her own snacks from the snack drawer, and knows how to hold you to a promise totally a little human! And my baby boy, who I feel like I just birthed yesterday, just turned one yesterdayhow the h*ll did that happen?!

I feel like Im in a constant state of mourning and celebration. Mourning the loss of my babies and celebrating the growth & achievements of my little humans. Its a struggle for realI know you mamas can relate!

Babes, being a parent is a blessing and a curse, am I right? Youre blessed with these precious gifts, but theyre only yours for such a short amount of time. So, while my babies are all mine , Im going to celebrate them as much as possible. AND, it just so happens that this mama loves throwing a good party too, so why the hell not?!

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Hole In One 1st Birthday

A Look Back At Party Time

When my oldest was born, our world was turned upside down. There was nothing that could have prepared me for the complete loss of sleep on top of the long and painful recovery from a c-section. And the worry. Oh the worry. When it came time to celebrate Davids first birthday, we decided to go all out. We just made it through an entire year and ALL survived! It took awhile for us to settle on a theme, but after a lot of research, we decided on golf. Joe loves everything golf, David liked chewing on golf clubs, and I loved all the related party details perfect match!

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