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The Washington Post Birthday Book

A Birthday Cake For George Washington

Virginians turn out in force on first day of early voting
A Birthday Cake for George Washington

2016 by Scholastic Press, an imprint of Scholastic, Inc.

A Birthday Cake for George Washington is a children’s picture book published by Scholastic and first released on January 5, 2016. Written by Ramin Ganeshram and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, it is narrated by Delia, the daughter of Hercules, one of George Washington‘s slaves who worked for him as a cook. The book tells the story of Hercules and Delia baking a birthday cake for Washington. Scholastic pulled the book on January 17, 2016 in response to criticism that the illustrations depicted an overly-positive portrayal of slavery.

If Today Is Your Birthday Washington Post Washington

Washington Post Birthday NewspapersWashington Post The Washington Post Birthday Newspaper is the paper of choice for those living in and around the nations capital. As the winner of 47 Pulitzer Prizes and featuring top-notch political reporting, its hard to beat a Washington Post Birthday Newspaper for intriguing news of your Official Washington Post ReprintsA Washington Post front page the Date of your choice See the world news as reported on any day in history Created in partnership officially with The Washington Post Reproduced to an impressive 12 x 16 inches Printed on fine, high-grade paperRelive special Washington Post Birthday BookThe Washington Post Birthday Book is a unique birthday gift that recipients love! The book contains officially licensed reproductions of the front page from every birthday of the recipients life bound in a beautiful emerald green cover featuring the gold-embossed masthead of The Washington Post as well as the words Relive Those Special Moments as Reported at the Time and Birthday Book.

Customizing Your Personalized Birthday Book

You can personalize your Birthday Book with any Date and Name, which will be gold-embossed on the front. Your recipients Name and a special Message will also appear on the certificate label, printed on the title page of the book.

Please note: if you choose to emboss the front cover with your recipients name, then their date of birth will be printed as standard.

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The Book Report: Reviews From Washington Post Critic Ron Charles

May 9, 2021 / 8:05 AM / CBS News

With summer on the horizon, you may be looking for a new book to savor over vacation. Here are just a few you might enjoy:

“Gold Diggers” , a debut novel by Sanjena Sathian, has already been picked up by Mindy Kaling for an upcoming TV series. This effervescent social satire is about the children of Indian immigrants who are determined to succeed in America while honoring their parents’ culture.

The narrator is a high school boy who discovers that the Indian American girl next door has figured out a magical way to melt down gold jewelry and drink it to ingest all the dreams and hopes invested in that shiny bling.

Witty and tender, this is a work of 24-karat genius.

“Gold Diggers” by Sanjena Sathian , in Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, available via and Indiebound

Maggie Shipstead’s “Great Circle” contains two intertwined stories: One is a soaring historical tale about a young woman in the early 20th century who dreams of flying airplanes. Decades later, a disgraced actress is making a movie about this legendary female pilot when she discovers a surprising secret.

With allusions to the life of Amelia Earhart, this exciting novel contains shipwrecks and plane crashes, soldiers and gangsters and at the center of it all is a woman who will sacrifice everything to reach the clouds.

“Great Circle” and Indiebound

The New York Times Ultimate Birthday Book

The Washington Post Custom Birthday Book

Every Birthday Front Page for All 75 Years!

Our best-seller, this elegant book is perfect for any milestone birthday! It features every New York Times birthday front page from the day the recipient was born.

The handsome personalized book contains every birthday front page of the New York Times for someones entire life.

The outside is personalized with the recipients name and birth date in an elegant gold script. Inside the book are all the birthday front pages .

Handsome 140 page Ultimate Birthday Book features a photo-packed 24 page timeline, as well as a collection of world-changing front pages.

Its a unique gift that is sure to spark memories and conversation as the recipient recalls exciting events from throughout their lifetime!


Enjoy Free Shipping on up to 2 Custom Birthday Books or Ultimate Birthday Books at The New York Times Store. Expires 12/31/2021.


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Karen Dukesss The Last Book Party Is A Postcard From Another Era

Forty pages into Karen Dukesss The Last Book Party, a period piece set in the luxurious lap of 1980s publishing, a hotshot novelist lures an unsuspecting secretary from his publishing house to an unoccupied downtown apartment and clumsily attempts to seduce her. Leveraging his position of power and close professional relationship with the secretarys supervisor, he pressures her into drinking beer on what is ostensibly a work errand, then approaches her from behind and pulls her hair down. Sorry I couldnt resist, he waffles when she whips around in horror before fleeing the premises.

If this episode sounds like the setup to a salacious industry tell-all or rings of the workplace scandals involving Matt Lauer and Louis C.K., readers are doomed for a letdown. Not only is Dukesss would-be assaulter swiftly redeemed as a brooding love interest, but the pattern is repeated when Eve, the secretary and protagonist, takes another job and finds herself in a whirlwind affair with a presumptuous new boss 30 years her senior. For a novel concerned with class politics, marital infidelity and office predations, The Last Book Party is completely illiterate regarding the dynamics of power and privilege.

Pete Tosiellois a writer and critic based in New York.

The Last Book Party

Personalized Birthday Newspaper Book

Personalized Birthday Newspaper Book – –

  • Compilation of The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning News, or The Seattle Times front pages is an ideal gift to commemorate a milestone birthday such as a 50th, 60th, 75th Birthday.
  • For example, for someone’s 60th birthday, there will be 60 front pages from date of birth to last year.
  • If your birth date is January 2, 1953, your Remember When edition will contain a front page from January 2, 1953 January 2, 1954 January 2, 1955 January 2, 1956 etc., right up to the prior year
  • Large format coffee-table volume is approximately 12″W x 15″H.
  • Premium green leatherette cover with gold embossed design.
  • Personalization:
  • Date of birth.
  • Name gold embossed on front cover.
  • Name and message printed on a certificate label applied to the introduction page.
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    Scholastic Pulls Childrens Book Starring George Washingtons Happy Slaves

    On the morning of George Washingtons birthday, young Delia and her father are scrambling to put together their most important assignment of the year: a cake for the president himself.

    This cake has to be special, Delia narrates. President Washington is the most famous person in all of America. Papa is the general of the presidents kitchen.

    This general is Washingtons famed enslaved chef, Hercules, whose triumph over a sugar shortage on this special occasion is cheerfully chronicled in the childrens book A Birthday Cake for George Washington. At the end of the story, which concludes with an illustration of the president with one arm around Hercules, the author has appended a note describing the chefs life in greater detail.

    On this page, writer Ramin Ganeshram cites a biographical fact that is omitted from the books central narrative namely, that Washingtons birthday was principally a notable event for Hercules because it was the date he would ultimately flee to freedom.

    Hercules did escape from Mount Vernon in the early hours of February 22, 1797, the note reads. It was President Washingtons sixty-fifth birthday.

    The contrast between this historical reality and the seemingly lighthearted existence led by Hercules and Delia in the books illustrated portions has incited criticisms of Ganeshram and artist Vanessa Brantley-Newtons depiction of happy slaves.

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    Birthday Horoscope 365 Days Of Birthday Horoscopes

    Missed ‘Fox & Friends’? Here’s what Trump said

    Birthday Horoscope, 365 Profiles for each Day of the Year One brilliant way to get to know yourself is by taking time out to peruse the revelations of your Birthday Horoscope.This detailed astrological analysis of your day of birth can reinforce many of the things you 35+ Best Happy Birthday Posts · This thoughtful list of happy birthday post will surely add delight to the happiness of the birthday celebrator. Feel free to use this list and dont forget to share. May you have all the EST today on your birthday. The happiest, grandest and best birthday of all time.

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    From The Washington Post

    Lionel Shriver’s wonderful new novel, her latest since the prize-winning We Need to Talk About Kevin, creates parallel universes that indulge all our what-if speculations. Spared any fork-in-the-road choices, Irina McGovern, a children’s book illustrator, can have her beefcake and eat it too. A professional, independent woman not enamored of feminist bumper stickers, Irina admits, “The only thing I can’t live without is a man.” In this case, Shriver grants her two.

    The first, Lawrence Trainer, a sweetly geeky terrorism expert, offers tranquil domesticity Irina fixes nightly bowls of popcorn while they watch BBC snooker tournaments, cooks voluptuous if economical meals and enjoys reliable same-side-of-the-bed, same-position sex. Though not officially married, so entrenched are the pair they might as well be. “Some friends regarded Irina-and-Lawrence as a factual matter,” Shriver writes, “like the existence of France.”

    For more than nine years, “monogamy had been effortless” — until the second man turns up. He’s Ramsey Acton, dazzling celebrity snooker champion and husband of Irina’s collaborator, Jude. Every year on Ramsey’s birthday, Irina and Lawrence dine out with Ramsey and Jude. One July, Lawrence, away on business, encourages Irina to meet Ramsey, newly divorced, for the traditional birthday ritual. After four sakes, a deluxe platter of sashimi, cognac and a joint, Irina watches Ramsey play snooker and thinks, “If Ramsey didn’t kiss her, she was going to die.”

    Two Welders Got Stuck On I

    At about 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, Safwan Aziz and John Hildenbrand hit their breaking points.

    By that point, the two men welders driving from New York to South Carolina for work had been stuck on Interstate 95 for almost 24 hours. At times, as they stared at the unchanging scene of snow and stalled vehicles, both men had considered driving onto the shoulder to reach Exit 140, which sat a tantalizing quarter-mile away.

    The problem was that two massive trees had fallen during the snowstorm, blocking the welders way out. Each one easily weighed several hundred pounds, the men said. They were laden with heavy snow and frozen to the ground.

    Now, Aziz and Hildenbrand decided, they would push the trees out of the way.

    It was kind of like a survival mode, Hildenbrand said. We just felt: I need to get off this highway.

    I just wanted, Aziz said, to get the hell away from that road.

    The two men had first climbed into their welding truck early Monday morning. Hildenbrand left his house in Syracuse around 5 a.m., picking up Aziz from his home in Binghamton close to 6:30 a.m. The two men hit I-95 around 10 a.m. Monday, and their pace slowed to a crawl by the early afternoon. They would move forward 50 feet, start to feel excited that the traffic jam might be clearing then stop again for hours on end.

    Video: What it’s like to be stuck in the I-95 traffic jam

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    Make Them A Star Put Them In The Book

    When you make your child the star of one of our books, theyre instantly captivated. Your child has a direct role to play in all of our personalized story books! Your child is woven into the magic of the story, transforming the book into a keepsake with purpose, and its never too early to start helping them learn their name with our personalized baby books.

    Disney is timeless. From their technicolor characters and musical soundtracks we cant help but sing along to, Disney makes dreams come true. Walt Disney once said, If you can dream it, you can do it and with our personalized Disney books, were dreaming big. Theres an adventure waiting on every page and best of all, anyone can star alongside their favorite Disney characters.

    Grown-ups will find a book or a few they can thoroughly get stuck into. Our sports books are treasures to behold. From baseball to football, you can give the perfect memorabilia designed around the recipients favorite team or sport, reported on by The LA Times, The Washington Post and The Dallas Morning News.

    Personalized Washington Post Headlines Newspaper Book Birthday Edition

    This custom

    Read the headlines from every birthday of someone’s life in this unique Personalized Washington Post Headlines Newspaper Book. This large book with black leatherette, hard-back cover features a front-page reprint of The Washington Post from your recipient’s date of birth, and then every one of their birthdays thereafter. For example, if their birth date was May 6, 1961 this will be the first page to appear. After that, it’ll be May 6, 1962, then ’63, then ’64 and so on, all the way to their most recent birthday. Opposite each Washington Post front-page reprint is a blank page that can be filled with photos, keepsakes or memories relating to that year. Personalize the cover of this “Birthday Edition” book with a name or message in gold embossing. A creative way to commemorate birthdays, this newspaper book will be a conversation-starting addition to any coffee table. A welcome gift for a history buff or anyone who enjoys reading newspapers. Includes personalized Certificate Label. Please specify date and personalization for Cover and introduction page’s Certificate Label.

    • Custom Washington Post Front Pages Newspaper Birthday Book
    • Collection of Washington Post headline reprints from a specified date
    • Opposite each page is a blank page for messaging or mementos
    • Black leatherette, hardback cover with gold embossing
    • Unique way to commemorate birthdays

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    Looking For A Seasonal Tale Of Mystery Murder And Ghosts Here Are 9 Books Just For You

    Let it snow! When the weather outside is frightful, its time for classic ghost stories and mysteries even if youre only wrapping them up as presents for lucky friends and family. Need a few ideas? Just read on.

    The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories: Volume 5, edited by Christopher Philippo

    This latest in an annual series again demonstrates that chills and frights still linger in the browning pages of old magazines and Christmas albums. Philippo reprints two fine tales Ive read elsewhere Amelia B. Edwardss My Brothers Ghost Story and Barry Pains The Undying Thing but all his other choices were unfamiliar to me. Since James Skipp Borlase is represented by two stories, I decided to read them first.

    The Dead Hand subtitled A Tale of a Weird and Awful Christmastide focuses on a smitten housemaid, her unscrupulous lover and a dead Catholic priests mummified hand. After being borrowed for a wicked and nefarious purpose, that bony appendage takes to restless, nocturnal wanderings, periodically bursting out of its sarcophagus to creep down the wall like a great brown spider, before scurrying flop, flop, flop toward an unfortunate sleeper.

    And Midnight Never Come, edited by Hugh Lamb and Richard Lamb

    The Collected Ghost Stories of Oliver Onions, edited by Rosalie Parker

    When Christmas Comes, by Andrew Klavan

    The Day You Were Born Gifts

    When celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, its always so much fun to remember what life was like way back when! These unique The Day You Were Born gifts are the perfect way to reminisce and find out more about life back in the good old days.

    This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosure page.

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    The Day You Were Jigsaw Puzzle

    Piece together history and reveal the headlines and photos from any meaningful day with this unique and affordable gift!

    Choose any important day birthday, anniversary, retirement and youll receive an exact replica of the New York Times front page from that day.

    The puzzle is available in 3 sizes 500 piece, 1000 piece, or an easy-to-assemble 300 piece puzzle that features larger pieces perfect for younger children!

    Youll also receive a paper copy of the front page to view while assembling the puzzle in case you need a little extra help.

    The puzzle is in black and white for dates prior to 1998 after 1998 its in full color.

    A thoughtful and fun gift to celebrate any milestone birthday or anniversary!

    Personalized Washington Post Birthday Book

    The Blog Show

    The front page from the day you were born and every birthday thereafter, reproduced from the archives of the Washington Post! Bound in a large-format book, each years spread includes a blank Remember When side for attaching photos, mementos or comments from that time. Gold-embossed leatherette front cover personalized with name and date makes this a truly unique keepsake. State name up to 22 characters/spaces. State date . Allow 3-4 weeks. Video/DVD, books, and audio products may be returned in exchange for the same title only.

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