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Outdoor Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Helpful Tips To Have The Best Outdoor Birthday Party Games For Tweens

Top 5 Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers for LESS THAN $25

The most important thing to remember is that tweens will want to have a say in how their party goes. But they will also need a little help with the organization.

You have a list of great games for both boys and girls for them to choose from, but there are a few other helpful tips that can ensure the party is a success.

  • Selection is the key: Make sure there are not only a few different games, but there is also music, and a variety of snacks and drinks too.
  • Guidance only: Give the tweens space to play the games alone. Be nearby for supervision and guidance but remember that they are of an age where independence is starting to matter.
  • Plan ahead: Get feedback from their friends beforehand too as to what is lame and what is not, so that you can make sure you have only the things they will want to do and play.

Ice Cream Social Party

I scream, you scream An ice cream social or a banana-split party with lots of DIY options is something all kids can get behind. But you may want to forgo a cake, with all the sugar involved!

Good ideas: toppings bar with toppings in flower pots, ice-cream-cone balloons, pin the cherry on the ice cream cone game

Birthday Ideas For 10

Finding and planning the best birthday theme for a 10-year-old can be challenging. You need to plan about what party games everyone will enjoy or what food you should bring so that everyone has fun.

Whether your little girl is more into girly stuff or sports, weve compiled a list of the best birthday party ideas that every 10-year-old girl should have on their day.

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What Do You Need For A Backyard Party

Henry Ford already knew that Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success. Now, youre not founding your own car company but, this wise saying can be applied to any kind of endeavor, even hosting a backyard party! Look at it this way: Spending a bit more time planning will help you feel prepared for the day of the party so you can enjoy it! Here are a few important things to consider:

Lets dive into some fun inspiration so you can host a summer backyard party that will be a full success without breaking the bank or stressing you out.

Something To Keep Them Occupied

Dreamy Girls Picnic

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Visit An Amusement Park

Roller coasters are a favorite of many kids in their teenage years. Whipping around corners going super fast is thrilling and it will have them wanting to get right back in line over and over again. If you have a local amusement park, give them a call and see if they have any birthday party packages. Usually, you can rent out an area for birthday cake and store everyones belongings while they run all over the park.

Go Swimming At A Beach Or Pool Party

Summer days are perfectly spent near water, so consider throwing your outdoor birthday party at a pool or the beach. Grab some inflatable floaties for your guests and serve up fruity cocktails or juices with fruit salads and sandwiches.

Party activities can be set up in the water. At the beach, people can play on boogie boards and splash in the water. If the waves arent too crazy, you could put out snorkel masks for people to try. Grilling is a perfect beach activity as well that you can do. Maybe even rope off a sand volleyball court. The pool can be a perfect basketball court or just a place for splashing around and relaxing.

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Games For A Birthday In The Park

  • Treasure hunt: Hide one or more treasures taking advantage of the natural space in which you find yourself and draw a map with clues for the little ones to find them. They can participate alone or in groups if they are many friends.
  • Water war: You could opt for the classic battle of water balloons, but this idea will mean that you have to collect all the plastic remains that are left on the floor when the party ends, and it can be a real madness. A better option is to give each child a water gun and soak them to your liking. Eye! See that the park has a source to reload the weapon.
  • Rain of bubbles: Get some papers and up the bubbles!
  • Three classic games to entertain during the birthday in the park. On the one hand, limbo is a game that never goes out of style, huh? Just a broomstick and have the kids go under. Stretching the rope or handkerchief are other fun alternatives.

Opt For Easy Floral Decorations


When it comes to outdoor party table decorations, keeping it simple is the way to go. Avoid anything too elaborate, fiddly and time-consuming to arrange and opt for easy displays that can be put together in minutes on the day to save yourself stress in the party run-up.

Flowers are a simple way of brightening up a party table and by choosing in-season blooms it can work out less-costly too. A collection of simple glass vases, jam jars, jugs or pitchers make perfect receptacles lined-up en masse along the length of a table. Pop a few single stems or plant cuttings in each, choosing blooms in complementary tones for a color happy and co-ordinated look.

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High Jump & Long Jump Competition

For a High Jump Competition, find a big tree or a clear section of wall space outside, and make sure the area is safe. Jump and reach as high as you can. Use a tape measure to record the heigh of each touch. Who can get the highest?

For a Long Jump Competition, find a grassy area of your backyard that is safe to jump around. Market a take-off line, and have everyone jump from that spot. They should bend their knees, swing their arms, and jump for distance. Measure each jump with a tape-measurer and see who can jump the farthest!

Slumber Or Fashion Party

Similar to a sleepover, you will be safe to host a slumber or fashion party for your 10-years-old daughter. However, this time they will be in their pajamas, and you will hear many screams and laughter coming from the room.

But, if you want to spice it up a little, a fashion parade is a safe choice when hosting lots of girls. You can ask each girl to bring some extra clothes for the party, and then make them parade them in a make-shift fashion show in your living room.

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Rent A Hotel Room For The Night

A great way to host a fun birthday party and keep the mess out of your house is to rent a hotel room for the night. Depending on the number of kids in attendance, you can even book adjoining rooms so they can all be together and have fun until the wee hours of the morning . A few ideas:

  • Since hotel rooms are typically fairly small, you can make a BIG impression with even a few decorations including number balloons, helium balloons, streamers, etc.
  • Make the evening special: Whether the kids venture out for a night on the town or head to the hotel pool and jacuzzi for an evening of fun and laughs, be sure to plan something to keep the kids occupied.
  • Chaperone: Depending on the age of the kids, theres a good chance youll need to book a hotel room across the hall just to keep your eye on things and make sure theyre safe. Older teenagers are likely fine on their own and can be dropped off and picked up the next morning.

Best Birthday Party Ideas At Park

Pin by Afton Rogers on Fotos

Your first birthday cake, gifts, or the attempt to blow the small candles are some of the memories that are recorded in your mind. They are usually more special birthdays, in family and your own homes. However, as they grow older, they already go to school and have a few friends, some parents feel the need to do something different for their childrens birthday.

The idea of the well-known ballparks sounds excellent, but not everyone can or wants to spend so much money. Therefore, other alternatives may surprise both your children and all the friends you have invited to be, without a doubt, their best birthday. Also, you will save some money since many ballparks end up offering you different packs, which are increasing in price and you end up spending more money than you could afford, almost without realizing it.

Sometimes, we think that an excellent alternative to these ballparks is your own home. However, you conclude that it is too small or there is not enough space for all children and parents. Therefore, you need a more extensive space where everyone is comfortable and can enjoy a fun afternoon on your childs birthday.

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Divide Into Teams For Some Paintball

Paintball is a fun game that involves actually shooting the opposing team members with small balls of paint. You arrive and everyone changes into the suit provided by the paintball court. These suits provide a little more protection so you dont get hurt. Once the game begins, youll have different objections as a team. Your teenager will spend a few hours running around with their friends and having a blast.

Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Games For Kids

Categories Kids Parties, Kids Parties and Holidays

Throw a birthday party kids will remember with fun outdoor birthday party games. Easy DIY party games and ideas kids and parents will enjoy. Stop spending all that money on birthday facilities and throw an awesome party at home.

All of these outdoor birthday party games are classic party games that are simple to set up to make throwing a party at home less stressful. Plus having all the kids outside will keep your house clean (:

Youll find great games that kids of all ages will enjoy whether its a large group or a smaller party and the best part is the kids will have lots of fun.

So, keep reading, to find easy ways to celebrate the perfect backyard birthday party with fun games that are sure to be a hit.

If you cant be together in person this year consider a Virtual Birthday Party with friends or family.

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy something using my link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, see my disclaimer here.

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Pink And Gold Glitter Party ~ Hostess With The Mostess

This is for the fancy teen who loves a little sparkle or a lot of sparkle! This is such a pretty party and there are so many glitter products that could be used for this. I think this would be most fun as a girl party maybe have some spa-type fun, painting nails, doing face masks, drinking sparkling cider, eating frozen grapes. Ive even heard of people hiring a stylist or a massage therapist to come to the party for an hour to educate and/or do some spa treatments. I want to be invited to that party!

Some Favorite Products for This Party: These glitter water bottles will make a great gift or party favor! We also love this super cool glitter nail polish fun for the teens to do at the party or take home as a favor!

Make Space For Guests To Relax

First Birthday Celebration|Baby Girl| Birthday Theme|Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Including outdoor living room ideas on your backyard birthday party list makes good sense, particularly if older adults will be coming, who might enjoy a quiet corner or comfortable outdoor sofa. Covering seats with a throw that can go in the washer afterwards is a sensible move to guard against spillages, while an outdoor rug and drinks’ table will make the space feel festive.

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Outdoor Birthday Party Idea #1: Beach Babies

Whether you live near the beach or in a land-locked city, a beach theme is fun for any backyard kids’ birthday party.

Activities: Fill up a few baby pools with sand and stick shovels, buckets, and shaping tools insidethen throw a sand castle contest. A willing adult can dress like a mermaid and kids can play Find the Mermaid outside. Create a sand art station and let each child’s creation serve as their party favor. Borrow surfboards and boogie boards for kids to practice their best surfer poses.

Decorate the backyard with lots of beach gear like beach balls, beach umbrellas, colorful buckets, and plastic sunglasses. You can even get a sound machine and play ocean sounds during the party for a realistic effect. Serve popsicles of all shapes and sizes to cool kids off and fit the theme!

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Indoor 14th Birthday Party Ideas

Weather will always be a determining factor in party planning. It can be too hot or too cold and that will dictate the activities one can engage in. Here are some year-round activities that can be done indoors to prevent seasonal issues. I will always encourage progressive parties that include several activities. Mix and match to create a customized 14th birthday party experience.

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Host An Outdoor Movie Night

Movie nights are a classic party activity. You can make it special by putting together an outdoor movie experience. Track down a projector and a large white screen like a sheet to project on to. For food, you can serve popcorn and candylike a normal movie theaterbut add in some other finger foods and snacks for the party.

Make sure you ask everyone to bring a comfortable chair or put out blankets and any seating you have at your disposal. String up some twinkle lights, so people can move around safely and get snacks and refills. This is a perfect outdoor birthday party idea.

Why Prepare A Birthday Party In The Park


One of the unique celebrations in a childs life is his birthday. They wait with tremendous emotion this day throughout a whole year, and our greatest wish as parents is to see their little face of happiness after blowing the candles.

Therefore, we take the task of preparing your birthday party very seriously. We want it to be unique and unforgettable for our children.

The first task is to choose the perfect place for the party. The most common options are usually the toy libraries, playgrounds, or the childs own house. All of them are successful in the end, every dad and every mom decides based on their needs and preferences.

The truth is that it is a great and amusing idea. Also, parks are areas that can give a lot of play to organize a great birthday. These are the four tips that we recommend you keep in mind.

One of the alternatives that are gaining more and more strength, especially in summer when good weather reigns, is to celebrate a birthday in a park.

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How To Take Your Backyard Party To The Next Level

Hopefully youve found your fair share of inspiration and are already writing down shopping lists to buy all the food, drinks and decorations for your outdoor party. If you can hold your horses for just a little while longer, we may have a few more ideas that could take your party to the next level!

27. Set up a Picnic Area: This can be a great alternative to renting or purchasing extra chairs. Kids will love the idea of sitting on a picnic blanket and eating their food or playing games but it may also appeal to some of your adult friends. After all, whats more romantic than a picnic by candlelight on a hot summer night?

28. Provide an Essentials Basket: Your guests will absolutely love this detail and it doesnt take much to put together. Simply think about a few essentials your guests could need, that could be sunscreen, bug spray, hand wipes, blankets, sun hats or even towels.

29. Sharpies and Tags for Guests and Cups: Make sure that everyone knows who theyre talking to and what drink was theirs by providing a few sharpies and name tags. Your guests can attach them to their clothing and cups to avoid confusion and unnecessary trash.

30. Cover drinks: Make sure no dirt, bugs or food lands in your drink by covering cups up with cupcake liners. This simple and effective DIY will protect your drinks all day and night.

How Can I Decorate My Backyard For A Party

Colorful fabric bunting is always a good starting point for any outdoor decorating scheme. Its inexpensive and a little can go a long way. String from trees, outdoor beams and posts and suspend some above your party table if you can to make it a colorful focal point.

Paper pompoms are another easy option that can be used to add instant pops of colour around a garden. And if you take them down carefully, can be used for future parties. Freshly cut flowers and foliage from the garden are a great way of brightening up the table and in-season blooms will tie the decor together wonderfully.

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