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Things To Do At A First Birthday Party

Glimpse Into Their Future

Ideas For How To Celebrate a Birthday During Quarantine | Mabel’s 1st Birthday Party

A tradition in some Polish families for their little ones first birthday is to place a coin , shot glass, and rosary on the birthday boy or girls high chair and see what baby picks. The shot glass is supposed to symbolize that theyre outgoing, social, and people-oriented. The coin symbolizes prosperity, that theyre ambitious and driven. The rosary symbolizes religion and that theyre spiritual and awareness-oriented. Beyond the Polish tradition, many first birthday celebrations can include cultural elements meaningful to your family.

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Recap Of Simple First Birthday Ideas For A Girl Or Boy

  • Visit animals on your babys first birthday
  • Paint a picture for the first birthday
  • Celebrate at the park or beach
  • Have a special birthday meal
  • Go on a birthday vacation
  • Have a 1 year old birthday photo session
  • Have simple baby birthday decorations
  • Have a first birthday celebration at home
  • Go to a local event
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Go to a childrens museum
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    Making 1st Birthday Party Memories

    When it comes to 1st birthday parties, making memories and new traditions is what really counts. Here are some great ways to capture your childs special day, and create memories and traditions that last a life time.

    • Start a tradition of buying your child a book for every birthday. In the front of the book, write your birthday wishes, the year, and the birthday they are celebrating.
    • Buy a plain calico teddy bear and have everybody at the party sign their name using a permanent marker or fabric pen.
    • Take a photo of the birthday child with their friends in a particular spot. It may be around the birthday table, at the front of the house, or on the couch in the lounge. Every birthday take the same photo, in the same spot. As your child grows youll see different friends come and go, and few special ones that last a life time.
    • Have everyone at the party write a special wish or note to the birthday child, and put it in a time capsule to be opened at their 21st. You may be surprised by how many of the well-wishers are present at the 21st to hear them read out.
    • Buy a special book, and have all the guests at the party write a favourite memory or milestone they remember from your childs first year.

    If nothing else, remember to take plenty of photographs, and try to get them into an album before you forget who was who. Your child may not remember the birthday party itself, but they will make their own memories by looking through the album over time.

    Happy 1st Birthday!

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    Baby Photo Guessing Game

    Prior to the date of the party, ask guests to send photos of themselves as babies. On the day of the party, hang them around the room. Hang a piece of paper below each photo and ask guests to write their name and their guess as to the identity of the baby in each photo. Award a prize to the person with the most correct guesses.

    Babys First Birthday Party Theme Ideas


    Many parents like to start planning their 1-year-oldâs birthday party by sifting through ideas for a theme. Choosing the theme early on might make some of the other decisions a little easier. So, how to plan a first birthday party theme when there are so many ideas out there? The trick is to choose something thatâs manageable yet memorable for you and your family.

    Before you start brainstorming, donât forget that budget is an important consideration. Some first birthday party theme ideas are more extravagant than others, which could increase the overall cost. However, you can still host a memorable party with even a modest budget.

    Check out the strategies below for a little inspiration for deciding on your babyâs first birthday party theme.

    Although picking a theme can be part of the fun, weâre going to let you in on a little secret: You donât have to choose a theme! Plan your 1-year-oldâs birthday around a theme only if you want to. Thereâs nothing wrong with simply throwing a fun party with classic decorations, like balloons or a banner or cake topper reading âBabyâs 1st Birthday Party.â

    Keep in mind that one of the goals of the party is to make memories. Babies are still developing, and your little one wonât remember their first birthday party when theyâre older. However, theyâll love to see photos and learn what they looked like as a baby!

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    Fun Babys 1st Birthday Party Ideas

    Steal our tips and tricks to make babys first birthday party stress free. A little extra planning before the party will make this a sweet occasion filled with cute birthday decorations and activities. We have everything you need to host a fun-filled first birthday bash, from invitations to banners to cupcake toppers and more.

    What to Know Before Hosting Your Babys First Birthday Party

    Your baby is 1, and its time to party! Our darling Gracies first birthday was in January, and it felt like a celebration for us for making it through our first year, says Tori Horne of Tallahassee, Florida. We asked Penny Warner, child development instructor and author of more than 12 party and activity books, including Baby Birthday Parties: 20 Fun Theme Parties for Babies 1 to 3, for ideas on hosting that first milestone party. Theres a lot to jugglethe unpredictable mood and schedule of a toddler, appropriate themes and snacks, even the number of guests. Her seven stress-free tips will have you and your kiddo tossing your party hats into the air.

    1. Watch the clock. Plan the party to last an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Babies have short attention spans and run out of energy and interest quickly. Plan the party for late morning or late afternoonpre- or post-napwhen baby isnt tired.

    2. VIPs only. Scale back the guest list to avoid overwhelming your babe and keep costs down.

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    First Fiesta

    Costume First Birthday Party

    Admittedly, this is one that is firmly for your enjoyment but if you love dressing up your little one, what about a fancy-dress party with all her baby group buddies? You could keep the theme broad and allow parents to pick whatever costume they like or choose a specific theme like animals or superheroes.

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    What Are Some Fun Birthday Party Alternatives

    The great news is that you can celebrate your childs birthday without being pressured to throw a party. In fact, in any way you celebrate your childs special day, it can be as memorable for your little one as any birthday party.

    Even if your child is not old enough to remember their birthday celebration, you can still make memories to share with them later! Now lets look at some birthday party alternatives for kids.

    Break Out The Balloons

    Things To Do On Your Birthday

    Just like in this New Years Eve countdown box idea, put a fun birthday activity in a balloon and blow it up for every hour of the day. Or if you dont want to do every hour, do one balloon for every year old they are . Let them pop the activities randomly and do that activity then!

    Some fun ideas you could include in the balloons include:

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    First Birthday Party Checklist

    About the expert:

    Madison Hummel is a party planner based in Washington D.C with over six years of experience. Shes also the owner and lead planner of Madison Avenue Events, founded in 2020. Hummel received her bachelors degree from Virginia Tech, where she studied event design.

    Plus, more from The Bump:

    Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone

    Many people choose to be alone when it comes to celebrating their birthday alone. So for all of you guys, here is a list of things to do on your birthday alone.

    I hope this list has given you many ideas about things to do on your birthday. I know you also might have some plans on your own. Let me know if something unique you want to share with other people in search of good ideas for the birthday plans.

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    Where To Take Kids For Their Birthday

    If you have decided to have a special outing instead of a birthday party, the good news is that there are tons of kid friendly places to take your child on their special day. These birthday celebration ideas wont make you or your kid feel like they missed out anything by skipping the party!

    Some suggestions include:

    Bowling alley

    Movie theater

    Indoor play area- We have one of these locally called Play Street Museum. My one year old loves it there! Perfect option if you are celebrating a first birthday or birthday for a younger child

    Build A Bear

    Consider Having Two Birthday Cakes

    10 Fanciful 1st Birthday Party Ideas

    If you havent heard of a smash cake yet, its a special cake designed for first birthday parties. Parents serve this small cake to their babies and let them dig in with their hands. Its messy, hilarious, and incredibly adorable. This is perhaps the biggest highlight of any babys first birthday.

    Youll want to take plenty of photos and videos of this moment, so its nice to have a cake that looks beautiful. You could decorate the cake so it matches your party theme or you could keep it classic by serving a simple but elegant cake.

    If youre up for the challenge, there are hundreds of smash cake ideas that will look great in your photos. Feel free to also reach out to local bakeries and see if they can create a custom smash cake for your baby.

    Your baby shouldnt be the only one who gets to have fun, though! Having a separate, larger cake that you can serve to guests after will ensure everyone has a good time. Since this cake wont be in photos, you can keep the decorations simple.

    Although smash cakes are considered small by our standards, you still shouldnt let your baby eat too much of it. After youre done taking photos and theyve enjoyed a few handfuls, take the cake back into the kitchen and wrap it up. As long as your family doesnt mind smashed cake, you can eat the rest of it later.

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    Do You Make Or Buy A Cake

    An important part of the party is, of course, the cake. While your baby will probably get more on the floor than in their mouth, you will remember your baby’s first cake forever. Its likely that older guests will get more out of the cake than your little one, but its always nice to get a showstopperthats impossible to forget.

    Its entirely up to you whether you make the cake yourself, or hire a professional or pick one up from the supermarket. But whatever you choose, theres plenty of options out there to make your babys first birthday a special one.Check out this roundup of the most amazing first birthday cakes we’ve ever seen. They won’t be easy to replicate but they’re sure to impress if you can manage one!

    What Is A Good Time Of Day For A 1st Birthday Party

    Babies rely heavily on routines, so its a good idea to plan their birthday celebrations around nap time and feeding time. You know your baby better than anyone, but experts suggest hosting it at around 10am , if thats possible.

    A 10am party means you can serve brunch for your guests, and little ones will be wide awake and ready to enjoy the party fun. It also means you can wrap things up earlier, so you can set the baby down for their nap and get on with the cleanup.Of course, that might not always be possible – if you have guests travelling some distance or youre unable to set up at a booked venue.

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    What To Do At A First Birthday Party

    What to do at a First Birthday Party is a question we get asked a lot!

    Of course, Babys first birthday is such a special occasion. A time to rejoice with family and friends.

    Obviously, youre throwing a party. But how to fill the time?

    Well, our ultimate guide will help you to decide what to do at a First Birthday Party.

    This day is all about your precious little one, so let them have fun! Above all else, plan games that will delight your baby. After all, its their very first birthday!

    Take A Parkour Class At Origins


    Dont flip out at the club because the bartender didnt give you free birthday shots, flip out and around at a parkour gym! Chances are youve already been asked by your parkour enthusiast friends to join a class and you mightve just been like nahhh , but whens a better time to try new things than on your birthday?

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    Ways To Make Babys 1st Birthday Special

    If you try too hard to make Babys 1st birthday perfect, neither you nor your little one will end up having a good time. And thats what its all about, right? Taking a moment to enjoy your amazing achievement. So instead, here are 6 simple ways to make Babys 1st birthday meaningful and unique.

    Get the photos done right

    Dont rely on your phone camera for this one! Book a studio session with a professional photographer whos known for working with wee ones. Get a proper family portrait done and while youre at it, why not have a cake smash session? Giving Baby a fun activity for their shoot helps them to relax and makes for truly adorable candid snaps.

    Give Baby a new first experience

    When Baby is just a year old, there are still so many things you havent had a chance to do together. Maybe Baby has never seen the sea, or perhaps you guys have never been to the zoo. Pick a place that you loved when you were young and take Baby to experience it for the first time. Youll relive your precious memories through a fresh new set of eyes.

    Write a letter to Baby

    You have so much you want to say to Baby, but theyre too young yet to understand the fullness of your love. Put it all into a letter which they can open when theyre older, perhaps when theyre 10 or 18 years old. To make it extra special, pop a photo into the envelope that Baby will never have seen before. In fact, why not start a new tradition and write a letter every year?

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    Get A Psychic Reading

    Surely the idea of seeing a psychic or getting tarot cards read for you has tempted you at one point of life! If youve found yourself nervous or skeptical of such a unique activity, perhaps going with your best friends could make it more enjoyable?

    FYI: You could even learn to do your own tarot card reading at home with the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook.

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    Choosing Babys First Birthday Party Theme

    A good space and good company are the keys to any great partybut to make babys bash extra special, consider picking a first birthday party theme to help guide your party prepping. Whether you land on a particular color or animal character, you can design everything from your invitations to your birthday cake and around the theme. . The good news? There are tons of great first birthday themes to choose from. Does baby have a beloved stuffed bunny or fox? Try a woodland first birthday theme. If your favorite part of the day is reading to baby at night, go with a theme based on a classic story or characters. Or you can take inspiration from the season and go with an apt color theme, like spring pastels or winter whites. Take a look at some more creative first birthday ideas for boys and girls below.

    St Birthday Party Smash Cakes

    " A Wild One"  Where the Wild Things Are First Birthday Party

    Oh, I love a good birthday cake and these are my very favorite first birthday cakes and cupcakes. Most of these can be made ahead of time, there are ones to make for kids with food allergies such as eggs and dairy, and all of them are yummy enough to share with the rest of the family too.

    I made these for my middle kiddos first birthday and they were easy to make and fun to eat. The cream cheese frosting is so easy and so good!

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    St Birthday Party Ideas: Games And Entertainment

    Keep planned activities to a minimum at your baby’s first birthday party. One-year-olds are unlikely to have the attention span or skills to participate in lots of games, so don’t worry too much about organising anything, unless you have some older children coming too.

    • While they might be too young for pass the parcel,a fun party game for babies involves wrapping up a small individual presents in several layers for all the little ones. They can then try to unwrap it themselves. Its a great way to keep them entertained!
    • Finger painting goes down well with babies, but youll need to be organised and ensure youve cleared space and that theres adult supervision at all times.
    • If there are older children there, you could provide activities like hula hoops, ball pits, colouring books, crafts, and soft toys
    • For crafting ideas, why not take a look at our easy rainbow craft projects for kids ? Theyre sure to brighten up their day!

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