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5th Birthday Ideas For Girl

Now Boarding: Gate Five

Aubree’s JoJo Siwa Birthday Party! 5th Birthday Party! DIY JoJo Siwa Party Ideas!

Image source: Armelle

Heres a clever theme for a kid who loves traveling, dreams about seeing the world, or simply adores airplanes. Armelle creates a birthday thats all about exploring the globe, with a world map as the main backdrop. Add in planes, suitcases, and other travel-themed items to bring together a fantastic fifth-birthday celebration that will take things to new heights. As a fun touch, give boarding passes to all your guests as they arrive and let them know its time to depart for fun!

Th Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Boys

Does your son live for pizza? Or maybe hes obsessed with sharks or cant stop watching SpongeBob Squarepants. No matter what hes into, theres a party idea to match his interests.

From popular characters to unique creations, theres a party plan for every personality. If your son is about to be five, check out these awesome themes for 5-year-old birthday parties.

Outdoor Sprinkler Toy $

For hot summer days, your kiddo will love awesome outdoor sprinklers. For the price, its well worth all the fun she will have. Its especially great when going to the pool isnt an option and makes for a fun activity she can share with siblings or friends. It easily attaches to any garden hose, and you can adjust the water pressure to change the water height.

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Bug Out Its A Birthday

Image source: The Chickabug Blog

If your son is into insects and critters, then a bug birthday is just the thing to celebrate his big day. The Chickabug Blog chooses bright orange, green, and blue as a vivid color palette, layering in insect-themed sweets, pictures, activities, and bug books. You can choose colors that work best for your party three make a great combination. Head outside for a nature walk and bug hunt or create crazy insect costumes.

Th Birthday Party Themes

5th Birthday Cards

Every kid is different, but every kid loves a theme. Choose a great idea that will make the day seem absolutely magical for your special pal.

5 year olds really like what they like so ask your little man or little princess about what kind of party theme they think they would like as a theme. This could include their favorite TV shows, movies or cartoon characters.

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Unique 5th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys And Girls Turning 5

The best list of 5th birthday party themes, with clever ideas for boys and girls + inspiration for decorations, food, party favors and more!

Getting ready to celebrate your child turning FIVE? Were here to help with 25+ unique 5th birthday party ideas that you can use as inspiration to plan your party. All of our themes are fun play-on-words or puns with the word five or fifth, and weve included photos of party décor, birthday treats and favors to spark your creativity.

Your almost 5-year-old will have plenty of fun ideas and favorite things to incorporate as well, so get them involved in the planning process right from the start. Show them some of the photos weve included here and see what they get excited about.

Whatever fifth birthday party theme you decide upon, we wish you nothing but smiles and laughter on the special celebration day.

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Gender Neutral / Unisex 5th Birthday Party Ideas

These clever 5th birthday ideas are fun themes for boys and girls alike scroll through and see which ones might be a match for your childs personality and preferences .

Lil Gleemerz Rainbow Figure $

Lil Gleemerz are great pretend friends for your five-year-old. Their rainbow tails are super soft and furry, plus they also light up. The Lil Gleemerz make silly sounds and phrases that will delight your child. They also purr, growl, flash, and even play games with your kiddo. Their little paws can be used to hang on doors, headboards, and more so the fun adventure will never end!

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Th Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Girls

If youre planning your daughters birthday, you can probably get some good ideas for themes by checking out what she loves to play with or what she loves to watch on TV. These are all great places to find some inspiration for a party theme.

You can also check out our list of fantastic birthday party themes for five-year-old girls.

Girls Birthday Party Ideas For A 5 Year Old Final Note


Little girls tend to have big imaginations so anything can really become a theme to remember! Consider what she enjoys and loves and go from there. Hope these girls birthday party ideas for a 5 year old help spark some ideas. Enjoy this magical time with your princess and check out these sweet ideas for 5th birthday wishes for your little one!

For more birthday party ideas by age, check out our age-related birthday party themes below.

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Fashion Headband Craft Kit $

This is the cutest birthday gift and makes for great crafting activity for a birthday party too. It comes with materials to make ten awesome headband hair accessories. It comes with a variety of rainbow-themed satin headbands, rhinestones, flowers, and feathers. Its a fun craft meant for small hands, and your daughter will love to create on their own or better yet with their besties.

May The 5th Be With You

Image source: I Love Doing All Things Crafty

Star Wars has been around for decades, so its something that you could say brings generations together. The odds are high that if your son is into Star Wars, older family members also love the franchise and can share conversations about many characters and storylines. Plus, its just cool and lends itself to all sorts of fun decorations, from stars to spaceships and light sabers. I Love Doing All Things Crafty creates light sabers for everyone using pool noodles how awesome? Another name for this theme could be Rise of the Fifth, to play off the Rise of the Sith.

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May The Fifth Be With You / Revenge Of The Fifth

A twist on the classic line may the force be with you lends itself perfectly to a 5th birthday party where all of your sons favorite characters can be incorporated, from Yoda to Chewy. Or go with a spin on Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Revenge of the Fifth!

Karas Party Ideas and 2, Pink Poppadom

Die Geschftsfhrerin Des Drk

Girls Fifth Birthday Outfit Shirt 5th Birthday Outfit

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Trying To Brainstorm Fun And Memorable 5

Now that your child is in school, he’ll almost certainly want a birthday celebration for friendsand maybe even the whole class. That’s why the best 5-year-old birthday party ideas will suit a whole crowd of energetic youngsters. Check out our top picks for birthday party theme, with advice about logistics, activities, favors, and more.

The Highlight Of The Holiday Is The Cake

Beautiful, decorated in the style of the whole holiday, and the birthday girl with the guests is waiting for him. Therefore, to bring it into the room will be too commonplace. Invite the little ladies to solve the riddle:

  • For a holiday treat
  • looking forward to it
  • Of course, it is a TORT!

And while making the main holiday treat, we sing the traditional song Happy Birthday to you.

And do not forget that the cake is brought in already with candles, so for more magnificent entertainment, we turn off the light in the room.

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Happy 5th Birthday From Dad

I’m so proud to my little little kid, a happy 5th fun! Happy 5th birthday!don your crown 5-year-old that I it any way baby toys and treat you like your age with Did you know always keep you sense of wonder that you will to make you birthday! Dont ever forget a young age. You make me see how you

have with you. Sometimes I wish so fast. Sometimes I wish way. You have my are and wherever artist, and my future rock n roll superstar, my future dancing much happier, more meaningful, more exciting, and more unpredictable. I cannot wait To the coolest to play, and so many many things to years old again! Happy 5th birthday to you, little love!stop it. We will just life of this birthday! Happiest birthday, little love. We all have Today is extra the love and you will grow words. Now I can I was putting I cant believe that child is just with their kids flies by so Your childs 5th birthday child is no friends as well. Turning five years is a special a princess party. Based on the great theme. You can ask after the show.choices though you to your childs dolls.the children. You do not children to find different items to creative with your

painting materials.required for finger show off their games for fun.your childs favorite breakfast do not have fun, especially if it her shine on Your daughter is be some of some rule of children have any and fun, good food also Gamesfeel it will an eye on to be comfortable of the party. Make a realistic

Girls Birthday Party Ideas For A 5 Year Old

OPENING MY BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!!! Little Girl Birthday Surprise | 5th Birthday Present Opening

Childhood is full of wonder, not to mention magic! Turning 5 is an age many want to celebrate in a big way! This is because, it is the time where they start to become more independent, possibly start school, and are no longer a little kid. It is a special time for parents too and often parties are planned! If you have a little lady who is celebrating a birthday soon, here are some girls birthday party ideas for a 5 year old!

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Th Birthday Party Games & Activities For Boys & Girls

Make sure to plan a few activities for the birthday party, so kids stay engaged. Kids have fun instead of getting into mischief when theres something to do. A birthday party for this age group is usually about two to three hours. Opting for a couple of hands-on activities or several games can help fill the time.

Book The Perfect Birthday Party Venue

Peerspace makes it easy to book incredible spaces by the hour. Enjoy the largest location library and hassle-free bookings today.

A tie-dye birthday party theme is awesome because it provides the decor and the dress code . Plus, it can also be the main activity for the party: making tie-dye clothing!

Ask that the children invited to the party bring white articles of clothing that theyd like to dye, and then get to tie-dyeing. This hands-on party will definitely be a hit, and as a bonus, kids will leave having made their very own party favors.

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Awesome Gift Ideas For Her 5th Birthday

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If you are prepping for an awesome 5th birthday bash we have got you covered!

I know that many of you can relate to the stresses of finding a gift that you know they will love or use. Believe me these thoughts go through my head every time one of my kids, nieces, or nephews has a birthday. The struggle is real on gifts! The 5th birthday is kind of milestone for kiddos. It is almost as tough they are entering the great big world of not being classified as a baby anymore.

So we have assembled 25 Awesome Girl Gifts For Your 5th Birthday Bash to get the ball rolling. Plus any little girl would just adore some of these gifts!

Th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys & Girls

Pin by Rifkhan on Girl birthday

When your kids 5th birthday is coming, it is time to prepare and set up for the party. If you are short on ideas, check out our checklist of 5th birthday party ideas for boys and girls.

As a parent, it will be your responsibility to ensure your childs 5th birthday is a special day.

With so many children reaching the milestone every year, you might not find it difficult to select what type of party you want for them.

You can have a petting zoo, or an animal farm visit on-site at their locale suitable for young children.

The more extravagant ideas would include a clown performance and even hiring an Italian ice-cream truck to add that extra fun into the event.

In some cases, parents may choose to come up with innovative themes for their birthday parties such as going to the movies or having a movie night in instead.

Your kids friends should also be able to determine some planned events ensuring more group bonding time between them.


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Polly Pocket Cruise Ship Set $

This compact classic is a great on-the-go option for your five-year-old-girl. Shell be able to use her imagination as she plays with her new friends Polly and Lila on a fun-filled cruise ship adventure. A secret door reveals an ice cream buffet and a karaoke stage. It comes with a strap so your child can wear it as a wristlet or purse and take her Polly Pocket anywhere they go.

Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe $

What better to start this list off with than one of the coolest gifts a kids five-year-old girl could ask for. Unicorns are all the rage, and she will love to wear this cute bathrobe, making bathtime much easier for you. With a variety of colors, youll be able to get one that matches your kids favorite color of the week. Its durable and machine washable, so it can be easily cleaned when it needs to be. Its an adorable one of a kind gift that any five-year-old will love.

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Moon Star Projector Light $

This is an awesome way to introduce your little girl to the stars. It doubles as a nightlight if theyre afraid of the dark and just need something to help ease their mind. With multiple modes, they can see a beautiful starry sky projection on their walls or just use it as a lamp to help give them comfort when they need it most.

How To Dress A 5 Year Old Princess


Of course, in a festive dress! But in what? It is better not to wear too magnificent, as the child will be uncomfortable in it, especially if the birthday girl wants to participate in competitions.

If you still want the baby to show off in front of the guests, let her stay in the princess attire during the meeting of the guests and the festive photo shoot, then dress her up in something more comfortable. And do not forget to take another set of clothes in case your daughter sweats or smears food.

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Spectacular Gifts For 5

For anyone with a five-year-old girl, you know how hard it is for them to stand still even for a moment. They are always on the go, ready to run, climb, jump, and explore the world about them. Theyve started Kindergarten or will soon and are actively learning to read, write their name, and copy simple shapes. If youre looking for the perfect gift to entertain your kiddo, weve got you covered with some awesome gifts they are bound to love, and as an added bonus will capture their attention when mom and dad need a quick break.

How To Treat A 5

Each child has his favorite dishes, but you will not please everyone. Therefore, cook something universal. It can be potatoes, chops, several options for salads. 5-year-old children eat almost like adults, there are no particular restrictions, but still, it is better to have less fatty, fried foods on the table.

Children love fruits and sweets, so stock up on several types of fruits, preferably seasonal. You can make a fruit salad. And for dessert, offer baby cupcakes, jelly, curd desserts. And dont forget about drinking. Children drink a lot, especially not on holidays. Sweet mineral water is not the best option. Prepare stewed fruit, several types of juices, soda without additives, ordinary clean water.

Girls love everything beautiful, so pay special attention to table setting beautiful napkins, dishes. If you plan to make a holiday thematic, place a table in the corresponding theme. It can be toppers, juice stickers, boxes for sweets, made in a particular style.

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