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Puppet Show For Kids Birthday Party

Miss Chiffiss The Monkey:

Puppet Show

Oo oo ee ee. That means we dont just come to the party to hang around. Were hear to have fun!

If you have a special occasion coming up, dont hesitate to give us a call. Kids Parties New York will provide you with fun and entertainment for everyone.

We Travel To You With Our Unique, Fun Filled and Totally Interactive Kids Party Puppet Show

Kids Parties New York where the puppets amaze but the kids are the stars! Balloons included. Call now to reserve your date and time 686-6801

Watch Out For Online Puppetry Workshops And Shadow Shows Coming Soon

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Mccormick Puppets is guaranteed to make your event a raging success.

Why not give us a call now to discuss your event needs. kids birthday party entertainment kids puppet shows

Family Festivals Throughout Ireland , puppet shows entertainment kids


Types Of Puppet Show Entertainment Featured On Kidspartiesparty

Not sure what type of puppet show entertainment to book for your party or event? KidsParties.Party features two distinct types:1. Puppeteers: Puppeteers are like stand-up comedians for children. With the help of a chatty, animated puppet friend, they will tell jokes, sing songs and engage with the audience. Their show will be interactive and most likely center around a specific theme, such as anti-bullying, literacy, healthy eating or environmental awareness.2. Puppet Shows: Younger children might not be able to sit through a Broadway musical or even a long feature film, but they will be absolutely entranced by a puppet show. Like traditional theatre, puppet shows follow a script and have well-developed characters who act out the story.If you are a puppet performer who specializes in childrens productions, get featured on KidsParties.Party. When you create a listing, you will be able to tell our visitors just how creative and imaginative your childrens shows are! by providing a detailed description on your details page. Call 732-298-6015 for more information.

All Sub Categories

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Princess Party & Costume Characters

Castle on a Cloud EntertainmentThey strive to make dreams come to life as your child’s favorite character walks through the door on their special day!

Imaginos ProductionsThey specialize in high-quality costumed characters that are sure to WOW at your next party or event. They also offer a Goblins Puppet Show and Ohio’s first-ever mobile dinosaur experience.

Mermaid Gem Jewel of the SeaProviding award-winning entertainment throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond, Mermaid Gem offers the most enchanting mermaid performances imaginable. Bringing a wave of fun sure to amaze!

Ohio Princess Parties LLCBook a princess or superhero for your next event! Founded in 2014 by two sisters, Ohio Princess Parties has delighted and enchanted at over 600 events and parties in Northeast Ohio.

Party People, LLCOffering character appearances and full-service parties. Prepare to be blown away by the amazing vocal performances from our princesses , the degree of acting from all of their characters, and the special way that at each appearance, performers connect and genuinely care for each and every child.

Park Play PartyPark Play Party provides mobile services and rentals for entertainment across northeast Ohio, including costumed characters, face painters, balloon twisters, rentals, props, ponies and more!

About Booking Puppet Shows

Festive Puppet Show Party

Puppets can make for wonderful entertainment at a variety of events, from kids’ birthday parties to corporate events. A puppeteer can operate a puppet indirectly by the use of strings, rods, wires, electronics or directly by his or her own hands. Some puppet styles are so intricate that they require puppeteers to work together as a team to maneuver a single puppet character. So what steps do you take to hire a puppet show? First, find a puppet show that both you and your child are excited about. For example, what kind of puppets do you want? What story do you want to be portrayed? Next, view online media. Lots of puppeteers have photos or video demos provided on their websites. And lastly, pay attention to detail. Inquire about specifics. Like will you need to provide any a certain amount of space? Follow these tips to bring your event to life!

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Donny The Friendly Dragon:

Im a big dragon its true. That just means I love big time fun. And your party is sounding like just that. Invite me over and lets have some fun!

We Travel To You With Our Unique, Fun Filled and Totally Interactive Kids Party Puppet Show.

Ken & The Kids Party Puppets come to you with a unique, fun-filled and totally interactive puppet show.

Kids Parties New York where the puppets amaze but the kids are the stars! Balloons included. Call now to reserve your date and time 686-6801

Educational Or Environmental Green Puppet Show

Billy the Beer Can can really do no right! Living amongst the litter and thrash, he just loves to share his rubbish with everyone. He shares it all over the floor, under the table out on the green. He can also show why drinking is bad for your health and the other dangers associated with alcohol and drinking. While Teresa Green, our talking tree, has leaves for all seasons. Well maybe not all seasons! Our puppet Sammy has lungs that are not too good! This maybe for the older children as Sammys a wonderful way to teach the dangers of smoking and how it affects your overall health. Not all of these puppets appear in the same show. Each puppet show is designed to suit your requirements and are all great fun.

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For Which Age Group Kids Will A Puppet Show Be Suitable For

A puppet show is a very nostalgic form of entertainment for people as it has been a part of their childhood in some form or the other. And parents will love it the most if their kids got a glimpse of their childhood. A puppet theatre for kids, especially the age group of 3 to 7 years will be the best way of throwing a birthday party for them. A puppeteer will know how to engage kids in his folk tales, or the tales of some old kingdom, and kids break from their usual Disney stories and a glimpse into what entertainment once looked like. The set up and the costumes of puppet theatre stories will take the kids to the time in which the story is based on. This will also be a source of knowledge for the preschoolers as we cannot expect them to learn everything from their books. The best part about a puppet show for preschoolers is that it is very easy to make them learn and retain the stories that they know from their school books. Our artists will make sure that the kids get the best stories in the entire Gurgaon.

Cancellation and Refunds

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Email or Call +91 9606944405 with your service order number to quickly resolve the issue in case of a refund.

To cancel your service order, please contact Jasti.com as soon as possible before the service delivery.

Cancellation Policy:

We do understand there can be days when the plans don’t work, No need to worry!

Refund Policy:

What about refund after cancellation?

Puppet Shows Around Richmond Hill On:

Puppet Show For Kids
  • Childrens Party Magician / Puppet Show
  • 144 Verified Bookings

Shannon M. saidThe kids loved it and laughed their heads off! It was so great to see them like that- made my day!! Bert did an amazing job and is frickin hilarious!

  • Childrens Party Magician / Puppet Show
  • 81 Verified Bookings

Laura C. saidThe children loved Lofty. He kept them laughing and engaged. At the end of the show, he had bubble entertainment which the kids loved. He also did balloon

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Isacsie Funie Fundaysie Bpmgt

Entertaining Children and Adults alike for over 35 years!

Performing Through out Ireland for Festivals & Events The Family Puppet Show

School and Library programs

Birthdays , Pre-schools Parties Wicklow . Dublin . Kildare . Wexford

Themed Programs available on request .

mob.087-2486751 tel.01-2873643

More About Jane & Her Kid Puppet Shows In Miami

Jane Stratten is a graduate of Syracuse University and an accomplished musician who has performed as a cabaret singer and band leader. Her widely celebrated bands Moxie and Satin Dolls performed nationwide and opened for acts including Richie Havens and The Pointer Sisters. Jane’s dad, beloved entertainer-musician-ventriloquist Bob Munstedt, paved the way with his hugely successful Boston based children’s shows . Her multi-talented daughters Merissa Morin and Chloe Morin are currently developing a web series based on their company and the hilarious antics that have ensued.

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Acclaimed Kids Shows In Miami Florida

From the moment the puppet show begins, you will soon realize why so many schools, libraries, and camps hire Jane Stratten for entertainment. Jane writes original, fun songs that contain positive messages of sharing, fairness, and just being silly. Her internationally critically acclaimed album, Uh Oh, Theres Something Underneath My Bed, is in libraries nationwide and available for purchase at iTunes.

Bringing Kids Birthday Puppet Shows To Life

Doorway Puppet Theater in Puppets We love to make kids laugh and can ...

Bring amazing talent to any child celebration event or birthday party with a kids birthday puppet show by Jane Stratten. Jane invites the children of Greater New York into her enchanted world populated by singing puppets with quirky senses of humor, and the children respond with tremendous excitement and affection. Liven the energy and excitement with the best interactive puppet shows NY has to offer. Jane Stratten’s kids puppet shows are among the most respected kids party ideas in New York.

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The Case Of The Missing Birthday

Puppets by Creaturiste, Costumes by Sarah Lafferty, Photo by RJ Lewis

Puppets by Creaturiste, Costumes by Sarah Lafferty, Photo by RJ Lewis

Puppets by Creaturiste, Costumes by Sarah Lafferty, Photo by RJ Lewis

When a birthday goes missing, only one detective is clever enough, brave enough, and smart enough to solve the case – Mystery Max!

Join Max on a wild adventure to find Red’s missing birthday. Along the way we’ll meet crazy characters, make new friends, sing songs and find clues. Whodunit?

Puppet show in a traditional puppet booth

35-40 minutes long

Mesmerizing Kids Puppet Shows In New York

For the past twenty years, Jane Stratten has been a top-rated childrens entertainer in South Florida where she created, wrote and developed her celebrated shows. Now a full time New Yorker, Jane is fast becoming recognized as a top choice for festivals, schools, parties and camps. Jane Stratten knows how to connect with children – make it fun! Jane creates an exciting experience that is captivating, humorous, and as a Boston newspaper describes, “mesmerizing”.

Her talent is evident in her ability to both entertain and teach kids at the same time. Jane captures the interests of children through her kids puppet shows while incorporating messages of tolerance, respect, optimism, self-acceptance and caring for others.

Discover the best kids puppet shows in NYC, and introduce a compelling children’s entertainer who is proven to provide an experience of both laughs and learning.

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The Magic & Puppet Show

The show itself lasts 45-50 minutes and contains, lots of magic, audience participation and if your child would like to get involved they can come up and help out with some tricks in the show. You will hear lots of laughs from the children and gasps at the magic tricks.

The children love the puppets that help out too, a little boy puppet called Ed and a dog named Dillon. The birthday child will receive some balloon sculptures and magic wand for helping out.

You are welcome to take as many photos as you like during the show, creating happy memories.

Virtual Kids Party Entertainment Dublin

Aishas 5th Birthday Party Celebration | Birthday Party Video | Kids Birthday | Kids Aisha Show

We perform remote puppet shows in Dublin via Zoom. You dont need to find any childrens birthday party places. We will organize your virtual kids birthday party so that all the kids can see each other and enjoy themselves together. We will do all the setup for a perfect remote puppet show for children. Our virtual show packages include Virtual Birthday Standard Package, Virtual Birthday Premium Package, Virtual Story Writing Workshops, and Remote Puppet Shows. Get in touch with us to know more about our virtual puppet shows in Dublin.

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Puppet Shows For Hire Near Me

We’ve all made some high-quality sock puppets back in the day. All you needed was a tube sock, two buttons, a permanent marker… and if you were one of those real fancy kiddos… you’d even use yarn for a coiffed hair do. But let’s face it, your kids and their friends are not going to enjoy those homemade puppets that you just pulled out of the attic. But they WILL be enthralled by these professional puppeteers. With eye-catching puppets and edge-of-your-seat story telling, your kids will be talking about this puppet show for weeks!

Where do you need a Puppet Show?

  • Puppet Show

Acclaimed Kids Puppet Shows Ny

From the moment the puppet show begins, you will soon realize why so many schools, libraries, and camps hire Jane Stratten for entertainment. Jane writes original, fun songs that contain positive messages of sharing, fairness, and just being silly. Her internationally critically acclaimed album, Uh Oh, Theres Something Underneath My Bed, is in libraries nationwide and available for purchase at iTunes.

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Puppet Show Party Costs And Duration

We have all our puppet show costs online, so have a look around. We hope that we have something that suits you. If not, please contact us with any questions or requests that you may have. We have always published our prices online since we worked out how to upload way back in 1996. And now we have the most comprehensive list of party packages that offer the best value, variety and childrens entertainment in the country.

We also supply entertainers to all types of corporate or community events and festivals.

See our for more pictures and testimonials.

Sydney Vickars Champlain Heights Cc

Muppet Birthday Party Bash

Vancouver Puppet Theatre came to our Easter event at Champlain Heights Community Centre and was a great hit! Viktor adapted his presentation for the theme of the event and the kids parents were captivated. Viktor is adaptable, great with kids and most of all, entertaining! I would recommend him for future events without blinking an eye!

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Typical Running Order For Our Puppet Shows In Your Home

The following running order is typical of one of our Puppet Show Plus parties , in your home or party venue please contact us for corporate enquiries. The party content and structure are totally flexible and can be altered to suit your requirements. The start and finish times are also flexible and are based on our 80 minute package starting at 3pm.

  • 1.45 pm : The little guests arrive
  • 2:00 pm : The entertainer is all ready to go with the puppet show and party games
  • 3:00 pm : You can dish out the party meal and our entertainer will make balloon models or apply stencil tattoos or face paint with party music playing to a mini disco in the background. We bring our own music.
  • 3:20 pm : Our entertainer will start heading off! We always stay until all children have received their balloons and/or are painted. He will then start to disassemble the puppet show.
  • 3:45 pm : Parents collect their children
  • 4:00 pm : You take out your bottle of wine

We also have our standalone Puppet Shows, without all the above extras.

We can also help you put your party planning. Here is our party plan that has evolved from over 20 years experience covering 1000s of parties nationwide.

And we also supply a wonderful selection of personalised of boys and girls party bags and party favors. Your Christening or Holy Communion guests will be delighted in receiving delicate little favor gifts, a thank you and a memory keepsake of that special day spent together.

So Many Of Our Guests Came Up To Us To Say How Much They Loved The Puppet Show

We had the Elmo puppeteer and Elise entertain all the kids at our son’s birthday party. They were awesome!!! The puppeteer sounded just like Elmo… amazingly the puppeteer never broke character and interacted with all the kids. So many of our guests came up to us to say how much they loved the puppet show! Despite the limited space , both performers still sang, danced and played games with the kids. I’m so glad I found this company on yelp because they truly made my son’s birthday so fun and memorable! I’ll definitely be booking from them for any future parties!


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Vice Principalcapilano Elementary School

Our Kindergarten and Grade 1 students were thoroughly entertained by Whimsys Quest for an Identity, and they loved learning about the art of puppetry and puppet-making. The children appreciated how each of the characters was unique, and they really enjoyed having the opportunity to name one of the puppets. I would definitely recommend Vancouver Puppets for young audiences.

Puppet Show Childs Birthday Party

Peppa Pig Puppet Shows Names But It Not For Kids Edition

There are plenty of ways to entertain a group of young children at a party or event. One of the best ways is to plan a Puppet show childs birthday party! Choosing the right type of kids party performer can be a bit of a challenge, especially for newer parents or those who have no prior experience with this type of planning. But the good news is, you cant really go too far wrong when you are having a kids party. Once all the children are gathered in your home or backyard, it wont take long for the fun to begin.

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