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10 Year Old Boy Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Pick A Birthday Party Theme


Further down you’ll find a complete list of all of the birthday party themes we’ve hosted over the year- and if you click through, you’ll find tons of details- ideas for invites, food, games, the cake, etc. But if you are finding this complete list of kids birthday party themes to be overwhelming try clicking through to the lists that are segmented by gender or age!

Around The World Party 9yr

My son who just turned 9 is very imaginative. We have always used a theme for his parties, so this year he wanted to travel around the world. At first I was intimidated by this, but it soon took over!! We did a station for each country we used. We decorated the table in the colors of that country, did a craft for each, and played a game. Ex.. Mexico, we played the mexican hat dance game, and made maraccas. We used 6 countries in all. As the children entered, we took their passport photo with a poloroid, in front of a giant world made of paper, then placed it in their passports where they could get it stamped with a different stamp at each country. Ex..American flag for U.S.A., Panda bear for China. There treat bags were brown paper bags with handles that I drew on to look like a suitcase, and I put I traveled around the world for Walkers birthday. I filled them with things that represented the different countries. Exworry dolls from India, American flags for U.S.A. The cake was a plain sheet cake divided into squares and I found small flag pics from all the nations. People are still telling me I will never out do this one. Everyone, including the parents had a wonderful time, 45 in all!!

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Angry Birds Birthday For Kids

Lets learn more and more ideas to celebrate your childs best anniversary. To achieve this, I integrate new birthday party ideas for a 10-year-old boy where an Angry birds birthday for children stands out as one of the most modern ideas to celebrate this anniversary, especially in the middle of the year.

Where we will see a new version of this film. on the big screen The decoration of this anniversary is highlighted using striking colors such as yellow, green, red, and blue.

We have reached the end of our article, and now its only time to share the best 10-year-old party ideas for a boy.

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Extending The Party With A Sleepover

Whatever winter party idea that you choose, sometimes theyre just not quite ready for the fun to end when the main party activity is over. If the idea of saying goodbye to their friends is too much to handle, 10 years old birthday boys will love to host a sleepover with their friends.

After the main event, invite their friends or cousins back to yours to watch movies, eat popcorn and snuggle up in favourite pyjamas on the sofa before hitting the hay at a reasonable hour. If you need some additional sleepover activities to keep them occupied when you go back to your house check out our how to host a sleepover article for plenty of great ideas.

View all kids pyjamas here.

Venues For 10th Birthday Parties

Fun Birthday Gifts for 10

Sometimes its nice to go to a venue rather than having a birthday party at your house. If you dont want to host the party at your house or you are having a smaller group of people the following venues are perfect options for 10th birthday parties.

  • Bowling Alley: This is a fun activity for people of all ages. If some of the birthday boy or girls family is joining for the celebrations this is a great idea. Pick a bowling alley that also provides food or lets you bring dessert.
  • Movie Theaters: If there is a specific movie coming out
  • Bouncy House: There are different venues that have bouncy houses available. Many times it is for childrens birthday parties, so they allow you to bring food and have dessert. You can also rent a bouncy house for your yard for some added fun.
  • Park Party: Having a birthday at a park is free and especially nice when the weather is good. Bring all of the food you would have served, and decorate before all of the guests arrive. This is a perfect option for people with larger parties or that want to have a backyard party without using their own backyard.
  • Skating Rink: If your budget allows, going to a skating rink is a super fun activity for kids. Make sure you check it is okay with the parents before planning or making a reservation at a rink. You can either go ice skating or roller skating, but no matter what, it is sure to be a hit.

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Plants Vs Zombies Birthday For Kids

Its time to get to know new birthday party ideas for a 10-year-old boy at home where a plants against zombies birthday for children sets the tone to give a unique style to this anniversary party.

What child is not a fan of this video game? I think absolutely everyone, so it is a good proposal to style your childs birthday.

Lets see many ideas to get the best decoration for this birthday integrating colors such as orange and green.

Boys Birthday Party Favors

Its important to remember that you should not send guests away empty-handed from a birthday party. For younger kids parties, consider giving out goodie bags to all of the guests. If you dont want to align them with the theme, you can give out bags of sweet treats like M& Ms or miniature cookies. For older kids parties you can give out simple party favors like sunglasses or playing cards. Looking for more ideas? Make sure to visit our resource on kids birthday party favors.

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Nerf Gun Birthday Party Theme

Boys love to run around with their Nerf guns and any excuse to have a big group playing together is going to be a great party. Planning a Nerf War in your backyard is easier than you think.

Let the kids bring their own nerf guns or supply one as a party gift. Then spray paint a few boxes for bases and your set.

Nerf Birthday Party Ideas

Capture the Flag

Have each team hide a bandanna for the other team to find. The first team that finds the flag wins. But if you get shot by a nerf bullet you have to go back to your base and start over.

Create nerf bases for the kids to hide behind with cardboard boxes you can spray paint to look camouflage. If you dont have time to paint spread a camo netting over the top to create an army base look. This can also be done for the Fortnite Birthday Party too!

Nerf Targets

Make DIY Nerf Targets and Games for the kids to play around your yard. Have stations set up with different targets for the kids to rotate through in groups.

Nerf Goody Bag

Depending on what you want to spend on goody bags you could give each child a Nerf gun or ask them to bring one from home. We gave out one year the Nerf Gun Strike Elite as it was a cheaper price and works well.

I would give each child a pair of safety glasses and a cloth tool belt to wear while playing capture the flag.

For more easy Nerf Gun Party ideasHow to Throw an Awesome Nerf Wars Birthday Party.

Invitation Ideas For 10th Birthday Party

Ideas for a 10 Year Old’s Birthday Party

Kick off the thrill and fun a step ahead with some of these fabulous invitation ideas.

  • Birthday girl/boys photo: For the 10thbirthday party invitations, opt for a simple invitation card with all the details, including date, day, time, and venue, along with a cute picture of your child.
  • Playing around with doodles: If you like to keep it simple, then choose a solid background with doodles of all things your kid likes and the details of the fun party.
  • Cartoons: Their 10th birthday party must be special, and it begins with the party So why dont you plan it with their favorite cartoon characters?
  • Theme-cased invite. If the party theme has already been decided, a theme-based invite would be a great idea.
  • Playing With 10:Since its their 10th birthday party, highlight the number by making it the center of attraction of the card and putting out the details inside the 0 .
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    Resources Related To Boys Birthday Party Themes

    Birthday parties for boys are sure to be tons of fun. Make sure that you include all of the party information in the invitations and have activities for the guests when they arrive. Entertaining kids can be tiring, so you should plan all of this out in advance. Remember to include the birthday boy in the party planning so that you can create the birthday party of his dreams. And if youre looking for more resources related to boys party themes, make sure to visit the following resources:

    Th Birthday Party Goodie Bag Ideas

    Having guests leave empty handed is considered bad etiquette, so make sure to provide some sort of goodie bag for all of the children. This added gift will make their day. Fill goodie bags with hershey kisses or stickers. If you want to give them a gift that will keep them entertained, consider giving out bouncy balls or a bubble wand.

    A 10th birthday is a big milestone in a childs life. They finally have gotten to double-digits and that is definitely a reason to celebrate. Be sure to include them in the planning so that they can let you know what their ideal theme would be. Browse other birthday ideas for birthday party ideas for all ages and kinds.

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    Four The Love Of Sugar

    Whether your daughter likes to help you in the kitchen, or just eat the results, this creative baking-themed party will be a hit with your guests. Set up a cookie or cupcake decorating area, or let them go wild with a chopped style baking competition! Lots of fun activities can be planned with this yummy theme!

    Photo sources & inspiration links: Karas Party Ideas

    4th Birthday Party Themes for Boys

    These unique 4th birthday themes are perfect for your little guy, offering a clever twist to favorite party themes like Star Wars, dinosaurs and sports.

    Could these work for girls too? Absolutely!

    Bubbles Bouncing & Balloons Birthday Party

    10 Great Birthday Party Themes For Boys

    I also added breakfast to this B themed kid birthday party. We bought this bubble machine from Amazon and rented a bounce house for the ultimate backyard double birthday party. I used balloons to make a chandelier inside. And bought helium balloons to tie to everything outside and double has party favors. It was fun, easy, and the kids were exhausted afterwards!

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    Going Out To Watch A Movie

    An adaption to the above party choice would be to take a few friends out to watch a movie, and then to return home for pizza and a sleepover, or just to eat. This would work well if there is a good movie that has just been released, that no one has seen yet, although it would be more expensive.


    Birthday Party Games For 10 Year Olds

    Tween Party GamesTween Minute to Win It GamesTween Party Ideas – 10, 11 and 12 year olds10 Fun Games for Ten Year OldsSquirt Gun Gamesoutdoor party games for kidsMall Scavenger HuntsMall Scavenger Hunts8 mall scavenger huntsMall Scavenger HuntsMall Scavenger Hunts include:Would You Rather GameWould You Rather GameTruth or Dare GameFree list truth / dare questionsTruth or Dare PopThe Big Ten Drama Game Swimming Pool Party Games for Tweensswimming pool games Video Scavenger Hunt Picture Scavenger Hunt Bigger the Better HuntWear That!Nail Polish Spin the Bottle GameFun Mystery Dinner GameMystery Dinner GameSize 10 Party GameFoil Fashion Tween Make Over Commercial Birthday Game Quack, Quack, Who’s There?Skittle Challenge Toilet Paper ShareCandy Hunt Party Game Scavenger Huntsscavenger hunt ideasBirthday Party Ideas for Kids:

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    The Most Important Thing About A Kids Birthday Party

    I think the most important thing to keep in mind when you are planning a birthday party for your child, is that the birthday boy or girl has a fun and special time with their friends!

    That’s what will make them feel special, and what they will remember years from now!

    I believe that birthday parties should be centered around the activities that the kids are going to do together. The games they are going to play, the crafts they are going to create.

    So when considering a party theme- think more about what the kids are going to do- rather than the character on the paper goods!

    But before we even get to planning a theme- there are a few things you should think about first:

    Invitation Inspiration For 10th Birthday Parties

    10 boys Birthday party ideas

    Once you have the party planning down, make sure that you send out the invitations on time. Send them out up to 2 months before the party. You can personalize an invitation to fit any theme. You can also try making the writing sound like it fits the theme. For example, if the theme is princess you can write you are cordially invited to Princess ______ birthday party. You can also include glitter or foil accents on the card to make the birthday invitation pop.

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    Creative 4th Birthday Party Themes 31 Unique Ideas For Celebrating Your 4

    The best list of 4th birthday party themes, with clever ideas for boys and girls + inspiration for decorations, food, party favors and more!

    Getting ready to celebrate your child turning FOUR? Were here to help with over 30 unique 4th birthday ideas that you can use as inspiration to plan your party. All of our themes are fun play-on-words or puns with the word four or fourth, and include photos of party décor, birthday treats, and sweet favors to spark your creativity.

    Make sure to include your soon to be 4-year-old in the planning process theyre at a fun age where theyve developed preferences and favorite things, so incorporate them whenever possible. Show them some of the photos weve included here and see what they get excited about.

    Whatever 4th birthday party theme you decide upon, we wish you nothing but smiles and laughter on the big celebration day!

    RELATED: If you have younger children that will be celebrating a birthday soon, check out all of our birthday theme lists! Weve got the best ideas for 1st Birthdays, 2nd Birthdays and 3rd Birthdays too!

    PIN for when youre ready to choose your childs fourth birthday party theme:

    Gender Neutral / Unisex 4th Birthday Party Themes

    These clever 4th birthday ideas are fun themes for boys and girls alike scroll through and see which ones might be a match for your childs personality and preferences .

    Look For Bargains At Party Stores

    When you go to the party store, buy the glasses and plates that are on sale. In this way, you do not spend a lot of wool on these disposable utensils that will end up thrown away. Do not complicate yourself by buying expensive disposable utensils keep in mind that they will only serve you for an event, so buy only those that are on promotion or sale.

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    Popular Birthday Party Themes For Boys

    Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jul 9, 2020

    Your little boy is growing up. Whether you are planning his 1st birthday or hes reaching his teens, you want this day to be special. However, with endless ideas for kids birthday party themes it can be hard to decide where to start when planning his big day. From finding the perfect boy birthday invitations, to cutting the cake, there is a lot of work to do when planning his party. We want to help. Find the most popular birthday party themes for boys and inspiration for every detail of the party below.

    Animals Boys Birthday Party

    Boy Birthday Party Ideas 10 Year Old

    What do kids love more than furry and Jurassic friends? For someone younger, choose an animal like a monkey or lion. Think of cute pastel colors include the animals on your invitation. For someone older, a dinosaur birthday party is sure to make a big statement and have guests roaring for more. Decorate your house with leafy plant decorations and volcano cutouts. Whatever his favorite animal may be, cater the party towards that.

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    Sports Birthday Party Theme

    This could be a general sports theme or specific to your childs favorite sport. You will find tons of plates, napkins, and party accessories for this theme which make it easy.

    You could also add in your childs favorite professional sports team and use their teams colors.

    Sports Birthday Party Ideas

    Games to Play

    I would pick 2-3 sports to play during the party. Kickball or soccer would be a great group game.

    Football Challenge

    Use a large piece of cardboard or tarp and cut holes in it to use as a football throwing challenge.

    Dribbling Challenge

    Put out cones on your driveway for the kids to dribble around and see who can make it through the course the fastest.

    Baseball Targets

    Set up targets made of pool noodles or aluminum cans to knock down by throwing baseballs.

    Water Balloon Baseball

    In the summer, play water balloon baseball. Fill up water balloons and then pitch them to the kids to hit with a baseball bat. If kids hit the balloon they advance to first base if they dont after 3 pitches their out.

    For the table decorations find small foam sports balls to use as a centerpiece or spread around the table. Then at the end of the party let the kids each pick one to take home.

    A unique gift idea for a sport-loving kid is a cool Sports Subscription Box. A monthly box filled with items for their favorite sport. Pick your childs age then pick between baseball, soccer, football, hockey, basketball or mixed sports.

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