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1 Year Old Summer Birthday Party Ideas

How To Pick A First Birthday Theme

Encanto Theme Birthday Party For our 1-year-old Charlotte. At Home/DIY Prep.

Picking a first birthday theme can be a tedious job, especially when there are so many great theme options to choose from. You can go with something popular like twinkle twinkle little star or keep it simple . Or you can go with something more unique and personal to your baby. It depends on what you prefer.

But if you are swimming with options, here are a couple of things to consider to help make your decision about your babys first birthday theme much easier.

What Time of Year is Your Babys Birthday?

The season may definitely play a part in picking out the birthday theme! Whether it be in the summer or winter, the colors are sure to coordinate. For example, Ive seen a lot of people throw Winter One-Derland parties in the winter, Our Little Pumpkin Turns One parties in the fall, One in a Melon in the summer, and Some Bunny Turns One in the spring. You can totally customize your babys party theme for the time of year they were born.

And besides that, the weather conditions also influence your venue choice, and whether the party will be indoors or outdoors, at home, or maybe at a restaurant.

Does Your Little One Have Any Favorites?

Apart from the season, your little one might already gravitate towards a specific color, toy, cartoon or food. Picking out a favorite item and coordinating the party theme around it would be an easy route to go!

Answering these two questions will help you pick out a theme that fits your little ones emerging personality perfectly.

Circus Carnival / Under The Big Top

Come one, come all, to the most fantastical 1st birthday celebration! Incorporate plenty of black/white, red and gold + a sea of circus animals and balloons to create your very own Big Top. You could even dress up your child as the Ringmaster!

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Host The 13th Birthday Party At A Unique Peerspace Venue

In our opinion, 13th birthday party ideas are only as good as their setting. Thankfully, Peerspace has you covered: itsthe place to rent unique spaces for events like birthday parties. With thousands of cool venues across the United States, Canada, and beyond, you can take your 13th birthday party anywhere you like.

Houses with an awesome backyard and a pool, a rooftop with stunning views, or even a property with a private movie theater room are all at your fingertips! Plus, since Peerspace venues are usually wildly stylish, you really wont have to worry much about decorations. And you can find venues with plenty of cool rooms that your teen can pose for photos in with their friends.

Here are a few of our favorite options:

Many spaces are suitable for young adults, and youll be happy knowing that all are clean and safe. Only people over the age of 18 can rent a space, so it will be necessary for you to book and, of course, accompany your child and their friends.

The bottom line? Your 13-year-old will be psyched to celebrate this milestone in a killer space that their tween friends will be talking about until Sweet 16.

Is your 13-year-old-to-be a summer baby? Then you need to read our 13 awesome summer birthday party ideas!

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Teddy Bears Picnic First Birthday Party

If youd prefer to keep things smaller or even if you dont have much space at home, consider getting your close friends and family together for a picnic in the park. You can make this as relaxed as you want to, you could arrange everything yourself or get everyone involved and encourage people to bring a different dish each and spread out the work. For a teddy bear affair, get little ones to bring along their best furry friend too.

One In The Sun First Birthday Theme


Your only sunshine is turning one! Its time to have some fun in the sun. Sunny yellow, white, and coordinating pastels or brights are a perfect palette. Create a tablescape and balloon arch to match with a yellow sun at the center, get the kids outside to play, and serve lemonade and beach snacks. Yard games and a sprinkler setup would also be on-theme!

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How To Entertain Children

Kids at this age still do not know how to entertain themselves on their own, so parents will have to act as the main instigators of fun at the festival. Buy balloons and soap bubbles or know about some great 1st birthday entertainment ideas we have shared earlier- the child will really like it.

Arrange fascinating finger-painting, play simple birthday games that are understandable to the baby, sing funny songs, and dance.

A one-year-old baby will love games in which his favorite toys are involved. At first glance, they may seem very simple, but your child will surely be delighted if the elder friend shows how to jump on the fitball, and the girl Anya will teach how to set up a table for doll tea.

Well, if you manage to organize such joint games of younger preschool children and the hero of the occasion, which will be interesting to all children. Failsafe option drawing. Glue several sheets of paper in advance you get a large canvas on which you can draw with pencils, felt-tip pens or paints, including finger ones. By the way, the resulting masterpiece will be a wonderful memory of the celebration.

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 1 Year Old Girl

Make a Mess Party

At this age they are very creative and enjoy expressing themselves in colorful ways. Creating a party where they can be free to explore, create, and color all afternoon is a productive use of that sugar-driven energy. Just make sure all the kids bring clothes that can get messy.

Have different art projects scattered around the yard. With some non-toxic paints from Amazon, there is plenty the kids can do.

Hang up white sheets for them to decorate or let them paint on old t-shirts. Let them use their hands or some sponges and brushes to make their artistic messes.

Lay out sheets or rolls of paper and let the kids run through paint and then onto the canvas. Drop different colors of paint into water balloons, inflate them, and let the kids throw them at a canvas. You can also throw in some slime and glitter for variety.

Bubble Party

You can keep the creativity flowing with lots of bubble play. Bubbles are fascinating and fun. Beyond getting bubbles for all the kids to play with, get a large bubble wand for the ultimate party. Fill a kiddie pool using a large bubble mix from Amazon or invest in a bubble machine.

Snacks can include popcorn and fruit balls, to keep the bubble theme going. Balloons should be everywhere or you can get neon punch balls for the kids to run around and play with.

It will be fun to have bubbles that dont pop. Play some bubble tag and let the kids create their own bubble art with a little dish soap and paint.

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Safari First Birthday Party

Heres a wild idea, if youve got an animal-loving youngster, make this your theme for your babys birthday. Rather than choosing one specific animal , this means you have a broader range of ideas you can play with. Gather cuddly stuffed safari animals for the children to play with and look into balloon animal tutorials that will seriously impress your guests.

Berry First Birthday Party Theme

Cute Summer Outfit Ideas for Baby Girl | 1 Year Old | Amazon Rompers

Strawberries will never not make an adorable birthday theme, and for your little ones absolute first, theyre berry sweet. Luckily, this birthday party theme is not super unique, so youll have no problem finding strawberry-themed paper goods. Consider a red velvet cake with strawberry icing to thrill and delight the littles.

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Unique First Birthday Party Themes That Are On

Celebrate your sweet babys 1st birthday with these unique birthday party themes!

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  • Which First Birthday Party Theme Did You Choose?
  • How can it be that youre already planning your babys first birthday party?

    Your babys first year is such a special occasion worth celebrating. In a blink, its suddenly time to start planning a memorable way to celebrate your little ones first birthday. What better way than to throw a party, big or small, and pick a fun and unique first birthday party theme to share this exciting milestone with friends and family?

    There are always new and fun themes popping up for birthdays, so, your first decision is if you want to go with a classic theme or one that is on trend. Once you choose a theme, everything will begin to come together, from the color scheme, to the smash cake, the activities, and the decorations. Thats one of the biggest benefits of having a themed birthday party it really narrows your focus onto one specific vibe for the party.

    Whether youre planning a small gathering or a huge get-together with a mile-long guest list, our first birthday party ideas can help you find the perfect theme! Whichever first birthday theme you choose, you will savor this special milestone celebration.

    Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 1 Year Old Boy

    Water Party

    Similar to a messy party, water parties are a great way for your 1 year old to have fun. Instead of paint, glitter, and slime everywhere, you need to have water.

    A slip-and-slide is always a classic go to for water parties, but we have a few other fun ideas to really entertain your 1 year old and his pals.

    Water balloon pinata is easy and fun. Hang water balloons from a line and let them smash and splash. Water balloons are also great for a more fun version of dodgeball.

    Make sure you have plenty of squirt guns and a toddler pool or two. And dont just set up a regular sprinkler, get a friendly inflatable monster from Amazon to join in the fun.

    Dinosaur Party

    What boy does not want to go digging for dinosaurs. Set up a sand pit with fossils you can find on Amazon. A dinosaur themed pinata or a bouncy house will add some extra excitement.

    Dont forget to grab a from Amazon which includes masks so every kid can be their favorite dinosaur.

    Scatter inflatable dinosaurs around the yard and among the bushes. And let the kids hunt for dinosaur eggs. Games to play can include Pin the Tail on T-Rex and Dinosaur Dance, and dont forget to serve dino nuggets.

    Break out the paint and crayons for all the boys to create their own cave paintings too.

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    Bear First Birthday Party

    Youre bear-y lucky to have such a cutie in tow. Wish them a bear-y happy birthday with a woodland-inspired theme that highlights, what else, a big old brown bear. The bear motif is easy to carry throughout, from the cake topper to the decor itself. And a little stuffed animal bear party favor is a super sweet way to send guests on their way.

    Paddling Pool First Party

    Splish Splash birthday invitation Pool party in 2020

    If your baby was born in the summer months and youre expecting warm weather, consider asking fellow parents to bring along paddling pools so you can set up a pool party in your back garden. This is especially a great theme if your tot loves his or her mermaids. Just dont forget those swim nappies!

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    Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 2 Year Old Girl

    Princess Party

    Every little girl wants to be a princess and your backyard makes a great setting for a princess party. Give your 2 year old daughter her very own inflatable castle for all the princesses of the court to bounce in.

    As you guests arrive, walking through a regal balloon arch will make them all feel like royalty.

    Every girl can be their favorite princess with masks and set up an art station for them to make their own crowns. And you can get an easy from Amazon to save you time and money.

    Hanging a princess pinata is always a winner too. Games to play can include Pin the Crown on the Princess, Musical Thrones, and The Lost Slipper.

    Unicorn Party

    All things unicorn is the quickest way to a little girls heart. You can create the perfect magical wonderland in your yard full of unicorns and rainbows.

    The guests can arrive through a unicorn rainbow arch to see a world of magic. Inflatable unicorns and rainbows should be everywhere.

    Have the girls sit on pillow clouds to eat and serve rainbow popcorn and cotton candy. Every girl can be a unicorn with their own tiara and can play games like Unicorn Ring Toss, and Paint Me a Rainbow. Break out some glue and glitter and let the girls make their own magical art.

    Most Popular Girl 1st Birthday Themes

    If your little baby girl is turning one then you’re probably looking for inspiration for girl 1st birthday themes.

    To help you find the perfect one for you, we’ve rounded up the 36 most popular themes from Catch My Party, to help you plan the party of the year!

    Wait until you see how many unique themes we’ve got for you.

    Many of these 1st birthday party themes for girls are classic, like princess and ballerina parties, but some are new and trendy, like unicorn parties and mermaid parties. Happy browsing!

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    Set A Start And End Time

    When using a venue for a birthday party, you usually have a set start time and end time. But it’s just as important to provide guests a beginning and ending time if you are having a party at home.

    Leaving the party open-ended could confuse guests and keep them from planning for the rest of the day. It also could mean that you are left trying to wrangle a group of preschoolers for longer than you intended.

    Generally, parties for kids under age 5 should last about 90 minutes. The maximum time for a preschool party is about two hours, tops. If you are having parents drop their kids off at the party, make sure they know what time they need to return to get their child.

    Soccer First Birthday Party

    Frozen Birthday Party Game Ideas!!

    Good weather? Head outdoors for a soccer-themed party. Gently roll soccer balls back and forth on the grass with baby attendees bigger kids can play a more competitive game of footy. For food, make cookies in the shape of soccer balls and soccer jerseys . You can also go for a big cake in the shape of a soccer ball so ideal for a cake smash!

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    Dinosaur First Birthday Party

    Your babys too young to say much more than Mama and Baba, but pretty soon, the words triceratops and velociraptor may be tripping off his tongue. Throw your little dino a party complete with invites that say Roar! and a dinosaur-shaped cake. For the bigger kids in attendance, you can play a game of pin the tail on the dinosaur. Pick up plastic dinosaurs of all sizes at any toy store you can use them as decorations during the party, and send them home with guests as a party favor.

    Which First Birthday Party Theme Did You Choose

    These are just a few of our favorite first birthday party themes. No matter what you choose, be sure to include plenty of activities, decorations, and delicious food to make the day special for your little one. And dont forget the smash cake! A birthday party just isnt complete without a yummy cake for the guest of honor.

    They say the first year is the hardest. But you and your baby made it through, and this wild and wonderful adventure is worth celebrating!

    Planning your babys first birthday party might be stressful, but we hope these awesome ideas for birthday party themes above gave you some inspiration. Whether you have a big bash or a more intimate event, celebrating such an important event is a great way to mark your baby turning one. We hope this list has given you some great ideas for planning your childs first birthday party. Happy planning!

    Dont forget to check out Ellies balloon garland kits and party supplies. And save 15% on your purchase with my exclusive discount code, GENTLENURSERY15.

    Do you have any other great first birthday party ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!

    More Resources for Your Babys 1st Birthday:

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    First Birthday Party Theme Ideas

    Firstly, the theme – there are so many things to go for, whether you choose your tot’s favourite book or cartoon character or their favourite colour. It can all get a bit overwhelming, so we’ve come up with 11 great first birthday party ideas, perfect for both boys and girls, and indoor or outdoor celebrations.

    Boho Birthday Party Theme

    {Tutorial} DIY Birthday Hat

    Dreamy bohemian vibes are really popular right now. Pampas grass, floral crowns, and soft hues make for a beautiful combination. This theme makes for a celebration filled with love and creative details.

    A Bohemian birthday is a perfect opportunity to feature a teepee with optional flower crowns for some great photo ops. Dreamcatchers, eucalyptus leaves, vintage pillows, blankets, and a neutral boho party kit will give your guests a beautiful and inviting setting.

    The dessert menu could include pastel macarons and a white birthday cake. No need to be traditional with this boho-chic theme feel free to get creative!

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