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Where To Have A 1 Year Old Birthday Party

Q Are Goody Bags Still De Rigeur How Much Should I Spend On Them

Baby Shark 1 Year Old Birthday Party

A. The goody bag is alive and well. Kazoos, candies and plastic bracelets may be junk to us, but theyre treasure to a 4-year-old. Stick to your guns and a budget, though. Any more than $5 per goody bag is ridiculous.

Think outside the bag as well. How about sending everyone home with a packet of seeds to plant in the garden, or some colored modeling clay? One mom I know simply handed out a small box of colored sidewalk chalk to everyone at the end of the party. Most kids sat right down to draw on the patio. Cost for all this bliss: 90 cents each.

How To Plan Babys First Birthday Party

Your baby is now officially a toddlerwhich means youve survived your first year of parenthood! Congrats! Its a big milestone, so celebrate the moment in style. From when to host a party to what to serve your guests, heres how to plan a ‘onederful first birthday party.

In this article:What to give as first birthday party favors

Q How Much Should I Spend On A Gift

A. In most parts of the country, the range is between $5 and $15. My own cautionary tale: For my daughters sixth birthday, my husband and I decided to splurge and bought her a $60 child-size guitar. It sits in her room, largely ignored. But the bright-pink stuffed unicorn that her grandmother picked up at a dime store for $3 never leaves her side.

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Should You Have Alcohol For A First Birthday Party

Alcohol is a tricky topic, and discretion is definitely advised when it comes to making the call. We doubt your guests will expect a fully stocked wine bar or a fridge full of beers, but a glass of prosecco or some non-alcoholic cocktails could be a nice way to toast the special occasion without overdoing it.

Michael says, Im always of the mindset that a childrens party should be for children. If youre doing alcohol then the grown-ups will no doubt really appreciate this although I really dont think they expect it.

Theme Park Or Water Park Party

We had so much fun creating this cute birthday party for ...
  • If you live in a town with a big or small theme park, consider hosting a party there for the day. Due to ticket prices, you may not be able to take your kids whole baseball team, but you may be able to make a special day with a few good friends.
  • How to Book a Party: Call and ask about group rate discounts or party options.

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The Woodlands Children’s Museum

4775 West Panther Creek Drive #280Enjoy the entire Museum, plus a private room for your first birthday party at The Woodlands Children’s Museum. Basic party packages include a private room for the birthday child and up to 12 other children. For an additional fee, the Museum will include a themed activity, such as music or superheroes. Packages include access to all exhibits, but your one-year-old might enjoy the Little Ocean Wonders exhibit, which is reserved for those ages 2 and under.

Enjoy Cleaning Up The Mess Shows A Fun Birthday Party

An important birthday party planning tip is not expect parents to stay around and clean up the mess. If they offer be grateful but never guilt them into it. After you are done, think about your childs first birthday party as if it was a wedding. It can be successful but there is always things you can learn to make next years party even better.

If you have any comments on planning a birthday party for a one year old, please comment belowIf your dog is turning one, read 6 Tips for Throwing Your Dog a Party.

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St Birthday Party Ideas: Invites

Before you consider anything else, you need to think about who you want to invite to your childs birthday party. This will influence everything else, including what food and drink to buy and prepare, and what kind of entertainment or games youll want to organise. In this section, we take a look at how to write a guest list, invite ideas, and how to deal with any awkwardness if you need to limit the number of people coming to your childs birthday.

When it comes to a 1st birthday celebration, its best to limit the number of people you invite. Your baby might get overwhelmed with the sheer number of strange faces and therell be even more for you to do on the big day. You might want to limit the party to close friends and family only, so the baby is familiar with everyone in the room and theres not too much going on. *Guests could obviously include grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and a few baby friends from any playgroups and NCT classes.

Limiting numbers does come with the risk of upsetting people, and whilst its hard to avoid, a party planner recommends getting around this by inviting people face-to-face instead of online to keep things more low-key. Michael Rossini from Froggle Parties says, You can never fully avoid upsetting someone, but you do much more damage control by inviting people face to face.

Yogurt Or Sweets Shop Party

Emma’s 1 YEAR OLD Birthday Party!
  • For my twins first birthday party, I wanted to do something fun, special and simple for them.
  • While walking around in my local downtown I found a cute little sweets shop that had a self-serve frozen yogurt bar, popcorn bar or cupcakes.
  • I called them up and asked about having a small party there and they were most accommodating.
  • The best part is that unlike other yogurt stores, the prices were flat based on the cup size instead of being weighed. It made checkout very easy. Each guest got their order and the gals at the register kept a list of who had chosen what.
  • At the end of the party, I only spent $105.00 on all my guests to hang out in a nice, intimate location and enjoy a simple treat on us.
  • How to Book a Party: The best way to move forward is to locate a sweets or yogurt shop and find out about what party options they have or ways you can make your party work there.
  • Science Center Party
    • Doing a quick Google search should let you know if there are any local science centers in your area. These places may be big or small but they offer tons of awesome hands-on science activities and usually have large climb and play structures for kids.
    • How to Find a Science Center: You can use this Find a Science Center Search from the Association of Science-Technology Centers to find all the options near where you live.

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    Create A Facebook Group/event

    While this is commonplace for organizing birthdays and other events, having a Facebook group or event is helpful not only in keeping track of attending guests but for sharing photos as well.

    Have your guests take lots of pictures and share them to the group/event. You can then go in and save the photos to add to your collection of memories.

    Its an easier way to organize photos instead of having guests send them to you via Messenger or SMS this keeps them all in one place!

    How To Entertain Children

    Kids at this age still do not know how to entertain themselves on their own, so parents will have to act as the main instigators of fun at the festival. Buy balloons and soap bubbles or know about some great 1st birthday entertainment ideas we have shared earlier- the child will really like it.

    Arrange fascinating finger-painting, play simple birthday games that are understandable to the baby, sing funny songs, and dance.

    A one-year-old baby will love games in which his favorite toys are involved. At first glance, they may seem very simple, but your child will surely be delighted if the elder friend shows how to jump on the fitball, and the girl Anya will teach how to set up a table for doll tea.

    Well, if you manage to organize such joint games of younger preschool children and the hero of the occasion, which will be interesting to all children. Failsafe option drawing. Glue several sheets of paper in advance you get a large canvas on which you can draw with pencils, felt-tip pens or paints, including finger ones. By the way, the resulting masterpiece will be a wonderful memory of the celebration.

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    Craft Store Birthday Party

    • This is one of my favorite birthday party place because Im a crafty gal.
    • Many local craft stores have classrooms for craft classes but you can also often rent these rooms for parties.
    • In fact, Michaels craft stores offer some really fun party packs at their store locations.
    • How to Book a Party: You can read more here about Birthday Parties at Micheals.

    Make It An Open House

    I have a one

    Instead of a two-hour party with a set agenda, make the event run a little longer but more like a graduation-party open house. This is one of the most unique 1st-birthday party ideas. It lets guests drop by for a short bit whenever they choose and gives each person more one-on-one time with you and your baby. Another perk of an open house is you can get away with not serving a meal. Just set out cookies, salty snacks, lemonade, and cupcakes in lieu of one big cake. Your baby wont notice.

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    Simple First Birthday Ideas

    It can often feel overwhelming to celebrate such a big milestone, but its possible to have the day feel special even when you keep things simple. So this is your permission to not feel like you have to do all the thingsunless you really want to!and know that having a simple first birthday can be cake and a song. Or cake and a song and one activity. You do what feels right for your family in the moment.

    Why The Early Start For A 2nd Or 3rd Birthday

    Young child nap times change many at this age are napping less. Therefore, you can take advantage of this by having the party earlier in the day. As a parent, I know firsthand it is easier to get a small child dressed and out of the house first thing than waiting later in the day. The child is happy, attentive, and at their best behavior.

    The early start is perfect for morning snacks as party treats, fresh fruit, cereal, or small finger sandwiches for the kids works nicely. For the adults, have a fresh cup of coffee or a morning mimosa to start the day.

    The early start to the party allows the parents to attend the party and still have a Saturday afternoon. The rest of their Saturday available gives parents a chance to accomplish the things they feel they have to do. If you make them choose between their schedule and your childs birthday, they will pick their plans over yours.

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    What To Give As First Birthday Party Favors

    At the end of the day, its customary to send kids home with favors. You can give away fancy swag bags or keep it simple with little harmonicas or a bath toy. Or consider a favor that the whole family can take home, like a photo frame complete with a picture snapped and printed at the party. Want to set up your own photo booth? Try these easy DIY ideas. When its time to hand out the favors, give the goodies to parents first, just in case they want to remove a few items or candies.

    Plus, more from The Bump:

    First Birthday Party Ideas


    Celebrating a first birthday is can be so much fun even if you need to stick closer to home. When we celebrated my sons first birthday earlier this year we kept things simple because it seemed like a good way for me to avoid becoming overwhelmed when I was already dealing with a lot of last first baby feelings! These ideas will help you have fun on the day without too much work, stress, or planning.

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    Its Time To Celebrate

    Every moment of your babys life is precious, but having an incredible first birthday party should be a significant event to remember.

    Just remember that you dont have to spend a lot of money to make this happen! Its all about creating memories, not being impressive.

    When your kiddo looks back at the photos and keepsakes of their first birthday, they wont care how fancy it was. They will appreciate the care and effort you put into this special day.

    And, if you need some gift ideas, check out my post on first birthday gift ideas!

    Your turn! What are some of your first birthday ideas? Add them in the comments below!

    St Birthday Party Ideas: Food And Drink

    Its not a party without party food, and theres a great opportunity to impress guests with some tasty treats. When it comes to catering for little ones, its best to opt for finger foods and soft foods that are easier for them to eat. A good approach to party food is a buffet-style, so guests can help themselves and choose what they want to eat. This way, you can ensure youre catering for both children and grown-ups,

    Go ahead and have some fun with the party food at your babys first birthday party. Kids love fun-shaped food, so use cookie cutters on anything from sandwiches to biscuits or even pizzas. Some one-year-olds wont have a full set of teeth, so softer foods like cucumber sticks, banana or other things they can chew on are ideal.

    For sweet treats, why not try coloured fruit smoothies and fun jelly and ice cream combos that are sure to go down well. Theyre nice and soft too, so easy to eat for little ones. You can also serve fresh fruit cut up into baby-friendly pieces, as its nice and easy for little ones to eat.

    If you need advice on food for your little one, check out our toddler portion sizes and baby portion sizes guide. It provides clear information about finger foods, solid foods and what your baby should be eating.

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    St Birthday Party Ideas

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.
  • A baby’s 1st birthday is as much for you and your family as it is for your little one, so we’re here to help you organise a day that everyone will enjoy in our guide to first birthday parties.

    When your baby turns one, youve both reached an important milestone, and weve got all the 1st birthday party ideas you need to give you and your baby a really special day. From easy party food ideas and decorations to games, party bags and costumes that little ones will love. And, if youre wondering what to buy for a one-year-old for their birthday, take a look at these gifts for one-year-olds.

    And remember, most babies wont be able to handle the birthday extravaganza for too long, so keep the celebrations short. A couple of hours is plenty of time to celebrate and have fun without risking a baby burn-out. So sit back, relax and soak up our 1st birthday party ideas for a stress-free first birthday bash.

    Smith Memorial Playground Philadelphia

    Have a wild 1

    3500 Reservoir DriveSmith Memorial is a great place for a kids’ birthday party in Philadelphia, especially if you’re celebrating in spring or summer as space is available from April through September. The birthday child gets a T-shirt and a crown and you get two hours in a private party room as well as access to Smith’s indoor play space and huge outdoor playground. Nature Play Party packages, side porch rentals, and tent rentals are also available. The party room becomes available in October 2021.

    This post was originally published in 2017 writer Kristen Sullivan contributed to this 2021 update.

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    Circus Carnival / Under The Big Top

    Come one, come all, to the most fantastical 1st birthday celebration! Incorporate plenty of black/white, red and gold + a sea of circus animals and balloons to create your very own Big Top. You could even dress up your child as the Ringmaster!

    Photo sources and inspiration links: The Ashmores Blog, Natalie Buck Photography, TCB Style, Catch My Party, Karas Party Ideas

    For Babies And Toddlers

    Babies are too spontaneous to participate in games they would, however, love these 1st birthday party activities.

    1. Bubble Chase

    Kids, no matter what their age is, they are captivated by bubbles. A fun game would try and catch them!

    How to Play

    • You will need a bubble machine for the game or have a few of the older kids to blow the bubbles.
    • Show your toddler how to catch a bubble with a plastic drinking cup.
    • Give them a cup and let them go after the bubbles.

    2. Game of tunnels

    One of the most fun-filled indoor games you can have on a birthday party is building tunnels.

    How to Play

    • For this game, you can buy a pop-up tunnel for kids until four years of age.
    • Alternatively, you can make your tunnels by taping cardboard boxes together. You can find plenty of carton boxes from your local supermarket.
    • Arrange the tunnel in the playroom for a game of peek-a-boo.

    3. Wagon Ride

    If you have a big backyard, this is one of the most fun outdoor activities for all the kids.

    • Buy a big childrens wagon and decorate it with stickers, balloons, streamers and colour papers.
    • Each baby gets five minutes of ride time and is greeted with cheers and claps with every ride.

    4. Quiet Play

    While the big kids are away playing other games, you can gather up the toddlers to have their quiet party for a while to calm them down.

    How to Play

    5. Toddler Obstacle Course

    This one is an interesting game for which your baby needs a lot of motivation.

    How to Play

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