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Send A Giant Birthday Card

A Card For All Your Action Movie Lovers

World’s Largest Birthday/Greeting Cards

Design by YellowOtterStudios

Got a friend who loves quoting action movies? Take the opportunity to make a pun out of a classic movie line and your movie-loving friend will go crazy for it! This card from YellowOtterStudios has referenced the classic terminator line Hasta la vista, baby, but any movie quote can work provided you use a bit of wit to come up with a little pun for added laughs.

Some fun example to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A hairbrush saying Theres no place like comb
  • A bowl of jelly saying You had me at Jell-O
  • A sprig of thyme saying Tale as old as thyme

The Card For A Messy Son

Design by HandmadeDorset

Every parent loves to sneak in a mention of unfinished chores into regular conversation.

This HandmadeDorset card is a great way for parents to indulge that amusing pastime, while also showing that they love their child regardless.

Customize this Turquoise and Yellow Funky Boyfriend Birthday Card template and let those close to you know how proud you are of them.

Special Way To Wish Birthday

Personalized Free Birthday ecards for your office colleagues, family, and friends are an amazing way to express your caring. Your message doesnt have to be lengthy just sincere, loving, and caring. It also depends on the kind of relationship the two of you share. In general, love, appreciation, and cheerful wishes are good bets. You can consider sending animated birthday cards and animated birthday gifs.

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Its The Same Day Every Year Schedule Birthday Cards Now

Much like St. Patricks Day, you know when their birthday will be each year. An early morning birthday greeting card is the best start to their new year. Better still, you dont need to worry about your birthday wishes arriving after their actual birthday thanks to the local postal service. You can always send an ecard day of, but our scheduling tool lets you plan ahead and set the exact time for delivery. You can schedule cards for all your friends and familys special day at the start of the year. That way your wishes are always on time, and you can track the status of all our cards to ensure the birthday boy or girl receives it.

The Card For Your Friend Who Doesnt Love Sports

Send A Birthday Card by Mail Giant Greeting Cards Diy Make Mail In 6 ...

Design by Hello Pretty

Not everyone enjoys competing in sports. However, the fact of life is that we all had to win a race to get here. We wont get into the details, but you catch our drift.

This card by Hello Pretty is a funny and rather subtle reminder of lifes first race and is a great way to show your friend that theyre a winner in your eyes.

Give someone a laugh on their birthday by customizing this Birthday Cardtemplate.

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The I Love You The Most Card

Design by Scribbler Cards

Theres nothing like a little perspective to show how much someone means to you. This design from Scribbler Cards puts the punchline on center stage, making it hard to miss the humor.

Customize this Blue Illustrated Cats Birthday Card template to let the special people in your life know how much they mean to you.

A Card For Those Who Are Thirty Flirty And Thriving

If 21 is the age where you start to feel like an adult, then 30 is when you realize youre in the thick of it. A card like this one from TheDigiSloth is a cute and funny way to remind our loved ones of their milestone occasion.

However, no one likes to be made to feel insecure about their age. So remind them of all the things that they have achieved.

Help your friends embrace the big 30 with this Green Woman Photo 30th Birthday Card template. Add a funny photo of you together for an extra laugh.

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A Card For All The Foodies You Know And Love

Design by TinyBeeCards

Many of us have built strong relationships centered around going out and eating with our friends. Tap into those positive memories with a card like the one above from TinyBeeCards.

If you have a brunch squad, then an egg pun is perfect for you. Maybe you have a friend who is a foodie and knows everything about cheese and wine. In that case, try a pun of a different variety like, have a gouda birthday or, I camembert-leive that youre already 25.

Whatever you go with, partner it with a cute and funny animation like the card above for an added giggle.

How To Sign An Online Birthday Card

NEVER FORGET to Send a Birthday Card

birthday ecards can be signed for friends, colleagues, coworkers, employees, or clients. Once the virtual birthday group card is created, it can be shared with your office team or family to sign. With the online URL they will find the sign button. Multiple signatures can be added to a birthday group card.


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Sending Oversized Greeting Cards

It may be possible to send an oversized greeting card as a letter by folding it smaller. To do so, fold it gently and seal it with wafer glue, sealing glue, or tape.

Be sure to avoid mailing issues by checking that:

  • The adhesive does not interfere with the barcode or mailing address.

  • The letter falls within the acceptable sizes for folded self-mailers:4-1/4 x 6 minimum up to 6-1/8 x 10-1/2 maximum.

Funny Birthday Card Ideas

Laughter is the purest form of joy. And theres no better time to share a laugh than on a loved ones birthday. Below, weve put together a list of 50 funny birthday card ideas to get you inspired.

While many of us rely on social media to wish friends and family members a happy birthday, a sincere way to show you care is with a birthday card that pays special homage to your relationship.

Not only does a greeting card show how much you care, but it can also help personalize your gift. A bouquet of flowers or a block of chocolate means more with a personal message attached.

And while birthday cards are all about making your loved ones feel special on their day, there is no rule that says birthday card designs have to be serious in order to be heartfelt.

To help you create memorable birthday cards this year, weve put together a list of 50 funny birthday card ideas that will guarantee a few laughs. From your family and friends to your co-workers and neighbors, youll be sure to find something to make them smile.

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How Do You Find The Best Birthday Cards For Loved Ones

Birthdays are definitely a special occasion worth celebrating! 3D birthday cards will make your friends and distant relatives feel loved on their special day. Sports cards, birthday cake cards, animal cards, zodiac birthday cards âoh my! Find the perfect happy birthday cards for all of your recipients that will surely put a smile on their face.

Exclusive Birthday Cards From Noted Designers

Kreative Jewels: Sending Birthday Wishes Card Kit

Paperless Posts online greeting card collection includes designs from famed stationers like Mr. Boddingtons Studio, Red Cap Cards, and Bernard Maisner and design experts like Kelly Wearstler, Derek Blasberg, and Jonathan Adler so youre sure to find the perfect birthday wish, with no corny card design from the drug store.

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Printable Birthday Cards By Canva

Someone’s special day deserves a special card one filled with good thoughts and well wishes for the celebrant. While you can certainly go out and buy one, it won’t be quite as special as a card you’ve created yourself. If all that’s stopping you is a deficiency in design prowess, then you’ve found the perfect tool to help you create one, easily and simply.

It starts with Canva’s selection of beautiful and expertly-designed birthday card templates. From simple ones to funny designs, you can choose from any of over a hundred designs created by our team of amazing artists and customize from there. Canva’s drag and drop editing tools be easy to use, but the amount of customization you can do with them ensures that the card you’re sending is personal and thoughtful. With a few clicks, you can change the design colors to the celebrant’s favorite ones, add shapes, lines and other elements to give your design more flair, and type in your birthday greetings in beautiful typography.

Upload personal photos into Canva for free and add it to the card to make it even more special. Or, search from among Canva’s collection of more than 1 million stock images. You can add graphics and illustrations too. Then, use the advanced filters tools to enhance your chosen images. Get the help of friends, colleagues or family in creating the design by sharing an editable link.

Giant Birthday Greeting Cards

Buy any 3 and get 20% off.Buy any 10 and get 30% off.Buy any 50 and get 35% off.Learn moreLearn moreLearn more

  • Giant Birthday
  • Why settle for the same old greeting cards? Youre unique. Quirky. One of a kind. So is your recipient. And somewhere on Redbubble, theres a Giant Birthday greeting card thats unique in the perfect way for you both, created and sold by an independent artist who shares your quirks.

    Pagan Christmas cards for your friends in the witches coven. An alien in diapers to say Congratulations on your new baby, fellow Area 51 raider. An ice pop wearing sunglasses to give your cool Pop .

    And hey, the more you buy, the lower the price. The savings start at 20% when you buy 3 cards, and go all the way up to 35% off for orders of 50 or more cards. So go nuts. Birthday cards, Mothers Day cards, Valentines Day cards, whenever: your feelings arent mass-produced, so your cards shouldnt be, either.

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    The 21st Birthday Card

    Design by WeArePaperPlane

    While turning 21 can feel like the beginning of adulthood, for a few noteworthy people of the past, 21 coincided with worldwide success. As this card by WeArePaperPlane reminds us, Steve Jobs had founded Apple and Jane Austin wrote the story of Pride & Prejudice by the age of 21.

    Add some noteworthy milestones to this Orange Girl Photo Birthday Card template for your friend on their big day.

    Its Not Too Late With Online Birthday Cards

    Anna Griffin Big Birthday Card Making Boxed Card Kit

    You look at the calendar and realize you missed your childhood bffs birthday yesterday. Life happens, dont panic. If you realize you missed their big day, we can still help. Send a belated birthday ecard as soon as you can. If you send a birthday card email, it will arrive instantly and at the top of their inbox. Everyone always still appreciates the wish for the year to come. Its the thought that counts, after all. Belated greetings help you send wishes in one concise message.

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    Birthday Card Delivery Made Easy

    How many stamps do I need to send Lovepop birthday cards? We recommend one 70-cent stamp or two forever stamps to ensure your greeting card gets delivered safely in time for the party. For flower bouquets and other larger-format gifts and cards, please visit your local post office or shipping store for exact shipping and pricing options.Can I send my birthday card or gift directly to my recipient from your website? Yes! You can personalize any of our birthday cards, flower bouquet, or giant pop-up gift with a photo and/or custom message, and weâll send it directly to your recipient for you for just $5 more. Send them special birthday wishes in a card or beautiful birthday flowers with a reminder of a special memory the two of you share.

    Never Miss A Birthday Again

    You know that feeling – that sinking feeling when you realize you missed someoneâs special day? How about the opposite, when someone unexpectedly shows they remembered yours? Well…for the first time ever you can afford to forget the birthdays of clients, colleagues, family, and friends! Weâve got you covered!

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    The Card For Your Australian Friends

    Design by TheDigiSloth

    Maybe youre in Australia and youre sending this to a friend in another country. Or maybe, youre sending it to a friend who loves the Australian culture.

    In the card above TheDigiSloth has used the koala to not only create a cute card but also as a play on words.

    Pun your way through your loved one’s birthday with this Bear Long Distance Birthday Card template.

    The Card For Your Favorite Horror Movie Buddy

    Big Happy Birthday Greeting Card

    Design by PurpleTreeDesignsUK

    Some friends eat together, some friends go on hikes together, and other friends watch horror movies together.

    If that sounds like you and your friend, then their birthday is a great time to remind them of how you would survive a zombie apocalypse, with this card from Purple Tree Designs UK.

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    The Ill Do Almost Anything For You Card

    Design by FreshCutPrints

    When it comes to a birthday card people often express the idea that they would do anything for their friends or family. But if we stop and think about that sentiment for a minute, we realize everyone has their limits. Thats what this Fresh Cut Prints card reminds us.

    For your more realistic friends, why not show your love with the more honest message: That you would try and do anything for the lucky recipient, but might not succeed.

    No need to move mountains for a birthday card this year. Simply customize this Blue and Green Illustrated Mountains Birthday Cardtemplate for your special someone.

    The Card For Your Mom

    Design by GreetingsFromHellAU

    Your mom may know how much you appreciate and love her, but it doesnt hurt to remind her of this fact every now and then. Especially on her birthday.

    Why not put a funny twist on the classic message, youre the best mom in the whole wide world, with this card from GreetingsFromHellAU.

    Use sincere words on the inside of the birthday card to remind your mom how truly special she is to youand that you love her for more than just doing your washing!

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    The Card For Those Who Love Pie

    Birthday card from Cotton On

    Heres one for the friend who is not excited about their birthday this year. This card by Cotton On is a great way to remind them of whats important and give them some clear-cut reasons to appreciate their special day.

    This card is also a great choice for your friend with a sweet tooth because like the chart says, the main reason we all love birthdays is cake.

    The Card For Your Favorite Introvert

    Anna Griffin Big Birthday Card Making Boxed Card Kit

    Design by SpellingBeeCards

    This card is perfect for any friend who might consider themselves an introvert. While some friends want to have a big birthday bonanza, weve all got a friend who prefers board games and pizza.

    Use a card like this one from SpellingBeeCards to show the quiet ones in your friend group that you know them well enough to know exactly the kind of birthday party theyd prefer.

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    Take Care Of All Your Birthdays In One Place

    • icon-special-event-sms

      Kickstart the celebration with a surprise birthday box delivered a couple days ahead of the big day.

    • icon-special-event-sms

      Receive an SMS reminder as well as a copy-and-paste ready text to send the day of!

    • icon-special-event-sms

      Consistently celebrate with clients, colleagues, and friends year after year.

    The Biggest Cards On The Web

    Nobody else makes online-order greetings cards as big as these. With our experience in making face-in-hole boards and our large format printers, you can be confident that these are the largest and best quality giant cards you can get today.

    Just pick a template , send in your photos and your message, and well create your giant card. They are double-sided, with a message on the inside just like a normal-sized greetings card. There is an option for cards with a dry wipe inside so that they can be written on with a whiteboard marker, wiped clean and re-used.

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    The Card For Every Crisis

    Design by Scribbler Cards

    Life happens, and the best way to ease the stress is to have a little laugh. Use a card like this one from Scribbler Cards to show support and offer a welcome touch of lightheartedness to an otherwise potentially stressful day.

    Customize this funny Checklist Card template for your struggling pal this year.

    The Card For Those With An Undying Love For Spice Girls

    Send a Big Hug. Fun Illustrated Greeting Card

    Design by ExGirlfriendsCards

    The 90s proved to be a successful decade for the Spice Girls, and for many, they have lived on to become a timeless girl band. This card from ExGirlfriendsCards comically plays with the classic Spice Girls lyric, Spice up your life.

    Customize this Navy Blue Girls Friendship Card template for all the Spice Girls in your life. Add a funny message and photo of a time you all dressed up for extra effect.

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