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Happy Birthday Guitar Notes Easy

What Are The Guitar Chords For Happy Birthday

Learn “Happy Birthday” on Guitar in 5 Minutes – Easy Chords & Strumming

Do you want to know how to play happy birthday on guitar? Maybe youve been asked to play it at a birthday party? Or you want to surprise someone.

Whichever the reason, youre in the right place.

Ill show you the correct happy birthday chords, the progression, the strumming pattern, even the melody if you wish to play that too.

This song sounds best on an acoustic guitar, but hey, if you want to play it on an electric guitar, you go for it!

Easy: Happy Birthday Guitar Tabs Single String

Quick & Easy Happy Birthday Song Guitar Lead | Presenting the easy single/one string guitar tabs of Happy Birthday Song. If youre beginner and if you dont know how to play this song on guitar then this article is for you. Weve tabbed this full song on < < e> > /1st String of your acoustic/electric guitar.

Most People Will Choose The Key That Fits Their Voice Better

. Happy Birthday Hap-py C birth – day to G you. Try the following chords one at a time until you feel comfortable switching between them. If youre still struggling to get it see if this way helps Ive accentuated the lyrics to help you.

Hap-py birth – day to C you. Create and get 5 IQ. The strumming pattern in Happy Birthday is 34 time.

Happy G Birthday dear C name Happy G Birthday D7 to G you. The first string is taken over by your third finger and you will need to use the second fret if you want to play happy birthday on guitar. Song Happy Birthday Chords G-D-C Strumming Pattern DD-UU-DU.

The four happy birthday guitar chords are G D D7 and C and they are played in this order. It only requires four chords all of which are very common. Standard tuning with CAPO 1.

Below is the chord progression to Happy Birthday. C G D7 G. You can transpose these chords to different keys if you wish Ill give you the chords in other keys as well in a second.

These chords will be written above the melody in the next section. Happy D7 Birthday to G you. Hap-py C birth – day G to C you.

You can play this song in many different keys. FREE GUITAR LESSONHow to play happy birthday on guitarEasy three chord songChord progressionA E E A A D A E AGuitar Tutorial by Ton UyDont forget to comm. Happy birthday G to you D Happy birthday D7 to you G Happy birthday dear name of the birthday person C Happy birthday G to D7 you G Part two.

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How To Figure Out The First Note For Singing

If you wonder how you are supposed to figure out where to begin singing while you are playing Happy Birthday on guitar, you are not alone.

  • Matching the melody you sing, to the chords you are playing is a skill that takes a while to develop, and playing Happy Birthday on guitar is a classic test.
  • Never fear! You are about to be able to find your starting note for singing within the very first chord you play, the B7.

In the key of E major, the melody to Happy Birthday starts on a B, and when you play a B7, you are playing two Bs: on the A string second fret, and on the open B string.

Happy Birthday Easy Guitar Chords


After playing guitar for 20 years, I would say that if I had to name 1 song that I’ve played most often in front of kids, it would be Happy Birthday.

If you want to learn how to play Happy Birthday on the guitar, I have great news for you.

It involves playing just a few simple beginner chords on your guitar.

And singing of course. Can’t help you there, I’ve been told on occasion that my singing voice stings ears like needles

Let’s get to it.

Here are the chords, after which I’ll also give you the strumming pattern I use, then a surprise at the end.


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So Many Ways To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar

Now that you have learned a few ways to play Happy Birthday on guitar, you can teach it to a friend and form your power duo!

Once you have mastered Happy Birthday on guitar, you can expand your birthday party repertoire by adding these songs:

  • Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder
  • Birthday by the Beatles
  • The Happy Birthday Song by Andrew Bird
  • Its Not My Birthday by They Might Be Giants
  • Tears at the Birthday Party by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach
  • Birthday by Katy Perry

How To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar

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Out of the huge library of songs that are simple enough for beginners to learn on guitar, the classic “Happy Birthday” tune may be one of the most useful as it’s welcome at nearly any birthday party! “Happy Birthday” uses solely open major chords and a simple melody. With a 3/4 beat and a melody that incorporates pickup notes, it may not be effortless to learn for every novice. However, since the song is so short and well-known, it’s usually simple to pick up with just a few sessions of practice.

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Easy Guitar Sheet Music With Notes Chords & Tablature In C

This is a simple transcription for guitar with recommended fingering. As much as the song is great for singing with kids, it is also an ideal piece for guitar beginners actually one can play it within the first week of guitar lessons! It is a pleasant tune to practice the notes on the 1st position and up to the 3rd fret with fingers 1, 2 and 3 of the left hand. The melody line is played on the first three strings .

The piece is also good for right hand mobility and control, as one can practice the apoyando technique with i-m.

If youd like to save this free guitar music sheet of Happy Birthday Song to your computer, right click and choose Save Image As.

Guitar Chords And Tabs In G

Happy Birthday EASY Guitar Tutorial (How to play)

As mentioned above, we also suggest the key of G major. All three chords G, D and C essential for beginners.

In this key the melody extends to an octave from D4 to D5 and it might not sound so bright for women or children compared to the C key. However, it is perfect for male voices. Nevertheless, you could use a capo to transpose to G#, A, Bb, or Bmajor by placing it respectively on fret I, II, III, or IV.

For saving this free image with the guitar chords of Happy Birthday Song to your computer, right click and choose Save Image As.

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How To Play Happy Birthday On The Guitar

Here is how to play happy birthday on guitar. It only requires four chords, all of which are very common. The four happy birthday guitar chords are G, D, D7, and C, and they are played in this order.

G D D7 G

C G D7 G

Its that simple! The only part that can challenge people is the last chord switch, where you quickly go from the D7 to the G, but with enough practice, you will get that quick switch down easily!

Happy Birthday Guitar Chords

Happy Birthday Guitar Chords Step by Step Tutorial on how to play the happy birthday song on the guitar. Easy guitar lesson for beginners, tabs included.

Almost everybody knows the happy birthday song regardless of their age. This is the first song you might have heard in a party since birthday parties are the only parties you attended as a child. The first sing-along song you might have learned as a kid is the birthday song. The song brings fond childhood memories and is associated with a happy time.

Going to a birthday party as a child was one of the happiest memories. As it involved spending time playing games with the neighborhood children and you got to eat candy, cake and sweet goodies all day. This was the only time your parents couldnt restrict you on the amount of sugar you took in a day.

The happy birthday guitar chords are four which makes it easy to play for any beginner. Additionally, since song is among the first songs you learned to sing along as a kid, this makes it even more exciting and fun to play. This is because you dont have to spend time learning the lyrics and you are familiar with the rhythm and tune of the song.

1. Happy birthday song lyrics

Verse one

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Happy birthday to you

Part two: History of the happy birthday song

1. The beginning of the song

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Happy Birthday On Guitar For The Beginner Guitarist

To start, we are going to learn how to play Happy Birthday on guitar with a chord chart.

  • To use the chord chart below, you need to know three chords: E major, A major, and B7.
  • B7 looks like a scary and impossible chord for the beginner, but it is a relatively simple chord change, especially when you are coming from the E major chord.

Check out this simple finger swap to change from E major to B7 your middle finger stays in the same place as a pivot point and all you have to do is move the other two fingers.

Happy Birthday Guitar Chords Easy Guitar Lesson

Happy Birthday

One song that all Guitarists will definitely learn to play will be Happy birthday. Be it a family or office gatherings or any live gigs I am sure there is always a birthday to celebrate. Playing in these kinds of events or laying live in front of people helps to get out of stage fear or playing in front of a crowd. Happy birthday, Guitar chords are one of the easiest songs to learn when you initially start learning guitar lessons. We will learn to play happy birthday guitar chords for beginners in the key of G Major. All you need is just three simple beginner chords. They are G major, C major and D major guitar chords.

G major chord

C major chord

D major chord

The strumming pattern of this song is also simple. You can do all down strokes or a simple combination of down and upstrokes. Our advice is to go with the flow of the song and try to strum the guitar holding the right chords firmly. You must be able to play the song. The trick is to maintain a simple strumming pattern and change the chord shapes at the right time.

The strumming pattern of this song is also simple. You can do all downstrokes or a simple combination of down and upstrokes. Our advice is to go with the flow of the song and try to strum the guitar holding the right chords firmly. You must be able to play the song. The trick is to maintain a simple strumming pattern and change the chord shapes at the right time.

3 simple steps to play Happy birthday guitar chords for beginners:
  • Good morning to you,

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Free Printable Pdf With Guitar Chords Tabs And Sheet Music

If youd like to download a printable PDF file with Guitar Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music with Notes, Chords & Tablature for this song, click on the button above or on the following link.

Click on the button to watch a sing-along video with lyrics and download a sing-along audio mp3 file of this song for free.

Please click on the button to watch a karaoke videowith lyrics and download a karaoke audio mp3 file of this song for free.

You can click on the button to watch a piano tutorial video and download a PDF file with music score of this song for free.

Click on the button to watch a glockenspiel / xylophone tutorial video and download a free printable PDF file with glockenspiel / xylophone Music Sheet and Note Chart of this song.

Easy Guitar Chords For Happy Birthday Ideal For Beginners

  • Instrumentio Staff

There are some songs out there that are a staple as part of the learning process for the guitar and Happy Birthday is one of them. As one of the popular kid songs on guitar, learning the chords for happy birthday means you can play it at the next birthday party you go to. In this guide we are going to teach you the four guitar chords needed to play the song G, D, D7 and C.

  • 3 Conclusion
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    Why You Need To Know How To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar

    If your friends or family know that you own a guitar, at some point, someone is going to ask you if you can play Happy Birthday on guitar.

    Such is the life of a musician!

    So brush up on the chords you need to know and youll be comfortable playing Happy Birthday when the inevitable moment arrives.

    If The Key Doesnt Suit Your Voice Use A Capo

    Guitar tutorial – Happy Birthday – Easy!

    If you have been playing and singing Happy Birthday on your guitar as you follow along this lesson, you will know by now whether you are comfortable singing the song in the key of E major.

    • If you are uncomfortable singing this song in the key of E major, dont give up! You can easily play Happy Birthday on guitar in any key.
    • All you need is a capo, and a little trial and error, and you will quickly find a comfortable vocal range and the key you should use.

    The beauty of the capo is that it allows you to change the key of the song without having to change any of the chord shapes you are making. A capo gives you a super-power!

    No capo? No worries! You can play Happy Birthday on guitar using a type of chord conversion called transposing.

    It sounds scary, but its pretty easy.

    • Happy Birthday, like many songs, follows a I-IV-V chord progression, and to convert, all you have to do is replace the E major with another I chord and follow the musical alphabet to find the IV and V7 or V chords. V and V7 are interchangeable, so use the one you know!
    • Find and play the root of whichever V chord you select in order to find your initial singing note.

    Here is a handy I-IV-V chart in the guitar-friendly keys of C, A, G, E, and D. Choose your I chord to replace the E major, and follow that row to convert the A and B7 chords.

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    Guitar Chords For Happy Birthday

    Are you looking for an easy way to play happy birthday on guitar? If yes then you have landed in the best place. This is the only lesson you will need to learn to play happy birthday.

    The best part of this lesson is it is completely beginner-friendly. The only three chords you need is G-D-C to play the whole happy birthday song.

    Note: If everything seems confused to you then simply watch the video lesson I have mentioned at the end of this post.

    Do You Know Barre Chords If So Try This

    If you know how to make barre chords, it is even easier to play Happy Birthday on guitar. All you have to do is convert the chords we are using into numbers according to the chart above.

    E major is the I chord and A major is the IV chord, so if you use the open E major shape chord as your I chord, then the A major-shaped barre chord located at the same fret is the IV chord. You dont even have to move your hand up the neck!

    Wherever your IV chord is, move it up two frets, and youve found your V chord.

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    What People Are Saying

    “Tomas, where have you been all my life? You lessons are so good step by step… Keep up the brilliant work.”– Chisomo Ku

    “I have spent a lot of time looking for online instructions, your lessons and information are the best. It gives me hope that maybe in time I too can play guitar with confidence.”– Eric Jordan, Yuba City, CA

    “You’re a great guitar instructor and I really love your course. I am trying to learn how to play the acoustic guitar and your course material is awesome!”– Dave Lindquist

    “Hi Tomas – I do believe you’ve saved me many months of practice/work learning to play the guitar! Bless you!”– Deb Bodnar, New York

    Easy Happy Birthday For Guitar

    Happy Birthday To You

    Happy Birthday is a great song to learn, and one that everyone can put to use.

    Begin with an easy version like the one presented here, then add bass-line runs or additional chords as your skills improve.

    The chord forms are shown at the top of the music. If they don’t make sense to you, read an explanation at Common Guitar Chords.

    The G chord used here is a simplified version that uses only two fingers. The chord diagram shows the fifth string muted, but you can also let it ring. It sounds fine either way.

    The melody is shown in the musical notation. For a quick intro to reading music, the article on Basic Music Theory might help.

    The lines and numbers under the lyrics are guitar TAB for playing the melody if you would like to, otherwise you can simply strum the chords where shown. See the Guitar TAB Guide for a complete explanation of TAB.

    In October of 2010 I updated the song and used the key of C. This simplified the song, and allows you to expand the song without worrying about sharps and flats. In addition, a PDF version of the Easy Happy Birthday song is available for download, simply click on the image to open a dialog box that will allow you to save the PDF file to your computer .

    The F-Chord is optional, but does add a nice touch to the song as you sing the person’s name.

    Finally, insert your favorite name in place of “Jimmy” -)

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