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Milk Bar Birthday Cake Class

Homemade Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake For My 30th

EPIC BIRTHDAY CAKE – Momofuku Milk Bar | make it vegan | Studio Vegan

Learn how to make the famous Momofuku Milk Bar birthday cake from Christina Tosi’s recipe from the Milk Bar cookbook. This birthday cake is a play on the quintessential funfetti birthday cake loaded with rainbow sprinkles .

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This recipe has a lot of steps, but isn’t too difficult. Spread out the work over a couple days, and you’ll be fine!

The Milk Bar birthday cake from Christina Tosi’s new book Milk Bar available on is THE celebration birthday cake everybody wants to make and eat.

Christina Tosi is the genius behind crack pie, compost cookies, compost pound cake, among others. She is one to follow for nostalgic, yet innovative baked goods.

I think this is the perfect cake to say good-bye to my twenties, and to greet my thirties. It’s fun, and maybe a little whimsical, full of brightly coloured sprinkles, and birthday cake crumbs. I’d suggest you make an extra batch of the Momofuku Milk Bar birthday cake crumbs so you can make these birthday cake truffles with the cake scraps. Just sayin’.

How Do I Make A Milk Bar Cake Ahead Of Time

I get it. This cake is not for the faint of heart. So here is a breakdown of the components and their make ahead schedule:

Cake crumbs: Up to a week ahead of time. Store at room temperature. You can also store these in the freezer for 1 month.

Cake: You can store this, cooled and wrapped, in the fridge up to 5 days.

Frosting: Store in the fridge up to 1 week ahead of time. Bring to room temperature before using.

Whole Cake Assembled: Store in the fridge, covered up to 5 days. Freezer, covered, up to 2 weeks.

My Thoughts On The Momofuku Birthday Cake

Ill be honest, I wasnt sure how I was going to feel about the Milk Bar cake, primarily because I am a huge frosting person. To have a cake with naked sides is like blasphemy to me, but I went with it and crossed my fingers. As it turns out, I feel like this cake has the absolutely PERFECT ratio of frosting to cake, and IT. WAS. PHENOMENAL.

Its not a big cake , but the multiple layers and components makes it rich and full of flavor, so a little really does go a long way. This was finished and photographed on a Thursday my husband and I each had a slice in the evening on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and there was still enough left for people to try on Sunday . Everyone who had it on Sunday loved it just as much as we did and were so curious about all of the different layers.

There are quite a number of different types of Milk Bar cakes in the cookbook, and I cant wait to try some others! I think next on my list might be the chocolate chip cake + passionfruit filling + coffee buttercream frosting so intriguing, right?!

If you have something special to celebrate, give this a try! Its totally different and people will LOVE it!

For the Birthday Cake Crumb

  • ½cupgranulated sugar
  • 1½tablespoonslight brown sugar
  • ¾cupcake flour
  • ½teaspoonbaking powder
  • ½teaspoonkosher salt
  • 2tablespoonsrainbow sprinkles
  • ¼cupgrapeseed oil
  • 1tablespoonclear vanilla extract

For the Birthday Cake

For the Birthday Cake Frosting

For the Birthday Cake Soak

  • ¼cupmilk
  • 1teaspoonclear vanilla extract

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Copycat Milk Bar Birthday Cake

Funfetti cake stacked sky-high, filled with cream cheese frosting and topped with crunchy Funfetti crumbles. This is the ultimate birthday treat you will crave all year-long.

Todays my birthday. Another year older and a little more fluffy. The fluff I can fix, the ageI will embrace. Its just a numberthats what people tell me anyway. So, I try not to think about the number and focus on how brilliant Im becoming. Right, older and wiser? So, Im nearing Einstein territory if you add up the years.

The fact of the matter is, I still feel young. I forgot to grow up. I still giggle at farts and make stupid, immature jokes. I just know now when not to be inappropriate and have a better filter. I still feel like the same girl that used to dress like 80s Madonna and thought the most important thing in the world was boys. I just know more stuff. The things that everyone used to tell me, I wish I knew then what I know now and I would share the most exaggerated eye roll ever. The adults in my life loved it. I know they did.

This cake is amazing.I kid you not. If you can hold off on eating everything before assembling it will be the most epic Birthday Cake ever. Those cake crumbles are tough though, I was shoveling them in by the fistful.

Take An Online Baking Class

An Afternoon

Milk Bar previously held in-person baking classes for $95 a person at select NYC, DC, and LA store locations, but classes shut down due to the pandemic. Now, you can for $249 and learn how to develop your own original recipes from Tosi herself.

For a free alternative, send them Milk Bar’s most popular recipes to recreate at home. You can thank us later when you’re digging into a homemade Compost Cookie.

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What’s In A Milk Bar Cake Class

Katelyn Wang

I have always been a big fan of Milk Bar a dessert haven founded in New York by pastry chef Christina Tosi. The iconic cereal milk soft serve topped with cornflake crunch, accompanied by one or maybe three corn cookies is probably my definition of an ideal way to end the night. Upon the opening of a Milk Bar flagship in Los Angeles last September, I knew I had to experience the making of the famous Birthday Cake myself. I immediately grabbed two of my closest friends and my older brother to come experience the magic of Milk Bar with me!

While Milk Bar offers a variety of classes focused on different sweet treats from their holiday Peppermint Bark Cake to the famous Milk Bar Pie we opted for the classic layered birthday cake. The Milk Bar Birthday Cake is known for its unfrosted sides and confetti cake layers sandwiched between heaps of icing the perfect way to turn any day into a celebration. The classes are offered in New York and Washington DC in addition to Los Angeles, and with the new NYC flagship recently opened on Saturday, November 16th, the possibilities continue to grow.

These same steps were repeated until our three-layer cake was fully assembled. Finally, after the final layer of frosting, our creative expression came into play as we each arranged our cake crumbs in various shapes and designs.

Fsl Field Trip: Nyc Cake Class

Its no secret around here that I love me some sweets. I am pretty sure its genetic. My moms family legitimately considers chocolate to be its own food group. Well, duh it kind of is right? She grew up in a house where my grandparents have always had a long coffee table in their living room with 6 to 8 different filled candy dishes at any given point in time. To this day, the coffee table is the candy station. I am not exaggerating. Our family is big on baking too, not just candy. At family gatherings, we usually have the food catered or just do chips & dips and tons of desserts. Just the good stuff right?

I eat pretty healthy most of the time except at family picnics and parties. A handful of potato chips, 7 tootsie rolls, a slice of my cousin Nicolles latest meringue concoction, and one of Auntie Roxys triple chocolate fudge brownies usually does me good. My cousin Jackies all time favorite, funfetti cupcakes pretty much sum up my childhood. A fun colorful twist on the usual vanilla. This is the food that makes me nostalgic. See her recipe for 3 ingredient funfetti cookies here.

Its never a dull moment for me. This trip was no exception. It was an adventure.

The class was at their Brooklyn location which is where they bake everything then it ships out to its stores. Ive been to Manhattan a zillion times, but never to Brooklyn. We actually drove by Marcy where Jay-Z grew up and obviously had to take a picture of this. Hoooovaaaaa!

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Digital Innovation And Transformation

The award-winning bakery Milk Bar, led by celebrity chef Christina Tosi, has pivoted to using digital content to drive its ecommerce business to beat the pandemic.

Cereal milk soft serve ice cream. Birthday cake truffles. Crack pie. Compost cookies.

These are just some of the amazing, iconic pastries that are available at Milk Bar. Milk Bar is an award-winning bakery with locations across New York, Washington DC, Toronto, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Boston. Founded by James Beard award-winning celebrity chef Christina Tosi in 2008, Milk Bar originally first opened in New York City, where it was initially run as an extension within David Changs Momofuku Restaurant Group. However, it has since spun off to become a force of nature in its own right in the restaurant world.

However, when the coronavirus hit and the pandemic caused shutdowns and quarantines in all its retail locations particularly in New York City, where Milk Bar was founded but had also concentrated much of its physical retail presence the Milk Bar operating model was put at risk. Prior to the pandemic, Milk Bar saw 75% of its revenue come from its physical stores and only 25% come from online. With such shutdowns in place, Milk Bar was at risk of losing a majority of its revenue and needed to quickly pivot.

And pivot they did.

B’day Truffle Dozen Box

Milk Bar Funfetti Birthday Cake: 8″ Vanilla Layer Cake With Rainbow Sprinkles | Cooking with Kurt

We rolled all the childhood flavor of our signature cake into a single bite no utensils needed. Made from Birthday Cake, these rainbow-flecked, vanilla-happy goodies are coated in a barely-there white chocolate shell and rolled in B’Day sand.

Includes one gift box of 12 B’Day Truffles.

Birthday Cake


6″ cake ingredients:10″ cake ingredients:6″ cake ingredients:10″ cake ingredients:

Made in a facility that processes PEANUTS AND TREE NUTS

Contains: milk, eggs, wheat, soy

How we make our Birthday Cake:1. Rainbow cake

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Tell More Me About This Cake

This gorgeous birthday cake features three layers of funfetti cake. In true Milk Bar style, its made using one sheet pan, rather than multiple round cake pans . Ive used my favourite buttery, Funfetti Cake recipe, that produces a soft and fluffy vanilla cake every time.

Next, is that vanilla buttercream. But while I love my regular buttercream frosting, weve made it even more special by swapping milk for Greek yogurt. The real Milk Bar recipe has cream cheese in the frosting, so this is our easy way of getting that similar tang. Another secret ingredient in our frosting is a hint of baking powder. Believe it or not, this helps make the lightest, fluffiest frosting ever. This frosting is so good, youll find yourself licking the bowl clean.

The secret ingredient in our frosting is a hint of baking powder. Believe it or not, this helps make the lightest, fluffiest frosting ever.

And then theres those crunchy, crispy cookie crumbs. These little funfetti shortbread crumbs take only minutes to make but they enhance the sweet, buttery, vanilla flavour profile were going for here. And they provide a unique textural element to the cake. Were obsessed with them .

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Special Ingredients To Make The Milk Bar Birthday Cake

  • liquid glucose: you may find it at Bulk Barn or your local bulk ingredients store, or restaurant/baking supply stores in your area. If not, you can Wilton brand glucose from .
  • citric acid: you may find it at Bulk Barn or your local bulk ingredients store. If not, you can order citric acid from .
  • rainbow jimmies: the sprinkles used for this cake recipe are rainbow jimmies, that kinda look like tiny coloured grains of rice. Your grocery store will most likely have rainbow jimmies that you can buy. If not, order them on .
  • cake and pastry flour: cake and pastry flour has a lower protein content than regular all-purpose, which will help you achieve a fluffier, more tender cake. You can find it on if your grocery store doesn’t have it.
  • grapeseed oil: grapeseed oil is a flavourless oil. If you don’t want to buy grapeseed oil, Tosi recommends using canola oil. If you feel like buying grapeseed oil, you can buy it on .
  • imitation vanilla: Christina Tosi recommends using artificial or imitation vanilla for many of her recipes because imitation vanilla tends to have a more pronounced vanilla flavour that is very nostalgic. Use a clear imitation vanilla extract if you can find it. You can also buy it on . You can also use real vanilla extract if you prefer, but the flavour won’t be the same.

Three: Make The Frosting

PoPville » Milk ID: Design Your Own Milk Bar Cake

You still with me?! Oh good. Its going to be worth it. Pinky swear. Now for the frosting.

Start by creaming together the butter, shortening, and cream cheese until the mixture is smooth and fluffy . Be sure to scrape down the bowl.

And then stream in the glucose, corn syrup, and vanilla. And beat again for about 2-3 minutes. The mixture will become smooth and glossy white.

Then finish by adding the lemon juice and powdered sugar. Mix again for a final 2-3 minutes. You can also make the frosting ahead of time. Just store in an airtight container for a week in the fridge.

Ok now that we have everything ready to go. Its time to assemble!

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Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake Recipe

The instructions are not identical to those in the book because there are certain things that I do differently. Still, if you love making cakes, . It’s a great investment full of insight and tips. If you want to try another Momofuku Milk Bar style cake, try this gorgeous blackberry almond cake recipe.

Video Result For Milk Bar Cooking Class

Day 12 of Christina Tosi’s Baking Class – Milk Bar Pie…
Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies | Milk…
Milk Bar Funfetti Birthday Cake: 8″ Vanilla Layer Cake…





















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Wait How Do I Get Three Cake Layers

One thing we learnt at Milk Bar is that when you are creating a cake like this, not every layer has to be perfect. In fact, the bottom layer is typically made from two half moons cut from the leftover cake, so youll get two perfect rounds and one youll have to piece together. But dont worry, no one will know! See below diagram.

What Is The Momofuku Birthday Cake

Making the FAMOUS Milk Bar Birthday Cake!

A funfetti cake thats light and fluffy. With sprinkles abound. Soaked in a vanilla milk. Slathered in a creamy dreamy vanilla buttercream frosting.

And the best part

Cake crumbs. Dont worry we will get to the crunchy cake crumbs. And it all comes together into one blissful bite that I am still dreaming about. I actually made this cake months ago for my amazing Fiances birthday. He is a funfetti fiend and loves a good boxed mix. I wont judge. I still love him. But I wanted to make him one from scratch.

Ok this cake is a bit of a labor of love. Hey Im all for making some awesome easy desserts when the time calls for it. Nothing wrong with whipping up some easy Chocolate Fudgeor maybe someOld Fashioned Peanut Butter Fudge but then some occasions call for an epic cake like this one.

This cake is a bit different for a few reasons:

And this cake promised that it tastes just like those boxed funfetti mixes we all hate to love. It delivers. On so many levels. And then some. In fact, it blows a boxed cake mix out of the water. Yes I will be making this cake again.

Is it time consuming? Heck yes. Is it worth it? Every calorie laden, drool worthy bite.

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