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Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party Supplies

Paint The Red Roses Red

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas!

After purchasing fake white roses*, you will need to buy red paint or markers. You can either have guests in teams or as individuals who will do their best to paint their roses red the fastest. You can include time penalties if someone paints their rose sloppily or if the paint is spilled to make it more fun.

Alice In Wonderland Party Minus Stress

Now, arranging a Alice in Wonderland party is fun. With Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies, you do not need to take stress while preparing for the party. Because Alice in Wonderland party packs have everything from cups to napkins, from wall decals in retro color to character costumes, all Alice in Wonderland themed, all that helping you to make your kids birthday party an enjoyable experience.

Alice In Wonderland Party Ideas

  • Amazing Alice in Wonderland birthday cake
  • Wonderland themed desserts like cupcakes, mini cakes, chocolate covered Oreos, macaron tree, and a donut tree
  • Alice theme signs and gorgeous florals
  • Beautiful dessert table wonderland backdrop
  • Customized Mias Wonderland tabletop
  • Customized Eat Me dessert stand
  • Black and white checkered details
  • Tableware with black and white checked placemats and each place setting included a bowl with greenery, a butterfly, and a sign
  • Wonderland decorations like Drink Me bottles, tea cups, and more
  • Incredible large wreath centerpieces decorated with butterflies, teacups, and greenery
  • Design your own clock activity
  • Fun costumes and so much more!

This wonderland birthday party has so many incredible party details that its hard to choose just one favorite. But if we had to pick just one it would definitely be the intricate cake detailing. Its truly an incredible work of art!

If youre planning your own Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party, take this amazing inspiration and incorporate it into your party plans.

What are your favorite details from this Alice in Wonderland Themed Party? Let us know in the comments below.

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Shop these Wonderland Party Supplies:

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Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies Pinatas:

  • Alice in Wonderland 3D Pull Pinata.
  • Pull String Pinata Kit Alice in Wonderland.
  • Alice in Wonderland Drum Pull Pinata Kit.
  • Alice in Wonderland 3D Pull Pinata Kit.
  • Pull String Pinata Alice in Wonderland.
  • Alice in Wonderland Drum Pull Pinata.

Also, you may choose from Pinata Blindfold Mask, Pinata Filler , Pinata Filler Favors 64Pcs , Multi-color Pinata Stick Bat , Festive Pinata Filler Favors 36Pcs and Basic Pinata Kit for your Alice in Wonderland party.

Furthermore, you can select from Jelly Belly Fun Pack Bag, Festive Pinata Filler Favors/Candy 2Lb , Pinata Filler Favors/Candy 2 Lb Bag , Boy Pinata Filler 3Lb Bag and Primary Pull-String Blank Pinata to make your Alice in Wonderland birthday party fun.

In addition, you can also buy Pull String Blank Pinata, Girl Pinata Filler 3Lb Bag , Pastel Pull-String Blank Pinata , Pull Ribbon Pinata Conversion Kit and Pinata Filler Favors/Candy 1Lb Bag for a great Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.

Alice In Wonderland Water Bottles


I always like to have water bottles at my parties. Its easy to customize with I make, and having water available is a great break from the sweets too. Plus, you need more to drink than those tiny drink me bottles haha!

These are super easy. on regular water, cut them out, remove the water bottle labels, and then tape these on! Simple!

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Involve Your Child In Planning A Alice In Wonderland Themed Party

Remember as parents to make the focus on the birthday boy or girl while planning a Alice in Wonderland birthday party. A child is more excited about a fake cardboard action figure 5 foot tall painted by them over a store bought Alice in Wonderland sign that they can only look at. Zeroing in on what is most fun, memorable, and great for them is the focus, and for achieving that, we simply have to know our children, understand what makes them happy, and create the entire theme around that with Alice in Wonderland party supplies.

Of Course A Party Needs A Printable Game To Be Complete

You can and have a ball coloring and finding the words.

The printable makes a great activity and so does this paper plate mushroom craft! I shared it on the blog and you can see it here.

The plate of party food is yummy!!!

If you want to use the same paper tags that I used to label the foods, you can have it too!

The first movie that Disney did was so fantastic. We cant wait to go to opening night to see Alice Through the Looking Glass in a couple of days. If you are headed that way too, I hope some of these fun ideas cause you to make it into a celebration!

I am pretty excited about Pink singing White Rabbit too. I love that she shares in this interview that the movie will really inspire imagination.

Cheers to Inspiring Imagination,

This post contains affiliate links.

PS: I have these cards and I LOVE them!

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Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Birthday Balloons Decoration Supplies Tea Cup

Item dimensions L x W x H 25.4 x 20.3 x 5.1 centimeters
  • Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Birthday Balloon Decorations Supplies
  • Mylar balloons, double sided and self sealing
  • Beautiful NEW design!
  • 10 piece Set
25.4 x 20.32 x 5.08 cm 113.4 Grams
4.8 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank

Colorful Alice In Wonderland Theme Party Ideas

Best Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas & Supplies!

Growing up, theres always that one Disney character that you wouldve wished your parents threw you a party for. But now that youre in the position to do this for your kids, why not throw your child an Alice in Wonderland theme party that is exciting for everyone! This theme party is not only colorful, but it will be a fun and exciting time for all of your guests to come together and celebrate. If youre worried about what things youll need to put together the most enchanting Alice in Wonderland party, weve got you covered. Here is our comprehensive guide and list of ideas that you can consider for your own Alice in Wonderland theme party while its still in the planning phase. Weve also got you covered with a checklist and party budget worksheet if youd like some extra organization while planning for this event.

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Alice In Wonderland Birthday

Alice In Wonderland Theme Party Ideas: Menu

Food makes up a big part of events, especially during parties that are for kids. An Alice in Wonderland themed party is a great way to incorporate sweet treats for all of your guests so that they are sure to have tons of energy the whole day. Here is our list of tasty treats and snacks that everyone can enjoy with their tea during your Wonderland party!

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Alice In Wonderland Playing Cards

Although its not something that all kids will find the use of immediately, it will be cool to have as they grow older and learn to play some fun card games with their family and friends. There are a few Alice in Wonderland-themed playing cards that you can buy depending on whether you want them to match your party theme or not.

Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies Personalization:

Pin by Bizzie Bee Creations By Iris on Alice In Wonderland
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Invitation .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Bottle Label .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Favor Mug .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Thank You .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Stickers .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Lollipops .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Magnet .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Favor Bag .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Bubbles .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Banner .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Lip Balm .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized 2 Lollipops .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Rectangular Stickers .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Candy Tubes .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized Mini Magnet .
  • Alice in Wonderland Personalized 1 Mini Key Chain .

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A Game That Helps Cleanup Alice In Wonderland Party Venue

Prepare a cleanup game at the end of the Alice in Wonderland birthday party before people leave, but disguise it all. At the end of a party, what usually occurs is everyone stands up, thanks the host, and then simply leaves and the best way to avoid this is to make one final game before anyone at your Alice in Wonderland celebrations even expects this to happen, even the adults.

Make two teams and the winning team at the Alice in Wonderland party is declared number one for the day, and the another team is number two however, they can also be called team chocolate thunder or, alternatively, team Bob it is a team thing. Most of all, the game itself should be fun and based on Alice in Wonderland theme, making it timed, or based on quantity, whoever cleaned up the most at the end of the period wins.

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Decorations

Plan the decorations well before the Alice in Wonderland party. If you are inventing everything beforehand, planning the layout before developing the decorations takes almost all of the stress out for a great Alice in Wonderland birthday party. For example, balloon placement is not very important, however, cluttering a wall with Alice in Wonderland theme colored balloons is definitely not on the agenda. However, tossing many balloons on the floor as a game during the Alice in Wonderland party is acceptable and not actually a mess at least not until after the game.

The kitchen should have the table prepared with Alice in Wonderland theme-oriented tablecloth, cake and cupcakes, plates, plastic utensils, cups, and anything theme related to making the table burst out of the kitchen.

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Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies Decorations:

  • Alice in Wonderland Photo Booth Kit.
  • Alice in Wonderland Decoration Kit .
  • Alice in Wonderland Large Jointed Banner .
  • Alice in Wonderland Photo Booth Props .
  • Alice in Wonderland Door Poster .
  • Alice in Wonderland Pals Peel and Stick Giant Wall Graphic .
  • Alice in Wonderland Burst Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal .
  • Alice in Wonderland Wall Decor Kit.
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme Color Foil 8 1/2 Cascade Centerpiece .
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme Color Plastic 22 Hanging Decorations.
  • Alice in Wonderland Bright Plastic 22 Hanging Decorations, Asst.
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme Color Stars Foil Confetti .5Oz .
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme Color Plastic 22 Hanging Decorations.
  • Alice in Wonderland Pastel Customizable Foil Swirl Decoration Kit.
  • Alice in Wonderland Party Game.
  • Alice in Wonderland Lavender Crinkle Paper Shreds.
  • Alice in Wonderland Pastel Customizable Letter Banner .
  • Alice in Wonderland Bright Birthday Hat Fluffy 12 Garland .
  • Alice in Wonderland Pastel Customizable Birthday Room Decorating Kit.
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme Color Birthday Party Decoration Kit.
  • Alice in Wonderland Bright Birthday Hat Fluffy Decorations .
  • Alice in Wonderland Rainbow Autograph Matte .
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme Color 16 oz washable tempera paint plastic squeeze bottle.
  • Alice in Wonderland Peel and Stick Wall Decals .

Food Styling & Presentation

Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Party | DIY Favor Ideas

Below are some food styling and presentation tips to go with these Alice in Wonderland party ideas.

Use these Alice in Wonderland themed food labels to identify everything on the buffet / dessert table . More designs available.

Alternatively, you could just use these Eat Me and Drink Me tags, which can be personalized with the name of the event printed on them . These Alice in Wonderland food picks are also really cute and add a nice literary touch with the original book illustrations.

Use Mad Hatter top hats as trays and present food on them to give some height to the display, or turn the hats upside down to use them as serving bowls for snacks. You can just buy cheap top hats from supplier 5 and spruce them up by adding a bit of ribbon and the 10/6 card.

Present cakes, sandwiches, and scones on tiered cardboard stands, in true Afternoon Tea style. This Alice in Wonderland themed cupcake stand from supplier 3 is particularly cool. Alternatively, use these Alice in Wonderland cupcake stands .

A fruit bouquet is suitably surreal too and would make a great centrepiece for an Alice in Wonderland party dessert table . Watch the video below for a demonstation of how to make one.

Alternatively, try these simplified Fruit Flower Pops . Again, you could add some eyes and a mouth to make a face out of fruit strips and candy to make them even more surreal and in keeping with these Alice in Wonderland party ideas.

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Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party Is Fun

Throwing a party should be fun in the planning, developing, and finally having the party itself and Alice in Wonderland party supplies and party packs have made this possible. When it comes to throwing a party for our kids, I can assure you that a Alice in Wonderland themed birthday bash would be engaging, unique, and something people will enjoy putting on Facebook, but not in a negative way.

Alice In Wonderland Photo Booth Props

Along with the backdrop, youll always need some pops to go along with it so that you can make taking photos much more fun and inclusive for everyone. Many of the Alice in Wonderland photo booth props include flamingos, the arrows from the forest, Alices hair, the Queen of Hearts hair, the Mad Hatter and much more.

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Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party

If youre wanting to throw an Alice in Wonderland birthday party, there are tons of adorable ideas and free printables here! See everything from food ideas, decor ideas, and even party favor ideas!

This post may contain affiliate links. See my full disclosure policy HERE.

I love Alice in Wonderland so much! I even have an Alice in Wonderland tattoo, because its always been the movie character I connected with the most. Shes so fun, and curious and the whole movie is full of color and flowers and I just love it!

Recently I got to help a friend throw an Alice in Wonderland birthday party for her little girl and it was so much fun! I took plenty of pictures so you can get some inspiration and ideas from what we did, and Ive included all the free printables I made here for you to print too!

If youre just here for the free printables, and dont want to read the tips on printing and instructions on how to put these together below, then you can get those HERE.

Pack Alice In Wonderland Party Bags Paper Bags Fairy Themed Bags For Kids Birthdaycandy Treat Bags For Boys Girls Alice Birthday Party Supplies

My Creative Stirrings: Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party
  • Unique Design Boys Cars Party Bags: 16packs Alice in Wonderland party Handing bags, 8 pcs each pattern, perfect for Baby Girls themed party. You will love gift bags suitable for your children baby boys girls will like it.
  • Alice in Wonderland Party Bags Materials: These Alice in Wonderland paper party bags are made of high-quality kraft paper, which means sturdy and durable gift bags that will not rip when handled with. Strong enough to hold toys, candies and any other gifts.
  • Perfect Party Supplies Size: The size of each Alice paper party bag is 8.5×6.1 x3.2 inches. All the Cartoon gift bags come with top handle which is comfortable for your guest to carry, you can use party gift bags for treats, biscuits, snacks, small prizes, favor bags, goody bags, and small gift bags.
  • Widely Application: Our Cartoon paper gift bags suitable for various parties, family gatherings ,birthday party, Boys Cartoon fans party, graduation parties, cosplay party, Halloween, Christmas, baby shower or any other festivals and celebrations, suitable for delivering party favors such as nuts, cookies, snacks, candies, chocolates, small cakes, toys and so on.
  • Service: We’re absolutely sure you’ll love our product, Buy Cars Cartoon Party Paper Gift Bags with Confidence, If your order doesn’t completely excite and delight you, please contact with us, we will answer in 24 hours.

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Musical Chairs And Alice In Wonderland Birthday

Musical chairs will always be a classic party game and will never stop being fun and will go well with a Alice in Wonderland bash. It is as simple as setting up all the chairs, turn on the music, and turning it off while each round takes away a couple of chairs, depending on the amount of people playing in the Alice in Wonderland party. Finally, give a price to the last three winners and your little guests will never forget how great your Alice in Wonderland party was. One of the things about party games is that every single one should have a prize, and teach positive competition to all the little ones participating in the Alice in Wonderland birthday party games.

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