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40 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Th Birthday Invitation Wording

Im Turning 40 And Im Celebrating | 40th Birthday Party Ideas For Women

In addition to choosing 40th birthday celebration ideas, invitations are perhaps the most important aspect of party planning. They let your guests know when and where your party will take place, as well as any additional details such as party theme, dress code, or gift guides. As such, youâll want to make sure your invitations stand out in design and wording. Luckily, weâre here to help.

âMilestone Momentâ by Paperless Post

Milestone Momentâ Mark the momentous occasion with an invitation thatâs just as special. Dazzle with the invitation and keep the wording simple:

Bessie Glass is Turning 40

Join us in toasting

Saturday, July 10th at 1PM

9 Story Avenue

The Number Oh â Make the invitation stand out just as much as the 40-year-old to be with a card that makes an entrance, accompanied by a posse of straightforward details:

Saturday, June 2, 3 PM

The Pool Deck at the Taft Hotel

3400 Wilshire Boulevard

âNeon Capitals â by Paperless Post

Neon 40th â Go bold with an eye-catching design and unique wording thatâs sure to allude to the upcoming night-to-remember:

Saturday, June 14 at 7:30 PM

115 Cable Street | London

âLike Weâre in Our 20sâ by Derek Blasberg for Paperless Post

Like Weâre In Our 20s â Stay young with a chalkboard inspired design that invites guests to a youthful and lively bash:

If 40âs are the new 30âs

Can we party like weâre in our 20âs?

Saturday, March 8th, Eight OâClock

establishments in the West Village

Plan A A Long Walk For A Ham Sandwich Night

Youve heard the phrase thats a long walk for a ham sandwich, maybe after telling a really long story with an uneventful ending? Well, why not plan an actual long walk for a ham sandwichor several? Invite your group of friends to take part in a ham sandwich crawl where participants plate their own take on a ham sandwich . Whether the group actually walks, Ubers or bikes from home to home is up to you.

Ideas And Activities For The 40th Birthday Celebration

Turning 40 is a magical moment in life. The forty years symbolize a turning point.

We are young adults who have matured. We have probably spent thirty years taking care of our children, and we feel that now comes our time.

Around 40, we began to see things from another perspective, valuing friendship and family above all else. We are wiser and more humble because life has already surprised us with its setbacks. At this age, we have already faced difficult situations that we have overcome by ourselves.

We have grown as people, we have learned to value what we have and, best of all, is that we feel vital and full of energy. We want to live more intensely than ever. The time has come to begin to cross out of our list all those dreams that we have been postponing.

So, at 40, what you have to do is celebrate. Whether you are the one who is going to be years old, as if it is your friend or a close relative, take note of our ideas so that the celebration of the 40th birthday is merely unforgettable. We are engineers of emotions so that we can turn an occasion as unique as this into a historic and memorable day.

Do not worry about where to celebrate the adult birthday, we at celeblo.es take care of everything.

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Celebrate With Dancing Dinner And Drinks

Who doesnt love the classic party combination? Celebrate your birthday with amazing beverages, cool dances & extra-scrumptious food! Pick a theme like the roaring 20s or your favourite film so your friends and family can dress accordingly. If you do go with the roaring 20s, keep these in mind:

  • A live band with a great setlist
  • Dapper suits and flowy flapper dresses
  • Elegance
  • Speciality cocktails such as Old Fashioneds, classic gin martinis and Manhattans

Of course, there are so many other options to go with. It could very well be without a theme and just a good ol party with drinks and a dancefloor.

Especially given recent events, being able to safely gather and revel in each others company is a gift in itself.

Birthday For A Food Lover

40 years party celebration for men, #beerparty

Celebrate the foodie in your life with nothing other than a food themed birthday party. Reserve a table at your local cooking class or food-ify your home for the perfect soirée. Complete with chefs hats and personalized aprons, this is a 40th birthday bash everyone wants a bite of. Pick a certain type of food and use that dish as party inspiration. For example, if the birthday girl absolutely loves sushi, you could use bright greens and salmon hues to guide your party planning. Just get creative and have fun. And dont forget to bring your appetite.

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Grab A Cart And Go Bugging

If you consider yourself a pretty strong swimmer with a thirst for adventure than river bugging for your fortieth might be for you. Though the river bug looks similar to a blow-up donut you would essentially sit in to tour the lazy river at a water park, this inflatable device will have you speeding down water rapids with the most beautiful mountain backdrop surroundings for your viewing pleasure. So, gather a group of your adrenalin junkie friends and family members and have a go at this raw, unique and exciting water sport this birthday! You are guaranteed to have a time you will never forget.

A Murder Mystery Experience

Invite nine friends for a bespoke murder mystery experience at a surprise location for your 40th birthday party. Youll be transformed into characters with the help of costumes, make-up, and props. Each of the characters has a backstory as well as possible motives to commit the murder that must be solved. Whether you enjoy the experience in a dinner party setting, or you spread it out over a weekend, itll make for an unforgettable birthday event.

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Make It A Birthday To Remember With Paperless Post

Turning 40 is a huge milestone, and while itâs an exciting new chapter in oneâs life, turning the big 4-0 may also come with its slew of emotions, both good and bad. No matter where your head is at, it never hurts to get a head start on brainstorming 40th birthday ideas and plans, especially when it comes to the invitations. There, Paperless Post has you covered. We offer a selection of online custom cards and birthday invitations to help make your birthday extraordinary. Want your invitations to double as keepsakes? We also have a collection of .

Using our in-site customization tools, you can change the cardâs text, style, envelope, and background color to make an invitation thatâs truly you.

We also provide RSVP tracking tools to help organize your guest list and responses. With such a big milestone to come, itâs only fitting that you have the experts in party-planning behind youâPaperless Post.

Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas For Her

31 to 40 Years Simple Birthday Party Decoration – Beautiful Decor Ideas

Shhhh. A surprise party is only good if people keep a secret. This job requires a dastardly party planner. If you are looking for some great 40th birthday surprise ideas for women, you are in the right place.

This birthday secret will greatly depend on your surprise birthday party invitations. Make sure you are as straightforward as possible with your partys details and that the invitation explicitly states that the party is a surprise.

Since the guest of honor will be overwhelmed when he or she walks in, it is very important to have a ton of overkill. Throwing confetti, giant balloons, and personalized banners, I guess. You will need to somehow thank your guests for keeping the holiday a secret for so long. Whats better than doing it with some cute 40th birthday party?

Pack some personalized sugar cookies with the laureates face as a favor that everyone at the party will enjoy.

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Connect With Some Old Friends On Facebook

Life can be one rollercoaster ride. You start new jobs, make new friends, leave that job and start another and with it comes new friends. Sometimes you find you lose touch with people, not because you want to, but because your life paths have taken you in such opposing directions its hard to keep up and then by the time you feel you should contact that person it feels like too much time has passed and things might be awkward, so you just leave it and carry on. You may have been thinking of those you have lost touch with, wondering what they are up to now, whether theyve had kids or how they are doing. So why not use this fortieth as an excuse to reconnect with those friends youve lost touch with and what better way to do so than through Facebook. It saves the awkward talk on the phone and allows you ample time to reply. You only live once and you never know, your friendship may blossom once again.

Throw A 1920s Themed Party

Think flappers, gangsters, sophistication and glamour this fortieth birthday and throw yourself a roaring twenties party. Its fun way to get everyone involved and people will love draping themselves in all the pearls, sequins, feather boas, three-piece suits and sipping on fancy cocktails. Have the jazz music playing, get your feet moving because you are in for a night you will never forget.

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Ideas For A Big Break

If a party is planned in your own home, you should of course first determine whether you want to hold a small or big party. Just for the 40th birthday theme parties are high.

No matter if a time trip with appropriate music and at the time announced food. Or other great mottos that match the character of the birthday child.

Here There are no limits to the imagination. If the 40th Birthday takes place in the summer. You can also have a garden party under the sunny motto âHawaiiâ or âCaribbeanâ in glorious weather and decorate the location, such as with Hawaiiketten or torches in the garden.

Get Away With Your Significant Other

40 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

If you have that someone special in your life, be it a romantic partner or simply your ultimate bestie, get away from life for a night or two and celebrate with the one you love. It could be a staycation at a local 5-star hotel, or getting out of town and taking a visit to your most sought-after cabin in the woods.

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Fun 40th Birthday Party Ideas And Themes

During your initial party planning, remember to take into consideration how the guest of honor is feeling about this big milestone. Plenty of people look forward to this birthday. Others are less excited. Plan the occasion accordingly for a birthday party that stays true to the honoree. All 40th birthday party plans should embrace the age and celebrate the idea that another year older is another year better. Bring this idea to life with these party planning tips and tricks that will help you throw a standout celebration. No matter who you are planning for, these 40th birthday party ideas for men and women will help you throw a fitting celebration.

Th Birthday Idea: Colour Theme

Stuck for 40th birthday party ideas? A colour theme is always a winner. Even the simplest styling looks great in coordinated, tone-on-tone colour, and we promise your photos will look AHmazing.

A colour theme is also popular with guests as they get the chance to dress up, without having to hire an expensive costume. But whatever you do, dont be cruel and pick yellow.

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Organize A Bowling Tournament

The 40th Birthday is not to be understood as the end of fun and passion. The party can be fun.

For this reason, sporting events can let the inner child out again. Who celebrates his 40th Birthday, can invite his friends to the bowl, and make a tournament of it.

This trip is fun, reunites old friends, is only associated with a mediocre organizational effort. Also, the day continues to be completely free. The evening can be celebrated at home or in the city for a restaurant, a pub or the cinema.

Th Birthday Party Ideas

3 DIY Golf Themed Party Ideas and Gifts | 40th birthday celebration!

They say that life begins at 40, but its hard to believe that you have reached this age in your life.

Time to start planning for the big day and the big party to see the next phase of your life in with a swing.

Here are a few good ideasSurprise party

Obviously you cant do this one on your own, but a surprise party is a great idea. To make it really effective you have to let your partner know that a party is planned with just a few close friends, but you keep the number of people a secret.

Hire a boat

A great party venue is to hire a boat. This could either be on a river or on the sea. .

1975 party

A great theme for the year you were born. You could wear mini skirts, flares and single breasted suits.

Book a magician

Just about any party tends to go better with a magician. For my wifes 40th birthday we booked a magician. He was able to split his act into two halves the first half for the kids, the second half for the adults.

This is your life

This is just like the TV show. You build a book with the life history included in it. This is a great one to do as a PowerPoint presentation. You then proceed to introduce people from their past. You could if you want present a bound book with the newspaper from the week they were born.

Pub crawlFor my husbands 40th, I threw him a pub crawl in Reno, rented a party bus and invited 20 of his closest guy friends.

Wild West Party

Tribute band

Wig out party

Go camping

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Y Games And Activities

  • Dictionary Descriptors – Buy a nice, hardcover dictionary and instruct guests to highlight a word or words that describe their friend. Put small bookmarks on each page so the words are easy to find.
  • 40 Reasons Why – Set up a chalkboard, scrapbook or other memento where partygoers can list 40 reasons they love the birthday guy or gal.
  • Snail Mail – Give guests pre-addressed and stamped postcards and have them write advice or a sweet note be mailed to the guest of honor during the 40 days before or after his/her birthday.
  • – Hire a photo booth company or set one up yourself all you need is a camera and props like silly hats, feather boas and chalkboards to write funny messages. The photos taken at the party will give the birthday girl something to smile about for the next 40 years.
  • Older or Younger – Show party guests pictures of various celebrities and have them guess whether the person is older or younger than 40. Keep score, and give the winner a prize.
  • Board Games – Bring several of the birthday guy or gals favorite childhood board games, and have guests compete tournament-style.
  • 40s Bingo – Try a couple of variations of this popular game. Create one set of cards that include a list of the guest of honors favorite things and another one thats more humorous think items theyll need more of as they age, like aspirin after their beloved Saturday boot camp sessions.
  • Throw an office birthday party for one of your coworkers with a sign up. SAMPLE

    Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

    If you are an animal lover who is looking to do something truly rewarding this fortieth birthday, signing up to volunteer at an animal shelter is a certified way to do so. There are so many animals who deserve to be loved and cared for and by volunteering you will be able to provide the animals with the human interaction they need in order to get them to trust you, warm up to you and in turn make them more desirable when it comes to getting adopted. So, you will get plenty of cuddles and kisses from all the animals and be doing something so truly rewarding for them. It will be a birthday treat you wont regret.

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    The Mysterious Lots Everyone Has To Be Involved Here

    Before the celebration, as many tickets are made as guests were invited. Each lot contains an instruction for the party evening, which serve the entertainment perfectly and are funny.

    At the birthday party, every guest is allowed to draw a ticket. Nobody is allowed to talk about which message was brought â it is top secret! Each guest must now fulfill his task at the party night. Astonished looks, smiling faces, and fun are guaranteed.

    Throw A Barbecue Party And Grill Out Your Favorite Foods

    party ideas for forty years old

    Everyone loves food on the grill! Burgers, hot dogs, steak tipsyou name it. Throwing a barbeque party is a great birthday party idea since it’s relatively easy to organize, and everyone is sure to have a good time.

    All you need is some food, drinks, and decorations, and you’re ready to go! Plus, you can save money by making it a potluck and asking your guests to bring some food and snacks.

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    Th Birthday Party Ideas On A Budget

    Turning 40 is a time to celebrate all that youve accomplished in life so far, live your best life, and look forward to all the adventures still ahead of you. And one of the best ways to celebrate yours is to throw an amazing, unforgettable fiesta! If youre on a tight budget, dont worry there are plenty of 40th birthday party ideas on a budget to help you throw a fabulous bash without spending a fortune.

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