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Easy Kids Birthday Party Food

Kids’ Birthday Party Recipes

4 Quick Party Snacks & Starters | Ideas For Kid’s Birthday Party Snacks | Easy Kids Party Food Ideas

The birthday cake is the star of any birthday gathering, but there’s so much more food think about! Check out our collection of kids’ birthday party recipes to get the ideas flowing. Here you’ll find a wide variety of kids’ birthday party recipes to explore. And if you need more inspiration, we’ve got it! Get tips on hosting a birthday party and loads of easy special occasion recipes. We’d be surprised if you didn’t find a real crowd-pleaser in our kids’ birthday party recipes collection.

Steak And Cheese Quesadilla

Another south-of-the-border-inspired party food to bust out at your next get-together are these steak and cheese quesadillas.

You can put them together in no time and stick them in the oven to melt the cheese thoroughly.

Once theyre ready you can serve them up with a side of sour cream or salsa.

If you need a snack in a jiffy, make several ahead of time and keep them in the freezer to reheat another time.

Decorate Your Own Fairy Cakes

For my daughters first birthday I didnt have time to decorate the fairy cakes so I made icing in three different colours, put jelly tots, smarties, hundreds and thousands, etc out on a table in bowls and everyone decorated their ownadults and kids LOVED this!

See our Lemon Buns and Easy Cupcakes recipes for some ideas.

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Honey Barbecue Chicken Bites

Who needs chicken wings when you have chicken bites?

Wings are so messy and require a ton of napkins but these chicken bites can be devoured with one toothpick.

Serve them up with a side of ranch or other kinds of dipping sauce and youll have to keep a close eye to keep refilling.

These beautifully portioned chicken empanadas are not only great as party food ideas but they also work great as a normal meal.

The savory seasoned filling with a flaky crust on the outside makes for a perfectly balanced snack.

Youll be a hit at the next party with these Spanish-inspired appetizers.

Fruit Platter And Fruit Skewers As Childrens Finger Food

Kids Teepee tent

Fruit skewers offer a real colorful fairy on the festive table. First cut a melon into pieces as shown in the video above. Use other fruits as well. Depending on the season, you can opt for plums, strawberries and peaches, cut them into into halves and slices to make the plate even more colorful for the kids. Finally sprinkle the fruit plate with small fruits like blueberries or raspberries.

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+ Kids Party Food Ideas

Kids parties are so much fun for both the children and parents involved. Whether it be extravagant or low-key theres one thing youll absolutely need food! Recently a reader reached out to our online community to ask for advice on her kids party food ideas, she got over 130 fantastic responses so I thought I would share some of the most popular suggestions with you to hopefully make planning your next childrens party a lot easier.

My 7yo daughter is having a party of primarily girls although my 10yo son is having a couple friends come too. Party goes from 11.15-1.15pm so lunch time. Dont want to waste food so give me your best suggestions for the party food that always goes first at your parties. I am thinking fairy bread, honey joys, fruit skewers, choc dipped marshmallows and maybe little sandwiches of ham and cheese, and perhaps cocktail Franks. What do you all think? Its in 2 weeks today and Im already pulling out my hair with an unhelpful hubby and MiL who wants to make schnitzels and quiches for little kids?!

Demelza L.

Easy Finger Food For Kids Recipes Peanut Butter With Banana Apples And Chocolate

To make the first easy appetizer recipe, you will need two bananas and two apples. Slice the fruits and place them on a plate covered with a fun patterned napkin suitable for a childs birthday. Spread peanut butter on each piece of fruit with a knife and finally sprinkle with chocolate shavings. Thats it, nothing complicated!

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Finger Foods Birthday Cake Fun Snacks Easy Party Food Ideas For Kids

Whether youre looking for a great idea for birthday cake alternatives, finger foods, healthy snacks, or other fun recipes, youve made the right stop! Ive compiled a list of fun foods in every category for your kids party: Healthy snacks, easy finger foods ideas, salty snacks all catered to please the worlds most picky eaters toddlers!

From the best food bloggers around who are EXPERTS at this delicious food thing, lets get to the good stuff!

Rice Krispies Paint Brushes

Easy Kids’ Birthday Party Menu | Gluten-Free, Nut-Free

Rice Krispies treats have always been one of my favorite gooey desserts, but putting them on a stick and dipping them in chocolate melts is just plain genius! They would be a hit at any type of party, but would suit a paint theme especially well. If you love Rice Krispie Treats as much as I do, for more fun crispy treat ideas.

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Fun And Creative Finger Foods And Snacks For Birthday Parties

Looking for easy finger food ideas that are done in a creative way is challenging as a mom. Because toddlers are among the hardest to please food critics out there, the best part about finger foods, is they have an abundance of options to choose from. So the more little hands you can fill with fun foods, the better.

If youre willing to put in something time consuming, check out this delicious cape pop recipe. You can use whatever toppings youd like to fit any party theme!

Fun Foods You Need At Your Next Kid’s Party

Kids wont believe their eyes when you bring out these fun snacks, from mini hamburger sticks to flower pot cupcakes, at your next party.

An inspired approach to kids’ party food with fresh fruit presented in a gorgeous balloon shape.

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Mini Pizzas: Choose Your Own Toppings

Everyone loves pizza, so having mini pizzas is a safe bet for any kids birthday party. Children can easily handle the smaller size of the mini pizzas. What makes mini pizzas a great pick is the variety of toppings you can use.

Make mini pizzas a great experience by letting the children choose the toppings they want. If you have enough space, you can also let the children make their own pizzas using a make-shift toppings bar. Make sure you have all the most popular toppings such as cheese, pepperoni, ham, mozzarella, but also offer some alternative toppings such as pineapple, cherry tomatoes or even tuna.

Image courtesy of, licensed under CC0 1.0

Since toppings will be the most work, make things a bit easier by buying ready-made mini-pizza dough, a few pizza pans, silicone pastry brushes, small plastic containers for the tomato sauce and a variety of toppings. Let the children paint their pizza with the brush and add toppings according to their hearts desire. Pop the mini pizzas into the oven for at least 15 to 20 minutes. While you wait for the pizzas, enjoy a fun and quick activity to occupy the childrens attention.

Cheesecake In A Glass

Easy Kids Party Food

For this childrens finger food recipe you must first crush a packet of cookies in a bag with a tablespoon. Then cut some strawberries, add a spoonful of two teaspoons of powdered sugar in a bowl and stir. Then mix about 250 g Skyr with two spoons of powdered sugar. Finally, assemble the cheesecake first add a tablespoon of the crushed cookies and skyr into each glass and top with the strawberries.

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Toddler Finger Food Ideas

Finger foods make everyone’s life easieryou don’t need to provide cutlery, and your guests aren’t trying to chase a toddler while balancing a plate of salad.

“Prepare foods in smaller sizes like bite size meatballs and place them on skewers or make mini hamburger sliders that are easier for your little ones to hold,” says Andrea Woroch, a money-saving pro and mom of two littles.

Here some kids’ birthday party finger food ideas that are easy to handle and sure to be a hit:

  • Sandwiches cut into quarters
  • Fruit on skewers
  • Bagels and muffins

If you’re serving a crowd of toddlers or preschoolers who are all going to eat at the same time, chicken nuggets or Bagel Bites are easy on your budget and quick to pull together. Cheapism also recommends macaroni and cheese bites , as well as quesadillas, another child-friendly staple that’s easy to handle and eat and inexpensive to prepare.

“I also suggest putting sauces on the side so kids can experiment with different flavors but you won’t run the risk of anything getting wasted if they don’t like the taste,” says Woroch.

Remember, excited party-goers are often just too wound up to eat very much, which is why you don’t want to spend too much time or money on the meal.

Kids’ Birthday Party Food Ideas: Before Putting Together A Menu

Before putting together a birthday party menu for your child’s birthday party, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Age group of the guests: Younger children means appropriate portion sizes and food that is less spicy.
  • Food preferences: Try to include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
  • Allergies: Some children may be allergic to peanuts, milk, eggs, strawberries or shellfish. It is better to avoid such food items.
  • The weather: Frozen desserts like popsicles or ice creams, or chilled juices/soft drinks should be avoided during rainy or cold weather.
  • Foods that are easy to eat: Do not include foods that tend to drip or crumble easily. This can make eating a messy affair. Finger foods are best for children.

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Birthday Party Food Ideas For Kids

  • Apple Pie Tacos: Lets face it: homemade apple pie is too much work for a party! Instead, look to these scrumptious apple pie tacos that come together in 20 minutes. All you need is fresh apples, cinnamon sugar, caramel and whipped cream!
  • Fried Mac and Cheese: This Dorito-crusted mac and cheese is seriously a thing! Its irresistibly crispy on the outside with a creamy inside. So satisfying and always a party favorite!
  • Pizza Sliders: When you cant decide between sandwiches and pizza, try making these pizza sliders! Simply fill the dinner rolls with pepperoni, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese, then bake in the oven until golden perfection!
  • Meatballs: Partygoers always love juicy homemade meatballs and this recipe shows you how to make them using the oven, stovetop or slow cooker. Theyre easy to serve as a hors doeuvre with toothpicks!
  • Crescent Roll Hot Dogs: These pigs in blankets are a fun appetizer for a party. Simply wrap hot dogs in dough and bake for 10 minutes until golden. Even the kids will want to help on this one!
  • Sweet Potato Tots: These sweet potato tots are a savory treat with a hint of sweetness. This comfort food is always a hit for a party, and its oh-so easy to make too!
  • Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas: Its no secret that chocolate and banana is an amazing flavor combination! Try putting these treats out for your next party and watch them disappear. Plus, theyre easy to make ahead!

Birthday Parties For Kids

Easy Finger Food Ideas For Birthday Party | 5 Amazing Finger Food Recipes |

One of the many joys of parenthood is throwing the annual birthday party and you can multiply that by how many kids you have. Although party themes change from year to year, the basic framework for a successful get-together stays the same.Tips for a successful party:

Serve Familiar Foods. Keep the meal simple and recognizable this is not the time to introduce new food items chicken fingers, tacos or pizza are just fine.Make It Finger-Friendly. Finger food is a great way to go you don’t need accidents with silverware. Make interesting shapes out of sandwiches or cookies by using cookie cutters.Stay with a Theme. If your party has a specific theme, work that theme into the food, whether with creative naming , edible centerpieces or specially-shaped cakes .Let the Food Be Part of the Party. Get the kids involved in making their own food: miniature pizzas on English muffins, decorate-your-own cupcakes or an ice cream sundae bar are all easy ways to make the meal more fun.Make It Fun. Kids love to play with their food. An assortment of dips makes even the simplest dish interactive.Keep It Safe. Find out about food restrictions and allergies beforehand, if possible. If not, it’s always best to avoid common allergens like nuts or seafood.

Kid-Friendly Party Recipes

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Delicious Healthy Kids Party Food Ideas

  • Pin

Are you looking for healthy kids party food? Here are 20 recipes and ideas to make your birthday celebrations delicious, healthy and fun.

Baby S turns two this weekend! It’s a cliché to say it but I really can’t believe how quickly these two years have gone by.

I guess I need to stop calling him Baby S soon – although he’ll always be the baby of the family .

We’re throwing a small birthday party for him and a few of his little friends. Because most of them are two or under I’m making a special effort to keep the party food as healthy as possible without too much sugar.

Quick And Easy Finger Food For Kids Recipes For A Birthday Party

Is your child a fussy eater and would you do anything to prevent the mess your little sweetheart is doing at the dining table? If your answer is a clear yes, try to prepare the right finger food for kids. Most parents agree that children are surly eaters. If you feed your little ones with difficulty, it can lead to refusal to eat certain foods. It can also result in certain eating disorders. To help your children develop healthy eating habits, they should be eating on their own at an early age.

Although finger food is best for a meal in the car or at parties, it can also be served for lunch or dinner. Prepare some quick, easy and appetizing snacks that you can easily serve on the table. Kids finger food is also a good idea for dinner parties. If your little ones are fans of mashed potatoes, pasta or rice, you can offer them healthy vegetables in between. These are also easy to eat. If your child hates eating fruit slices, try fruit skewers or fruit on a stick. Whatever the name may be, your child will eat healthily.

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Best Finger Food Party Ideas

  • Oreo Truffles: These truffles combine cheesecake and oreo flavors into every bite! You can make festive designs for your party using melted chocolate and sprinkles. Always a crowdpleaser!
  • Ritz Cracker Appetizers: These hors doeuvres are perfect for just about any party! They use Ritz crackers, shrimp, cream cheese and other ingredients. Plus, theyre ready in 15 minutes!
  • Deep-Fried Cookie Dough: If you love cookie dough flavors, look no further than these fried cookie dough balls. Theyre crispy, soft and melt-in-your mouth with the delicious taste of chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • Mango Habanero Wings: These crispy wings are an all-time favorite for Game Day togethers and beyond. They combine the sweetness of mango with a kick from habanero chilis. Plus, theyre baked instead of fried!

Classic Kids Party Foods: Easy To Make And Kid Approved

Pin by Nay Nay Malcolm on Party Ideas!

As I prepared the food for Immys recent birthday party I realised that so many of our favourite party foods feature year after year. Sometimes they are presented slightly differently to fit the party theme but most are our own versions of simple, classic birthday recipes. Theyre great because kids love them plus theyre super simple to make. Here are our twelve top picks for classic kids party foods.

Sticking to classic, homemade party food ideas will help you to stick to your budget. These recipes are simple to make and most can be pre-prepared in the days before the party. Click through via the green links for recipe details.

For games to match, check out our list of 12 classic kids party games.

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What Are Some Graduation Party Food Ideas

The fun thing about graduation parties is that you can truly make them your own. For a tea party theme, look to mini sponge cakes, scones, or cookies. For a larger crowd, cook up some lasagna, sloppy joes, and Philly steak pizza. That way your guests get a variety of dishes to choose from and wont leave hungry!

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